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Found 12 results

  1. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Hi everyone, just a few days before 2017 arrives and I managed to get this building done! As the economy of V City (my LEGO world) is going strong, the old Grand Emporium needs an upgrade too. Unlike many people who would buy more of the set and stack the stories up, I took a different approach from an architect's point of view. I got the inspiration from the book shelf of mine, and thought what if I added more books to the shelf? I would push the books aside and insert the new ones. And I got the idea for the new annex of the department store. The new building is just like new blocks inserted into the old one, and the expansion is not merely an increase of volume or floor area, but also a re-establishment of the icon. The new shop becomes a new landmark in the city (again). The design is clearly an insertion, but not invasion of the old. The new wing has a larger entrance, while the old revolving door is still kept. Let's start with the G/F. This floor is the supermarket, with one side having a double-volume space. You can also see that I kept some iconic features from the old emporium, namely the gift deco and escalators. All these link to the old memories... There is also a little information counter, if you are lost or if you have lost something. Going up to 1/F is the kitchenware section, and you can find the fashion section next to it. Wait, is that...Scarlet Witch? Further up is the 2/F kid section, with a fully stocked LEGO shelf! You can also find other toys here. The other side of the kid section is a book section. Mums can play with their kids too there. Snack corner is near the escalator, while you can find the restroom too. The roof originally was not used for anything (or a rest area for the window cleaners?), but after the renovation, you can enjoy a drink at the sky bar. Sometimes you can find the Avengers too. The model is also "slice-able", as you can open it up to reveal all the different sections inside. So the new Grand Mall is in business, and you can start getting some new things for the new year. Enjoy!
  2. The Emporium consortium has further solified its hold as the dominant commercial force in Port Raleigh, this time by building the official headquarters of the trade house. Port Raleigh has very few tall buildings, the only other one being the Government House, and with its white facade, it became known as the Ivory Tower. Click here for interior view
  3. Formerly a small pirate sloop known as the Clear Conscience [Class 1A], she was captured by Eslandola and later auctioned off as small ships were deemed useless to a large trading empire. However, one man's trash is another man's treasure. The Emporium Consortium bought the ship at a modest price and refurbished it. Now sporting the colours of Corrington and renamed the Sea Sparrow, she serves as a light-armed reconnaissance vessel. At Miranda's orders, Ivoire and Hildegarde set sail from Port Raleigh toward the newly discovered island of Serentia to locate the whereabouts of Lenny.
  4. Irasshaimase! Welcome to Koyuki's Al Fresco Seafood Bar@Port Raleigh. We are serving up the best seafood on this side of the New World. Order with confidence as all our catches come fresh daily from the Terraversa Sea. Salmon, tuna, scallop, shrimp, squid, whatever today's bounty is!
  5. Sheikh Khalid is a very wealthy gemstone merchant from the Western Regions. Being so very rich, he opts to travel in style in his personal palanquin, powered by four manservants, whenever in the city. And being so very very rich, the vehicle is adorned with gold trimmings and an interior covered in the finest, most expensive fabrics. Of course, being so very very very rich, one cannot possibly walk around without adequate protection. (50-man entourage omitted for sensibility reasons) He is guarded at all times, by his captain of the guard, Saddam, a master of the spear, as well as his four menservants who are actually well-trained bodyguards. Side shot More of the story in Scene 12
  6. The Velvet Room; the Emporium's base of operations on Port Raleigh, which oversees their commercial interests in the region. With rich purple velvet carpet and fine furniture (by colony standards), Miranda's exquisite office is fit for royalty. Here, the Emporium consortium devises grand strategy to extend their influence throughout the New World. You may designate this area as your respawn point by speaking to The Traveller and selecting the "set as homebase" option. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the meeting the Traveller is alone in an empty room. Unfurnished
  7. What do you do when you are illiterate but still need to write home to your wife and kids half a world away? You go to Mr. Townsend, of course! Simply visit during operating hours and dictate your contents. It shall be written word for word, verbatim. The best part is it's free for all Corrington servicemen and sailors, and that includes includes postage back home! Proudly sponsored by the Emporium. *For all other customers, the standard rate is 1/16 db per single page letter. Parchment and postage included in the fee. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoots, mon! I cannae read an I cannae write, but thanks tae Mr. Townsend, I can send a letter to me wife baek home. At the end of the day, Mr. Townsend folds up his table and closes the shop.
  8. The Flask and Flagon is now open for business! Have a craving for some good old mainland fare like steak and kidney pie? 'Neeps and tatties? Your granny's raspberry pudding? We bring you the best of Corlandish cuisine from all the way across the Terraversa sea! For the connoisseur of fine drinks, we carry the very best of Oleonais wine, classic Corlandish ale, Tammish whiskey, Garvian stout and a variety of other spirits. We support our uniformed servicemen. All men and women in her Majesty's service shall be entitled to one complimentary beverage per visit. Corrington's finest taking a breather from their duties in defending the empire's frontier.
  9. Introducing the Valkyrie of Corrington, a class 2F cutter heavily modified for speed. Owned by the Emporium Holdings Consortium, she has currently sailed from it's home port of Bellson to Port Raleigh, escorting Miranda Merryweather to Port Raleigh in a bid to expand Corrington's influence on the new island. 3/4 view from the top Full shot from port side So I herd you like mudkipz curves in your women! A hearty crew! Lightly armed but gains +5 bonus to melee in boarding and counterboarding due to the brute that is Hildegard. (This is not an actual game mechanic)
  10. I am Lieutenant B.B. Bridgewater, OC of infantry platoon 107. We were one of nine platoons that were transferred to Port Relaigh to bolster the defences in our newly founded settlement, assigned to the command of his excellency, the Governor of Port Raleigh, Lord Erie Flynn. One of our first and foremost urgent tasks was to establish fortifications to defend the settlement, as we have had several casualties in previous weeks, from skirmishes with the natives. We had to work with what limited resources we had, arriving with almost nothing, next to our equipment and some arms. But fortunately for us, a friend from a merchant house "the Emporium", had recently started a logging enterprise in the outskirts of the settlement. They have practically sponsored, in whole, vital material for construction together with their skilled carpenters. Thanks to that, we were able to erect our first fort in a matter of weeks. Fort Redoubtable is manned by a half-platoon at any one time, while the other half is at rest at the barracks. We have lookouts all-round and is able to defend against a land attack from any direction. The strongest fortified direction is the one facing the sea, where we have mounted two cannons to combat any threat from sea, as well as reinforced bulwarks on the ground to provide our men additional cover from a landing assault. Of course, defence is not just about sitting in a fort. We have 24-hour patrols, in rotating squads of 4 men, walking around the perimeter of the settlement. There have been a few incursions by aggressive natives of late, so we can never be too vigilant in times like these.
  11. Of course, how could any self respecting emporium be without it's own delivery service? I threw together some loose parts for the wagon in Scene 3 It sorta ended up minifig scale as I wanted to stack lots and lots of barrels in it, so I couldn't really fit it into the scene (It's bigger than the ship :p) The side railings are just loosely propped up by claw clips as I wanted to show the strain of the barrels making it "burst" at the seams. And we can't have a 10 yr-old whipping a horse, so there's that apple as an incentive :)
  12. LAKAbricks

    MOC: Department Store

    After almost two years here on Eurobricks, it must be time I present a MOC of mine. For a long time I have had my eyes on the Grand Emporium. But times are not to buy it. But I would like my (future) city to have a department store, so when I got the chance to place a PAB order, I finished my ideas for the building, and came up with this. I am quite happy with the result. It is not a modular building, as I do not have got any for the time being. So all my buildings are in the classic town style. It will be an integral part of the city centre. Exterior The front of the department store. Even though we have passed the seasons, I have decorated the building for Christmas. Interior The interior of the department store. It is a temporary interior, I have not made the final version. I will browse the forum for inspiration (Lightningtiger, I might "borrow" from you ). But the departments are placed where I would like them to be. From the ground floor and up, you find: Jewelery, perfumes and clothes; home and glassware; and on the top floor toys and a cafe. Thanks for watching. C&C are welcome