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Found 5 results

  1. evancelt

    [Tutorial] MOC Ground Texture

    As a follow up to my earlier MOC SNOT-edge base tutorial, I thought I’d show these phases of building out ground terrain complexity. In this case I’m building a path through some sandy grass Starting with a dark tan plate blank slate! First up I added some olive green 1x2 plates to the surface. I covered up any visible joints between the underlying dark tan plates with the olive green. Also tried to create some random-looking patterns of connected green plates to represent vegetation. I put more of the olive green plates toward the front of the base since that would be closer to the camera. Also added some 1x2 dark tan tiles near the edge of the base to help ease into the second layer of plates. Left some blank studs nearest to the edge of the base to make that relief rise even more gradual. Next up I added some 2x2 dark tan tiles to the middle to represent walked-on areas of ground, and then scattered 1x2 and 4x8 dark tan tiles to start filling in large areas of ground. I tried to leave little 1x1 holes in the ground covering. Next up I dropped some 1x2 light bley plates into the ground to represent some rocks Next up was some 1x2 medium nougat plates Then I started to fill in those empty 1x1 holes with dark bley plates, coral plates, and dark tan tiles. The tiles help make the ground look more walked on, and the coral was meant to add some color! Finally, I added some round plates and tiles to the path area of the MOC. These were meant to represent pebbles on the path. The finished product. A lot of it ended up getting covered up with figs/tents. I was glad for the pops of coral color, as the whole thing looks a bit dark tan heavy! The dark tan helps the white of the tents pop more. For a future rendition, making the sunken road a different color (regular tan?) would have added some nice contrast. Anyway, hopefully this was helpful for someone starting out with building ground complexity!
  2. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego V-150 Commando

    Hi guys! after a long silence I'm returned to post a lot, let's hope, and I will to start again with a new theme that I have grow during this period, military theme! Hope you enjoy my creations! My version of the Lego V-150 Commando. Desert metro marpat mimetic version of the V150 Commando, or Cadillac Gage Commando. It start the service as APC/armored car, in Vietnam War, making himself noticed for his amphibious and all terrain (4x4) capability. Many variants has been released over years, to cover numerous role in civil and war effort. This version, mainly used by USA and Saudi Arabia, have a 90 mm turret, that guarantees him superiority in modern battlefields. In this model can fit 4 minifigures: a driver and, 2 in the turret, one on the rear hatch. Lego V-150 Commando (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego V-150 Commando (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego V-150 Commando (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego V-150 Commando (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr
  3. I mainly wanted to experiment with dark orange as a predominant landscape color for this build, and I think it turned out nicely. Credit for the tree design goes to Joeri Ridder. The mill does work, in that the oxen can be ‘driven’ around easily and the mill stone is driven in turn by them. Ox driven mills are one of the simplest mills, yet still quite effective. Most towns and villages in Mitgardia have at least one of these mills. "More barley to be ground, Ailin?" "Yep, will be one of the last trips for me though. Nearly finished with my harvest." More pics on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  4. The Battle of Suprosa had only just begun, and yet it appeared things were going pear-shaped. I had been assigned with preventing the Rebels from getting to the computer rooms, however after shortly separating from my fellow comrades it had come to the Empire's attention that one of the main computer rooms was being breached. I reacted instantly and made my way through the wrecked maze of the Suprosa until I approached the last corridor. As soon as I looked down a heavy object went from my throat down to my stomach. Losing troopers in battle was not uncommon, but the thought of losing a close friend dying for what he believed for without witnessing whether he was successful or not? Now that was a different matter. I made my way to the fallen comrade and lifted his helmet only to realize it was not one of our men, A rebel had disguised himself as an Imperial trooper and had either been discovered by one of ours or been gunned down by his own men, either way he had failed, and anxiously I opened the doors to the computer room to see if anything was destroyed, but It was okay, everything was as though it had just been built.
  5. Transparency for Effect

    Show me YOUR LEGO Town!

    Simply put, like many of those showing off topics, I thought it'd be a great idea to do that for everyone's individual LEGO towns if they have any, especially seeing as I can't seem to find that many in this sub-forum. I'm currently working on my own town, and it encompasses mostly Creator houses and City 8x16 buildings. How about yours?