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Found 7 results

  1. 1977 Chevy Van G10 1:14 Scale Weight 1150 gramm without battery Openable doors, pneumatic suspension Rear axle & front independent suspension with positive castor RWD - buggy motor Servo for steering M-motor for pneumo-compressor M-motor for pneumo-compressor shifter SBrick
  2. Col. Brik

    [K-G10] Shadowing

    Mission: Shadow Raven Tags: G10, Spaceship As CEO Raven continues to investigate the attempted murder and murders done in the Mantis company Col. Brik shadows the ship she is on by using a civilian single seat ship that carries independent colors. If anything were to happen he could assist at a moments notice.
  3. VK-318

    [K - G10] Electrified

    Location: G10 Onix Tags: Civil Building Note: All parts of this build except the parts shown in the spoiler are re-used - that is, the main room, torture rack and restraints (but not the larger frame around it), and the two small implement-holders are all re-used, and therefore should not be judged. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "AAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" "AAAAAAAAGHNOOOOOOO!" Clunk. "What was that?" "What the ..." Crack! Thud. Crack! Crash. "Silvia!" "That's far enough, Viktor." "Girault. You're going to pay for this." "I don't think so." "I don't know how you managed to get this far into my base without raising any alarms. For that matter, I don't know how you even managed to enter the system. But I really don't care. Torture is so much more effective when you it's somebody else suffering, and your wife has been most uncooperative." "No.. Please, no ..." "It's under control, Silvia." I fixed Girault with an icy gaze. "It won't take but a minute. In fact ..." If you want to break a standoff, do it in the middle of a sentence. In fact, do it in the middle of a conversation, if you have the option. It delays your opponent's reaction time by a critical fraction of a second. I snatched a hammer from the wall and threw it as hard as I could. He fired, of course, but his aim was off and I was already out of the way. Then the hammer struck him in the head and he collapsed limply. Not dead - just out cold. "... It's already taken care of," I finished. "Let me get you out of that thing, Silvia." "I can't move," she said weakly. "He's stuffed me full of drugs." "I know," I said. "T1-N1 had a chat with their computers while I was on my way. I'm so sorry, dearest. I came as fast as I could." "I'm just glad you made it," she said, sighing with relief as I loosed the restraints. I wrapped her in a cloak and cradled her in my arms. "Just one more thing to do, and then we can be going." With one arm already full, it was not easy to remove Girault's shirt, or to drag him up onto the torture rack, but I did it. He had loaded Silvia with stims to keep her conscious through the torture session, and the syringe he had been using was almost empty. I injected what was left of them into him, then waited for him to wake up. It only took a few seconds. "I'm sorry I don't have the time to properly thank you for everything you've done for my wife," I said, "but I hope you'll accept this parting gift. As soon as I'm gone, the Variga will destroy this base, and I don't plan on waiting around, so you probably won't have time to pass out from the pain, but you should be well entertained until you die. Goodbye, Girault." I pulled the lever, and the machine came to life. With Girault's screams echoing off the metal walls, I carried Silvia out and down the corridor. "Are there any more pirates here?" she asked. "I don't think so. T1-N1 sealed off most of the base, and I've lost count of how many people I've killed. My bolter's power clip must be about drained." She sighed. "I'm so tired. Can I rest now?" "Yes, dearest." I smiled. "Once we get back to the Variga, we're going to rendezvous with the fleet. They'll patch you up. You're safe now. You can rest all you like." "Thank you, love. I think I will." And she did. This week, I did two new builds that expand on something I did previously. I had more story to tell in this particular location than I could tell in one week, so I came up with some expansions that can stand as a build in their own right. They're in the spoiler. C&C welcome!
  4. VK-318

