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Found 4 results

  1. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 10.2] A Promotional Meeting

    --==Please Judge this freebuild!==-- The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Previously: Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Beltar was contemplating the ringing, the heartless ringing. Heartless. As he walked into the officers room. Green. That was odd for an officer to have his own custom made green chair, Beltar thought, it just seemed odd. Recently he seemed to be noticing trivial things, like how the technician’s collar was slightly bent down and wrinkled. Then he noticed Sarge in a uniform and was relieved that this meeting couldn’t be that bad. Imperial Officer: Hello there, Mr. Beltar. We have much to discuss. Oh yes, be amazed that Sarge is dressed up in that new uniform, go on tell the lad. Sarge: Well Beltar, I was offered a job as a chief medical officer aboard one of the Empires Outer Rim research facilities. I’ve taken it. Beltar: Congratulations Sarge! I imagine it’ll be great.. Who’ll be in charge of us then? Oh, that’s what this is about, isn't it? Imperial Officer: Precisely my dear boy. That is where you come in. But please, hand that Data Disk to the officer first. Beltar: As you wish, Sir. Beltar once thought again about what was so important on this disk, of course he didn’t ask, but what was on that disk out in the middle of deep space is a question he’d soon ask again. Imperial Technician: Thank you, you’ve been a great help Mr. Beltar. The Technician then proceeded to put the disk into the droids socket and walk towards the door. Imperial Officer: Due to the recommendation of Sarge and whim of some other high ranking officer, I reviewed your files, and as TK-821….isn’t in the position to lead, you are. You will be the new “Sarge” As a captain though, within the medical Dark Ops Units. Beltar: I get Sarge’s old job? Wonderful! This’ll be fun. Imperial Officer: Not so fast, there will be much paperwork sent to your barracks, but you may also report to the armory when ready for a new set. Also, it is not the same job. Different Team, no Kirk, different missions: more... “Under the Radar” type. Dismissed. Beltar: Thank you sir. Beltar: It’s a goodbye then, isn’t it? Sarge: Yeah, but I got a feeling we’ll see each other around sometime. Beltar: Well then, perhaps we will. Sarge: Maybe, I’m heading to my ship at the moment, goodbye Mr. Beltar. Sorry about what happened to Borris. Beltar: Couldn’t have done anything about it. Goodbye Sarge. -End- Dark Trooper: Where they both transferred? He doesn’t like to wait. Imperial Officer: Of course they were, you can leave, and I don’t need you at this time. Just tell him I don’t see where he is going with this. Dark Trooper: Understood. Thank you for stopping by! I tried to continue the serious tone from my last freebuild. Not to much on the build, again, more of a setup to get my character’s story going even further and most of my parts are in storage or on my next MOC, very greebly and It used many of my parts, non SoNE related though.. Thanks for reading and as always, C and C Welcome! ~Beltar
  2. After receiving orders from Josh to board the Suprosa Zaael asks his crew to join him on the mission to retreive the supposedly valueable information. : La Feuvre, one of the best pilots in the Alliance, but flying isn't his only feat. He likes guns, big guns! : Fe'ya, a warrior in every way you can think of. Her legs got destroyed in a fierce battle she never talks about. Her new legs complement her skills perfecty. : S-CR4P, the droid Zaael build himself. Nobody knows why it's on just about every mission Zaael goes on, but nobody dares to ask. : Bill, the mechanic. Bill can fix anything, break anything and build anything. Bill is not his real name, but his real name is unpronouncable. : And last but not least, Zaael, the glue that holds the crew together. Vedauwoo drops our heroes off on the Suprosa and they advance to the room where they believe the main computer is. Bill prepared a nice entrance. : Zaael, don't drop that, it's quite dangerous... hehehe. : I've got a bad feeling about this. : Beep, bop bop! : Indeed Scraps! : And he says that after the bumpy ride here... : *sigh* hehehe. : Take cover!! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BOOOOOM!!! : For the Alliance!! Charge!! : I love these legs! : Me too... hehehe. : That was the last one, let's slice this thing! : The other Imp got away, we need to move fast! He's probably getting help. : Got it! : BEEEEEEEEEEP!!! : Move guys, I'll cover you!! Zaael and his crew got back to Vedauwoo in time to get off the Suprosa. What was the information? We'll find out soon enough...
