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Found 2 results

  1. The chosen heroes gather at the end of an alleyway, per the directions left in the Hall. A gnome with a respectable top hat waits outside a manhole. "H-heroes? Is this everyone?" The gnome grumbled something about over-enforcement. "I-I'm supposed to bring you to the imps." Party: Ellaria Arbour (Sandy) ~Party Leader~ 25 years old female human Alchemist Level 34 2/4 *Immune to Fire* *Three rolls for Mixture* *Transfer poisoned and bleeding upon being hit* *No Free Hits for 3 rounds* Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 6 (1+5) Health: 55/55 (9+33+10+1+2) Gold: 233 Equipment: Mythril Mallet (WP: 20, wood- and darkness-elemental; Hollow [-]; hammer), Rubber Gloves (For Mixture, the die is rolled three times instead of twice, and the highest two results determine the created item; suitable to alchemists; handwear.), Robe of the Magi (SP:1, suitable for mages, clerics, alchemists, chi monks, decamon drafters, necromancers, regulators, scholars and weather mages; bodywear.), Spider Helmet (SP:5, passes poisoned and bleeding effects to the enemy when the wearer is hit; immunity to fire; headwear), Spirit Robe (Renders wearer invisible to the enemy for the first three rounds of battle so they do not take free hits; backwear) Inventory: Weapons Ignis Fatuus (WP:13, permanently poisoned by 15, fire- and lighting-elemental staff), Sylvania's Crossbow (WP:10, wood-elemental crossbow), Pan Flute (WP: 7, instrument), Wizard's Staff (WP:1, fire-, wind-, water- and earth-elemental staff), Wormtail Whip (WP:15, earth-elemental, whip) Artifacts: Ranger's Quiver (WP: +1 to bows and crossbows, suitable for rangers, beast warriors, infiltrators, and winged warriors; backwear), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3, Max Ether +5, protects from sealing; suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers, scholars and weather mages, bodywear), Cherokee Rose (Doubles potency of both incoming and outgoing restorative consumables and healing; suitable for Ellaria only; accessory.) Spell Items: Scroll of Inspiration (Inspired for rest of battle, 10 ether, 50/50 chance) Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Serenade of Water (Causes Water damage equal to the minstrel's level to all enemies per round for as long as the song is sung. Costs 10 ether per round. Battle Song) Consumables: 10 Grand Potions, Health Core, 4 Tonics, Diluted Arc Tonic (Restores 10 ether to all allies), 3 Grand Tonics, Ether Core, 2 Hyper Arc Tonics (Restores full ether to all allies), 2 Elixirs, Arc Elixir (Restores 60 health and 15 ether to all allies and removes negative effects.), 2 Remedies, Neutralizer, Tiger Balm, 3 Phoenix Essences, Last Resort (revives all knocked allies to 1 health), 3 Meads, 3 Smelling Salts, 2 Nostrums, 2 Soma, 2 Mulled Wines, 2 Smoke Bombs, Hot'n'Cold Bomb (Causes 30 fire- and ice-elemental damage to all enemies), Holy Rain Bomb (Causes 20 water-, wind- and light-elemental damage to all enemies), Bad Breath (Poisoned by 1-effect to all enemies), Feather of White, Demon Repellent Tools etc.: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, Chemistry Set (Allows the user to use Mixture outside of battle, costs 2 Gold Bars/un-modified roll, suitable for alchemists; tool), 3 Gold Bars Kid Reddson (dum) 19-year-old Male Human (1/4 Leprechaun) Ranger Level 5 *Aims become Hits* Power Bonus: 0 Health: 10/10 Gold: 2 Equipment: Crossbow (WP 3), Quiver of Homing Arrows (Rolls of AIM become HIT; can only be used with a bow or a crossbow; backwear.) Inventory: 3 Smoke Bomb, 2 Potion, Phoenix Essence, Venom, Fire Bomb, Sterile Gloves (Grants Immunity to Poisoned and Bleeding effects, Handwear), Bedroll Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus) 42 year old male human Mage Level 14 *Immune to wood and fire* *Absorbs Darkness* *Enemies that hits Ezeran become slowed* Power Bonus: 0 (+2 spellpower) Defense: 3 Health: 18/18 Ether: 18/18 Gold: 0 Equipment: Ancient Sapphamber Staff (WP:8, doubled against Ancient enemies, Wind-elemental; staff), Sneezing Demon (SP:2; enemies that hit the wearer become slowed; immunity to wood and fire; suitable to Ezeran only; bodywear.), Hood of the Elementalist (SP:1, *Absorbs darkness*; headwear, suitable to anyone), Inventory: Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Remedy X3, Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Pick Axe, Trickster’s Baubel (WP:6, each hit causes one random effect: stunned, poisoned by 1, asleep, blinded, sealed or confused; wand), Sylvania's Cowl (Grants "Animal Talk", Headwear), Grand tonics X2, Potions X5, Nostrum X2. Paladin Petaldan Parfenius (Played by Palathadric) 5-year-old male "wonder" Knight Level: 11.5 *Immune to Stunned, Bound, Petrified and Earth* Power: 16 Defense: 9 Health: 22/22 10+10+2* Gold: 198 Equipment: Brine Blade (WP: 5, 1/6 chance to trigger a Flood (see Weather Mage) when dealing damage, Longsword), Shield (SP: 5; Shield), Gloves of the Boy Wonder (SP:2; immunity to *Stunned*, *Bound*, and *Petrified*; suitable to Petaldan only; handwear), Really Hard Helmet (SP: 2, Immunity to Earth) Inventory: Weapons: Slimy Sword (WP:12, can be split into several weaker Slimy Swords or combined with other Slimy Swords to increase WP and split apart again at any time, Longsword) Gems: Emerald Consumables: Potion x 4, Phoenix Essence, Ambrosia, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb Tools: Bedroll Goliath (Goliath) Automaton Barbarian Level 1 Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 10/10 (8+2) Gold: 0 Equipment: Ebony Scorpion Spear (WP:5, deals Poisoned-by-3; spear) Inventory: Potion x4, Mead x3, Plasma Cutlass (WP:3; Greatsword), Magma Maul (WP: 6, 1/6 chance to trigger an Inferno (see Weather Mage) when dealing damage, hammer), Tonic x2, Bunch of 10 Cherries (Each cherry restores 1 ether when eaten), Smelling Salts, Nostrum, Blind Bomb, Dirt Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel Debts: 20 Gold (Torald) Hunkan Silvertoss (BountyBeast) 53 year old male dwarf Rogue *Immune to Blinded* Level 7 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 13/13 Gold: 188 Equipment: Ebony Scorpion Dagger (WP: 5, deals Poisoned-by-3), Goggles (Provides immunity to Blinded effect, Headwear) Inventory: Potion, Phoenix Essence, Nostrum, Remedy, Fire Bomb, Wooden Sword (WP:7; Suitable to Anyone) QM Note: Welcome to the quest! Please check your stats and check in within 24 hours. Dum, Kid can only equip one artifact as he is level 5. I de-equipped your Sterile Gloves. I will mention right away that I will be leaving the country on July 11th, so the quest can go no longer than that. If I speed things along at certain points, that is why. I hope it won't be a problem.
  2. At midday, Eubric's summer was nearing its peak. The sun was high up in the sky overlooking Sungold Hill, casting a very warm light over nearly the entire city. The streets on this particular side were nearly deserted...only further up the hill did the Hinckwells own any property, and maintain its own holdings meticulously. It was near one of Eubric's long-defunct shops that four heroes had been told to meet, for a job they may not have quite understood yet for people they didn't quite know. Party Mortimer "Em" Mahzan (emjajoas) Unknown age human male Warden *Immune to Electricity, Fire, Water, and Ice* *Half damage from elemental attacks* *Party Leader* Level 24 Power Bonus: 5 Defense: 28 Health: 44/44 Gold: 304 Equipment: Tritech Handcannon (WP:16, permanent poisoned 17, cursed), Vigilant (SP 12, halved damage from elemental attacks, immune to Electricity, Fire, and Water; shield), Iron Knuckle Armour (Body, foot, and hand wear. Counts as one artefact. Usable by knights and dragoons. SP: 10. Cannot be removed by enemies), Anniversary Medal (Artefact/Accessory, Power +3, SP +3, Max. Health +3, Max. Ether +3. The values will increase by 1 with each passing year), Frost Helm (SP: 3, immune to ice, suitable for anyone, headwear) Inventory: Weapons: Blazing Bow (WP: 14, Fire-elemental), Doppelganger (WP:10, Retribution: The user inflicts any negative effects he or she has on the target enemy on successful hits; longsword), Balanced Main-Gauce (WP: 10, Riposte has a 1/6 chance of instantly killing the/each target, dagger, suitable only for marauders), Crescent Shield (SP: 5, halved damage from elemental attacks, shield), Carpenter's Gloves (Enhancement is automatically successful, traps deal double damage, handwear, suitable for artisans) Consumables: Health Core x5, Potion, Remedy, Mead, Venom, Phoenix Esssence (3), Ambrosia (4), Mulled Wine (2), Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), Nostrum, Smelling Salts, Elixir, Bone, Smoke Bomb (5), Floral Bomb (2), Ice Bomb (2), Lightning Bomb (2), Fire Bomb, Water Bomb (2), Holy Bomb (2), Dirt Bomb (2), Air Bomb (2), Chaotic Bomb (100 random elemental damage to all opponents) Misc: Bedroll (2), Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Reaper's Heart, Mythril Shard (1), Amethyst, 5 Silver Ore (Worth 60 gold), Oath of Renewal (When the targeted enemy is killed, the Vindicator regains full health. Oath, suitable for vindicators) Annienal Anavir (Kintobor) "19" year old elven female Mystic Knight *Bonaparte Reputation* *Immunity to Earth and Fragile* *Takes half damage from elemental attacks* Level 15 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 10 Health: 30/30 Ether: 19/19 Gold: 20 Equipment: Bonaparte Cutlass (WP:9, doubled if the user has reputation among the Bonapartes; longsword), Crescent Shield (SP: 5, Halved Damage from elemental attacks; shield), Heavy Armour (SP: 5, immunity to fragile, body wear, suitable for barbarians, knights, dragoons, skirmishers, regulators, and vindicators), Locustoid Greaves (Max Ether +4, immune to Earth, suitable to ether users, hand wear) Inventory: Ammit (WP: 6; greatsword, user gains 5 ether for every kill), Anointed Gladius (WP: 8, deals damage undead; great sword) Wicked Javelin (WP: 7, throwing weapon, retrievable, 1/6 chance to slow), Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP: 4, Hits doubled against flying enemies, longsword), Training Sword (WP:4), Shark’s Tooth (Power increased by 5 against Aquatics, Accessory), Tridentian Cape (Max Ether +3; protects from Blinded effect; suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers and scholars; backwear), Lethauros Fellwings (SP: 3, wearer is immune to Sudden Death, backwear), Tobacco Pouch (1/2 Chance of Blinding with attacks, accessory), Helmet (Max Health +1, headwear), Pauldrons (SP: 2, suitable for knights, dragoons, and skirmishers; accessory), Plain Shield (SP: 5), Lethauros Mask (SP: 2, wearer deals double damage to Beasts and Vermin, headwear, suitable to everyone) Emerald (Wood), Sapphire (Wind), Aquamarine (Water), Amethyst (Darkness) Consumables: 3x Potions, Grand Potion, Field Rations (Restore 15 health), 2x Phoenix Essences, 4x Remedies, Mead, Venom, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Pickaxe, x2 Grand Tonics Scrolls: Scroll of Fire Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to fire for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Ice Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to ice for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Water Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to water for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Wood Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to wood for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether) Calamity (Scubacarrot) 24 year old human Mage Level 5 Power bonus: 2 (spell) Health: 9/9 Ether: 9/9 Gold: 121 Gold: 81 Equipment: Skull-Topped Staff (WP: 3, staff), Gold skin Gloves (Spell power +2, Usable by mages, Handwear) Inventory: Bedroll, 4x Potion, 3x Tonic,4x Remedy, Scroll of Blindness (Enables casting the Blinded-effect to the target, making it unable to use a physical attack for the next three rounds. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.), Amethyst Keliim (Mencot) 35 years old male human Barbarian Level 9 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 16/16 Defense: 2 (doubled against free hits) Gold: 37 Equipment: Dwarven Orichalcum Axe (WP: 5), Heroic Helm (Headwear, SP:2, Helm's SP doubles on free hits) Inventory: Order Imperial Longsword (WP: 5),Really Hard Helmet (SP: 2, Immunity to Rock), Королева's Blessing (When equipped the player gains the ability to Animal Speak to Spiders only, and all spiders are Enamored with him for the first three rounds of battle, accessory), Scarab Shield (SP3 Shield, bearer takes half damage from vermin) Consumables: x10 Potion, Grand Potion, 3X Mead, 1X Smelling salt, 2X Smoke Bomb, 1X Poison, 1X Dirt Bomb. Misc: Shovel, 2X Obsidian Shard: may be affixed to a blunt weapon to give the Bleeding 2 effect for one battle. 2X Charion beetle horn. 1 X Crystal Shard(treasure item, worth 20 gold) It took some time, but eventually these four heroes fathered in the specified location at the specified time. They weren't being shot at, so apparently they had followed the quest note's directions. The storefront of the old bookstore stood in front of them, the heat and relative emptiness of the street they were in dissuading most others wandering around Eubric to find their way down this particular path. Scattered bricks and loose cobblestones told them it had been in a state of disrepair for some time...yet the heavy, metal-plated, reinforced door in front of them told them something was going on inside. What would the party do? Welcome to the quest everyone. Please finish making any Marketplace purchases before posting here, and let me know if there's anything wrong with your stats.