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Found 2 results

  1. Inside the walls of Guffington Manor stands a beautiful little courtyard. There, three figures stand, waiting for some heroes. The older man has a quiet grin on his face, though you can see in his eyes that he's a little tired - perhaps up too many nights planning a trip to some fantastical lands. The U'Kin looks similar, perhaps even more tired than the old man from writing letters and hiring heroes and booking boats and keeping the Manor spotless as well. The Selkreeth looks well rested. They all stare at the gate, wondering which of their heroes will arrive first. OoC: I will wait for training room posts/market shopping sprees before posting stats. Welcome!
  2. The team of three heroes follow Daneeka down to the docks. The Party Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) *Dancing**Dualstriking**Immune to all Elements, Weakened, Fragile, Asleep, Confused, Slowed, Afraid, Blinded and first negative effect.* 45 year old male human Marauder Level: 39.5 Power Bonus: 4 Health: 63/63 (+1 bonus) Defense: 4 Gold: 9261 Equipment: Balanced Rapier (WP: 20, ignores defense, second weapon ignores defense, Longsword, suitable for Marauders) & Mythril Edge (WP: 64, Ice, Darkness, Light, attacks restore 3 health, dagger), Dancing Shoes (Wearer dances well, in the turn after a miss is rolled, the wearer can act twice. +Immunity to Asleep, Confused, Fragile, Slowed, Afraid, Weakened and Blinded, + Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightning, and Ice Elemental Damage, footwear), Crocodile Armour (+4 Defense +Immunity to Water Magic, bodywear), Pugilist's Gloves (2+ Power, Immune to Weakened, handwear), Grimmeau's Clothespin (Grants Immunity to first negative effect each battle. Headwear) Inventory: • Pronged Gauntlet (WP:6, dagger), M.U.C.A (WP: 12, bleeding 3, Axe) Giant Axe (WP:10, dual-strike, axe), • Jester's Hat (Wearer may choose to gain one immunity from targeted enemy, suitable for anyone), Rubber Gloves, Blessed Amulet (Immunity to Cursed, accessory), Bomber's Belt (Craft Bomb creates Potent bombs, doubling the damage output of all bombs created, does not stack, accessory, suitable for cannoneers), Magnar's Smaller Axe (Grants Dual Strike to classes wielding axes, can't wear shield. handwear), Marauder’s Mantle (Grants permanent reinforced-effect, doubling defense; suitable to marauders; backwear) • Beholder's Eye, Shovel, Telescope, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Decamodifier, Magic Compass • 92x Potion, 16x Grand Potion, 3x Health Core, 3x Diluted Arc Potion, 2x Arc Potion, 3x Elixir, 12x Phoenix Essence, 28x Remedy, Neutralizer, Tiger Balm, Crimson Serum (Grants Mutated Effect for one battle.), x2 Arc Elixir, Hyper Arc Tonic (Restores All ether to allies, consumable), 2x Ambrosia, 19x Mead, 14x Smelling Salts, 11xNostrum, x4 Bad Breath, 2x Wyvern's Breath, 2x Tonic, Grand Tonic, 2x Purging Water, 3x Smile of the Gods, 3x Fortune Flush, 5x Venom, 3x Bone, Soma, Silver Ore (worth 60 gold), x2 Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), Ether Core, Last Resort, 2x Bravado Brew, Cloud of Celerity • 6x Smoke Bomb, Neptune Bomb, Dirt Bomb, 2x Water Bomb, Blind Bomb, 2x Confuse Bomb, 2x Poison Bomb, 2x Seal Bomb, Sleep Bomb, 5x Mystic Bomb, Electro Bomb (Deals 30 lightning-elemental damage and the stunned-effect to all enemies), Sand Bomb (Deals 30 earth-elemental damage and the blinded-effect to all enemies), Baffle Bomb • Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire, Crystal Ball (Worth 200 gold, 400 in magic shops), Gold Ring (Worth 15 gold; can be given to someone to make them enamored with the giver) Dyric Rone (The Legonater) Human male, Assassin *Immune to All Elements and Blinded* *Permanently Lucky* Level 31 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 6 Health: 43/43 Gold: 3 Equipment: Crossbow of Incessant Warmongerers (WP: 26; Darkness-elemental, on non-AoE rolls, also deals Damage to the enemies above and below the target upon a successful hit; Crossbow), Lucky Die (User is permanently *Lucky*; suitable for anyone; Accessory), Night's Helmet (SP: 6; immune to Water, Wood, Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness, and Blinded; suitable for anyone; Headwear), Sticky Gloves (increases amount of Gold stolen by 50%; suitable for Rogues and Beast Warriors; Handwear) Inventory: • Mockthril Longbow (WP: 27; Ice-elemental; Longbow), Requiem (WP: 20; Wood- and Light-elemental; Longbow), Tarok's Wrath (WP: 20, 1/2; chance to Instantly Kill orcs; Dagger), Double Chain Whip (WP: 10; Whip), Throwing Knife (WP: 4; Throwing Weapon), Pongcanis Dagger (WP: 8; Dagger),, Double-Barreled Handcannon (WP: 15, fire-elemental, dual-strike, hand cannon), Unlucky Horseshoe (WP:13, retrievable throwing weapon, causes Jinxed-effect), Banana Bladerang (WP:9, damage all; throwing weapon), • Winged Sandals (immune to Bound and Slowed; suitable for anyone; Footwear), Ambrose's Heart (Artifact, suitable to Evokers, Accessory, +5 power), Sigil of the Cold Circle - (Raise an Army costs twice as much ether, but raised undead are three times as powerful, accessory, suitable for necromancers), Cloak of the Red Assassin (Chance of Assassination is 1/3, suitable for Assassins; backwear), • Diamond, 3 Silver Ore (Worth 60 gold) • Bedroll, Shovel, Magic Compass • Potions (3), Grand Potions (6), Tonic, Remedies (2), Banana (restores full HP to target), Elixir (2), Cosmic Essence, Meads (2), Nostrum, Mulled Wine (2), Soma, Venom (2), Smelling Salts, Crimson Venom (Causes a weapon to deal the Poisoned by 7 and Cursed effects for the duration of one battle), Mythril Shards (4/4 Mythril), Military Grade Light Bomb, Military Grade Darkness Bomb, Fire Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Diamond Lamp of Summoning (1/3 uses left), Bones (3), Skeleton Decoy, Demon Repellent (Makes the user impervious to direct attacks from demons during one battle unless the user is the only hero left standing; consumable), Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), Crystal Ball (Worth 50 gold, 100 in magic shops), Earthwyrm Fang (Grants the encouraged-, lucky-, reinforced-, and blinded- effects for the duration of one battle) Matthias the Carnival Crusader (StickFig) Level 24⅔ Druid *Gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed* *Immune to Bound, Slowed* *⅙ chance of Encouraged at the start of any battle* Power Bonus: 10 Defense: 4 Health: 34/34 Ether: 24/24 Gold: 1139 Equipment: Restored Fireball Extraordinaire (WP:9, also hits enemies listed above and below the target, Darkness- and Lightning-elemental, user is Slowed, hand cannon), Dapper Hat (This amazingly dapper hat gives the wearer a ⅙ chance of being Encouraged at the start of any battle, headwear), Hunter's Plate (SP:4, wearer gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed, suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and winged warriors) (Dreyrugr), Winged Sandals (Protects from Bound and Slowed effects, footwear) Inventory: Peashooter (WP:2, deals Burning -2, hand cannon), Pongcanis Crossbow (WP:8, crossbow), Ruby (Fire), 5x Bone, Deadly Venomn, 2x Elixir, Grand Potion, Grating Stone, Mead, Nostrum, Potion, 2x Red Death Blood, 4x Remedy, 5x Tonic, Venom, Doomsday Bomb (Deals 99 damage, bomb), 2x Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Magic Compass, Staff of Ennon - (WP: 5, Light-Elemental, staff, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4), Noble Mask (Wearer gains gold equal to the number of enemies after each victorious battle; headwear, suitable for anyone) "These are your blokes?" asks the captain. He offers a hand. "Names Captain Pierce Lane. I've been put in charge of shipping you lot up to the High Kingdoms. Isn't my favorite sort of cargo, but it isn't the worst either, and I'm damn happy to be on the sea again. So, whats the names?" The dog eyes the heroes beadily. OoC: Make sure your stats carried over correctly.