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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everybody, I'd like to recolor some Bionicle pieces to make some 2003 style Matorans (Kongu, Tamaru, Onepu, Damek). However, because there are socket balls articulations involved, I thought it might be better to dye the parts instead of painting them. I've seen some videos about dyeing LEGO using Rit dye (this video was most helpful). I was wondering, though, if anybody ever made a guide on how to obtain results as close to the actual LEGO colors as possible (brands, ratio dye/water, timing etc). I'm mostly interested in Teal, Purple (the old one, prior to 2004) and Lime, but I think any information would be interesting for the community. Thanks!
  2. Hope it's OK here at EB to link to other AFOL sites. If so, this article on Brickset about MOCing minifigures might be of interest.
  3. Hi Appreciate this is about Lego Duplo rather than regular Lego, but hoping someone can help. Wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to (either) open up a Duplo push along train (or) remove a pair of wheels by separating them from their metal rod? Also could do with knowing if it's possible to separate the drive rod from the wheel it's attached to. It's this type of base:{} Reason is, I'm putting together a collection of adapted trains and need to swap colours around! Thanks for any help! I'll post pictures of what I've got so far if anyone is interested
  4. I've been wondering about something recently: there are obviously many parts made by Lego that have never been manufactured in certain colours... is there any way "around" this if I REALLY wanted one specific part in an unavailable colour? I know, the answer is almost certainly "no"... just writing this makes me think it's an impossible ask. But I've seen utterly amazing things done by dedicated fans of Lego, from original printed bricks to custom replacement arm poses to wireless LED lighting, making me think that with the right skills, resources and dedication, little is truly "impossible" (just impractical!). So, if I really REALLY wanted one specific part (for example, the microfig Heroica "horned helmet", only ever released in dark bluish grey) in pearl gold... what would be the way to go about it? Painting an existing part to match (close as possible)? Recasting the part from scratch? 3D scanning/printing? Like I said, I doubt this is realistically achievable, but I'm curious if anyone has actually done it before, and to what results.
  5. Hello, I am reaching out to the MOC community for everyone's opinion on the best molding materials / clay? I have done a bit of research and understand that some of these names are the most popular / mentioned: - Sculpey (but so many different variants?) - ProCreate - Green Stuff - FIMO Question / Advice: - My goal is to create / mold a custom hair piece for Scarlet Witch as pictured here: I'd like to attach it to an existing LEGO hair piece (the one pictured above -- over right shoulder) Any suggestions as to which molding clay would work best? (I am a beginner!) Thanks!
  6. SWAT Strachan

    Star Wars Lego Windows Icons...

    I've just a spent a few days making these icons for my PC, and I'm that pleased with how they came out that I thought some of you might like to use them as well. These are all 256x256x32 Windows icons with transparency and work best with a dark desktop, I've also included "feature" alternatives in case you want to use the icons for the Recycle Bin (the Sarlacc is perfect for this purpose, so much so that I've included a sound file to use as the emptying effect HERE, just right-click and save). Note for Windows7 users... If you find that after changing the Recycle Bin icons, they no longer change automatically to show if the bin is empty or not, just follow these instructions. Click on the Start button and type REGEDIT in the search box, then click on regedit.exe when it appears in the list above. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / CLSID / {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} / Default Icon In here you will find three entries (default, empty, full), each one showing the file path to your custom icon. Edit each one in turn and add ,0 (comma zero) to the end of each line without a space (so for example %userprofile%\path_to_icons\sarlacc.ico would now become %userprofile%\path_to_icons\sarlacc.ico,0) Once all three have been changed, close REGEDIT and refresh your desktop. The Recycle Bin icons should now change automatically when filled or emptied. Click each preview below to download the same image in the .ico format. More to follow, I'll take requests too as long as the .lxf files exist .