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Found 6 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - E11] Extraction 2.1

    Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11 Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship, Vehicle, Land Vehicle [Hannibal] - These legs are just nonsense, Lu. I feel like I'm scuttling around like a... um... the phrase escapes me, but you get what I mean. [Lu] - Yeah, I think they were meant for space mechs. CLAPPIE is still learning about RL... stuff. [Hannibal] - Everything okay, Lu? Your breathing rate and body language indicate that something is wrong. [Lu] - How much do you remember, John, I mean outside of the different skills you've been picking up? [Hannibal] - My first extraction had some general memories, like my name, who I worked for, what my job was, but nothing concrete to back it up. Most of what we've pulled through Kawashita's network has been skills based so that I can hunt down the rest of me, but there's not much behind them. I could tell you what color the lighthouse was off the Heinlein crater of Camp Promethei, but I only know second-hand that I had a family. Hell, I didn't know we were friends until CLAPPIE told me. [Lu] - Do you remember killing anybody? I mean, along with your combat training? [Hannibal] - Yeah. That's part of it. That and I've killed a dozen Zoids and some cyborgs since my extraction. I'm told my flight training killed a whole MANTIS death squad off Ertauq in cold blood, but I haven't synced up with those memories yet. [Lu] - Does it bother you, the killing? [Hannibal] - My combat training extraction came with some rules about when killing is appropriate, but I'm still not sure about the logic. Have I offended your sensibilities on the subject? [Lu] - No, no... I was just curious... Landscape used last week. - - - Outside a mining supervisor's quarters in the Fascini Cluster. Dora had secured the facility by stealing the supervisor's ship and cutting his suits oxygen supply when he tried to use his asteroid jumper. The latest upload contained locations of trapped memories within MANTIS and Kawashita networks, intel on most previously held Octan systems, and John's personal profiles of the Octan employees he would need to extract his files. [Hannibal] - Upload complete, Dora. I think I know a friend that can get me some decent legs now. We'll pick up my flight training on the way. [Dora] - That sounds wonderful, John. It'll be so nice to see more of your friends again. [Hannibal] - There was a system missing from the file, Jurin II. Know anything about it? [Dora] - It must have been a significant file if it was split from the main; but no, I don't have anything on it and many of the Octan employees that were stationed on Jurin II died in the Mantis invasion. Maybe Mabel will know something. It looks like she's on Donwarr...
  2. goatman461

    [O - E11] Extraction 1.5

    Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11 Tags: Spaceship (interior) Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 Extraction 1.3 Extraction 1.4 Aboard a Kawashita warship passing through the Fascini Cluster. [Extract 1 (ponytail Lobot)] "Let's get 1.7 and 1.8 uploaded into these bots. Extract 2, what're those three?" [Extract 2 (surveyor drone: Hannibal's combat training)] "Mostly human, not enough cybernetics for a full upload. I'm taking them to the escape pods." [Extract 1] "Escape pods? 2, if we can get anything out through them we've got to take it. These S.O..." [Extract 2] "Extract 1, these men surrendered! Under the rules of engagement we cannot summarily execute them as you are basically proposing. Since we cannot detain them and get out of the Cluster safely, the honorable thing..." [Extract 1] "Put them in the pods if you like, but let's not pretend the Kawashita recognize honor! And find me more droids! We've got precious little time to upload as many of our memories as possible and get them to CLAPPIE."
  3. Orange Leader

    [K - E11] A contradictory message

    Location: E11 - Fascini Cluster Tags: Spying Log #005 - 30 Novembrinali 3815 After attending our new CEO's board meeting, I went to communications on asteroid PK534 to gather new information that might help me out planning my next planet to target. Down in the server chamber of communications, I asked around about the utmost interesting and strange messages that have been intercepted for the past three months. What I got was a very precarious message that came from F08 Raduon. One of our communication beacons have been hijacked by a transceiver sponsored by Octan Corp. But wait a minute. Since when do we have access to F08? This is very unusual to my understanding and could be a propaganda like diversion, which I will report. Looking for other subjects then Octan Corp. eavesdropping on us, I gathered some intelligence from a planet I will certainly have interest in… Complete view:
  4. Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster - "A tight swirling cluster of Awesomnium rich asteroids." Tags: vehicle, engineering Open Channel to Octan: For some reason Octan has seen a decline in personal, not sure why, must be vacation time or something, anyways my wife and I were pulled from our work on H-06 to set up a communication link to Engineering HQ to set up an outpost for future mining of Awesomnium. I was able to bring a student from the engineering division to let him get his hand dirty to, understand what it is there work comes out to be in the real world. I was given a new buddy for the trip as well, handles nice, quick and simple, just the way I like it. Over and Out Mr. & Mrs. Smith I Hope you enjoy, thank you for looking C & C Welcome
  5. Commander Beltar

    [K - E11] You Have One New Message

    Location: E11, Fascini Cluster Tags: Military, Spaceship (station), Civil, Spying (I don’t know if this one counts in this build..) ============================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 007: “Back aboard my larger ship again…I gotta bad feeling about today cause of my incident. That drone... PauL: Sir, are you recapping the story for me? Can YOU please continue FIXING me instead? I am! P: No you’re not! I AM, JUST TAKIN A BREAK IS ALL. P: sir yes sir… Computer: You have one new mail. What is it? Computer: The mailman is coming to drop off two mail. Did I REALLY NEED A MAIL ABOUT GETTING MAIL! Computer: Idontknow. He’s docking now. Alright, I’ll meet him over there. Kraig the Mailman: mwhahahahahahahahahahhhahahaheehehehe So it’s Kraig…again. Screw this. Come out come out wherever you are! You little munchkin. How’d he even get on the ship without opening the hatch? I got a sword over here, Better come out now! Kraig: BOOOOO! *sigh* you are the weirdest little mailman ever. Kraig: Thank you very mucho! I have a letter from the labboys, and a letter from…earth! Can you believe it! Earth! Where you came from! From another Beltar! And its paper! PAPER! Another…Beltar? *Beltar opens the letter and reads who it’s from* From a Lauren A. Beltar….My parents are dead….I don’t think I have any other relatives…from my file that I read after my incident. Possibly amnesia…but still… WHO IS SHE! Kraig: Idk man idk, she wasn’t on your file that I read, but I only have mailman clearance. Read it, HQ redacted lots of words… Dear REDACTED Beltar, You’ve been away from Earth for a while now. REDACTED is wondering when you are coming home, your parents are worried sick! I am to, REDACTED. You must realize that all of your friends are also wondering where you’ve gone, they don’t believe that you’ve gone to another galaxy with Kawashita. Look, REDACTED, our REDACTED is all grown REDACTED now. You’ve missed too much. Too Much... Too much… After we heard about your accident, we couldn’t get any mail to you, they wouldn’t take it. Then after you were out of Project Paradise, we were allowed to send mail. But you never responded. So please, REDACTED, send mail home, for your family to know you’re at least okay. With REDACTED, from your family and friends, REDACTED A. Beltar. WHO IS THIS? KRAIG WHO! WHO I ASK YOU! WHO! IF KAWASHITA HID MY RECORDS I SWEA- Kraig: Take it easy gargantuan! Idk who it is! They redacted words and they’re not on mailman clearance, which is high, I imagine the labboys, board members, the CEO and branch executives have access! Hmmm…I don’t seem to trust a little mailman like you. Even though you deliver mail all the time to me…And the letter said they sent more… Kraig: I never received any from HQ to sort for you then! It would be a shame…if you never made it back to HQ…. Kraig: Idk man, idk, I’ll be going back to HQ now… CYA! *poof* How’d he do that? PauL: I don’t know, and don’t threaten a mailman. Seriously sir, don’t. *Beltar sits down and plugs in the labboys chip to listen to while reading the letter again.* Agent Beltar. We have gone easy on you for a while now. And in turn, you give us this. A murder of two Octan employees over your robot. We’ve tried what we can to calm the other corporations down, but they refuse to. They’ve requested a court martial to take place in December this year. You need to get a lawyer from somewhere, but that might be hard at this rate...With your condition and all…We’ve tried to fix you during Project Paradise, I don’t think it worked well enough. We are sorry we got you into this. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. But I imagine you will be found guilty. Sorry. And since the GATE bi-laws of 2 murders have never been written before, if your found guilty, instead of self-defense, you will probably have to jump into the black hole. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Goodbye for now, but until then, carry out your missions. ~Your Labboys. Wonderful. A letter from a nonexistent family, and a court martial. You’re going to get your quantum data back in December….If I have to jump…GREAT WHAT KIND OF LEGAL SYSTEM IS THIS! SERIOUSLY! AND THEY EXPECT ME TO CONTINUE MY MISSIONS! WONDERFUL! *more yelling and complaining* Alright PauL, I’ll continue fixing you now. I think I’ll try to send a letter back to whoever she is…And one of my old friends that I do remember, Steve Charkin, that wealthy little lawyer…He’d help me no matter the charges. PauL: And just how do you plan to find out who Lauren Beltar is with that wry smile on your face? I think I know someone who can help with that. With a little bit of convincing is all… PauL: You don’t mean Oper- He’s branch and board member now…He will help. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 007 ============================================================================================================================ More Pics in the spoiler! Because I take too many! Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  6. aeralure

    [K-E11] A New Beginning

    Location: The Fascini Cluster E11 Tags: Spaceship, Kawashita, Military, The Fascini Cluster, E11 :: Aera's Diary :: 06 Julali 3815 1304 hours I left Sorn with mixed feelings. Once the fighting had ended, I began to imagine myself settling down in such a place, the quiet beauty of the endless sea and sky soothing my soul. Perhaps someday. Instead, I was offered a promotion to the rank of commander and, along with that, orders to transfer from the Ryūjō to the Murasame. Being a pilot is my life. I accepted. It's quite a change moving from a flight leader on a light escort to commander on a heavy cruiser. I welcome the challenge - I only hope my team find another flight leader who will serve them well. Having said my goodbyes, I took my leave of Sorn and the Ryūjō and took a transport to The Fascini Cluster. The Murasame is currently in The Fascini Cluster in a reserve capacity. Helmed by the highly regarded Captain Quentin Voss, I imagine it won't remain there long as his skill will be desired on the front lines. My first order of business is to assess the Murasame's pilots and to assemble a new team. While I was offered many personnel files, I opted for something a little more hands on - live-fire flight drills within the asteroids of The Fascini Cluster. Nothing better to test the resolve and skill of the pilots than mock combat in an environment like that! For a little added fun, I'll join them. I chose the Shōkaku fighter for this task. I was even able to get one done up for me in my usual red! Perks of being the commander. It couldn't be better suited, given it's extreme mobility and highly accurate blaster. We'll of course hone the frequency such that it won't do much more damage than register the hit, but it will still be able to displace some rock. I'm curious to see who uses this to their advantage. :: Entry end :: :: Aera's Diary :: 05 Julali 3815 1309 hours Oh! I almost forgot! I have to remember to send that technician some Orinshian Tea! :: Entry end :: :: Aera's Diary :: 05 Julali 3815 1926 hours Well that was even more fun than I hoped! We have some good pilots on the Murasame, as expected. I scored more than a few hits and came away clean, so even though there's room for improvement, I can work with these pilots! In the coming days I'll choose my flight and make proper introductions, as well as share more about Captain Voss and the crew of the Murasame. I'll also tour the hanger deck and get a few close ups of the Shōkaku. Truly a fine plane and I haven't talked about it much here. I'll also tour the rest of the Murasame - there's much to see! For now, however, it's reports. Tons of reports - and it's getting late! :: Entry end ::