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Found 10 results

  1. Villa Del Balbianello is a lakeside villa in Italy built in 1785 expanding on an existing structure from the 13th century. With later additions added throughout the years such as relics added from an explorer. It was also featured in films such as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and James Bond: Casino Royale (2006). Also a set on LEGO Ideas:
  2. Pirean_Grammaticul


    things changed: -lowered cockpit down roughly 1 brick, changed build around cockpit region to slope into wings, taper into body, round out the rear to more accurately reflect the shape of the model in canon -filled in gaps with 1 tile width across whole body; requires some gaps in wing construction -replaced guns for accuracy; subject to further change to reduce conspicuousness -cut up stickers to apply across model -cut cockpit -nexo tile at front to hammer in the point :) working on instructions if anyone's interested. if ur curious on scale it works like this
  3. *Your entry has earned 7 XP (S:3, T:2, A:2) Layout of Ryek's Riot Racer Racer: Ryek
  4. This is my version of khatmorg's incredible delta-7 model (which you should view here and here http://www.eurobrick...2931&hl=delta-7) . I originally built their model as per the original build over a year ago but a few months ago I started fiddling with it and have now arrived at a point where I'm satisfied with it. It was difficult to find other ways to achieve some angles (the source is so good already!) especially in the back and as a result that area is quite fragile and use some illegal connections. Most of the changes are concerned with the bottom, spine and rear sections. I haven't been able to find a way to find a way to hide some little landing gears in the back of the wedge where it fattens out a bit yet so the ones you can see in the other photos are just attached externally. Also it is about 8 to 10 studs too long as a result of the angle of the 1x3 wedge plate, according to the rough scale I used. That isn't ideal for me as I like to scale it right to a degree, but the additional detail you can add on a bigger model is good as well. I also wanted to try an alternative solution to miniaturise the dual laser cannons, and add the other half on the bottom but haven't solved that issue either. I might pick this up again later and play with it some more but for now I'm content to reveal it. I hope all of you enjoy. Thanks to khatmorg for being so great about sharing their creation. The stand is based on sydag's method which you can see here ( It's simple and ingenious. You can view the rest of photos in the album (
  5. Legomanarthur

    [MOC/MOD] Jango Fett's Slave 1

    Hey everyone, I've been working on this for quite a while and I need to make a few things clear concerning this MOC. The model is basically a remake of LoRd AmUnRa's Slave 1 which I think looked very close to the "real" model. I built a replica on LDD then decided to change a few things up to make it look more up-to-date, which resulted in a mix between the old style and the new one, so let's say it's a MOD of a MOC. Anyway here it is: So here it is, I hope you enjoyed it, I spent a lot of hours on LDD recreating it and modifying it over the years, I could provide the LDD file but it does not contain my latest tweaks and modifications and I don't have the time to look into it currently.
  6. My Geonosis Arena model renders. It includes the three arena beasts (Acklay, Reek & Nexu), some geonosians, a droideka an orray along with a section of the arena. Project Links Lego Ideas Link: (Some more Images & Support page) (Please support it if you like it lets get this to 10 K, If it's not accepted it could make LEGO consider making it a set for the official line) LDD File: (Uses non-existent colour bricks) Hope you enjoy it! Was interested in this scene since 2002.
  7. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Geonosian Arena MOC

    This is my rendition of the Geonosian Arena from STAR WARS Attack Of The Clones. This has always been one of LEGO's most glaring omissions from the Star Wars line, hence why I decided to test out this MOC. OK, it's not excessively massive or complicated, but I just think it makes a neat little playset. Comment your opinions. Also don't forget to check out my LEGO IDEAS page for more information on this, and please support! :) from there you can read all about the design plan, the history, and also see any other photos of the MOC.
  8. Welcome to my: "Star Wars: Geonosis Arena Execution" Creation! This is a Geonosis Arena LDD Moc which I have rendered and submitted to the LEGO Ideas site. If it reaches 10,000 supporters it will be reviewed by LEGO and can become a official Set! If you have Facebook you can use it to have signup quickly and support the project. Otherwise you can register manually. You can support and take a look at the project here: If you wan't to further help the project you could share it on other appropriate sites and spread the word. I've been working on making the Geonosis Arena for years probably from 2002/2003 to the present day and I think I've nearlly hit my limit on the development of my designs for both the creatures and the structure of the arena, (more of the arena was in my previous projects) . This time around I've made custom designs for a new version of Padme, Obi-Wan and Anankin as seen in the Republic Gunship,(75021) set which adds a lot more to a potential Geonosis Arena set. I've also continued to update the four pillars making them more robust and movie accurate. Did I mention, they can fall over just like in the film when the Acklay charges against one smashing it and when one is hit from a Geonosian sonic cannon. Don't forget if your watching please leave a support. This would mean the world to me if it got to the LEGO Review and I think it has a good chance to be made since it was never officially released as a set before and it's not something massively huge so there is a good chance LEGO could consider it. May the force be with you. -Thunderous Blade
  9. duboismerci

