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Found 2 results

  1. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Goblin Glider

    After seeing the new Marvel summer sets and beeing very impressed by both Goblin figures I just had to recreate their iconic mode of transportation the Goblin Glider. My goals for the Glider were very simple; 1 Make it as accurate as possible to the real thing, 2 to make it sturdy and 3 it had to be able to carry a minifigure. With those goals I started building and see here the result. I actually made 2 different versions and the original Goblin Glider and the Glider that the Hobgoblin uses are somewhat different, for this creation I have chosen the Hobgoblin's one as I don't have the Green Goblin figure yet and I personally love the Hobgoblin more. Here is the glider without a minifigure on it: I also created a glider for the Green Goblin, it is mostly the same but has some slight changes, here it is: Not the most complicated creation in the world but since we are all big fans of the upcoming sets and especially the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin figures I thought that it would be worth sharing. I'll just leave you guys with this shot...
  2. Hey there fellow Eurobricks members and Chima fans. I’m happy to present you my review of Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider from the new summer wave. Hope it will help you decide whether to get the set or not, or just have fun reading it. Set Information Set name: Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider Set number: 70141 Number of pieces: 217 Number of minifigs: 2 Age range: 7-14 Price: 19.99 USD / 6000 HUF Box Let’s start with the box it features the new design, with the icy chima logo and the blazing background, they make a good contrast together, also the dot on the ’I’ in the logo is a Fire Chi. This time we have the bad guy in the upper right corner, and I have to say it’s an amazing artwork. The frozen effect on Vardy’s face is beautifully done and very detailed. At the top left corner as usual the figures are presented, now they have fire and ice background instead of the regular blue/good - red/evil signs. I also made a pic with all Chima logos we have so far. Here you can also see that, the box is the same size as Lavertus’s Twin Blade and Lennox’s Lion Attack, however the latter has a deeper box, the other dimensions are the same. A shot from the top, Vardy is shown here in 1:1 size, and we can see the figures in a different pose. Now take a look at the back, the flame theme continues here and the play functions are shown. The main splitting function got a simple blue background while the flick missiles and Lundors flamethrower turret has a nice winter landscape. We can also get a little hint what the official website will look like with the new ice theme. Contents of the Box and Build With the box wrapped up we get 3 bags, one bigger (which includes a small one) and 2 from the smaller size, a thick BI and a DSS with 5 stickers. Here are the parts spilled from the bags, you can already see some great parts, like the dark brown feathers or the 2x2 inverted tiles and the trans light blue goodies. I did a shot with all the trans parts too, on this pic you can see the new spike and claw pieces as well, the spike looks like the same as the ones used for Spynlyn’s legs but they are bigger and got a technic axle instead of a simple pin. And a comparison shot with the regular (now it’s the Ice) Chi and the new Fire Chi. Okay now comes the greatest part of the set, the minifigures. We get 2 of them and they are both exclusive to this set! Lundor a cat guide among Phoenixes and member of the Leopard Tribe, and Vardy the leader of Vultures. Lundor is beautifully detailed, you immediately recognize that it’s a Leopard from the rosettes. (according to wikipédia Leopards are the smallest of the big cats, it’s good to know what ate you in Africa or Asia) He also has a little skirt and I really like the furry knees, those kinda look cute. He comes with a double-sided head on one side he has a grin smile on the other he is angry and ready to roar. Here he is with full armor and the new Fire Chi print on a 1x1 round plate. It looks very nice and you get a spare one. The headmold is great too, it makes him look bulkier and stronger, it has a serious expression. I really like this headmold and it’s great for Lundor and Tormak, but for Liella it gives a muscular look which takes away the feminity. He has a weapon called the Blazeprowlor, which is quite simple, but looks effective. Now let’s see Vardy the star of the set for me, he is my favourite from the Ice tribe members. He comes with a translucent left arm (thanks JEK-14) which looks great, it’s great to see that TLG begun to use trans limbs. Just look at the body print, sand green and gray, with a purple head. He also has exposed flesh and ribs which are glowing by the power of the Chi that resurrected him. I really like the bones used for knee prtectors, it’s a nice touch. Only the head print looks a bit off because of the beak section but that will be covered by the great head mold. He doesn’t have double sided head which looks like a tradition since the Outland wave, that bad guys don’t deserve a second chan… I mean face. Here he is in his trans light blue armor which is amazing, and he also has the wing pieces in new color. The head mold is printed nicely and has a freaky look. He has a weapon too called the Bonezythe. Before the build let’s take a look at the BI, it has the same image as the box itself. On the back side we can finally see that they got rid of the WIN kid and put a WIN Laval instead. There is a great picture at the end of the BI showing (almost) all of the summer wave figures. They left out all cat guide members, Foltrax and Vornon. An action shot can be found after the figure list, probably it’s going to appear in Lego catalogues. And a pic of all sets. Another with only the main system sets divided into the 2 factions. The build went smooth, there weren’t any problems with color differentation. It was enjoyable and fast. Here is the result: And the spare parts. The Set and Play Functions First take a look at Lundor’s little turret, the base is quite simple but it does it’s job, it has some great sand orange parts including the brick pieces, there is one extra clip where you can store his weapon as well. On the back you can see the Fire Chi attached which probably gives the power for the flamethrower . The Turret has legs and can be detached from the base and used as a little walker vehicle, however the front is very heavy and you have to lift up the „nose” of the structure, otherways it’s not stable. Now onto the Vulture Glider, I think it’s on of the best bird-like vehicles that this theme has. The color scheme contains mostly brown, dark tan and trans blue and they work really well together. The design is very nice and the vehicle has great ariculation. One of my favourite parts and a very essential one for the overall look is the head, and it’s done greatly, I really like the stickers used on it. As you can see the wings are attached via ball joints so you can fold or turn them into different positions. I show you the main function, the splitting, as you can see in the picture the little Glider is attached via clips to the Vulture, and that’s the only connection point between the 2 vehicles so you can lift it up for easier access, and detach the glider. It’s simple but cute, I have to say I like it very much, but with the feathers inverted. Like this: And the Vulture looks almost better without the Glider, it’s really a great build. The Mammoth stomper looks awful without the detachable aircraft, but this one is still cohesive and awesome alone. We also got 4 flick misisles 2-2 on each sides. Say hello to my little friend Rating and summary Overall I’m really satisfied with this set. I don’t have personal experiences about the other sets from the wave (yet) but this is got to be my favourite. A beautiful Vultue aircraft with a detachable glider and a fire turret, with 2 astonishing minifigures, who are both exclusive to this set. it has some minor flaws like the claws, it looks a bit weird on the foot that there is no claw on the inner side, but I’ve tried i and they would seize, so it’s better this way. Also Lundor’s turretchair is not a big deal but a great addition for playability. The only missing thing from this set is a clip to the vulture where Vardy can store his weapon but it’s not that necessary. Rating Design 10/10 It’s well deserved, the Vulture is amazing in any aspects and the little fire turret looks cool too. Parts 10/10 Lots of trans light blue parts, some new parts, recolors, mixel joints, lots of useful stuff. Minifigures 10/10 This is where all Chima sets stand out, beautiful prints and great molds, this is no exception. Price 10/10 I got the Lavertus’s Twin Blade for the same price (15% cheaper than the S@H price) and compared to that this set worth every ’penny’ Playability 10/10 It’s rather good for a set this size, 2 figures can battle, the Vulture has flick missile, articulation, split function, and the Fir turret has a Fire Chi mode and can be used as a little walker. Hope you enjoyed my review, it was quite objective because this set really grew on me. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion about this set!