  3. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep. X] Repel and Retreat

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat With Beltar’s recent involvement with break-away organizations of the Black Sun, Beltar decided to cut his vacation short. Now we find Beltar with his team boarding the Suprosa after being briefed by none other than Commander Lucas Kirana, and being deployed one of the Empire’s top pilots, Artizan. But Beltar and his medical team may have gotten here a little too late to repel the enemy forces…As they head towards their objectives, it seems the Rebels may have gotten to the computers first. --Around 15 Minutes Ago-- Rebel Transmission: “We are boarding the Suprosa, we should be landing on what appeared to be a major computer station that should have direct access to the main databanks" Imagine this picture has space and more Suprosa hull. The Imperial Officer below heard the hissing of something strange above him…when suddenly he saw the spikes of the rebels modified Dorch-Class boarding ship run through the ceiling of the computer station! He thought he may have been safe, but then he saw the rebels cut an opening right above him… Rebel Commander: Alright boys! Get ready to move! Duros Rebel: We are ready to move in commander. Weequay Rebel: I’m all set. Human Rebel: Sir we are all ready. Remember that you two need to secure the hallway to stop any Imperial advancement. The rebel commander acknowledged this with an nod, and had his team drop below to suprosa surprise the officer beneath them. Hahaha! Terrible joke! Rebel Commander: You! Download the information onto this drive! Imperial Technician: I…I have no idea what you mean! The Rebel officer pointed the gun closer... And held out the disk in one hand. Imperial Technician: On-On second thought…I think I may have something for you. --Presently--Imperials--Location: 2 Corridors from Boarding and Escape Hangars-- Now we join our heroes who have just reached their first checkpoint, before the teams split up, but here they find an injured Storm Trooper, TK-941, and Beltar rushed to his service, instantly administering pain reliever to the soldier. As he treated this soldier, he noticed Lord Tyrus, one of the Shadow Troopers that was following them vanished. Hopefully he was following his objective. TK-941: Thank…you…They-They surprised my unit…My unit is a group of cowards! They all ran but me… Beltar: Save your strength soldier, the ship at the hanger should have more medical equipment that could help you. Sarge signaled the rather out of place Storm Trooper, ZW-461, to get TK-941 to the back-up ship awaiting at the hangar. TK-941: You’ve got to be kidding me lad! An Alien in storm trooper armor? Your unit has set the bar real low for the Empire! Sarge: We all can’t have the best units you know…Those aliens really don’t make us look uniform… Sarge’s eyes followed the nervous Zabrack as he got closer and started helping the wounded soldier get on his feet. Beltar himself never really understood why the Imperials hated having Aliens in their ranks, and Life Day has recently passed, a very alien centered holiday, it seems to annoy many Imperials...Sarge then turned around to speak to Kodan’s Team of pilots who were fixing a leaking power converter before heading off to the bridge, in an attempt to regain complete control of the ships movements. Sarge: Alright, I assume this is where we split up, you take Corridor AA1134 Left, we will head Right, and hopefully we can finish our jobs and get off this lost ship and hopefully we will be able to repel these rebels without any setbacks. Kodan nodded, and signaled us to follow. We eventually broke loose at the Corridor, and embarked on our path through these almost maze-like halls on the Suprosa. Beltar: Those stories about this ship being huge...It’s true. All of it. You know I just had to make another joke with FA. Sarge: Yeah, I was actually stationed here for a day because I transferred right out after seeing these hallways…Worst day on the job. Ever. As they continued down the winding corridors, they had almost arrived at their objective, when they came across a Gonk and Mouse droid: Beltar: What are these guys doing here? Sarge: I…I don’t know, Borris, this is on you, you’re the only one here who can understand these guys. They shouldn't be here. Unless they got lost. Borris gave a short laugh, then he began listening to these droids tales. Borris: Well, EG-89 tells me we got some rebels up ahead. And the mouse droid says. Wait. Their preparing to fire? How do you k-- Without