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Found 2 results

  1. Sir Brickalot

    Iron Man

    Recently, I've been building some brick built Iron Man suits on LDD, so I thought I'd share them with y'all. First up, Mark 39- Gemini. What about Mark 7? Not forgetting Mark 35- Red Snapper. And good ol' Mark 42: Of course, Mark 38- Igor! And deadly War Machine- ... AND the star spangled Iron Patriot; Last but not least, a group shot of all my Iron Men. Hope you like my suits! If you do, be sure to check out the LXF File! C&C Welcome. Bonus: Mark 1, the suit that started it all!
  2. Story time again. This takes place after Knifefish, so go ahead and read that first, I'll wait. Interesting to note part of the reason I wrote this was the ending of Iron Man 3. I really wanted the Gemini suit to have action, perhaps in a later fight against Thanos. Anyway as I get ready to post this I have a question for the readers. Do you know any good sources of information on modern Japan, specifically Tokyo? You see I have already finished the third part of this saga, though for the fourth I plan to move the setting to Japan. So good sources are welcome. Lights flicked, a blue pulsing glow radiating from a table. Tan and purple pieces of machinery laid across, half disassembled. A man and a woman stand over the table, tweaking the alien technology. "Agent Claire, Agent Ben," a man walked up, "We have something new for you to work on." The three of them were in a SHIELD base in the northern United States, away from any major city. "Hey, we have our hands full with this Bake," Claire threw up her hands, "You want these weapons, you need to give us space." "This takes precedent," Agent Blake stood back as other agents wheeled in a covered object. The agent pulled off the tarp to reveal a shattered suit of powered armor, held together with a spattering of golden and black pieces. It's charred body was colored white and gray under the burns, and a gold colored helmet crowned it. "Woah," Claire looked at the advanced suit of armor, "Iron Man?" Iron Man had quit being a superhero last December, destroying all his suits of armor after the fight with AIM. AIM had survived, though its surviving agents had gone underground. "This one sustained major damage in the battle," Agent Blake stated, "It's self destruct orders weren't carried out and it remained almost complete." "I think that's a bit beyond me," admitted Ben, "A lot beyond me." "We have enough knowledge of Iron Man's tech to repair the bulk of this suit," Blake said, "And enough pieces from other suits to fix it. The problem is the power source." "The Arc Reactor was lost, and without it we don't have a source of energy strong enough to power it," Blake explained, "But you do." "So you just want us to hook it to some Chitauri tech to it?" Claire said, "Okay that isn't so hard, right Benny?" The Chitauri were an alien army that tried to conquer the Earth recently, by way of a portal and a Norse god. In the end Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers stopped them, though much of the alien technology was left inert on the ground. Only two people managed to get it working again. "Yeah," Benny answered, "I mean, I think I could. If you have any designs for his armor though I could use the help." "Of course," Blake nodded. --------------------- Static, sizzling in blue. Images and sensors begin to emerge, specks. Heat, burning through in sheer agony. Whirling over a burning island of metal beams and cranes. Humans, but not humans. Their hands squeezing into him... "Burning." He flickered awake, sitting up. Before him he could see a man and a woman, backing away. "Where am I?" he boomed. "Um, you're in a SHIELD lab," answered the woman, "So who are you?" " not know," he answered, standing up, "Who are you?" He had a deep voice, electronic in nature. As he stood he caught sight of his body. It was mostly white and grey, but gold and black also colored him in small amounts. It was metallic, forged of alloys. "Um, I'm Claire," she said, "And this is Benny. I guess we made you?" "...Odd," the android felt his fingers, "I remember being constructed by one Tony Stark." "Well you were first built by him," Benny tapped the underbelly of a desk, "But ah, we turned you back on." "I see," the android looked around. Suddenly displays popped over his sight, scanning the room. He looked over his body, identifying bits and pieces of his cobbled together shape. He asked suddenly, "Why did you rebuild me?" "Well...we were trying to make a superhero," Claire answered. "Superhero?" the android looked up, "Has something happened?" "Well Iron Man quit," Claire shrugged, "So we need new heroes. Knifefish is working on the Bolts, and we were working on you." "Knifefish?" Suddenly SHIELD agents rushed into the room, their sidearms at the ready. "I see I have a welcoming party," the robot noted, stepping forward, "I am guessing I need