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Found 7 results

  1. Commander Beltar

    [K - D10] Days of Beltar's Past

    Location: D10 The Hamilton Belt Tags: Military, Civil Previous Build: Turmoil LOCATION: Artificial Earth: Kawashita Prison And Experimental Facility Memory: Where it all began One Year Ago Tags: Building, Civil/Military...? The moment that all some have been waiting for…for a long, long time, in a galaxy far, far away… ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 2, Part 001, A New Day Voices… Is that…You? Voices….Oh, it’s been far, far too long my friends…. The…Trial went south…at least I’m not de-e-ad… They were…arguing over me after pleading insane… And Mantis didn’t care…but they sent assassins…They missed… Kawashita tried experimenting on me….They ah…”Fixed” me… They fixed me! ME! Like I needed fixing! They took YOU away from me! And they took my ideals away….I thought clearly for a few weeks or…months…all in a flash… But then…then…OCTAN was restless! They…sent…oh… The Sentinels! THE SENTINELS! The chip… Nu’q gave me helped…Only gave me few equipment’s… and a few corridors away from the prison area…But it helped. I thank him. I-consider him not just an al-ally. But….a – friend. And-and then that’s when they arrived! I saw her at that moment…running at me, embraced. It felt good….like – a moment out of time-happiness. She wished me…something odd…I barley remembered it. A date lost in time and space. That even I had forgot….but the happiness-was-gone… then I suddenly realized the….the… Sentinels where destroying the Facility…in the chaos…I escaped with her… It’s been….A-a year since I started back out from…the….E-vent…Horizon Incident…And after…paradise….She told me….Maian 16th…. Is-wait…--- “Lauren- Wat-wat-watch the beam! GAH!...” “Don’t worry about me! Make for the hangar! Just a few more corridors away!” She told me…It’s apparently…my birthday. It’s…convoluted….Released on Maian 16th A year ago from paradise…..Born on Maian 16th Many…many…years ago...I break out on Maian 16th….This day…or week…or millennium can’t get much-much worse… Voices…We gotta make those few more corridors to get off this…this….forsaken asteroid facility…I see the skies if space though…Filled with enough sentinels that blot out the sun…This…secret war going on….I remember a few words of the…scientists…Event Horizon… I need to re-learn….These menaces….they remind me…Event Horizon…Sentinels…Lauren…Paradise….By Golly! I-I think I got it! Wait…Wait… Too many lasers…Too many to think straight….I can do this… I think that-that once this day is over I can remember it clearly…possibly….Wait-is that a Mantis squad ship in the middle of Kawashita territory? What did I do…I can’t remember… Am I a piece to this puzzle or not? CHAOS! CHAOS EVERYWHERE! MANTIS VS OCTAN, OCTAN VS KAWASHITA, KAWASHITA VS MANTIS! It’s all…spiraling out of control with this…this secret war…I don’t know how…But I gotta go…I think that either I’ll make it to that ship over there…or have to take another 50 of this tin cans out…Why… I gotta leave…Goodbye for now voices…. Close Log, Chapter 2, Part 001 kszzzsz ============================================================================================================================ I’m back! Surprise! Thanks for reading this new installment in Beltar’s story, bet you all barely remember the other parts of my story! Well, go catch up on this convoluted mess if you wish, and as a note, I’m back in business, but builds won’t be frequent. Basically, Beltar is still screwed right now and still a loose cannon! Hope you liked the build and story. Consider the time that I didn’t build off season, like a TV show. Also, the image I included is almost exactly like the original X-Men Days of Futures past comic (Uncanny X-men #141), that’s where the name comes from, and it will be important to his future in coming builds, back to as always, C and C welcome! Fun Fact: I’m posting this more or less around the same time, down to the minutes, as my first build on AG. I've been planning a return since last year, waiting for the proper time, and VK gave me a kick in the pants when he sent me a PM awhile ago! Ah, a year went by so fast. Hope to get back in the game again. Time to go dust off the rest of my AG figures! And although I haven’t been here for a while, I’d just like to thank all of the people who supported my builds last year, and helped create the story. All in all. Happy Birthday Andromeda’s Gate! ~Beltar
  2. Location: D10 - Hamilton Belt Tags: Vehicle, Military Log #004 – 12 Novembrinali 3815 I've been absent for months... Let's say I overslept when I was in hibernation... Together with Oswald, an assistent and co pilot of mine, we're assigned to the new Robo Drill Truck program. Our jobs are to see If nothing goes wrong and meanwhile scout ahead for space pirates or unfriendly aliens that want to put a hold on our program. The RDT's work very fluently for their first job. Their AI is very keen yet straigt forward; they keep track of undiscovered Awesomnium and drill and collect where nescessary. Oswald's seems to be serious, but he has some humor as well. He's stating why I don't wear the orange suit, hence my family name. He's also wondering why there are no robots taking our duties of guarding and exploring. I'd rather trust humans then military AI programs that can go haywire by a virus or overcomplicated and riducilous reasoning. Maybe turning against us, you know... Oh and by the way, I congratulated Agent Raven as the new CEO with her job! You can do It, Raven! More information and pictures under the spoiler tag:
  3. Dragonfire