    [Review] 75085 Hailfire Droid

    Hello everyone! I was browsing the forum for some reviews of the sets I bought during the May the Fourth sale and I noticed many were missing. So I thought I would make a review to fill that gap and contribute to the LSW community. So here is my first review : 75085 Hailfire Droid Name: Hailfire Droid Theme: Star Wars / Episode II Year: 2015 Pieces: 163 Minifigures: 3 Price: USA 19.99$ (Target exclusive), ENG 19.99£, CAN 24.99$, EUR 26.99€ Ressources: Brickset Lego store description The box The front of the box with the new 2015 art: A stormtrooper helmet tagged with a rebel alliance crest. On the back, we can see the play features and images of the lone clone trooper fighting. Inside the box there is 3 numbered bags, the 2 loose printed wheels and the instruction booklet. There is only one instruction booklet with the same image as the box on the cover The back Spare parts The build The build after bag one. The middle piece of the model. The build after bag 2. The inside part of the wheel holders The build after bag 3. The outside part of the wheel holders. The model is now complete. The completed model (back view) The completed model (side view 1) The completed model (side view 2) The completed model (top view) The wheels in straight mode. The model is not stable and will roll back and forth if you surface is not 100% flat. The wheels can be folded down 90 degrees but more than this and the wheels don't touch the ground and the model doesn't roll anymore. The minifigures Now on to the minifigures. We get 3 of them. One clone trooper Lieutenant and 2 Super Battle Droid. The Super Battle Droid. The same as the one release with other episode 2 sets. The 'incomplete' back The clone Lieutenant compared to the polybag version we got in october 2013 Note: The sets comes with only one clone trooper. The one on the left is from the polybag. The one on the right is from this set. As you can see they are both exactly te same except the newer version as leg printing. ( I just noticed the printing on my new lieutenant's helmet is a bit off. Maybe I should call and request a new helmet.) The back is exactly the same Rating --------- These two point are not included in final score.I will still rate them as they are important for some people. Let me explain: Price: Too much dependent on where you live and your Lego budget. Also, Lego is kid oriented even with the big AFOL community. Most Lego sets are gift to childrens so the price will not affect the overall feeling of a kid toward is play set since they don't pay for it and generally they won't know the price. Parts: only affect the overall score for MOCCERS who need pieces for their mocs. This should not affect the rating of people who display their model and/or play with it and don't dismantles them for parts. Price: 5/10 – 163 pieces for 20$ is under the 10 cents per piece ratio. Still if you are interested in the clone Lieutenant, 20$ is the price you would have payed on the aftermarket for one. I feel another clone trooper should have been included at this price. Parts: 6/10 – The printed wheels are exclusive to this set. They are the highlights in term of parts, depending if you like them or not. We also gets some pieces in 2 different shades of brown. But most pieces are small grey and black bricks that don't seem that interesting. We also get a lot of technic pieces. --------- Build 6/10 – Except for the middle section, its a pretty repetitive build. It should take around 15-20 minutes to build this set. It's an easy build. Design 6/10 – I think this all comes down to if you like the printed wheels or not. It does look somewhat like the source material but it should have bigger wheels and more rocket launchers. Also you cannot leave the spring loaded missiles in the launchers because they will damage the spring if you leave them in too long. It won't damage the spring but I don't leave my spring launcher loaded because I don't like having "loaded" shooters on display. Thus it diminishes the value of this set as a display piece. Minifigures: 5/10 – The Clone Lieutenant is a great minifigure and the highlight of this sets. This is a good way of getting the Lieutenant for those who missed the polybag and don't want to pay the ridiculous aftermarket prices. The two droids are a bad selection for this set. We should have gotten 2 brown battle droids instead of 2 SBD. In the worst case t least 1 brown battle droid and 1 SBD. Also a fourth minifig should have been included. Playability: 6/10 – You get 4 spring loaded missiles shooters and wheels to roll around. So this is pretty swooshable. But by itself there is not much to do because you get 2 SBD and only 1 clone trooper. This set is clearly meant to complement other Geonosis sets from the 2013 wave. OVERALL 5.75/10 – Definitively not one of the best set of the winter wave. I would not recommend this set alone but it's decent complement to your Geonosis collection. Also even if the minifigure selection is not the best, this set is worth getting for those who missed the clone Lieutenant polybag. I am pretty sure we won't get a third chance to get a blue phase one clone trooper. Here is a little bonus for those who got through the review Thoughts and critiques welcomes! I tried my best for the lighting while I took the pictures. I tried pretty much all the lamps in my house and this is the best result I got. Are they too dark? Also if there is any grammar mistake burning your eyes, please PM me and I will edit. Thanks for reading! PS: Could a moderator please PM me. I would like to add polls.
  10. Hello! Here is my updated arena beasts for Lego ideas. I got the basic shapes and characters made pretty quickly but I spent a lot of time re-modeling them to try to get the perfect lego feel while still including the right amount of details and funtions. Here is the Reek: Here is the Acklay: And finally here is the Nexu: Questions Why did you decide to produce a Lego Ideas set Geonosis Arena? It has never been done before other than in the form of a prototype model (atleast one) and so I strongly think it should be made as a Star Wars set as it would be new and unique. It would be another nice addition away from the many reworked sets. The Arena beasts have never been released before aswell so it is not only the Arena that would be new but many of its characters. Prototype Set for those who have not seen it: Which is your favourite Arena Beast? My favourite is the Acklay beacause of how it looks like a mix between a Praying Mantis,(along with a triceratops for the head and a criceket for the tail/spike section) and a dragon which I both like. It used to be the Reek when I went to see the film. The Reek was the first Aotc figure which I managed to get after having missed a chance to get a protoype micro machines/michro machine sort of set with all three of them together. If this gets made into a Lego set what Lego Star Wars Creatures would you like to see next? From the films I would like to see the three Nabbo underwater creatures, (Colo Claw Fish, Opee Sea Killer and a smaller scale Sando Aqua Monster), a Bantha and also the mouth of a space slug with a smaller scale Millenium Falcon. Outside of the films I would like to see a Felucian Rancor/Bull Rancor, a Katarn and a Krayt Dragon. Lastly thank you for taking the time to look at this post/project I really appreciate it! Looking forward to your replies!