to come with you?" "Yes," an agent said, keeping his gun up. He walked forward, following the agents as they left. --------------------- The android sat in a glass chambered, small and secure. As he sat he heard footsteps outside. Turning he spotted a girl in her late teens, with black hair, light blue eyes, and a tinted skin with an orange shade. Her face was scarred brutally on her left side, scorched and burnt. As Issac looked he began to detect abnormalities in the youth, first her brain, then her nerves arms and chest. "Hi," she waved, approaching, "Sorry if I'm intruding, but I had to see you for myself." "Do they mean to deactivate me?" "I don't know," the teen stared at his chest, "I'm really sorry, they were just trying to get the armor online, they didn't expect to find you. SHIELD's bosses are talking about you as we speak, though I have no idea what about." "Who are you?" he asked. "Robin Watson," she answered, "Though I also go by Knifefish." "You design superhumans?" "...Yes," she nodded, "I work with genetics, based off of Electric Eels. Only a week ago I injected the Bolts with my implants." "You injected yourself as well." "Yeah," she rubbed her arm, "Oh, are you scanning me? If my brain seems unusual that has nothing to do with the formula, I'm just Autistic, and proud to be." "...Are you a superhero?" Robin looked down, "No. I mean I wanted to be, but I don't do well with travel. And you know, there are plenty of other reasons." "The two of them summoned those agents didn't they?" "I won't know," she looked at his shoulder, "But it's possible." "I don't suppose you would let me out?" "...Depends," she whispered. "On what?" "If they are going to kill you." He stared at her and said, "Why do you want to be a superhero?" "Do I need a single reason?" she stared, "I mean, I can think of four." "Just one." "Well, I was there in the Battle of New York," she squeezed something in her pocket, "Running wildly while the aliens blew everything up. I was so helpless, the only reason I'm still alive is because Captain America saved me. I didn't want to be helpless like that. I wanted to be protecting people alongside him." "Captain America," he mused, "One of the six Avengers and the first superhero." "Yes," Robin nodded, "So do you have a name?" "No." "Oh. Mind if I name you then?" The android turned towards her and said, "Alright. What would you call me?" "How about Isaac?" she asked, "You know, for the writer." Isaac nodded, accepting the title. "Do they fear me?" "I am...not sure," she admitted, "But I think so. There are only a few AI's in the world, and one of them destroyed a town. Another was a hero though, so I could be wrong." "Do you fear me?" "I don't know," she answered, "I don't always know how I feel. But from what I know of fear, I don't think I'm feeling it." Isaac nodded, eyeing her with his sensors. --------------------- "Extremist has a fatal flaw," the woman said as she stood in front of a collection of AIM operatives, "Literally. Even if you can survive the bonding process, eventually you will reject the formula. There are only four Extremist users left to us, ever since Eric was captured by Knifefish. We cannot control the world as we are, let alone defend it." "However there may be a way to perfect the process," she rounded. She wore a yellow power suit lashed over her body, augmented with mechanical implants over her body, " Tony Stark managed to reverse Extremist, removing it from Killain's murderer." A metal band clutched to her head, as her eyes glowed red. "SHIELD took all his data on the cure," the woman said, "If we can figure out how he removed Extremist, we might be able to engineer a way to balance the formula." "Mary, Joe," she said as two operatives moved forward, "Are you up for a little trip?" --------------------- "Hello," an agent approached the glass walls. Isaac stood up, turning to the man. "Is it time for me to die?" Isaac asked. "Not yet," the agent said, "Apologies for your accommodations, we wanted to ensure you could be trusted. Lucky for us you had an unexpected visitor for us to watch." "So may I assume she came independently?" "She did," the agent said, "If we had to send anyone we would have gone with Captain America." "Much of your intelligence comes from a copy of another AI," the agent said, "Who was damaged inside the main shell of your body. Given how we then married your body to Chitauri tech, we considered it safer to be wary." "Chitauri," Isaac repeated, "New York." There was a pause before he said, "Why do you trust me now?"" "We were unaware that you were armed." Isaac nodded and said, "What do you want from me?" "You have given as an opportunity," came the answer, "Stark has been difficult since New York, more than usual. We were worried he might try to repossess you. However, should you have a independent mind, he might be a little less...unpredictable." "Meaning?" "We want you to function