    [K - D10] The Discovery

    Mission Log: Entry 2 ~ We left Serium early yesterday morning and spent the remainder of the day scouring the Hamilton Belt, searching for a suitable asteroid on which to land. The belt is vast - we were only able to explore a small portion of it with our limited supply of fuel. Luckily, our radar detected a source of awesomnium on a nearby asteroid, and we quickly headed towards it. This asteroid was quite small, with steep cliffs and jagged ridges dominating the landscape. Due to the low oxgen content in the atmosphere, I had to wear a helmet for safety. The signal was coming from the top of one of the cliffs, and so I began to scale its sides. When I reached the top, I saw a few native plants and ferns poking out from under the rocks. I set the awesomnium detector down on a rock and waited for the results. It began to beep- a sign that there was awesomnium in the immediate vicinity. It didn't take me long to spot the first crystal, emerging from a rock to my right. I started a transmission to my colleagues on board our ship - send down the extractor machines immediately! Figless:
  4. Orange Leader

    [K - D10] Careful Awesomnium Delivery

    Location: D10 - Hamilton Belt Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane / Submarine Log #002 – 26 Maian 3815 There is a whole lot of Awesomnium in the Hamilton Belt and there is constant mining happening at the moment as I speak. Transporting awesomnium from one place to the other, is a whole different game though. And that's where I come in. I'm piloting an Astro Octo Mini and It's an incredible versatile little space ship carrier. It's 'tentacles' can rotate in different positions to manoeuvre through the densest astroid belts. It's 'beak' is a gentle claw that has a firm grip on everything. Although I wouldn't recommend carrying living creatures of flesh and bones around with It. It's not 'that' gentle... When my mission is done, I'm going to relax for some time. Transporting and avoiding astroid debris in the Hamilton Belt, is the most stressful thing besides a evenly matched dog fight in space. More information and pictures under the spoiler tag:
  5. Voice Log of Mister S: "The Hamilton Belt - D-10. Kawashita command are satisfied with progress on Serium so much so that I have now been sent off to the Hamilton Belt. I wondered what they expected of a driver in an asteroid belt but it seems that they wanted me to test our new MT-Cheetah in micro gravity situations. Being ultra efficient as usual, the "test' is actually providing transportation using the MT-Cheeta for one of our special forces team on a sabotage mission against space pirates on one of the larger asteroids in the belt."
  6. Lord Tyrus

    [K - D10] A New Horison

    KF-IPS-422 (AG: Scouting Hamilton Belt) by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Jycho Tyrus had been working for the Kawashita Corporation for many years now, but it was today that Tyrus saw himself going on a 'real' mission. No more escorts or freight transports, he had been promoted to the KP/DC, or Kawashita Pilot/Discovery Corps, and upon promotion, he was presented with a brand new Kawashita Fleet InterPlanetary Spacecraft, with the id number 442, and straightaway a mission to pilot a scout to the Hamilton Belt. The only other contact anyone from Kawashita had made with the system was a scouting trip made by Agent Beltar, though he hadn't reported back to HQ yet. Tyrus' mission was more than a scouting trip though. He and an explorer, Keo Tridon, had been ordered to the asteroid belt to gather some resources that the sector was apparently abundant in: Awesomnium. With a deep breath, Tyrus piloted his ship towards the centre of the asteroid cluster. Command had said there was 0% chance of alien activity in the area, due to the lack of oxygen, though he was still dubious, he had head stories of men who had been attacked by giant space worms living in the asteroids and were lucky to survive, and stories of some who didn't. He would have to hope that even if they were attacked, his five year pilot training would get them both out alive. "It's my first real mission," Tyrus thought, "Let's make it a good one!" * * * I started off with a shorter story than I usually write this time, I couldn't think of much to write today. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it. More pics under the spoiler:
  7. D10: The Hamilton Belt =================================================================================================================================================== Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 001: “Ten days after my rehabilitation from the crash…and I’m already in the game… Wonderful. APauLo(s)-5 has been a great help in getting me back in the zone, even though I’m no longer a pilot. I was handed a task to scout for any possible activities in the Hamilton Asteroid Belt, and after staring at a scanner for 48 hours, I found a faint piracy distress signal, it was nearly gone. Now I’m here, what a pile of trash! A barley functioning pump, a couple of empty canisters, and a cut computer. Whoever left here, left in a hurry, perhaps they were scared of our scouts, but this couldn't have happened recently… It looks like it would be a liquid Awesomnium mine, but it’s all solid, pipes are clogged. PauL and I tried to get the damn thing working again, but it wouldn't start. So we just set up a landing zone and waited for a supply ship to set up our own mine right on top of the thing. Yeah know what, I never actually know why I record these stupid messages. I’m just talking to myself with PauL listening. Who knows, maybe someone is listening? Aw, shut up PauL, I’m not hallucinating people listening to me…" Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 001 =================================================================================================================================================== More Pics in spoiler: Beltar’s mask is basically like Starlord’s helmet/mask from GotG. And no, APaouLo(s) is not TARS! C&C welcome! ~Beltar