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Found 9 results

  1. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Hello! Over the past two and a half months, I have been building this scene from LOTR in Hobbiton showing Sandyman's Watermill, The Brandywine Bridge, and the Brandywine River. It is irregular on one of the sides, it ends up to roughly be around 70 x 70 studs, and is my third largest build! As I have said before, this took me two and a half months of on and off building. Overall, I think I worked on it for around 75 hours... I estimate it used around 10000 pieces... Anyways, now for the exciting part: The bridge definitely took the longest to complete, and it was what I started the build doing. The arches took me a couple tries to find, but I ended up doing the illegal technique with headlight bricks connecting front to back to create a gentle curve that worked great here IMO. After figuring out the arches, I began looking at a couple different stonework techniques by great builders all over, I still couldn't find one that fit the look of the inspiration picture I was looking at, so I decided I would make up my own technique, as you can see it is just simple SNOTed tiles with gaps to give it a little dimension. Next I started to build the watermill itself and continued the same stonework style with it. I used the generic tudor style for the build, and put a straw roof on top, which proved quite difficult because of the angles. Next it was on to landscape, where I did your average landscaping, and then covered it with plant leaves like my previous Hobbiton build. Then on to the water, which is trans. clear over different shades of blue. I will be competing in the CCC this year, so expect some builds coming in a little quicker than usual. :) For the WIP journey, and a few more pictures click here: Link. Please drop a like and a comment! C&C Appreciated! I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] An Unexpected Party...

    Hello! This is my first of 19 builds I will be doing, where I will be building my way through the Hobbit story, one chapter per build, I will do this over the course of the year... Anyways, about the build, this is the first olive green bag end! Or at least the first that I have seen, it is on a 32 x 32 baseplate. :D Here are some pics of the build: Please check out the full post on MP, I couldn't get the pictures small enough for this forum, other than this picture. Bag End on MP... Thanks for viewing! :D C&C Appreciated! To God be the glory! :D
  3. evanridpath

    [MOC] Hobbit Hole

    Hello Eurobricks friends, After an amazing trip to New Zealand this past June, I felt determined to construct my own "Hobbit Hole" in LEGO. While this particular build is not based on any of the 44 hobbit holes that were built in Matamata for the filming of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" films in particular, I instead drew from inspiration from many of the various homes to design my own little hobbit hole. Enjoy! LEGO Hobbit Hole by Evan Ridpath, on Flickr LEGO Hobbit Hole by Evan Ridpath, on Flickr
  4. TheLightWeaver

    Middle Earth Minis

    Middle Earth is one of the most expansive, well-known worlds ever created by an author. This project honors J.R.R Tolkien and the beautiful world he created, as well as Peter Jackson, who brought Middle Earth to life. There are so many Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans who were disappointed when the LEGO series was discontinued. You can learn more about my project and its goals at Lego Ideas here. Also, I would love to have feedback on how to improve and what I could add. Please leave a reply. (I am a new member and this is my first MOC that I am posting.) Middle-Earth Minis is a series which contains many small, microscale versions of the iconic places in Middle Earth. Since LEGO chose not to produce many locations, hopefully these can cover for some of them. Ideally, all of the locations would come in one set with a Middle Earth Map and you could put each microscale version on their according locations. The locations: Bag End Isengard (Orthanc) Argonath Edoras Helms Deep Minas Tirith Minas Morgul Barad-Dur
  5. BrickRally217

