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Found 7 results

  1. madoruk created the Emerald Explorer for Brickcon 2013. Emerald Explorer by madoruk, on Flickr
  2. There, I said it; I called a CW dio "awesome". This MOC by Olive Seon on flickr has no title and no description…but does it need one? The pictures are enough to show the incredible size and detail. (That’s a stock AT-TE walking out the main door.) In addition to the fact that its huge and that everything looks like it works, the coloring stands out to me, especially the large writing and symbols in the floors. The builder has also made a bunch of stock sets look terrific by surrounding them with an outstanding diorama.
  3. I’ve been making an effort to look at more of the different sites FOLs can post their MOCs on lately. And one that caught my eye on ReBrick was a medium-sized bust of Darth Maul with his probe droids. And I thought, “Wow, that’s really nice shaping.” So I clicked on the link back to the builder’s photostream and saw… 4-LOM! Bossk! Dengar! Zuckuss! IG-88! White Boba Fett! Some Clone Wars bounty hunters I don’t care about! ( ) All beautifully sculpted and detailed. Excellent work using a variety of shapes to sculpt instantly-recognizable characters at this scale. Look at the bandages on Dengar. Look at the expression of Bossk. But he’s also made two other characters in addition to the nine bounty hunters and the pilot Luke Skywalker at the beginning of this post, and one of those really caught my eye. The head, especially the mouth, on this Greedo: Incredible. The models are also on CUUSOO.
  4. So these are a bit old — flickr says taken in December 2012, MOCpages says posted in January 2013. But they caught my eye because I was going through all the different categories of Star Wars entries on MOCpages checking for new additions (MOCpages has a boggling number of categories so some of them literally have not been used in months, years even, which is how this MOC ended up near the top.), and I saw these great speeder bikes which had…two comments. But the photos had a little watermark in the corner, so I Googled that, and found the MOC on flickr with…two comments by other users. And I decided that despite the age, these models needed more exposure. So now you know why a six-month-old MOC is being blogged and how I found it. (And on that note, I'm sure the builder would appreciate it if you checked out his photostream, because he's got a lot of other great LEGO stuff.) Anyways, the model: I’ve built a fair number of 74-Zs myself, so I know it’s difficult to capture all the angles and curves and details in that size. James zhan has made his a bit bigger — about Miniland-scale, I think — and that’s allowed him to use those curved slopes in front, and all those different angles in the back. It’s not that these things are impossible to represent fairly accurately at minifig scale, because they certainly are. But at this scale, everything combines for a beautiful model that doesn’t look like compromises in accuracy had to be made, which in turn makes the model that much more pleasing to look at.
  5. I recently stumbled on the work of Master Beef (with fries) on flickr, and his work is very impressive. Take for example his Lambda-class shuttle: Somehow he manages to interrupt the smoothness and appears to have altered some of the angles of the ‘real’ vehicle — and yet the model is unmistakeable, it looks very Star Wars-ish, and it looks refined, done with seemingly tacked-on shapes but with purpose, like good greebling. Plus there’s some very nice shaping in there. And don’t miss his other Star Wars MOCs, like his Y-wing and his 74-Z:
  6. All that glitter could be pirate gold. CimonArt posted his sculpture of Lego bricks reskinned in various metallic finishes and intricately embellished with Swarovski® crystals. LB 1 by CimonArt, on Flickr LB 16 by CimonArt, on Flickr
  7. [pid][/pid]226D News scout Horry pointed out this great creation to us. Check it out on Flickr here. Sir Nadroj isn't too active in the community anymore, but he occassionaly builds and he has some exceptional skills. Feel free to visit his portfolio also. [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]