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Found 11 results

  1. I have nothing physical but if I have the idea. I know it is no original but I like wheel loaders . I did my calculations and using new class wheels I can build a huge but simple wheel loader a komatsu wa1200, caterpillar 994 or a leturneau. They are gigants wheel loaders and the problem I had is that their wheels are so huge that in proportion the body it had to be so tight that I couldĀ“t put anything, with new wheels I think I can build a big and simple MOC with few parts, my goal is that it had a Lego set style. Here you can see these beautiful machines, they are perfects for me they have small cabins for a bad cabin builder . As you can see their wheels are even bigger than a new large pneumatic cylinder.
  2. For my entry in this minifig subcontest, here we find a heavy sniper of the Erotema Army. The minifig is taken from set 9489. Equipment: tactical vest, brickarms LCV recon backpack, brickarms BA16 rifle, brickarms M82A beret, standard Lego beret side gun, Glock 17 (unknown seller, bought in Ebay time ago) tactical belt, unknown seller in Ebay time ago knife, Lego Several views: FRONT by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr REAR by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ACTION by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Enjoy!
  3. I've always wanted to do a track loader because it's my favorite of the machinery and this is my attempt. Now it has 2 small motors and suspension, I'll start as generic and then I will see if I can make it looks like some other machine. Because of you Milan .
  4. Another wheel loader , a small beast, 2 motors on board and room enough... look out what narrower it is...
  5. Just an excavator fully operated from its 3 exhaust. It has 4 functions with hood to see the gears , rotation, first arm with 2 small L.A. and second arm with another small L.A. for the arm-bucket combined function. Maybe it would be nice to make instructions and a video. Forgive the photos I have neither my camera or my computer thank you.
  6. I had unfinished the MOC and this is the perfect excuse to finish and make it better. Let me know Jim if there is something wrong, there is an old topic about it but I never finished it.
  7. Like the 8043 but with 6 L.A.s. Tracks, rotation, gearbox are ok, I have to build a lighter bucket, carry trasmision to the second arm and think about a special linkage to achieve more travel for the first arm, a lot of work but very entertaining. Maybe I could build a normal undercarriage in the case someone want to build it.
  8. Here are some hydraulic tools for Fire & Rescue. First, the Jaws of Life, the hydraulic cutters. Not so much modification done on this one except for the tiny little piece of flex tube connecting the hose to the compressor. Next a large hydraulic ram. This time with a little bit more modding. The outer tube is obviously a 3.5L flex tube, The extension is a long grey antenna. Last we have a small hydraulic ram, perfect for a dash board lift Again a 2L flex tube and the top of the antenna Please let me know what you think
  9. jorgeopesi

    Landfill Compactor

    Not my style, too small for me , but not bad for an hour.
  10. jorgeopesi

    Komatsu D575

    Wellcome to my new machine, it is a Komatsu D575. Functional features - 8 bogies - 2 flexible track idlers - Suspended undercarriage - Tracks - 8 cylinders: 2 independent blade lift cylinders 2 blade angle cylinders 2 ripper lift cylinders 2 ripper angle cylinders - Blade - Adjustable ripper - Operable door - Extinguisher, you never knows... (not functional yet ). What's in it? It has 5 motors, 3 normal ones and 2 L-motors, 3 receptors, 1 rechargeable battery, 5 pneumatics valves, 2 pumps, a 2 speed gearbox, a small linear actuator and a lot of pieces more. How it works? First gear - Channel 1 - Left and right tracks. Channel 2 - 2 ripper lift cylinders and 2 ripper angle cylinders. Second gear - Channel 1 - 2 pumps and 2 blade angle cylinders. Channel 2 - Left blade lift cylinder and right blade lift cylinder (tilt function). Channel 4 gearbox shift. I hope you like, I'm still doing more pics and the video...
  11. therealjustin

    8265 Front Loader

    Another one of my "holy grail" sets came a few days ago. The first being the 8420 Street Bike and now the 8265 Front Loader. I bought it used and it came unassembled with 100% of the parts, instruction booklets and all the necessary power function accessories to motorize it. It was $160US including shipping and while that is still expensive I saved around $100 by buying used. The build process was really fun and the finished model is actually better than I had pictured it and it matches perfectly with the 8043 excavator. I was trying to figure out which real loader Lego modeled the 8265 after, and to me it resembles a mid to top of the range Caterpillar.