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Found 8 results

  1. Ragnos

    [O - H08] O.C.S. Diligence

    Location: H08 Tags: Military, Spaceship Previously on The Ragnos Saga ------------------------------------------- The O.C.S. Diligence, a beauty of a vessel, First and hopefully not the last of her class. With it's Prototype Energy Core and advanced capabilities, there isn't much this 150-man vessel cannot do. This is one beauty of a ship. I can't wait to get onboard and explore it. Captain: I am Captain Thomas Duponte of the O.C.S. Diligence and you are late. Ragnos: my apologies, nobody told me I was even assigned to this vessel until 15 minutes ago. Captain: well, Chief, at least you are here now. Meet your fellow Bridge Crew, Lieutenant Cody Meirs and Lead Science Officer Frazz. Frazz: Can't talk... ...Theory needs solving. Running algorithms. Cody: Hey Chief, nice to meet you. When you've gotten settled, could you come look at my Food Dispencer. Only creates Bacon for some reason, not that that's entirely a bad thing. Captain: Now that the pleasantries are over, we should go to the bridge. Captain Duponte to the Dilligence, beam us up. 2 minutes later. Captain: Set target coordinates to 843,421 and take us out of here. ------------------------------------------- Additional pictures and the new sigfig can be found here: My first Micro-Moc, think it turned out relatively well. I'm experimenting with different ways to tell the story and I'm not entirely sure this method is any good but alas, I can't get on my computer for a while and upload pictures for each character so I will leave it like this for now. My next project will be for the challenge but I'm not sure what I will build. Can't decide between a farm, a ship converted into a home or an apartment. How built up is Farmolis? Is it like a second earth or is it closer to a colony?
  2. Ragnos

    [O-H08] Coffee Break

    Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building Meanwhile, on Sinden Station...... Computer, Supplement C0ff3 please. Hey Rag, Have you heard the news? I'm jealous, to be honest. What do you mean? What is going on? You've been chosen to work on the OCS Dilligence. Off this pit and into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, isn't it great. I bet my grandkids will be learning of the man who repaired the Warp Engines of the Dilligence! You being serious? Why would anyone want me on board their ship? John Ragnos O'Conner, Report to Docking Bay 76 Immediately. Your shuttle leaves in 10 minutes. If this is a joke I will have your hides! Footnote: I think I will need to update my sigfig, give him some hair and maybe render him a little bit. I decided I would string this MOC together because I haven't exactly got much time anytime soon and I want to move the story along a bit. It will be fun for the next mocs because I get to experiment with micro-builds and building spaceships which is something I've never really done much of. Although being a pilot would make more sense for the bonuses, it fits more in the story so I will stay as an engineer for now . The Whole Moc:
  3. Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building "Just my luck, I get sent to work in Sinden's Run. It's like he knew I had a fear of space. Why did the man I accidentally spill coffee on have to be my supervisor? I need to fix the bugs in this extractor quickly or the boss will have my hide!" "The previous engineer who worked here was terrible, look at this mess!" "Who in there right mind puts that there? Oxygen is running low, I'll call the colony and get transport." A little footnote: Hello! This is my first MOC since I left the dark age and it is probably not very good. I felt I'd post it anyway as it was fun trying to build in LDD, the controls were a bit awkward so it took quite a while ! At the time of writing this I am not in the player index so I hope I am not being an inconvenience by posting this now. Sorry for how the pictures turned out, I need to read some more documentation. Didn't want to flood the thread with pics so there are more here.
  4. Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane / Submarine Log #??? – 30 Desembrinali 3815 As happy as I'm always to serve the awesome Octan Corporation™, I have been signed to do a cool awesomnium transport mission in the asteroid field of Sinden's Run©. And boy, is It a lot of fun to do! Octan's Astro Octan Mini™ is mine to command and gee oh whizz, what an awesome little space ship carrier It izz!! It's armed with a suction grip to get a hold on to anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything! So awesome!!1 I can't wait to do my next assignment when this one's done! Have I already said how awesome Octan Corporation™ really is? Let me sing It: ♬Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome when you're part of a team!♬ I'm sorry to say I could'nt make the base like I did with my original entry. I hope you Octan's like this rendition of the Astro Octo Mini! Original entry:
  5. Kodan Black

    [O - H08] - What An Asteroid!

