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Found 4 results

  1. Dragonfire

    [K - F10] Abducted!

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Exploration, Ground Vehicle Mission Log: Entry 19 ~ Determined to avenge Agent Sharpe, we doubled our speed, using a Deathstriker exo-suit for these purposes. It wasn't long before we came across an abandoned Octan speeder - and its occupants, who were currently in the process of being dragged off, screaming, by three oddly garbed figures.... We jumped into action. Octan may not be our best friends right now, but we couldn't just stand by and do nothing. While Ekira took the flank, I set the Deathstriker's mounted guns and handcannons blazing. The figure at the back toppled over with a cry, but the other two managed to escape with the Octan employees... Ekira knelt to check the figure's pulse, and found it to be dead, instantly killed by my shot. But when he turned the prone body over, we were horrified. It was physically identical to our missing mutant - but its garb and strange, curved sword showed us clearly that this was not the same creature. Could there be... more of them? As we considered the options, we received a transmission from Agent Kytes. He explained that he had managed to gather reinforcements and was on his way when he saw an alien craft leaving Arium Major, headed for one of the nearby planets. We all agreed that this craft likely contained both our mutant and the two unknown figures who had abducted the Octan employees. The hunt was on! The Deathstriker mech by itself:
  2. Dragonfire

    [K - F10] First Encounter

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration Mission Log: Entry 18 ~ It was three days later when we found it. We'd given up on the Search and Destroy mech when it ran out of fuel, and had resorted to using the Spiri - a multi-functional two-wheeled monstrosity which could travel both in the air and on the ground. Its wings doubled as mudguards for its huge, misshapen wheels. Among the four of us, we called it the 'Water-Boatman'. I had sent Agent Kytes back to our command ship to fetch reinforcements - we were crossing into Octan territory, and as much as we didn't want hostilities, they might not believe the true nature of our mission. We came across a remote Octan bunker deep in foothills of Arium Major; it had clearly been abandoned for quite some time. Trees sprouted from cracks in the walls and roof, and to our shock, the skeletal remains of its occupants lay sprawled by the door and gun position on the roof. And standing over the bodies was our missing mutant. He had taken a gun from the dead Octan employees, and brandished it threateningly, screaming in some obscure language. His arm had now solidified into a claw and he appeared completely unafraid of the hulking Spiri behind us. Agent Sharpe and I advanced, keeping our weapons trained on the mutant, hoping to capture it without shots being fired.... Then suddenly, without warning, the creature flipped the catch on the gun and fired. Agent Sharpe was taken completely by surprise. He never had a chance. Seeing Sharpe go down, I launched myself at the creature, but it fled into the undergrowth and disappeared from sight before I could reach it... Sans figs and vehicle: The Spiri, aka 'Water Boatman', piloted by Ekira Mitoshi (once again!) C & C welcome!
  3. Dragonfire

    [K - F10] Search and Destroy

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle Mission Log: Entry 17 ~ My father filled me in on the mission as we boarded the shuttle. Exactly a week ago, a certain Kawashita Space Marine had reported into the medical centre on Orinshi with a strange malady. He said that he had been shot with an alien weapon during a spying mission on Arium Major, but he didn't know who had shot him. The medical staff had seen nothing like it, so they sent him to Avindrian Laboratories for examining. The scientists managed to extract some sort of bullet from the soldier's skin, but noted a strange redness emanating from the area around the wound when they removed it. Within days every patch of skin on his body had turned a deep red, and his eyes turned yellow. Upon removing his shirt, scientists found that one of his arms had developed a thick crust of red skin and his hand was hardening into a claw. The next day, he was gone. The body of a lab assistant was found in his room, clearly murdered. He'd used the assistant's security card to gain access to a shuttle; operatives tracked it to Arium Major. Paradoxically, this was where the soldier had sustained the injury. I was sent along with two special forces commandos, Agents Sharpe and Kytes, to track down the mutant soldier and bring him (or it) back to Kawashita space for interrogation and analysis. I was also tasked with investigating the origin of the bullet. In case the planet's ruling Octan council sent operatives to stop us, or we ran into hostile aliens, our party was assigned a Kawashita Search-and-Destroy mecha, equipped with the latest weapons technology and piloted by none other than Ekira Mitoshi himself. We were ready at last, and prepared for whatever fate might befall us on Arium Major. Sans figs and mech: The cast: Agent Sharpe, Dragonfire, Agent Kytes The mech: C&C welcome!
  4. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Military, Building Based on my previous build Long Range Strike Tensions on Arium Major are high, Kawashita/Octan relations have broken down over the past few weeks. Several Kawashita patrols have been ambushed and Octan sabotaged a communication station. Kawashita engineers and military personnel have been dispatched to the surface to construct a long range missile station. It's time to take the fight to Octan. With the station assembled it was time to strike. Targets have been acquired, lock the locations and let the rockets fly! -D