    [K - G10] To the Pain

    Location: G10 Onix Tags: Civil Building ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Boss? She's here." "You sure took long enough. Bring her in." "Silvia Kramer. Allow me to welcome you to my home, or at least, one small part of it. I hope you will enjoy your stay." "Save the pleasantries, Girault. You know my husband will be coming for you." "We'd better get down to business, then. Jason, would you do the honors?" "With pleasure, boss." "Now, now, Silvia. You shouldn't struggle like that - you've gone and gotten yourself a nasty bruise. This way, please." "Please make yourself comfortable, ma'am. We've got a lot to discuss." "Girault, you know Viktor. He's not going to let you get away with this." "I'm afraid he'll have no choice. Just this last week, we completed the installation of a new sensor relay station. If any ship comes out of the Gate, I'll know right away. Besides, no luxury cutter has the firepower to breach our defenses. "Humans have been in the business of inflicting pain on each other for such a very long time, but when the victim struggles, it can make a torturer's work so much harder. Awesomnium has provided us with an invaluable aid to this process. "This syringe contains an awesomnium-based solution that I think you'll find most interesting. We bought the original from a fellow called Laszlowe, from M.A.N.T.I.S. It was supposed to serve as a long-lasting sedative, a hibernation drug. But it didn't work quite as planned." "I - I - I can't move. I can't move!" "But you can still feel, can't you? That's the beauty of it. Your sensory receptors are still firing, but your brain can't send anything back but critical body functions. It's the perfect torturer's tool." "Don't do this, Girault." "I'm afraid I don't have much choice. I need the passcodes for the Kawashita Group's private Gates, and I don't have time to convince you to give it to me. This is quicker. "Also much more entertaining." "No - no, please - no - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Kramer to Variga, good work. I'm through the breach." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, we're still pretty dark over here. I promise I'll lighten up in a few more builds. The name is a reference to The Princess Bride.
  5. Location: G10 Onix Tags: Exploration ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I think I've found it, boss!" "Looks like a Kawashita probe, alright. The sensor dome's still intact!" "Good. We'll need that." "Bot, crack the dome open." "Wouldn't it be simpler just to take the whole thing back with us, boss? I bet Octan would pay well for something like that." "Trust me, Jason, we don't want Octan to know we've been here. See that little green thing in there? It's this probe's onboard computer. That would tell us what ship launched this probe." "So what?" "Let me ask you something, Jason. Which would be better: finding a space probe that we can't use and can't safely sell, for fear of getting turned in for theft of proprietary technology? Remember, Octan and Kawashita aren't at war any more. Or, getting our hands on Viktor Kramer? And the navigational codes for the entire Kawashita Group quadrant?" "The second one, of course. But what's the connection, boss? I don't get it." "What do you think the odds are, eh? A red and black ship captures Dr. Gregorovich, a top Octan scientist, and his top-secret prototypes. Then, out of the middle of nowhere, a Kawashita probe shows up, in the very same system where Gregorovich got grabbed. Pretty interesting, no?" "How do you know it was Kramer?." "I saw the footage of the ship. Octan may not know what the ship is, but I do. It was the Variga - I'd stake my life on it. This little thing is what's finally going to let us get our hands on Kramer - and maybe a few nice secrets with it? Bots, push this dome into the lava. We don't want Octan to figure out we were here. Let's get back to the ship and see what this baby can tell us."
  6. WickNole

    [O - G10] Coffee Break

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: civil, building Terrain: Lava, Rocks Start of transmission #12. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Not only does Onix offer an unfriendly terrain, but the alien activity marker is stated as "intense" here. The planet is certainly offering challenges to us. Nevertheless, copper has to be mined, and the planet has to be explored. I'm not sure about the exploration part, but will certainly try to do my best in locating these ore deposits. But need to finish my lunch break first. The new version of Octan Terrain Analyzer is much smaller in scale and much easier to handle. And the results are quite interesting as well. The planet seem to contain a huge organics deposit under the nearby copper stratum. As we dig through copper, the biomass will be very easy to extract. Bad news though, are that there's only one such biomass deposit found... yet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #12.
  7. Garmadon

    [O, G10] The Alien Artifact...

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from, Woohoo, something other than Castral (namely Onix)! Hey, look at that! It seems there is some sort of alien artifact in this here lava stream! What a find, Jed my boy, won't those scientists be happy when they get a sight of this! So, what exactly is this thing? Let's see... Bang, bang. Crack, crack. Bzzz. Nope. What could it be? Hey, look at this! It's Guy's camera! I'm sure he'll be happy to get this back... except for all the dents and holes I just punched in it. Oh well, no pain no gain, right? Figless: And the vehicle: I'm finally off Castral! Ha, ha! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!