warning, a shot hit Borris on the back of his helmet, Sarge and Beltar instantly rushed to the sides of the hallway. Beltar could eye 2 of them, one was about to come out of the door, but turned back instead. As this happened, the GNK droid waddled away while the mouse droid stayed to watch the show. Beltar: We have no cover out here! Sarge: Rush them, I’ll cover and then I’ll deal with Borris. Got it? Beltar nodded, and Sarge yelled: "Now!" Beltar instantly sprang forward, getting the upperhand on the sitting rebels. After some quick shots, Beltar realized and said to himself: “How did we not see these guys moving down this hallway?” Then he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Sarge was already treating Borris. It seems Sarge really took this job and his unit very seriously. As long as they weren’t aliens it appears…And it looked like Beltar had to do a hopefully easy job, by himself…Beltar rushed into through the door, gun raised. Rebel Commander: Ha! We have the upperhand! The download just finished, move and I’ll shoot. Beltar gave a slight movement on the barrel of his blaster to signal the officer to get down. And as fast as a the Rebel Alliance falling into a trap, Beltar shot both of the two rebels, they lay on the ground dead. Beltar then realized, “these may be the first Rebels I’ve actually killed….Strange…It’s an odd feeling…” He then walked over to the officer and helped him up. Beltar: Is there any way to wipe this computer? And possibly the other databanks? Imperial Technician: Yes and no. We cannot wipe other databanks on this ship, but we can set up the manual override, just pull down that handle on the wall…And thank you. Beltar handed the Officer his gun while he pulled down the lever. The light on the computer went from green to red. It worked! But then Beltar saw that the Rebels did download something important onto the disk, as its display screen showed it was full, and it was attempting to decrypt the files. Beltar picked it up and just wondered, what was so important that we had to keep these Rebel’s from getting? Instead of breaking it apart…he just held it...He didn’t know why, but he just did. Beltar: Alright, we should get moving back to the escape ship. Hopefully it hasn’t left yet. Imperial Technician: Understood. Hope you took care of that disk. Too much valuable information to be fall into the Rebel’s hands. Beltar showed it to the officer in his hand, and the officer just smiled. To Beltar, this seemed rather odd. As they walked out, Beltar realized that Borris’s condition was serious. Beltar took off his med pack, unfolded it, and attacked it to the other pack. Sarge and Beltar then moved Borris’s body onto it and picked it up without saying a word. Sarge: Well. His condition is very serious, I’ll need better equipment. You, tech-officer. Imperial Technician: Yes? Sarge: Watch our backs, will you? And mouse droid…Hit me if rebels are coming in that way.Huh? Why I trust you? I don’t know…Well this is one fine setback, but at least we accomplished our goal. Repelling these guys. Beltar: Yeah, but this is also a retreat at the same time. They back-tracked their way to through the long and winding hallways to the back-up transport’s hangar, only to find it missing with a soldier laying against the wall unconscious and ZW no where to be seen. Beltar: Wonderful. Maybe we can hitch a ride home with Artizan when all troops are recalled. Unless Kodan and his team succeeds. -End- More Pictures in the spoiler: There are some more closeups of certain shots on my flickr, thanks for reading/looking at these lots of pictures! This build underwent many changes…I was going to greeble the walls behind all of the build to make it more presentable as a whole, but I ran out of parts… Of course. The Rebel ship is based on the droid boarding ship from TCW, if anyone wants some detail pics, just ask. .I also couldn’t resist sneaking in a Force Awakens line in….hehehe…Only 3 weeks away, wow! Note: Any builders mentioned should be a way to tie them in, if it changed when they post their build, I'll edit this post. As always, C and C Welcome! ~Beltar Edit 1: Fixed Story Link after Builder Posted
  4. As usually I was given the hardest job. I was floating above Suprosa with a bomb in my hand. I had to put it on, go away and when it explodes enter the ship with others. But the explosion will probably bring consequenses ... It was meant as a 1st freebuild for this episode, but since this is the last day I'm posting it as a build and I'll post other stuff in next few weeks. Thanks for watching!