for us," the agent answered, "Act as an agent of SHIELD. Help us take down the villains cropping up." "If I say no?" "Depends what you want to do next." Isaac nodded, "You might want to not make reinforced glass prisons. I recollect both Loki and Thor escaping them." The agent nodded, as the door opened. "There is something I want to exchange," Isaac said as he stepped forward, "I would like to wok with Ms. Watson. She is...interesting." --------------------- "No," Robin looked away. She and another teen were sitting in a cabin on separate beds. The boy was typing rapidly on a tablet, head down. "Why?" Isaac said, "I can transport to and from here rapidly. It will take five hours to reach the moon, you will not have to worry about taking vast amounts of time traveling. You would not have to adapt to foreign regions. And since you have completed your Bolt project SHIELD is willing." Robin stared at the wall, before saying, "Look I want to, but I need to prepare myself. It's too rapid. Give me some time to get ready, then I'll go. Hopefully I won't be too much of a wreck." "But you took on the Extremist Soldier-" "Okay, after the first kidnapper I was on edge," she admitted, "I kind of was prepared, I had already brainstormed about how to fight one. But this is sudden." Isaac nodded, "I have a mission tomorrow. Is that too early?" "Yes," she nodded, "But I'll get ready eventually. I probably should get a suit or it. I get to be Knifefish right?" "Of course." --------------------- Isaac flew through the air, his back thrusters propelling him forward. Orange power burst from his hands and feet, bolting him as well. He flew over the Mediterranean Sea in a surge, pushing the water from his velocity. Finally he slowed as he approached land, skidding vertically. In a bolt he flew up, before bursting forward. He flew east, crossing over a dry climate. As he flew he began to scan, finally picking up traces of a signature up ahead. "Detecting energy identical to Chitauri weapons," he bolted across the landscape, "AIM appears to have activated a few left over from New York." "Take them out," Agent Sitwell stated, "You know hat I do with the weapons." Isaac flew forward, before smashing into a cave with explosive force. With a twist he stood up, just as AIM agents recovered from the impact. Immediately they scattered, grabbing their weaponry as they scampered. Isaac rolled to the side as energy blasts flew at him, exploding into the cave. Quickly he ran up, before unleashing a blast of blue power into a nearby operative. The foe crumbled, just as Isaac weaved his way onwards. As he fired into other AIM agents their was a rush in the corner of his sensors, before a burning fist lammed into him. Isaac stumbled back, his side scarred. "Extremist," he said rapidly, looking it over. He could remember. The fight on the oil tower, the soldiers tackling him, ripping at him. Burning into his sensors- The soldier smashed into him again, her fist glowing red. Twisting she kicked into him, knocking the android across the room. With a thud he smashed into the wall, shaking the ceiling Isaac's sensors focused on the soldier entirely, forgetting everything else. Quickly he fired his hands, sending azure energy into the enemy. She winced, before charging him. Isaac activated his thrusters, bolting out of the way. As he flew past she struck his chest, knocking him in a skid. As the lights flickered Isaac pulled himself up, struggling to regain control of his sensors. As he staggered she plowed into him, knocking him to the ground. As he fell she began trip at him, striking into him. She held his arms down as she opened her mouth, unleashing a wave of fire into him. --------------------- Robin watched over Will's shoulder as he began to draw a sketch of her in a uniform. "Maybe," she said, "But it looks too skin-tight. I mean I like snug, but shouldn't I have some protection? I don't have the best reflexes." Will nodded, "Alright Knifefish. I just - you are finally doing it!" "I guess," she squeezed Kitty, feeling the yarn catfish. As she breathed in and out calmly, an alarm began to blare. Robin peeked out of the room in time to see a man charging a group of SHIELD agents, his wounds glowing red. "Extemist Soldier," she closed the door as the last SHIELD agent fell. "Your scars," Will recapped. She nodded frantically, "Okay, what do we do? Captain America is elsewhere, same with Hawkeye and Black Widow. SHIELD doesn't follow Thor or the Hulk I think, Iron Patriot is with the military, and Iron Man quit. And the Bolts aren't ready yet.." Robin stared outside, feeling around. A second spike of energy lay their as well, moving rapidly. "Two," she muttered, "Two of them." "We need to be smart," she leaned against the wall, "Okay, their senses aren't increased right? We can use that. They regenerate, we can use that too. They can get trapped..." She wrinkled her face in disgust as she