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Found 10 results

  1. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H09] A Hard Exterior

    Tags: Vehicle (pick one, I really don't care either way. ), Science Location: H09 IMG_20151018_174252 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Log date 454, this is Dr. Danielle Long. The tropic regions of Planet Wastyria in Sector H09 are host to the greatest biodiversity on this otherwise frigid planet. Here temperatures rarely sink below 0 degrees Celsius, allowing for a myriad of temperature sensitive creatures to thrive. I have stumbled upon an organism roughly analogous to earth coral here. Presently I am utilizing an Aquatic Hardsuit to get a closer look at this biome." IMG_20151018_174040 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr IMG_20151018_174358 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr IMG_20151018_174518 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr IMG_20151018_174607 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr No story this week. Dr. Long is finally doing some innocent Scientific research. She finds out that Kodan has a time machine later! I'd like as much feedback (be harsh! I can take it!) on the coral as I possibly can, as a coral reef not too dissimilar to this will feature as part of a contest entry for something else... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. Jody Meyer

    [O-H08] Mech deployment & testing

    Something a little bit different... Hope you enjoy I wanted to try something different C & C welcome of course
  3. Location: H09 Castral Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // Though I'm no botanist I've been trying my hand at cultivating some flowering plants from Castral aboard the Axle in one of the hydroponic labs. I've been sprinkling Awesomnium dust on the to see if it enhances them. I've been passing off the reports as my attempt to try it out on a known species before using it on more useful plants, but secretly I'm just hoping to impress Dr. Long. ED-208 doesn't seem to like the idea of super powered plants and continues to insist on being armed. He tried to claim the white one moved and is a threat. Honestly, I think being a robot, he just doesn't like all the water and humidity. It isn't pleasant for me either, but Dr. Long has seemed really stressed out lately and the nearly naked guys strutting around the halls of the Axle can't help. Maybe some nice flowers would brighten her day. And it would help to know how the Awesomnium impacted plants for other stuff too. She has been so busy lately I haven't really managed to catch up with her much. It seems like she is never in her cabin or her office. And the labs get sealed sometimes when certain experiments are going on. I'm sure she is just really busy with all of her work. Maybe the rumors about some disturbance being detected has been keeping her busy. Extra Pics:
  4. kabel

    [O-H09] Engineering SNAFU

    Location: H09 Wastyria Tags: engineering, mining rig, civil When Henry H3 Himmelmann was finally released from E01 he was sobered up enough to dutifully commence his next mission. This time mission objective was to see if he couldn't fix the problems a rookie engineer had run into setting up a mining rig on H09 ... Henry mumbled angrily: "Ah ya damn rookies fresh out of engineering school, ya know everything about electronics and biotics and what not. But it when it really comes down to fixing a mechanical problem you look like a whale stranded on a beach!" "Mr. H3" "Ya can call me Henry, I hate that damn H3 name" "Mr. H3 Sir, what are you doing there" "Well young fella, what d'ya think I'm doing?" "Er Sir, is that a hammer you've got in your hand there?" Henry started to laugh loudly: "Yeah a hammer, what else do you thing it is kiddo?" "Er Sir, yeah I think I'v read about hammers before but I don't really know what they do I have to admit!" "Well, let me show you!" And so without further explaination Henry took his hammer and swang it into the jammed structure. *clang* - the entire structure shook and they young engineer began to fear that it was going to collapse for good. But eventually the crane began moving again ... The reason why Octan had decided to place a mining rig on this tiny island in the first place was that around a small outcrop in the middle of a large ocean a whole series of black smokers had been discovered. Mission objective was to study if there were other rare minerals to be mined and to study if live out here was working under the same principles as on earth.
  5. mrcp6d

    [O - H09] Mapping Wastyria

    Location: H09 - Wastyria Tags: exploration, water vehicle, civil --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 21 Junali 3815-- Exploration of sector H09 and the local planet Wastyria has been rather uneventful. Unlike the insane predators of Arium Major, the chill of this cold water ball seems to have stifled the size of most native creatures—though there apparently are the Rockback Whales discovered by pilot Hannibal, I haven’t yet seen any yet. Perhaps they are both rare and reclusive? Anyway, with the lack of animal encounters on this planet so far, I’ve been mapping out as many of the tiny islands that dot Wastyria’s watery surface. The cold of the planet is just enough in most regions to freeze the ocean spray on the local plant life, but not enough to solidify the ocean water itself; so I bought down my Barracuda Special from orbit and have been skimming around the ocean at speed for a few days. The pilots and drivers sure think they’ve got a , but exploring is where the real fun’s at. We get all the fun toys from the engineers before those guys do, and since we’re the ones with the alien close encounters, we hang on to the good stuff! This little speedboat is amazing. It’s blindingly fast and incredibly maneuverable making it perfect for Wastyria with all its random rock piles sticking out of the ocean. Bombing around in this little baby for a few days has been a fun vacation from the crazy monsters I usually have to take out or run from. We’ll see where Lord Business sends me next week, maybe there’ll be more action.--End-- This one was a quick but fun MOC. C&C appreciated!
  6. goatman461

