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Found 7 results

  1. The agriculture of Kaliphlin is heavily dependent on irrigation. During the Civil War, many parts of this infrastructure was damaged. Since the cessation of hostilities, the City Council of Barqa has sponsored a rebuilding campaign of the irrigation canals in the Arkbri valley. Now finally again fresh water from the river can be diverted to the fields of the bread-basket of western Kaliphlin. Lord Gideon is inspecting the results of the repair works and rejoices when seeing that the fields are lush once more. A farmer adjusts the water flow to his fields, while his son is minding the goats on the other side of the canal. I'd also like to claim the following UoP credits: Countryside scene [Anthropology] Crop farming [Agriculture and Zoology]
  2. Old Bruin was hungry - of course he always was, but it happened that now he was even more so than usual. What with all the turmoil going on in Historica, not even he could escape the general lack of food... at least relatively speaking. With his thoughts running in these rather uncomfortable channels, the Bruin, with a pit in his stomach at least the size of a Kaliphlinian rhinoceros - supposing such things exist - wandered into the meadow, where his eyes rested upon a most appetizing sight. There in the middle of the field stood an unfortunate hunter - though whether it was more unfortunate for the hunter or Bruin that he happened to be there would be hard to tell. He certainly did not seem to be relishing his task. Unnoticed by Bruin, his companion, who he seemed ready to die to exchange places with, strung his bow with a grin and a wink. Though it was cold, the sweat poured down the not-very-experienced hunter's face, as he pricked the Bruin in the side. Meditating on the little rascal's audacity, Bruin raised his arms to protest... well, that is what he said, anyhow. Well, there the poor old Bruin's tale was cut short - rather like the tail's of most of his kind, you may note - by an arrow from the archers unerring bow. My entry to SK's husbandry challenge, and one of my favorite builds to date... and it was about time to build something in Mitgardia again! Although he was undoubtedly the most difficult part of the build, the bear - at least his arms and legs - are pretty poseable, and was a lot of fun to build. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Down on the coast of southern Kaliphlin temperatures are perfect for growing grapes, and thanks to how out-of-the-way the spot is, it has been left relatively untouched by the civil war that tore the rest of the guild apart. Since Ageven's home town isn't too far away, he payed the owner of one of the largest vinyards in the sector a visit, and convinced him to ship a few much-desired loads of grapes into the interior of Kaliphlin. Picking grapes in the hot sun can be hot work! As the grapes are picked, sorted, and packed, they're being loaded onto carts for transportation. The wealthy owner has a fairly elaborate country mansion on the site. From the elevated second story Ageven and he can get a good view of the operations! I've been wanting to build one of these for quite a while and Soccerkid's contest was the perfect opportunity! I really enjoyed the vine part even though it got a bit tedious. Quite please with how it turned out on the whole although I do think the pictures could be better (but I always think that!). Also, I now have a lot more respect for those of you who do crazy roofs. That corner took me foreeeever! Comments and criticism are welcome! Thanks for looking!
  4. Bread is one of the most important food in the diet of many peoples; here at Hidden Garden, there is a bakery, runned by a long line of bakers through history. In this times of wars, there is an even greater need of bread and that bakery is going at full power. Alexander helps carrying sack after sack of flour to the bakery to be sure they don't remain without raw material. The first floor: The second floor: Awaiting for a new batch of bread = = = = = = = = = Here we are with my second and last entry for Husbandry Challenge! Just in time for the deadline! Hope you Enjoy!
  5. Very little plant life grows in the Nyx Glades, and little of that is actually edible. The Nikrit however, have not only found what is good to eat, but they actually know how to cultivate it to some degree. The Glow Weed, as it's name suggests, is a bioluminous plant native to this death trap. The Nikrit actually don't eat the entire plant, but cut off the glowing bulb of fully mature plants. The Bulbs contain a lot of fresh water and nutrients, which combined with the fish and insects they eat, allow them to keep their bellies full.
  6. Hi all, With a house move it's been a while since I made anything but finally squeezed in a small Moc. I wanted to try some sort of contrasting landscape so a present: "Fishing" on the Nocturnus Boarder. Husbandry Challenge - Food's scarce but some have found luck finding enough to support themselves by venturing to the boarders. Usually quite risky as the war means that the boarders are a common place for clashes or full out battle and so most people avoid these areas. The offshoot is food is more readily available for those few brave enough or foolish enough to venture out in search of food. You're just as likely to get a sword in the gut as a good meal! I'd like to claim UoP Doctorate credits for: Landscape Design - flowers and dense foliage Agriculture - 'Fishing' Geography - River scene Hydrology - flowing water C&C welcome.
  7. Here is my entry to the Husbandry Challenge, Hope you like it. I am very proud of the ground and path, so please give me feedback on that part "So, where are we going again? And why does there have to be a guard, well, guarding us?" Tofalru asks? Tofalru is a big guy, a good and strong warrior, but he lacks a lot in brainpower. "For the 36th time," Alfadas sighed, "we are delivering supplies to small villages in the area, because their farms and mills are burned down or abandoned. They don't have food. The guard is here, because the latest convoy didn't reach it's destination. We, my dad and I, suspect hungry orcs are the cause of that. Or the Giant Wolves. That's why I travel along with you". "O yes, you said that already... Must have forgo..." Kraack!! "What happened?!" Alfadas runs back. One of the carts lost a wheel. "Great... Just what we needed" With that, Alfadas orders the guards to keep watch to their surroundings. None of the guards notice an orc spying on them. Alfadas asks Tofalru to secure the barrels on the cart. Alfadas starts inspecting the broken wheel. There isn't a lot of damage. Alfadas calls Tofalru and Ogmund, the flagcarrier. Tofalru manages to lift the cart high enough for Alfadas and Ogmund to repair the cart. But before they can put the wheel on, an orc jumps on the cart. The orc lets out a warcry. Splatsh! One of the guards had thrown her spear and hit the orc right in the guts. He falls. Two more orcs appear, but the other guards quickly take them down. Alfadas and Ogmund quickly put the wheel on, Tofalru loads the barrels on the cart. The journey continues. and the last picture, figles: