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Found 5 results

  1. David FNJ

    [M - F02] Computer Sabotage

    Location: F02, Lesser Drigo Tags: MANTIS, spying, land vehicle Double D's log 33: Upon arriving on Lesser Drigo I was sent into one of Octan's facilities that had many Octan servers. I was given a simulator device to put into one of the Octan servers that would then copy itself onto the system and then copy itself onto any other connected servers in a subtle manor. The key, invisibility. Of course, I had a sweet getaway vehicle, and it's the fastest one yet! ~ DD out
  2. Donnie Bricko

    [M - F02] A Simple Mission

    Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Vedauwoo and I have been dispatched to Lesser Drigo for a quick spying mission. Our job is simple, ride out and locate Octan climate control towers and affix wireless M.A.N.T.I.S. tech which will allow us to track and even take control of the devices. We hopped aboard our two man bike and dusted off in to the desert. - D
  3. David FNJ

    [M - F02] Octan Games

    Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: MANTIS, Spying AG: Octan Games by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 8: Several days after being sent on our next mission from the MANTIS LD HQ[/ul], we emerged from a large crack in the ground much like the one I was in during my Waterbug mission. Of course we had already bypassed any heavy security that patrolled the boarders so all we needed was a way inside the building. We spotted something a few hundred meters East that looked interesting, so we went to go see what it was. "Well that's just cheating! Equipping your bot with a shock-pulse gun!" "Well, no one is here to see it, huh? Too bad. Who needs that hunk of junk rolling bot nowadays anyway!" "Fine, wait till I get my bot and THEN we'll see who's got a good fighter. This was just a test round to make sure I'm not going to waste my time with a fight against something too wipmy." "OH?! Is that a challenge?! Haha, I accept! Let's go get this 'champ' of a bot that you claim to got!" "Did you just make a rhyme?" "I don't care. Let's go, Jerry will recycle the parts from the losing bot - if he can find any! Haha!" When we arrived, we found a lone robot that apparently lost to a duel against another one of Octan's robots. It almost looked it may have had some nice Octan information or key of some sort, so we decided to fix it. Almost immediately, the bot seemed to take a liking to us! It even changed it's camera light to green rather than the hideous red it had before we had fixed it. After playing around with its electronics for a bit, we found that the bot could enter the complex through a door designed for small robots. It was perfect. We had found a way in without being detected! Looks like we had found a new friend. ~DD out
  4. soccerkid6

    [M-F02] A Versatile Vehicle

    Location: Lesser Drigo, F02 Tags: Vehicle, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: The vehicle MANTIS let me drive this week was even cooler than usual: the LW-2 Rover, an amphibious vehicle than can handle land or water with ease. My job remained the same, confiscate whatever Octan equipment I could. This week we ran across an Octan employee in a speed boat, it seemed he was analyzing the water. Unfortunately for him, he had no idea what our vehicle was capable of. He simply laughed when he first spotted us on shore, figuring he was completely safe in his boat: His expression changed quickly after we simply drove in after him: We even gained another Octan robot out of the deal, as the boat was being piloted by a driver bot: Bonus pictures: It was interesting making the build in such a way that I could put the truck in the water, or on shore
  5. Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: F02 Lesser Drigo, MANTIS, Spying, Civil Building, land vehicle AG: Mission S-F02 - Waterbug by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 5: After being dropped off by Isaac Redsyn I dove into one of the cracks amidst the dry surface of the dry planet of Lesser Drigo. This particular gap in the ground was about a gunshot away from a lava flow. Presuming Octan had also found this water treasure I swam what felt like downstream until I found it - a water collection device thingy (yeah, I know, my major is not in engineering either...). Pulling out my micro-tracking devices (MTDs), I let them get sucked up by the water device one by one. I wish I could get a look at the top - I'd probably see Octan robots doing most of the work. The location information provided by these MTDs will provide MANTIS with other key locations in case we, uh, nevermind. ~ DD out The spoiler includes extra blacklight shots, close-ups of the underwater landscape, the Octan water processing plant, the working crane, and the water transportation vehicle. --------------------------------------- Man, this MANTIS stuff is a blast! I got to experiment with adding the dark green 1x1 bricks in the rockwork to give the rockwork some noticeable strata. The crane works quite well, and the rubber band is there to keep the water containers from slipping out easily. The water transportation vehicle turned out quite nicely with the suspension and being able to snap back to its normal position because of the rubber band and also to give the wheels a little bit of resistance when going over a bump.