    Location: H08 Sinden's Run Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Space Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // One of our ELINT vessels picked up a weird signal coming from the Sinden's Run region. I'd been working on the weird listening posts and thought it might be connected. I asked Dr. Long if I could go with ED-208 to investigate and she agreed it would be for the best. She had seemed tense lately. Well, more tense. Every time I went to her office to discuss a theory about the listening posts with her she acted very tired and weary. Clearly she was worried about this and I needed to get to the bottom of it! Knowing that we would need to pinpoint the signal's source I launched one of my new astrodroid's to locate it. Within a day it had found the source and using its gripper claws had clung to it. It was very close to the object so it was hard to tell what it was, but it looked a lot like an asteroid. I wasn't sure what we would find, but since it was in space and I was likely to want to get a close look at it I decided to grab one of our Octan space suits so I could be free to inspect it. ED-208 grabbed one of our space maintenance craft and modified it with "essential equipment". I noted that simply was a heavy gun and he stated "that will solve any issues we come across." I asked how it would help if I had a leak in my suit or something and he insisted it would "fix it, don't worry." He must mean he could salvage parts from the gun to render assistance. As we arrived I could see it was not a natural asteroid, it was simply made to look like one. It even had fake Awesomnium deposits on it. ED-208 suggested we destroy it immediately. I said that we needed to analyze it to see what clues it had. I offered that once it had been analyzed by myself and others at Octan that I would submit a request that he be allowed to be the one to properly dispose of it. I know his mouth piece doesn't allow for it, but I could swear I saw him grin. Extra pics:
  6. mrcp6d

    [O - H08] Asteroid Mining

    Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: civil --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 26 Julali 3815-- Grunt work today as there is nothing living or growing in this outer rim asteroid field. I guess that’s a good thing, after all the vacationing I’ve done lately but energy beam mining in space is no fun. I’ve got to run my jetpack thrusters to counteract the force of the Octan Corp. D-EB-Mk. 4’s energy flow. At least they sent me out here with some help. The mining drone is some impressive technology with fully computerized station-keeping thrusters (standard propellant, not awesomnium like my jetpack) and a vigorous beam drill. During coffee breaks, I’ve been admiring the view—it’s been a while since I’ve had a true exoatmospheric mission, Sindon’s Run is a beautiful collection of awesomnium-packed space rocks that would make a truly exciting space race. I wonder if Big Z could set up a course…. --End-- I took some LEGO time off, it was good to get back at it this weekend! C&C appreciated! Edit: Crap, I didn't get the rest of the title up there! Can the powers that be change it to read "[O - H08] Asteroid Mining" please?
  7. LucasLaughing

    [O - H08] Partly stars, mostly void

    Tags: Octan, Exploration, Land Vehicle Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Lu's Log: 26 Julali 3815 I'm a long way from home. We all are. The Milky Way, our home galaxy, is 2.5 million light years away and tonight, standing on the airless, rocky surface of an asteroid, I can feel the distance. We've been here a few days, field testing one of Octan's newest toys - the OEV 197 "Armadillo." Tricked out with several dozen cameras and sensors, a heavy duty drilling unit and a roomy interior for its crew of 3, the Armadillo is a sweet ride. This asteroid (RM8942b), part of the "Sinden's Run" belt, is an ideal testing ground, full of craters and cracks. It's just big enough to have 1/4th earth gravity, so if we have any 'steering anomalies' the vehicle wont get too banged up. Because there's no atmosphere, we wear bulky, bronzed colored space suits that seem like they're a few decades old, but they keep the air in and the cosmic rays out, so I can't complain. The other explorer and I head out to collect surface samples while our driver tests the drill. This crater is relatively young, less than 10,000 years old, so we're hoping there's awesomnium near the surface. With no atmosphere and a close horizon, night on the asteroid falls quickly. No sunset, maybe 30 seconds of dusk, and then it's pitch black. I carefully make my way back to the Armadillo. We'll head back to the Axle in a few days. Maybe I'll get a day or two off before heading out again to parts unknown. This is Lu, signing out.
  8. WickNole

    [O - H08] Your order is ready.

    Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: civil, engineer Terrain: Spaceship interior Start of transmission #10. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dr. Long: "Welcome back from Castral." Wick Nole: "Always a pleasure." Dr. Long: "Your next destination is... Castral." Wick Nole: "Whoa?!?" Dr. Long: "Jedadiah is again troubled by this duck... that's the picture we've got from his hovercraft while you were going through G.A.T.E. Go there and check." Dr. Long: "But before you leave - let me show you the OS-21.2C you've ordered." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #10.