    MOC : Another Day in Hobbiton

    Hello Eurobricks! I have a creation to showcase that I've been working on for a while. Yep, it's another Hobbiton-themed MOC. I tried to capture all the main parts of The Shire, such as the dirt sidewalk, trees of different colors, shapes, and sizes, gardens, animal pens, and the hilly landscape. It makes a great display piece and I like the way it came out. Thank you for viewing! C&C welcome.
  6. What is Middle-earth like after Sauron is defeated and elves and wizards are gone? This question definitely fired up my imagination, and the “no size limitations whatsoever” clause let it run completely wild – so that I barely managed to finish the model in time. Here’s the Hobbiton Open-air Museum, my contribution to MEC. 500 years have passed since the fall of Sauron. Middle-earth has enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity like never before. While the elves weren’t interested in any kind of innovation, men were eager for new tools and technology. It wasn’t long before an industrial revolution transformed the realm, fueled by Saruman’s designs and notes found in Orthanc. What he envisioned as tools of destruction became means of energy generation and mass-production. While men quickly multiplied and settled the largely deserted Arnor, hobbits held on tight to their rustic lifestyle. Being revered for their contribution to the War of the Ring, they were left alone by men, with the entire Shire proclaimed a cultural reserve. Tourism quickly became a lucrative industry, second only to pipe-weed exports. Hobbiton, being the most famous place, was turned into an open-air museum, receiving thousands of visitors from all around the realm. Bag End and Sam’s hole just down the road were carefully preserved. A tour group is seen exploring them here. Mostly consisting of humans, it includes one very unusual visitor – a Gundabad orc. While most orcs still continued living their semi-savage lives in the mountains, some attempted to join the human society. They were unfortunately met with distrust and heavy prejudice. This orc is clearly overcompensating by wearing a formal suit and carrying a briefcase. A couple of roleplayers are impersonating Frodo and Sam. They are taking their time snapping pictures of each other in the Bag End’s doorway, and the girl at the gates is getting impatient. A beautiful view down the road on the Water and the Old Mill. Gardeners hold special respect in the Shire, a tradition started even before Sam the Gardener made the profession famous. Assisted by modern technology, hobbits do a great job keeping the open-air museum vibrantly colorful, with well-tended little gardens, flowers and fruit trees. Another hobbit gardener at work. In the background there’s Sam’s hole and a nice open area leading down to the Water. It’s off-limits to visitors, but makes for a good photo opportunity. Thank you for reading! There are some additional pictures here, if you’re interested: I was lucky to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand a couple of years ago – it made a big impression on me and I drew a lot of my inspiration from that. Initially I intended the model to be as close to the real thing as possible and include The Green Dragon, but in the end had to compromise and steer to what was best for display purposes (and my shelf space!). Still, I think I managed to capture the spirit of that wonderful place.
  7. Hello I think you know it, at the moment is MocAthalon. For the Category Parody this! I took Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper as an Archetype. Now it's not Jesus with his followers but Bilbo with Gandalf and the dwarfes: Don't miss all the details you can find on the big picture. You can also find one more picture on MOCpages. Hope you like it. Jonas
  8. The Hobbit is a fantastic theme. Inspired by SheepEater's MOC index I decided to make a index of Hobbit MOCs, I love seeing the MOCs people have built especially as it was when I saw Blake Bear's Hobbit MOCs that inspired me to get into building my own builds. The theme is great not just because Lego got a license and produced excellent sets, but because of the hard work and commitment of all the fans who didn't wait around for Lego sets and built for themselves Hobbit MOCs for around the last 20 years (maybe even earlier than that.) Since there is currently no Hobbit MOC index I propose to create one... with a twist. I believe I have seen most, if not all of the movie's major scenes redone in Lego mocs over the years. So I want the index to be chronological to the story, the extra scenes of the movie will also be here There will probably be 15 or so Gollum's be it. They will all be listed next to each other. There will only be links, otherwise the page will be too large or take too long to load. The goal is basically to show every scene in the ENTIRE story done in Lego, in a single topic. I'll update this first post periodically with all the links to MOCs posted on this thread, and I'll have the job of arranging them chronologically - you can trust me on that, You've gotta help me though - I have loads of school work, and can't find them all by myself. PM me, or post the links here! Let's begin! AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Prologue: My Dear Frodo/ Attack on Erebor- Bag End/Hobbiton- Hobbiton- by Blake Bear Bag-End-by p e d An Unexpected Party- Last supper-Hobbit edition-by Legopard http://www.eurobrick...47#entry1555224 Unexpected Party The Company of Thorin Oakenshield Thorin II Oakenshield-by pig Gandalf & Bilbo-by LEGO? http://www.lolbrary....obbit-32288.jpg Balin & Dwalin-by pig Bifur-by pig Oin-by pig Dori-by pig 'I'm going on an adventure!'- Bag End (bilbo+door)-by Blake Bear Azog the Defiler- Rosgobel- Radagast the Brown-by Max Pointer Radagast's House-by Kyle Ransom Roast Mutton- Roast Mutton (encounter with the three trolls)-by Blake Bear A Troll Hoard- The Secret pass- Imladris/Rivendell- Arrive at Rivendell-by Disco86 Rivendell at dawn-by pig Stone Giants- Goblin Town- Bridge Confrontation-by Automation Pictures Riddles in the Dark- Riddles in the Dark-by Blake Bear Gollum's Cave-by Jacob Nion Riddles in the Dark-by Karlson Riddles in the dark-by JustinR. Attack of the Wargs- Facing Azog-by Automaton Pictures Out of the frying pan-by Legopard http://www.eurobrick...og#entry1517670 The Carrock- THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG The Prancing Pony Beorn's House- Queer Lodgings (Beorn's house)-by Blake Bear The Enchanted River- Flies and Spiders- Halls of Thranduil- Barrels out of Bond- Escape in the Barrels-by Autmaton Pictures The Water Gate- Laketown- A Warm Welcome-by Blake Bear Bolg, Son of the Defiler- The Lost City of Dale- On the Doorstep- Spell of Concealment- Inside Information- Inside Information- by Blake Bear Smaug the Chiefest and Greatest-by I am the Rebel Spy! THERE AND BACK AGAIN Fire and Water- Fire and Water-by Blake Bear Smaug attacking Laketown-by Disco86 Kind Regards, Sand.
  9. Brick Vader


    Hey Guys, this is my Hobbiton diorama that I finished 2 months ago. I hope you will like it :) You can also comment on the original flickr foto. Enjoy. Brick Vader