said, "Okay, I have some ideas." --------------------- Isaac's body twitched as he fought, his systems speeding up. Finally he forced his hand to angle, before firing a blue blast into the soldier's leg. She paused, weakening her grip. Immediately he swung his fist up, striking the upper center of her chest. She paused as he charged, before surging energy into her chest. A tear ripped through her, freeing him to knock her off. She stumbled back even as her chest glowed red. Before his optics her body began to heal, tissue regrowing. Quickly he fired again, blasting into her heart. As the soldier looked own she collapsed, her body unable to heal in time. As Isaac staggered to the Chitauri weaponry, he caught a signal. "Do you read?" a voice asked, panicked. "Yes," he said, sliding two of the weapons inside of his chest. "The base is under attack," the voice said, "Two Extremist Soldiers. Iron Patriot is already on his way, but he might be too late. You're faster." Isaac winced, "Alright." As he stowed the last of the weapons in his chest and arms he took off, flying back towards the United States. --------------------- Robin crept through the hallways, Will behind her. As she made her down she suddenly heard a tapping behind her. She turned to see an AIM operative, clutching over Will's mouth. "What do we have here?" he asked, "A pair of meddling-" Robin kicked his crotch, causing him to loose his grin. Quickly she leapt forward, before zapping the man with her touch. He collapsed, as she and Will leaned into each other. "Okay, come on," Robin and Will made their way forward, finally reaching their target. Robin quickly electrocuted the lock, sizzling it open. The two rushed inside to find an array of weaponry. The two them made their way though the shelves, searching for something useful. Finally Robin winced as she pulled out a tan blade. It was long but thin, and shined with a blue light. It was one of the alien weapons, repurposed by SHIELD. "This...might do," she said with a gulp, "We need seven more." As Will handed her two more staffs he said, "You can do this." "I know," Knifefish replied, "But I don't know if I should." --------------------- Isaac smashed through a wall, skidding inside the base. As he adjusted his sensors sizzled, still damaged. Finally he caught a massive burst of heat rushing around the corner, headed towards him. The android immediately fired from his hands, knocking into the Extremist Soldier. The AIM agent rolled under the fire,before smashing into Isaac. He stumbled, before the foe flung him across the room. As Isaac tumbled he caught himself, and fired into the soldier. The foe stumbled, but already regenerated as she swung her burning fist into him. Isaac smashed through a wall, his body glitching. As he struggled to stand she charged, barreling down upon him. With a push he launched himself away with his thrusters, skidding away. As Isaac stood up his senses flashed. A spike in electricity was coming towards him, above the normal human. He pulled himself together, before firing at the agent. The Extremist Soldier jumped back and forth, dodging his strikes. As it neared he activated his feet, bleating out of the way. Suddenly the soldier talked him, knocking him to the wall. As the foe held him there Isaac heard a sizzling sound, as the soldier lost concentration. As Knifefish discharged into the foe she ordered, "Knock her to the wall." The other teen from earlier was with her, something in his hands. Isaac complied, slamming the foe to the wall. Immediately there was a sharp sound, as a long blade entered each of the soldier's arms. Sparks danced from the weapon, causing a sizzling sound. As the soldier hung to the wall the boy muttered, "That was for her face," before impaling the soldier's legs. Robin winced at the blow, staring at the soldier. The foe struggled to move, suspended against the wall. Finally she breathed out, seeing the persistence of the soldier. "There is another," she said, "He is deeper inside the labs." Isaac nodded as he leaned into a wall. "I am...aware. I..suffered injuries thanks to another soldier." "Sorry," Robin said on instinct, "How bad is it?" "Weapons and core are stable," he said, "My sensors however are damaged." "I can feel him," Knifefish said, "If you want I can guide you." Isaac nodded slowly, before following her deeper inside, with the boy tagging along. --------------------- Isaac followed Robin as she made her way through the SHIELD base. He winced as he walked, feeling his systems suffering. "On the plus side," Robin said, "After this guy there is only one Extremist Soldier left. You know, if that guy from the airport wasn't lying." Isaac looked at her, before seeing a flicker of his sensors. A spike of heat was just ahead, laying in front of a series of SHIELD computers. "I see him," he whispered, causing Robin to nod. "They only have human senses," Robin was soft voiced, "If you are quiet or quick, they won't see you coming." Isaac nodded, before unleashing his energies from his feet and hands. In a burst he slammed through the door, striking into the soldier. The foe smashed through a computer, leaving sparks everywhere. "You freak!" the man pulled himself up as Isaac blasted into his chest. The man gasped, even as his chest began to rebuild itself. With a twist he caught Isaac, before flinging him across the room. As he pulled himself up Robin delivered a shock to him, causing him to fall back down. The soldier pulled himself up, even as Robin backed up. With a glare he charged, even as she bolted out of the room, baiting him away. Isaac pulled himself up, as the boy helped him stand. "I...thank you," Isaac muttered. "Just take out that 'neut,'" the boy said, as Isaac stumbled. The Repulsers on his legs seemed shot, he won't be blasting off for a while. Slowly he began to run, struggling to stay balanced. Ahead of him he saw Knifefish electrocute the solder, before punching him off balance. Immediately she took off, just as the soldier unleashed a wave of fire at her. In a burst the man charged her, knocking Robin to a wall. As she coughed and groaned, the soldier's hands glowed red. Quickly Isaac blasted his chest, before tackling him to the wall. Isaac held the man by the neck while he laid his free hand on the Soldier's chest. With a surge he blasted, tearing a hole in the AIM Agent's heart. The agent tumbled away, just as footsteps rushed behind Isaac. The android turned to see a red, white, and blue suit if powered armor with a shoulder mounted gun. "Iron Patriot," Robin pulled herself up as Will ran up, "Sorry if we stole your thunder." Robin suddenly spotted the soldier with the hole in his chest, and fell silent. Her hand strayed to her pocket, and she squeezed something inside its borders. Will spoke up as she stared, "The other soldier we have trapped on a wall. She is this way." Will grabbed Robin's arm, and the two led Iron Patriot away. Isaac stumbled against a wall, before sliding down its side. --------------------- "Can I have a promise from you?" Robin asked. She was wearing a bulletproof suit, black and gray in color. A cyan lightning bolt lay on her body, completing the costume. "What do you want?" Isaac asked as he lay strapped to a board. SHIELD scientists had managed to make repairs to his body, and now only the Repulsers in his feet needed to be repaired. "Can you not kill people?" she asked. "Why?" he asked, "The majority of known superheroes kill their opponents. Iron Patriot, Iron Man, Captain America-" "I know," she said, "But be better than them okay? It's...there need to be differences between us and villains other than semantics. Sorry if I used that word wrong." "...Why?" "Well I grew up with other heroes," she answered, "Heroes who didn't kill, like the Elric Brothers. And just, you can't learn something from an enemy if they're dead. Or redeem them." "I'm not that naive," Robin defended, "I know sometimes we have to...kill. Just, can we make it a measure of last resort?" He looked at her face, still horribly scarred. Supposedly her body had rejected stem cells, and she had refused plastic surgery. Isaac answered, "I suppose. I was informed I have a mission in three days. Will you be there?" "Yes," she nodded. --------------------- Madam Georgia stood at a platform of the AIM base, hidden inside a cave. She wore yellow armor, with a red radiant core at its center. Implants covered her face, underneath a metal band. Brown hair flopped behind her, as she surveyed her operation below. "Madam," a man ran up to her, "Joe and Mary failed in their mission." She rounded on him, her yellow powered armor shifting. "Of course," she hissed, "Now our list of allies goes thin. But they make us desperate, and that will turn on them. Like it did in New York." "I want every agent converted into Extremist," she ordered, "Everyone left." "Madam, everyone knows it isn't safe," the man managed, "I am not sure everyone will be willing-" "Do you know why Iron Man kept using his unfinished prototype?" she asked suddenly, "When he battled Killian?" "...No." "Because he could control it from a distance," she said, "Implants in his body let him control the armor even if it was on someone else or hundreds of miles away. Imagine that control. An army, able to defend us from a safe distance." "Ever since then I've been designing an upgrade," she said, "It took some time, but the prototype is finished. It burns like a star into my brain, but it works." Her eyes flashed red as she stared down the man, "Everyone will be converted into Extremist." "Of course Madam," the man said, his eyes blank and empty, "I will prepare the surviving agents." She turned away, flexing her armor. "It is time we make our last stand," she stated as she stood in front of a series of makeshift harnesses, designed to empower the user with Extremist, "For Earth."