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Found 3 results

  1. I got some rubber tracks from BrickLink here the other day, and to my pleasant surprise they fitted nicely over the Wheel 30.4mm D. x 20mm ! As I am waiting for the last parts for my Container Stacker MOC, I thought I'd make something else in the meantime, and decided to try to make something like a smaller edition of the 8043 B-model tracked loader, using these new rubber tracks. Although it is somewhat similar to the aforementioned 8043 B-model, it is built from the bottom up using just my imagination, in the course of a couple of days. (My girlfriend is celebrating easter abroad with her family, so I have plenty of time to be creative ) This is the first time I've used studded construction in a MOC since I came out of my dark ages (Albeit just in the lower chassis), and a lot of memories came back to me from doing that! Anyway; this is the result: The yellow bucket is from my old 8862 Backhoe from way back in the day. Both the driving and the other functions are quite quick, and a lot of fun to play with. It uses PF-M motors for all four functions, and PF LED lights for playing at night when the power is out, The construction is very sturdy, if you for instance push down on the bucket, the mini LA wil start to slip before the rest will start to wobble or bend noticably. The back end comes off easily, and hides a lot of the wiring. The battery box can be removed after pulling out two Axle 4 with stop from below. I "cheated" a little with the digger apparatus, by making the entire arm a sort of four bar linkage (or whatever it's called), so the geometry (and thereby the bucket) stays the same for the entire travel of the LAs. This is probably not very true to real life, but it is a lot easier to create. When I made my Swingloader, I think 50 % of the time I used building that thing, was figuring out a good linkage for the tipping function. As you can see, the tipping works really well. A view from the bottom. You can see the axles for removing the battery box, as well as the gear train. Different speeds can be achieved by using different gear ratios. I spent a couple of hours yesterday to build the entire model in LDD, and it turned out 99,9% accurate, I used "illegal" building techniques on two occasions. One you can see in the above two pictures (attachment of the rear mudguards. The other is where the IR Receivers are attached (I had to use one of these in LDD, instead of one ot these , which is used in the real life model. If anyoneone wants to build this, just shoot me a PM with your e-mail, and I will send you the .lxf file. The model has just over 600 pieces. And here is a video of it in action:
  2. Here is my first model for the TRIPLE contest Granted, not particularly original. Features -openable doors -tiltable cab -ackerman steering geometry -inline-4 engine -pneumatic lifting rear axle -pneumatic tipping bed It measures in at roughly 550 pieces in LDD, sans the pneumatic stuff. I could get it below 500 by removing the engine and it's driveline and attachment, if 550 is too many pieces I haven't decided on the two remaining models, but have a couple of ideas that are more original than a simple truck
  3. When I was fixing my sailing boat earlier this year, there was this odd looking, really old loader standing up where my boat is parked. The unusual thing was the entire loading apparatus seemed to sit on a turntable! Anyways, this was before I rekindled my interest for LEGO, but the image stuck with me, and as I got more confident with the new studless building techniques, as well as my collection grew (I also discovered Bricklink), I decided to try and make one. Been working on this for a month or so, it has been rebuilt two times, and I am many experiences richer. I especially wanna thank Alasdair Ryan and JorgeOpesi for valuable feedback and help! The features are: -Adjustable side mirrors -Openable "doors" -PF seatbelts for the driver -Front and rear PF lights -AWD powered by one PF XL Motor -Steering by two mini LA's, powered by one PF M Motor -Lifting of digger by two large LA's, by one PF L Motor -Tipping of bucket by one LA, powered by one PF L motor -Turning of the digging apparatus by one PF-M motor -Fed by a standard PF Battery box -Pendular suspension on rear axle The creation is not based on a particular real life vehicle (I don't even know if there is something remotely similar-looking), the main goal was to make something presentable, with the desired functions. Pictures: So there we go! I was going to make a video today, but I was suddenly out of batteries for the PF elements! Will try to have one up during the course of the weekend! I'm fairly pleased with the result, seeing as this is my first big MOC with many functions apart from driving and steering