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Found 1 result

  1. Commander Beltar

    [SWEU] - Cat. A - The Truce At Bakura

    I'm glad that MKJoshA added this to the book list. I chose what I thought was the most iconic scene from the book and incorporated as many details as I could from the pages such as the glass floor, the foliage on the walls, the two guards outside, the yellow jar of fruits, the Ice Mountain in the center of the table, and even the clothes that the people are wearing. *Spoiler Alert* If you haven't read the book, just look at the pictures from here, and the last couple lines that are not in italics. If you want a small synopsis the events leading up to this build, read below: The Truce at Bakura By: Kathy Tyers No sooner has Darth Vader's funeral pyre burned to ashes on Endor than the Alliance intercepts a call for help from a far-flung Imperial outpost. Bakura is on the edge of known space and the first to meet the Ssi-ruuk, cold-blooded reptilian invaders who, once allied with the now dead Emperor, are approaching Imperial space with only one goal: total domination. Princess Leia sees the mission as an opportunity to achieve a diplomatic victory for the Alliance. But it assumes even greater importance when a vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi appears to Luke Skywalker with the message that he must go to Bakura—or risk losing everything the Rebels have fought so desperately to achieve. Even as the Alliance arrives, the aliens have almost overcome the Bakura Imperial garrison, whose desperate commander will accept help from any quarter—even Rebel—against an insidious foe that enslaves Human minds to pilot their invincible machines of war and destruction. While marshalling the tattered Imperial forces, Luke, Han Solo, and Princess Leia must win the trust and cooperation of the Bakurans. For although Imperial Governor Nereus has granted the Rebels temporary amnesty there is the possibility of treachery among those whose first allegiance lies with the Empire. On the eve of the final explosive onslaught, Rebel and Imperial forces must finally come to terms with each other…or lose the entire galaxy to the hideous servitude promised by a victorious alien enemy. Capturing the sweep and excitement of the original Star Wars saga, The Truce at Bakura plants a seed of hope for peace, sees the formation of a timeless love, and stands witness to a Jedi's undying sacrifice to defend Humanity against an alien nemesis. My Version: Main Picture "They caught up with Leia at the entrance to a dining hall surrounded by interior trees with dangling, drifting branches. More vine-covered white stone walls enclosed the trees, and at their center he spotted a table that was roughly triangular, with its corners blunted for extra seating. Then he looked down. Blue-green water rippled beneath the room's transparent flooring. Underwater lights cast a small moving shadows of fish and an occasional long, snakelike creature. Finally, amid the table stood a miniature mountain range delicately carved from some translucent mineral and lit from inside like one of the rain pillars. Tiny blue rivers trickled down its sides." ... "Trees along the vine-covered walls raised their branches like arms." ... "Human servants scurried away from the table-he had yet to see a droid anywhere-probably having to rearrange seating to accommodate Chewbacca. Captison escorted Leia to a spot next to himself along one side, Madam Captison took the other chair on that end. An elderly man, wearing a voice box on his chest-Senator Belden, Luke realized-already sat next to her on that corner. "Just beyond him, dear," she told Chewbacca. Luke grinned despite his distraction. Dear wasn't a term he'd have applied to a Wookie." The Dining Room "Flanked by a pair of troopers in black uniform, Governor Nereus strode to the third corner of the table and sat down." ... "The liquid clung to the glass like syrup. "Go ahead." She raised an eyebrow. "It's not toxic Our finest local product. You're insulting Bakura if you refuse." She poured herself an equal portion and drank it down. He sipped. Liquid turned to fire and burned his mouth and throat. Then he caught its flavor, like intoxicating jungle flowers mingled with the sweetest fruit he'd ever tasted. Her eyes sparkled. Obviously, she hadn't missed a nuance of his reaction. "What is it?" he whispered. He cooled his mouth with a sip of water. "Namana nectar. One of our chief exports." "I can understand why." "More?" She reached for the carafe again. "Thanks." He grinned. "But no. That's a little strong for my taste." Gaeriel laughed and filled his goblet anyways. "There's likely to be a toast soon." .... She passed him a transparent dish of yellow-orange candies. "Maybe you'd prefer tasting namana fruit this way." "Habit forming?"..."All the best fruits in the galaxy are habit forming. Be careful."....He decided to leave the candies alone-... The Truce being agreed upon. "That [a message from an officer] was a personal communique from Admiral Prittick of the Fleet. You might as well hear it." His strident voice took on a knife edge. "His message confirms the Rebels' claims. The second Death Star has been destroyed, and Emperor Palpatine is presumed is Lord Vader. The Fleet is regrouping near Annaj." ... ..Governor Nereus shook his head. "Princess Leia," he said, standing up at his place, "if your troops are willing to cooperate with mine, under truce, we need your help." Leia's shoulders straightened. "An official truce, Your Excellency?" "As official as I can make it" That sounded evasive to Luke, but evidently it satisfied Leia. She stood and extended her hand. The massive bracelet shimmered on her wrist; it seemed to add the weight of many star systems to her handclasp. This was a long strectch for both sides, literally and figurativleyy. For the first time-ever-Rebels and Imperials would fight a common enemy together. Nereus engulfed her small hand in his gloved, meaty one. Then he lifted his goblet. "To strange alliances." Everyone follows...etc...needs cooperation....ect... The Dining Room 2 Side View The Imperial Officer who delivered the bad news. Left to Right: Imperial Officer, Guard 1, Guard 2, Beltar Server Left to Right: Senator Belden, Gaeriel Captison, Tiree Captison, Uncle Yeorg Captison, Wilek Nereus, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca More Pictures inside the spoiler! (Because I take too many… ) Hope you liked it! It was fun to build. Even with the new camera, some of the pictures turned out a bit fuzzy, I think it was my lighting… If you've read the book, how accurate do you think it is? Anyways, C and C is always welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Added/fixed a sentence Edit 2: Added my 'evidence' + What one would read at the beginning of a Star Wars movie + summaries More official summaries: Official Version 2: Official Version 3: