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Found 3 results

  1. Missing Brick

    Alien Hive

    Some scenes from James Cameron's Aliens featuring Blacktron's custom figs. I shot these a couple of months back but have only just been able to post here thanks to a trick that restores flickr functionality on old iPads using
  2. MajorAlvega

    [MOC] Spookydoo!

    Hello! This was my Halloween MOC. It uses a SBrick to control 4 functions: - White light - Ultra-violet light - Fog - Minifigs rotation The white light uses a regular LEGO Power Functions Light pair. One LED is inside the pumpkin at front, the other one is bellow the floor, pointing up. The ultra-violet ("black") light uses 3 home made Power Functions UV pairs, with UV LEDs. I'm using a rectifier bridge and two 100 Ohm resistors to drive the LEDs, a circuit identical to LEGO PF Light pair. 2 pairs (4 LEDs) light 4 torches in the left and right walls. I put the LED inside a technic 1x1 brick with hole, behind the trans-neon-orange flame to hide it (black light sources are also blue light sources). Some UV passes trough, not much but I complete it with another pair (2 LEDs) bellow the floor, pointing up. There is a fifth torch in the back wall, without UV LED behind but still glowing a bit, like the spider in the left corner. The fog cames from an home made fog generator. It uses a kantal wire to heat glycerole/glyrecin, like the smoke generators used in in model trains as also most e-cigs. Has a silica wick that takes the glycerin from a small tank, enough for more than 30 minutes of work. The fog is not spreading allover the MOC as I intended. I might add a small fan later. Finally the minifigs rotation uses an old 9V micro-motor. No gears so it turns to fast :( Everything is powered from a LEGO Power Functions LiPo. You can see most of the electronics in this photo of the base while being assembled:
  3. Many Moons Ago... The creature awakes in pain. He opens his eyes, and sees a foreboding sight... His hand, chained to a pillar. He whips his head around, and sees that his other hand, and indeed all of his limbs, were chained down. He struggles, the chains budging, but not breaking. The ground beneath him rumbles and quakes, the tremors filling the trapped beast with dread. The urgency sets in, and the creature struggles more. It tries to gnaw through its binds, but it was to no avail. It tries to stand up, but feels shooting pain through his back as he draws to full height - a sword was lodged in his back. With the catacombs sinking around him, death looming, a single syllable escapes from the dragon's mouth... "FAUST." Present Day... Five heroes exit the hall, the afternoon sun dangling above the group. As per the instructions of their regal client, they head towards the docks, the smell of brine and fish drifting through the air. Careful to avoid confrontation with some of Eubric's seedier citziens, they make their way through the bustling city, eventually finding their client: Faust, king of Moone. "You're here." says Sandman, checking to make sure his handcannon was loaded. "And not a second too soon. You're all here, yes?" The king casts a discerning glance towards the group of five, waiting for them to confirm they were there. Those five heroes were... The Party: Skrall (Waterbrickdown) 81 year old Male Ogre Hunter Flynn Flisperer, Lind Whisperer, The Grey Foxer (Lind Whisperer) 21-year-old elf Karie Alderflask-Cour, A True Hero (Kintobor) 24? Year Old Human Female Witch Warlen Melimane, Eulalia's Knight (The Chosen Minifigure) 23 year old male half-elf Mystic Knight Jinnipher Buchaire (JimBee) 76-year-old female Moon Elven Knight QM Note: Welcome to Fade To Black! As always, you folks have 24 hours to confirm. I'll post the hero stats when all of you do your shopping at the marketplace.