    [O - H09] Octan's New Dry Dock

    Location: H09 - Wastyria Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Water vehicle, Exploration, Science, Civil, Military Within the O.C.S. Axle, the Octan crew meet up aboard one of the landing craft specifically designed for their sudden fury of oceanic explorations. As Dr. Long explains, this craft includes a small dry dock designed to quickly deploy a variety of exploration craft. The crew are both pleased with the new equipment and disturbed at the sight of Dr. Long with her hair down. Pilot John Hannibal is the first to field test the new dry dock. He readies his new sub for a mission to capture a new species of whale and/or fish discovered on H09. This beast has a very tough skin that allows it to land on and roll from the sharp, jagged rocks of the island shores. Once studied and replicated, it could mean a great tactical advantage to the Octan merchantmen, should conflict arise. PLATFORM 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The deck lowers the sub into rising water. Soon, the bay will be full and the sub can proceed forward. PLATFORM 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr PLATFORM 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Bonus shot of the sub in action against my Challenge 1 creation (please judge only the sub in the picture below). SUB by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  7. goatman461

    [Competition 1] Chicken for Dinner

    Location: H09 Two pink seabirds forage the cliff side for material for their nests. Their chicks are expected soon but they will freeze without more insulation. Out of desperation, the mother and father birds descend further and further down the cliff side, closer to the water. [Challenge 1] - BASE by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Then, out of nowhere, the great Rockback Whale of Wastyria burst out of the water and gobbles up the male bird. Happy Father's Day AG.
  8. Mission 5 Diving Rig Buoy Operations Location: Wastyria [H09] Tags: Civil, Ocean Engineering Leroy: Hi there Boxerlego. I'm Leroy, over there is Steve, and that is Jill. Welcome to the Octan Diving Platform. Boxerlego: Thanks, It nice to finally step foot on the diving platform I designed. Lets get things going. I will get the raft ready. Leroy: Alright, First let do a quick equipment check before we start. Steve how is the Air tanks. Steve: Air pressure is at max Leroy. Leroy: Great! Now get to the lower deck Steve and get the buoys ready. Jill how is the diving gear. Jill: Diving gear is ready. Leroy: Great Jill! Now get a life vest on and grab a radio. Then get the in raft with boxer and be ready to head out. You will be driving the raft around while Boxer deploys the buoys. I will be keeping a look out from here. Jill: Roger Leroy. Hey Steve, Make sure the buoys are secure on the rope. I don't want one coming undone while I'm out driving. Steve: Looks likes all buoys are secured good Jill. Boxer did a good job. Leroy: Good now let get those buoys in the water Steve. How is everything Boxerlego. Boxerlego: I'm finish with getting raft free from the dock and wrapping up the rope in the raft. Jill: Fantastic. Now move over and make some space for me so I can start the engine up. (raft starts to make motor boat noise "pup-put-put-pup-put") Boxerlego: Here we go!
  9. Peppermint_M

    [O-H09] Skipper Five

    ---Comm. Pilot Cade Channel 005--- Well, this little mite is a strange one for a space-jockey like me. Not Sure I like these touchscreen control panels you've installed. Stick and yoke gives a better feel. Can't say I'd be glad to play with this one in-atmosphere, though it seems okay for playing sheepdog up here in orbit. Just how many EVA Techs do you expect to need rescuing for one threading operation? *BsSSzzZZt* Spoke too soon, there goes one, off to experience the vastness of space 'twere not for me. ---Comm. Close--- The Skipper class space skid/cruiser was designed for traffic operations between orbital stations situated above Octan assets. They ran cargo and crew-coach pods until the permanent orbital ring-transit system was put in place. Once assets grew in number well beyond the scope of each needing such dedicated installations as a Ringworld, these smaller craft were used in conjunction with the EVA teams who work in the construction of the Space Elevators on the orbital end of things. Running around the station much like a sheepdog around a herd of sheep, the craft fetch any EVA Tech who comes loose from their tether and brings them back to station. A vital safety feature and lifesaver on many occasions, any pilot who does a stint on a Skipper never wants for a drink at any bar with an EVA Tech. Octan has had to regulate the replication of service patches and pins as some ne'er do wells were using falsified Skipper service badges for free libations. -*- Just another little craft I put together. At first I put in wings, but once I decided it was for orbit only I scrapped the out of place feature to keep the lines cleaner. The 5 here now designates the asset number instead of the racing number it began life as.
  10. mediumsnowman

    [O-H09] Equipment Drop

    BEGIN TRANSMISSION 04: SPECIAL FORCES JEBEDIAH O'REILLY TO OCTAN HQ SECURE CHANNEL 768954 8 JUNALI AD 3815 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was supposed to be my week off. I was just getting ready to travel back to Farmolis for a nice, relaxing vacation when I got an "emergency call" to do some advance scouting on Wastyria. I get to the hanger and evidently I'm also supposed to install some equipment on Wastyria. As no minifigure has yet walked its surface Octan needed some sensory equipment installed to guide in the big transport ships. So here I am,fastening down the final component of the first device. One down, nineteen to go... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END TRANSMISSION 04 [O-H09] Equipment Drop [O-H09] Equipment Drop Didn't have much time to build this week so just got in a quick little build. Some points are better than no points! Comments and criticism welcome!