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Found 8 results

  1. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Barbinator the fairy

    Hello, my dear visitors! Have you ever dreamed of a fairy paying you a visit? Well, you may want to reconsider. Such amazing! So mobility! Much wow! "A modern toy". This action figure is meant to illustrate the sorry state in which the child and teen entertainment industry is finding itself in our age. My intention was to leave as much humanly features as possible, overlaying them with the sheer inhumanity of modern toys and games. If you think that parents can effectively shield their children from corporations who employ flocks of shrewd marketeers, then think again. There's only so much one can can do, and this is where we are headed. Leg movement animation. Click here to see my attempt in composite animation which was too heavy to be embedded. An angelic "Kill Teal" version. A dangerous kind of beauty... isn't she?? Thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoyed her company! x)
  2. Siercon and Coral

    Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    So it has been quite a long time since I've been able to poke my head into the world of Historica. But as has always been, the reclusive shrouded Mystic Islands often are oblivious to the outside world. But magic still beats strongly if slowly through the veins of the Fairy Forest. Feel free to check out the video as well! I may be an old retired Avalonian ancestor but Historica will always hold a special place in my lego heart :)
  3. Palixa And The Bricks

    [MOC]s Cylinder Hemisphere Experiments

    Hi everyone I wanted to build something with these cylinder hemisphere parts for a long time. I finally bought two of them and here's what I came up with so far: An oasis in the desert with a small caravan (strictly speaking, can you call it a caravan if there's only one camel? ): And then there's this little fellow, a tortoise: I still have some other ideas on my mind. Hopefully I will be able to build them.
  4. A king got suddenly ill, and his new adviser took charge of the kingdom. There is even a rumor he would like to marry the princess! Will the jester find out what is behind it all? Includes music by Sergei Rachmaninoff.
  5. First entry for CCCXII, for the Fairy Tale Castle category. :) Thought it would be cool to do something a little different for Rapunzel's tower, so I gave it more of a fantasy feel instead of the classic one.
  6. Toa_Of_Justice

    >MOC< Tinker Bell

    Click any image for a larger picture. Tinker Bell is an extremely popular character, originally created by J. M. Barrie, and currently owned by the Walt Disney Company. I believe fans of Disney and LEGO would love to build this rendition of her. In my concept model, her arms, legs, head, and wings can be moved to achieve various poses. I had thought about buying the pieces to build Tinker Bell in real life, but most of her 199 pieces do not yet exist in the colors I chose--such as the Light Nougat (a.k.a. Light Flesh) in her head, arms, and legs. If my concept of Tinker Bell were to be produced, it might be possible to use Brick Yellow (a.k.a. Tan), a more common color, in place of Light Nougat. However, after trying that in LEGO Digital Designer, I noticed that Tinker Bell's skin looked unnatural. In real life, Brick Yellow might look better than it does in LEGO Digital Designer. While designing my concept, I tried to preserve a realistic appearance while still allowing for movement of joints. The arms and head were especially challenging. Although my concept has brick-built eyes, I think custom decals would look better. Feel free to inspect my concept in LEGO Digital Designer. Here is the posed model, and here is a straight standing version. Please vote for my concept on LEGO Ideas. If you have friends and/or relatives that might like this model, please tell them to sign up and vote for it too. Thank you in advance for your support! -Toa Of Justice
  7. alanboar HK


    LEGO MOC - MERRY XMAS 2013 It is my new moc for Xmas. You can find Santa Claus , Reindeer , Fairy , Snowman , Ginger House and Special Lufsig. 還有小仙子!! I made a little lufsig and join to the “Army of lufsig" in lug gathering!! haha Another lufsig creators is : Frank On, Uncle old-biscuit, Chiukeung, T and me It is joined in HKLUG 2013 winter gathering! Special thanks our friend Nicholas Foo share his lovely miniland model. I modify a bit and share it in the gathering! :classic: Thank you who love it and Merry X'mas for Eurobricks friends! http://lego.alanstud...SantaClaus.html Creator : Alanboar
  8. ~o☼o~ Swamp Faeries ~o☼o~ The Swamp Faeries (or "Forested Wet Land" Faeries if you prefer) live in family groups throughout the Moruth Swamplands, and make their homes out of the hollows of dead trees. They are quite shy, and are rarely seen except by those unfortunate enough to have their hands or feet bitten off by their double row of razor sharp teeth (they love the crunch of little bones). A picture of the swamp by itself: I thought I'd give a swamp moc a try...