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Found 9 results

  1. The Beauties of Hungary: part 1 – University of Debrecen, main building Name: University of Debrecen – Debreceni Egyetem Location: Debrecen Piece count: 803 Situated in Debrecen, Eastern Hungary, the University was founded in 1538 is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary. The most remarkable building of the university houses mostly the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science and Technology. A personal note: Debrecen is my home town, and I studied in this university, though most of my classes were not here, but in the chemistry building next to it.
  2. kahir88

    Holy Crown of Hungary

    Here's the Story: I work in a small secondhand Lego store. in our capital. The boss got a new display and placed it on my desk. He wanted to put there the exclusive Minifigures, from 75290, 76178, and 71741. But the top of it was a mess, and he asked me if I can build something on the top of it, to hide the ugly part. I was thinking, and came up, with a joke idea. I asked him: "How bout, our Sacred Crown?" As I finished the sentence, I already regret it. :D He liked the idea, and told me: "Great idea, and good luck!". And here it is: The history of the crown says: it was put together, from two crowns. The rim (lower circle) corona graeca, and the cross straps corona latina. The rim got 16 panels, half of the panels got huge gems and the other eight got... well... I run out of saints in the store but got a buttload of Minifigures from various themes, so I decided, to put them in the icons, instead of the saints. The cross straps also got eight panels, which contains also eight saints, and they were also replaced with figures from Lego themes. :D The cross on the top of the crown got damaged and got a bend in that way. Hope you liked it. C&C are welcome, and if you visit Hungary, don't forget to visit me in my store, and be amazed by this magnificent work of art. :) More pictures
  3. Hi all! Some days ago, there was a little talk about an international Truck Trial race in Zblj's topic. So, the competition happened, it was a great time, to meet each other again (most of us were in the first international TT meeting, in Keszthely, 2011). It was a bit of special event. The idea came from Mihai Dreve (Braker23 here), He planned a trip to Hungary, and asked us about a TT race. Then Zblj joined us, and became an international event with 3 countries: Romania, Slovenia, Hungary. I'll be advertise here, if there will be another international TT meeting, organized by us (Hungarian Lego Truck Trial Club / Malug). This was the third international Truck Trial themed meeting in Hungary, in 7th of May, 2016. The location was the edge of Budapest, the Harmashatarhegy. It's our usual and most used place for TT, has many advantage, like large area, large variety of terrain, hills, stones, logs, etc. Generally, our TT club is mostly private, it's a closed discussion (rules, location, day) usually, and we only publicize the advertisement (with final rules, etc.) of the race. We know about the possible participants, they are in the discussion. Luckily, Agrof, and Lipko could also join us, so this event became a little Eurobricks meeting, too. Special thanks to Agrof for the awesome first prize! Can be seen at 18:21 in the video below. Thank you, Peter! I put every important information, moments, good photos, shots, trucks, builders, results, and as many fun, as I found - in this video: Watch in 1080p, with fullscreen: Hope you will enjoy the video. More pictures, galleries will arrive soon, I'll put them here. I made another version of the video, with the original sounds, if someone needs, ask me in pm, and I'll send the dropbox link. Comments, questions always welcomed.
  4. Greetings to all! After seeing the great „50 states in lego form” project, I decided to make one for my country, Hungary, with the 19 counties we have. I wanted only to share it on Hungarian forums, since many of the references I made are not even possible to explain for “outsiders”. But the teaser photo I uploaded was spotted by Eurobrick member Kristel, so the cat was out of the bag and I decided to post here those counties that I have a chance to explain. Those are mainly cover Hungarian traditions. The post have several links to show, what I am talking about J I hope you enjoy! Bács-Kiskun There are sand dunes in Hungary. Baranya Young men of Mohács dressed as Busó (with a wooden mask and sheep-fur coat) suppose to scare away winter at springtime. But they scare even those who are scary themselves! Békés The famous sausage of the town of Gyula. But you have to fight for it! Csongrád „You don’t need that much paprika into the fish-soup!” Győr-Moson-Sopron The quarries of Fertőrákos are visited not only by tourists... Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok The Great Plain of Hungary. Komárom-Esztergom „I guess we are at the wrong track, sir” – Bábolna horse breeding Nógrád “I can’t believe there’s a heat wave in Budapest.” Zabar, the village with the most lowest temperature record in the country. Somogy Balaton, the “sea” of Hungary. Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Hard choice after harvesting plums. Marmalade or pálinka liquor? Tolna The forest of Gemenc. Vas Small villages in the area, close to each other.
  5. hunpeter12

    Greetings from Hungary!

    Hey Everyone! I'm Péter from Hungary! (Guess why my nickname is 'Hunpeter') I'm an enthusaistic TFOL fond of spaceships. Especially BIG ones. See my works at MOCPages or Flickr. Outside of LEGO I'm interested in classical music (I want to become a pianist one day.) See you on the forums!
  6. hunpeter12

    Greetings from Hungary!

    Hey Everyone! I'm Péter from Hungary! (Guess why my nickname is 'Hunpeter') I'm an enthusaistic TFOL fond of spaceships. Especially BIG ones. See my works at MOCPages or Flickr. Outside of LEGO I'm interested in classical music (I want to become a pianist one day.) See you on the forums!
  7. The Beauties of Hungary: part 4 – TV-tower of Kékes Name: TV-tower of Kékes – Kékesi TV-torony Location: Kékestető Piece count: 128 Kékes is a hill in the Mátra Mountain and the highest point above sea level in Hungary with 1014 meters (the data every Hungarian child knows by heart). The official name is Kékestető, which means „Bluish Top” and Kékes means “Bluish”. The tower, which is 176 meters tall is a transmitter of several TV and radio channels, is also an observation tower and includes a restaurant as well. Part 1 – University of Debrecen, main building Part 2 – Heroes’ square Part 3 – Votive Church of Szeged
  8. The Beauties of Hungary: part 2 – Heroes’ square Name: Millenium Monument on Heroes’ Square – Hősök tere, Milleniumi emlékmű Location: Budapest Piece count: 457 The Heroes’ Square is a major square in Budapest. In the centre of the square is the Millennium Monument, which has been finished by 1906 – ten years after the millennial celebration of the Foundation of Hungary. The central element of the monument is a column with Archangel Gabriel atop holding the sacred crown of Hungary in his hands. The base of the column is surrounded by the equestrian statues of the seven leaders of Hungary, with Árpád in the middle. Behind the columns are two colonnades each with seven statues representing great figures of Hungarian history. The list of these figures has been changed several times in the course of time.
  9. The Beauties of Hungary: part 3 – Votive Church of Szeged Name: Votive Church of Szeged - Szegedi fogadalmi templom Location: Szeged Piece count: 673 The church was built by pledge after the city’s escape from the great flood in 1879. Szeged has been hit by several floods of the Tisza River. Construction began in 1913, but due to the outbreak of the First World War, it was not completed until 1930. Part 1 – University of Debrecen, main building Part 2 – Heroes’ square