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Found 2 results

  1. Murdoch17

    DC-3 Airplane (7628 MOD)

    Built by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1938, this airplane was built for Pan American-Grace Airways. (also known as Panagra) It was used there until 1967, where upon it was sold while Panagra was being merged with Braniff International Airways. The plane was eventually donated to the Imperial Rail Museum, which was then renamed the Imperial Transportation Museum. In reality, this is a heavily modified version of set #7628, Peril in Peru. I have removed all the sticker-windows and replaced them with brick built portholes, at the expense of removing almost all mini figure seating. (Except for the one cockpit seat, of course!) The history I wrote for this plane is based in fact. Panagra did exist, and was merged with Braniff International Airways in 1967. Panagra also used DC-3's and their successor craft until the jet age caught up with the company in the mid 1960's. link to Panagra wiki page: The Imperial Transportation Museum is semi-fictional, as it is based on the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri. That St. Louis institution even has a US military version of a DC-3 (called a C-47 Skytrain) on display near the old front gate. Original view of limited edition set #7628, Peril in Peru, of which I own a copy. (picture from Bricklink) The set uses Panagra colors and name, so I did the same with my MOD. LDD file available here: http://www.mocpages....1395072863m.lxf Comments, Questions, & complaints welcome! (if this needs to be moved, I'm sorry in advance!)
  2. Greetings! Thought of sharing my latest MOC. Some people might already know about this, as it's on CUUSOO and also on my Flickr page. A Douglas DC-3 airplane in Buffalo Airways colors: Some of you might remember my first DC-3 MOC, also on CUUSOO: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/17534 Well it happened that Mikey McBryan ( of the Buffalo Airways, a company operating an entire fleet of real DC-3s and other classic planes, found that project and then contacted me with his idea that we could make a Buffalo Airways DC-3 project on CUUSOO, me taking care of the model and he focusing on the promotion business. The Buffalo aviation family and their planes star in this TV show Ice Pilots NWT as well. I confess, I have never watched it myself - I don't watch anything on TV, since I don't have a TV. This DC-3 design is smaller than my first one, that is, more affordable and easier to handle, in order to have better chances in the CUUSOO Review - if this project gets that far. Maybe FOLs here on Eurobricks like to help? We've seen how IP-connected licence-requiring ideas tend to succeed at getting 10k supports on CUUSOO far more easily than all-original ideas. So I was thinking, if they gotta be licenced stuff, at least be something that makes sense as a Lego set idea, and can appeal to others too (regular kids & dedicated FOLs) and not just the particular special interest group. So I'm thinking, a cool airplane with both display & play value, can't go wrong, right? A few more pics: Some pieces are not yet available in colors used (especially green) so I had to PAINT them! Like my bigger DC-3, this too has retractable landing gears, operated from the knob: And of course some essentials for playability, like the luxury of interior accessible via detachable top sections (a pilot can sit in the cockpit, passengers and/or cargo space in the back): If you liked this project to have its chance in the final CUUSOO Review, please support - or just check out for more information like piece count and measures: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/51472 Anyway, my MOC ain't mine no more. As a part of our deal, Mikey paid for the model and I shipped it to Canada. Bye bye baby! But I'm sure she'll be loved there at her new home. And just a little note if there are some new folks here who don't know about my other projects on CUUSOO and might be interested. http://lego.cuusoo.c.../Ssorg#projects