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Found 3 results

  1. Inside the walls of Guffington Manor stands a beautiful little courtyard. There, three figures stand, waiting for some heroes. The older man has a quiet grin on his face, though you can see in his eyes that he's a little tired - perhaps up too many nights planning a trip to some fantastical lands. The U'Kin looks similar, perhaps even more tired than the old man from writing letters and hiring heroes and booking boats and keeping the Manor spotless as well. The Selkreeth looks well rested. They all stare at the gate, wondering which of their heroes will arrive first. OoC: I will wait for training room posts/market shopping sprees before posting stats. Welcome!
  2. Heroica RPG - Quest #104: Ace Assassin: Dual Dragoons At the request of the Dragonlord, Veteran of Heroica, six Heroes gather at the Eubric docks just as dawn begins to break. Those Heroes are: The Party: Actaeon Artus (Actaeon) *Party Leader* 21 year old male human Level 1 Ranger Power: 4 Health: 6/6 Gold: 5 Equipment: Bow (WP:3) Inventory: Smoke Bomb, Potion, Bedroll Siercon (Siercon and Coral) Male, Age and species unknown Level 6 Mage Power: 14 (6 levels + 8 WP) Defense: 1 (Robe of the Magi) Health: 10/10 (5 base + 5 lvl) Ether: 10/10 (5 base + 5 lvl) Gold: 41 Equipment: Lullaby Wand (WP:8, deals sleep-effect; wand), Robe of the Magi (SP:1), Inventory: *Sylvania's Cowl (Artifact, Head Wear, Animal Talk), Spellbound Gloves (Power +5 to spells) *Diamond (Light), Scroll of Sleep, Bedroll *Potion x2, Remedy The Demon Germ (Samurai Turtle) ??? years old ; Half Demon; Male Level 1 Rogue Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 7/7 Ether: 0 Gold 5 Equipment: Copper Dagger (WP:3; dagger) Inventory: Venom, Potion, Bedroll Warlen Melimane and Quarion the floating skull (The Chosen Minifigure) 17 Year old Male Half-Elf Level 1 Mage Power: 4 Health: 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 5 Equipment: Gold-Coated bat staff (Wp:3) Inventory: Potion, Amethyst (Darkness), bedroll Yuji Daeth (Daeth) 34 year old male Croaken (Frog based race) Level 1 cleric Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 10 Equipment: Slightly Sharpened Croaken Staff (WP:3; staff) Inventory: Remedy, Potion Kiray Nastayo, A Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something 24 year old female human Level 4 Knight Power: 7 Defense: 2 Health: 13/13 Gold: 5 Equipment: Sword of the Kin (WP:3), Scutum Shield (SP:2; shield) Inventory: Potion, Banana (Restores full health when eaten), Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll The morning fog still has not lifted, leaving the harbor itself shrouded behind a murky curtain of gray mist, but eventually the Heroes find their employer, again locked in deep discussion with Count Shadeaux. Waiting impatiently nearby is the seventh member of their party, a dark-garbed teenager who glares at the party as they approach. "...why you were training them in the first place?" "Dragonlourd, you of all personnes zhould know why I can non trust--" "Heroes. Running behind as usual, I see." The Dragonlord is the first to look up, but unlike the girl he smiles, a boisterous grin spreading across his face as he sights the Heroes. "Heroes! Good to see some fresh blood in the organization--though of course, a couple of you have done some good work for us already." Dragonlord nods in acknowledgement of Siercon and Kiray, though Count Shadeaux merely frowns more deeply than he already was. "Are you all ready for this adventure?" "Mon Dieu, Dragonlord, you speak like zis is un plaisir voyage and non an imminente catastrophe!" What will the party do? QM Note: Welcome to the Quest, 104ers! Hope you're excited as I am! Please check to make sure your stats are correct, and if you make any marketplace posts, I'll be sure to update these. You have 24 hours to confrim. Siercon, some of your stats were off; if you've used any consumables that permanently altered your stats, could you please link me to them? Also, since you are only Level 6, you can only have one Artifact equipped at a time; I've left the Robe of the Magi since that was what you already had equipped. Daeth and The Chosen Minifigure, you had both included your images as attachments rather than as image links from other sites. I have taken the liberty of uploading them to my Photobucket account (and in the case of Warlen and Quarion resizing them to normal size), you can now use them in the future by typing the following: Warlen: [img=] Quarion: [img=] Daeth: [img=]
  3. Five heroes wait in Heroica Hall, wondering where their employer was going to meet them. These heroes were... Monk Pretzel and His 99 Pieces (Palathdaric) 463-year-old male "hermit" Cleric Level 15 Power: 25 Health: 24/24 Defense: 5 Ether: 23/23 Gold: 45 Equipment: Cross [staff of Malbert (WP:10, light-elemental)], Tricorn (artifact, headwear, SP:3), Ethereal Cloak (artifact, backwear, SP:2, Max Ether +4) Inventory: Flying Cross [broomstick De Albert (WP:6, darkness-, fire- and wind-elemental)], Steak (WP:1, instantly kills vampires on successful hits), 2x Potion, 4x Grand Potion, Tonic, 2x Grand Tonic, 2x Ether Core, 3x Remedy, Soma, Phoenix Essence, Neutralizer, 2x Venom, Deadly Venom, 2x Paralyzing Venom, 5x Smoke Bomb, Holy Bomb, Commerz Cannonball, Scroll of Sealing, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass, Shovel, Magic Shovel (will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest), Bone (3), Tasty Pretzel (Consumable) - 1/3 chance each of granting lucky, hastened and encouraged-effects upon consumption., Magic Viper Skin (accessory, heals 1 health to wearer each round of battle, unless knocked out), Fashionable Shield (SP:7) Maurice Ratibor (Etzel) ***Party Leader*** 51 years old male human Paladin *Immune to Stun and Light* Level 21 Power: 34 Health: 45/45 Defense: 9 Ether: 28/28 Gold: 175 Equipment: Manta Tail Staff (WP:12+50% Stun chance), Paladin Shield (SP:5), Helm of Haroka (+2 health, +1 Power, Immunity to Stun effect, headwear) , White Cloak (Max. Health +3, backwear), Paladin's Armour (SP:4, Max. Ether +2, Immunity to Light, bodywear) Inventory: Emerald Staff (WP:10 wood-elemental), Mace (WP:5), Longsword (WP:5), Diamond, Scroll of Sleep, 3 Potions, 2 Tonics, 3 Ether Cores, 1 Remedy, 2 Phoenix Essences, 3 Nostrums, 2 Venom, Elixir, Floral Bomb, Water Bomb, 2 Fire Bombs, Torch, Bone, Plume, Helmet (+1 max. health), Mystic Veil (+1 max health, +2 Ether, headwear, suitable for Ether users) De'kra (Tanma) 12 year old "male" "echo" Sorcerer *Immune to Enamored and Confused* Level 20.33 Power: 26 Health: 30/30 Defense: 4 Ether: 20/20 Gold: 21 Equipment: Kapura (WP:8, fire-elemental dagger), Cloak of the Blue Assassin (SP:1), Heart Locket (Protects from enamored- and confused-effects), Reflective Gaunlets (SP:3) Inventory: Fauxthril Hand Cannon (WP:7) Chiara (WP:7, lightning-elemental dagger), Shadeaux Dagger (WP:5), Kanohi Mask (artifact, accessory, allows spells to have the effects of the weapon they are cast through; suitable to De'kra only), Cloak of the Elven Spy (artifact, backwear), Diamond, Scroll of Sealing (loaned by Arthur), 7x Potions, 3x Grand Potions, 3x Remedy, 3x Phoenix Essence, 2x Smoke Bombs, Noxious Venom, Tonic, Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Magic Compass Mizuki Kimura (zakura) 21-year-old female human Assassin Level 15 Power: 25 Health: 26/26 Gold: 2 Equipment: Dagger (WP:10), Sticky Gloves( Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)) Inventory: Top Hat (WP: 14. 50% Stun chance, retrievable), Sylph Shuriken (WP:12, wind- and light-elemental, retrievable), Bow (WP:5), Grand Potion, 2 Potions, Phoenix Essence, 2 Venoms, 5 Nostrums, 2 Holy Bombs, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, Cannonball, Death Progg Claw, Trial Brew, William Harkenshire (Fred Daniel Yam) ??-year-old male human Warden Level 17 Power: 28 Health: 32/32 Gold: 75 Defense: 8 Equipment: Croise Crossbow (WP: 11), Chimera Armor (Torsowear, Suitable for Knights and Barbarians, +2 SP, +2 Health), Pauldrons (SP +2, suitable to Knights, Dragoons and Skirmishers; accessory), Lion Knight Shield (SP: 4, suitable for Knights) Inventory: Repeating Crossbow (WP: 5 May not be upgraded; Fire; Hastened), Hand Cannon (WP: 5; Lightning, Wood), Amulet of the Elven Horse Rider (Power +1 on the front row, doubles movement), Sapphire, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Pickaxe, Skeleton Decoy, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Venom, Elven Bomb, Bomb XX, Wave Sword (WP: 11; Cursed Effect), Fire Bomb, Water Bomb, Amethyst, Grating Stone, Elixer, Military Grade Water Bomb, Military Grade Lightning Bomb, Bone, Magic Saucepan, Nostrum The heroes did not have to wait long, however. A winged humanoid, familiar to De'kra, stepped into the Hall to collect the heroes. "De'kra! It is good to see you again, little one! For those of you don't know me, I am Denerii, of the Rito clan in Dastan. As you already know, we need your help. Retraga, an old dragon of Dastan, has woken up from her slumber after the Battle of Dastan. However, she hasn't come out of her cave, and has been wreaking havoc on our tallest peak. If she decided to leave, we are sure that she would cause much damage to the Rito settlements and to the Dastanese down below the mountains. Our shamans have determined that she is infected somehow, and believe that this is the cause of her anger. We need you heroes to investigate and try to help her, as our efforts so far have been fruitless." "I have arranged for one of the many merchant sailors to take us across the Crystalline Sea to Dastan. But before we depart, are there any questions about your mission?" QM Note: Hello and welcome to the quest! I hope you will all have fun. Please check your stats, I have rearranged some of them to make it easier for me to keep track of.