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Found 4 results

  1. Finally my Kenworth K100E is ready. I took a while before it was done. I start building this model back in the summer of 2011, when I came back from the UK. Heading for the ferries I also took a short visit to the yard of Neil Yates Recovery. I knew they have a K100 and I was very pleased it was parked there at that moment. Building is wasn't an easy task. It would become my first US truck on a large scale and with the use of chrome parts. I hardly had some in my collection and I had to buy everything; that's rather expensive. I had a chassis and the exterior of the cab but then I decided to build a smaller version first; my previous K100 with Holmes twin boom. That one turned out very well and I continued building the NYR wrecker in 2013. It's my largest solo vehicle so far, with the exception of the large Liebherr mobile crane I built during the 90s. I took quite some pictures which can be viewed in my Flickr stream; here you can see some details as well.
  2. This is not one of my most recent builds but I never published a video of it. Now I took some more indoor shots as well. I started to build this dozer back in 2006 to be laden onto a Renault Magnum. First the model was driven by a RC unit, from set 8366. It ran OK but I didn't like the receiver and it took to much space in the model. Later I made my own control unit but that one was wired to make it possible to get the dozer blade operated by pneumatics. Later I decided to build in some PF stuff. My mate Barman helped me out with designing a compressor which is combined with the switch. I needed two of those and they just fit in the frame. I built in some PF receivers and gave the 9V RC motors another position in the frame. They're now put vertically. The looks are still the same as I was satisfied with it's appearance. Please check the videos: And the other pics I put in my Flickr stream:
  3. Dennis Bosman

    Double Trouble Hot Rod

    Normally I build large scale trucks. The reason I built something else was after reading about the 75th Lugnuts Challenge. This time you ask for an assignment and another member tells you what to build. That's not too bad and then it really is a surprise what your assignment will be. I was asked to build a hot rod, called "Double Trouble". It's a two V8 engine powered 1927 Ford. To make it even more powerful it also has four superchargers. However it's something with wheels it really is out of my comfort zone. Using some other pieces you normally don't use makes is a good test case for your building skills. I think I've to do such a thing more often. Other pictures can be viewed on my Flickr stream: ... 212051504/
  4. I was checking my Flickr account and noticed I hardly put any pictures on it of my large Scania low loader combo. I already built this one some time ago. The model is over two meters in length and it took me more than two year to design and build it. The unit has a real working V8 engine, tilted cab and accurate built chassis. Both the front and second axle are steered. The cab has open doors, open grille and detailed interior with adjustable seats. The trailer wasn't easy to build at all. The shapes are different than like a Nooteboom trailer which are more straight forward. Heavy hauler Van Elk helped me with some drawings of the real thing and once I joined the driver on a trip to Rotterdam were he had to unload a dragline on a building site. Here I could walk around the trailer and see how it works. This helped me lot to build it as accurate as possible. The trailer consist of four sections and it has a detachable neck. The loading deck can be extended in length and width, depending on what you've to carry. The ten rear axles (pendulum axles) are all steered, as well as the rear axle of the swing dolly. Now I'm having two combos of the same hauler; a vintage one and their last bought. Unfortunately heavy hauler Van Elk discontinued services in April 2010 and after building five of their combos there actually isn't another one to be build anymore. Have to look for something else but I'll give the Scania unit an update first. I'm building another one right now which it different than the one posted here. Pictures on Flickr: