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Found 4 results

  1. Here is my another review from the new Chima set line, this time I’ll be reviewing Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger (quite the alliteration), I hope you will enjoy it and helps you get a thorough view of the set. Set Information Set Number: 70132 Pieces: 434 Minifigures: 3 Price: £34.99 / US$39.99 / EUR 39.99 / 11990 HUF Age range: 8-14 Set Description Avoid the poison balls launched by Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger! Scorm, King of Scorpions, has stolen some CHI and the other tribes are determined to get it back. But first they must avoid the massive poisonous claws and mouth of Scorm’s speedy tri-wheel Scorpion Stinger. Help the armored tribal warriors Cragger and Laval to attack with their Scale Ripper and Shado Valious sword and steer clear of poison balls fired into their path. Beware of the Stinger’s flexible stinging tail jabbing down and escape with the CHI! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Scorm, and Laval and Cragger in their new armor. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Scorm, and Laval and Cragger in their new armor Features huge poisonous claws, biting mouth, opening and closing cockpit, flexible stinger with poison ball launcher, 2 poison ball ammunition cases, scorpion detailing and all-terrain wheels Weapons include Laval’s Shado Valious sword, Cragger’s Scale Ripper and Scorm’s Korrodor Accessories include new armor for Cragger and Laval plus a shield for Laval Grab minifigures in the Scorpion Stinger’s mouth Stow poison balls in the special holder Fire poison balls from the high-powered stinger launcher Pick up tribal warriors with the poisonous claws Knock attackers flying with the flexible stinger Speed away with the CHI Take the weapons off the Stinger and use as hand guns Grab and launch the CHI grenades from Laval’s backpack Measures over 5" (15cm) high, 12" (32cm) long and 11" (30cm) wide Box The box is quite large as it is one of the bigger sets from the new wave. This being the europian version only shows the set number, name and the age range. As you can see the Chima logo is new with bright lime green color and red spikes. Usually in the upper right corner we see the actual hero of the set but here Scorm’s head is presented with a shadowy look. The box shows Cragger and Laval running against a giant Scorpion car (are they crazy?) that is going to roll over them. The background is a foggy jungle. The back of the box is showing us the play functions described in 6 languages and shown in three boxes. There is another image which shows that Laval and Cragger is not so crazy after all and they flee from the Scorpion Stinger. And there is a picture which informs us that we get 5 Zamor spheres. Finally in the upper right corner we can see a Chima online game ad. On the top of the box we can see the 3 minifigs and Laval is shown is real 1:1 size. Content We get 4 numbered and one unnumbered bag, a DSS and two Instrucion booklets. The unnumbered bag contains the claws, Chi tubes and the rear wheel. There are really killer stickers here, they look insanely awesome and certainly add to the overall look. Minifigs First let’s start with the star of the set; Scorm, king of scorpions. He has a very detailed body printing, which looks a bit like a persian noble’s robe. The gold and black color scheme is very nice. Here he is with his unigue armor which comes only in this set, it looks wonderful and looks more like an ancient emperor here. His head is only one sided and the same as the other Scorions’. He is finished with a beatifully printed headpiece and a stinger tail. Look at that! Scorm also gets two guns which are named the Korrodors, they look great but compared to the fig they are too big. Here he is with my other Scorpion, Scutter I’m so loving these Scorpion figures! Note that the print on the headpieces is different! Now let’s move on to Laval, he comes with new printing as well, which looks really beautiful. There are so many detail on these tiny figs. He comes with a two sided head but since it’s not new, forgive me that I haven’t phtographed it. Now here he is with tons of accessories, note that his sword comes in black only in this set. Finally we have the Croc prince Cragger who made peace with Laval and they are besties again. His only new parts are the legs, which now have amazingly done crocheadkneepads. His torso is identical to Laval’s. He has a very neat bow-gun thingy. I really love the figs in this set, they all have new prints (some of them new parts) and have super accessories. Build Bags spilled, check. rare parts, check. I also encountered a piece which I haven’t seen, but after a little search I found out that it can be found in a few other sets as well. Let’s get on to the build, after bag 1 we have a strong mostly technic base and the 3 minifigures. With bag 2 we started to cover it and the Scorpion Stinger started to take shape. After bag 3 we have the scorpion head on the front and the cockpit. With bag 4 finished we add the pieces from the unnumbered bag as well and the ride is completed, Ta-daa! here is a shot of the spare parts, there is a galore of cheese slopes. The build was pretty straightforward with minimal repetition, my only problem is with TLG’s usual put-the-piece-here-and-after-you-can’t-access-it-put-a-sticker-on-it method… Other than that it was a nice relaxing build, with a few interesting techniques. The Set itself The Scorpion Stinger is a very unusual design. A 3 wheeled scorpion car. The designers made a great job recreating a scorpion shape. The head is very effective with the red diamond used for eyes, it’s one of my favorite parts on the vehicle. Here is a backshot showing the claw-moving mechanism. You have to push the dark-red plates and it opens the claws, and if you release it it closes, in this picture you can also see that there is plenty room here so Scorm can fit here easily with his stinger tail. Behind the cockpit there is a CHI crystal which provides energy for the vehicle. Now let me show the claw-opening function. et voilá! You can also place Scorm’s guns on the front. And with him finally in the cockpit, we can go and hunt some lion and croc meat. The Zamor acid spheres are stored. Dinner is prepared. Om-nom-nom Rating and Summary When I first saw images of this set I though it looked really bad, with the big rear wheel and just the whole concept wasn’t working for me. Then I checked a video review and came to really like the play functions and I just cama to like the look as well. Now it’s one of my favourite Chima vehicles, I really like scorpions and this vehicle resembles a scorpion very well. And there are the wonderful figs with their great weapons and accessories. I only can recommend this set, a very unusual design, great figs, fun play-functions and a reasonable price. Price 10/10 I don’t want to complain I got th eset 15% cheaper and it was totally worth it Parts 9/10 Rare and new parts, lots of useful pieces in great colors. Build 9/10 It was a smooth, straightforward build, I was expecing a bit more complexity and there is my issue with the sticker adding steps that I stated above. Minifigures 10/10 High quality figs, one of them is unique to this set, the rest have new printing and cool weapons. Playability 10/10 Claw-opening mechanism, ball shooter tail, the stinger tail is poseable (if you miss a step on purpose which locks the tail), the car can eat the intruders and the two fractions can fight, also the vehicle is sturdy and swooshable. Thanks for reading the review, hope you had a good time.
  2. Just a random moc, I had a the will to do that one day... Since the anime could be a little more... Bloody :)! Short story of scene: Poor lion, he got into the water and reached a small island. Waiting for help, he got attacked by no one else then Cragger. Helpless, he struggled but afraid of the water, he had nowhere to run. Death fell upon him.
  3. It's time to review another Legends of Chima Ultrabuild (which I will now call Chima Builds for the sake of simplicity)! This time, it's Cragger, the evil warlord of the crocodile clan. While I was looking forward to get Eris mostly because of her eagle motif, Cragger got mine attention for the same reasons I got Ogrum: His colours. In addition to dark green (or Metru green, as some of us call it in memory of Toa Matau), Cragger brings yet another green to the constraction line, a dark olive green, somewhere between dark and lime green. But is a new colour the only thing that Cragger offers? Let's find out in this review. Set name: Chi Cragger Set Number: 70203 Price: 14.99 Euro Pieces: 68 Year of release: April 2013 (Europe), apparently August 2013 (USA) The bag While Cragger's bag uses the same blue frame as Eris (and all other Chima Builds), Cragger himself glows red rather than blue, just to make clear that he's evil (and maybe even a Sith Lord? After all, one of his blades glows red as well...). Since the building instructions use the same picture I'll talk about more about it later. The back of the bag. Unsurprisingly, the layout is the same as on Eris' bag: Cragger is standing in a landscape, and you can spot Laval in the background. Funnily enough, to me it looks like Cragger is smiling, while Laval looks seriously pissed off (Apparently he doesn't like happy crocodiles - what a jerk!). Left to this is a picture of the combiner using Cragger and Worriz, and below all this is a little comic showing how Cragger unleashes his powerful Chi form to beat Laval up. Well, maybe Chi Laval looks so angry in the upper picture because he's about to get back at Cragger... Uhm, I think I interpret waaay too much into all this stuff going on there. I guess it's time to open the bag, right? The parts If I didn't made any mistakes while counting the pieces on this picture, Cragger contains 68 parts. That's 2 parts less than Eris, but on the other hand, Cragger comes with quite a few rather large pieces. Being a crocodile-themed charachter, Cragger is mostly dark green, olive green and gunmetal, just like a real-life crocodile (well, aside from the gunmetal of course). Note that Cragger uses the larger torso skeleton. Cragger's head deserves special mention even among the Chima Builds since it's two separate pieces, the skull and the lower jaw. Both pieces look very nice (Cragger even got a scar on across his right eye) and got some printing here and there. The other side of the head reveals the ball socket, which faces backwards just like Eris' did. Cragger's Chi plate. Note that the Chi sphere is located on the left half of it, not the right as it was in Eris' case. And there's the new sword piece Cragger comes with. I think it's been a while since we got a blade that looks so brutish. Unfortunately, the improvement I mentioned within Eris' axe blades doesn't apply to these swords - the blades are slightly bend. Probably due to their size and the fact that they are packed into bags along with plenty other pieces. Pictures of interest from the instructions Ah, the cover. I really like the design of the Chima covers, with all the glowing energy and the lovely backgrounds. Cragger's cover also really inspired my imagination. Can you see all the little green drops? It looks like Cragger just bursted from below the swamp water to attack his clueless enemy - just like a real crocodile! Well, except for the fact that real crocodiles usually don't wield giant halberds. Here's another look at Cragger's combiner. There's also that neat picture of Laval and Cragger duking it out using their Chi Forms (and before you ask - no, there wasn't anything like that in Eris' instructions ). Building the set Cragger's anatomy leads to a few tweaks from the usual formula of building constraction sets. After putting some stuff (a grey connector on the front, and a small bone piece for the tail) on his torso and building the legs, you put some bones on his shoulders. Which get then connected above the ball joint (which is usually reserved as the neck joint). Then he gets his head, which is connected via the other small bone to the three other bones (which eventually resulted in Cragger's long crocodile neck). Next is his tail. I think this picture shows how it is assembled. While this picture shows what it looks like once it's assembled. After the tail, we move up a tiny bit and cover Cragger's back with gunmetal armour. Then we continue with his weapon. First the staff in the center... ...then the tip of the halberd. The lower part consits only the other gunmetal blade, and then we get... The finished set Behold! The evil Cragger has unleashed his powerful Chi form! Oh yeah right, spare parts. Design and playability Thanks to his extended neck and the nicely patterned colour scheme, Cragger clearly rocks the crocodile thing. His poseability, however, is kind of a mix bag. The extended neck and the tail are very poseable (and thus add a great deal to the fun of posing this guy), but on the other hand, the articulation of his arms is severly limited due to his dual-held weapon. That is something that already annoyed me with Vastus back then - a dual-held weapon is only fun if the character has open hands and can alter the grip of the weapon. This way however, is really hard to put Cragger in poses where he can actually use his weapon (or put him in a pose where neither of his hands is bent in an awkward way). Another thing I'd like to mention are the coloured parts. Cragger's lower legs and arms are olive green bones which don't use any additional shells. That actually helps to give Cragger a crocodile-like appearance, since crocodiles have rather sleek limbs compared to their somewhat fat bodies. Besides, coloured bones are always an instant win to me. Also, having a covered back is yet another great plus for his design. Okay, he got a hole between the two shells, only due to his huge crocodile neck. Cragger's head also adds to the joy of posing him thanks to the moveable jaw (a feature that is strangely not highlighted on his bag - after all, Ogrum's packaging even praised the swinging mace as an action feature). The joint itself is ratcheted and can be placed in 4 positions (closed mouth and after that from "slightly open" to "I'll eat you as a whole" open). His extended neck can look a bit awkward from certain angles due to having no shells there though . Since I don't own any other Chima sets than Eris' Eagle Interceptor I don't have a mini figure of Cragger to compare the Chi Form with. But judging from pictures, the only noteworthy differences between the two are the colours of his armour and weapon (Cragger's spear is golden, and his clothing is dark red) and the lack of a cape (which reminds me that someone here on Eurobricks guessed back then that the Chima Builds might reuse Furno XL's cape). But aside from that, Cragger is quite close to his normal form. The size comparison with Eris surprised me, since I expected Cragger to be slightly smaller than Eris. They are however roughly the same size since Eris got longer legs while Cragger got a taller torso and longer neck. (and yes, both their heads have their problems when they try to look around) Bonus pic! I modded Cragger to hold his weapon with only one hand. A rather simple mod which makes posing Cragger easier (and thus, more fun). Final thoughts Cragger. Is. Awesome! He comes with a new colour, nice new parts, a cool head and a quite refreshing building experience, and his only downside is the rather shoddy poseabilty of his arms due to the design of his weapon. All in all, he's a fantastic set, and I honestly recommend you to get him. Be it for the colours, be it for the head, be it for the blades, or all those things together - he's definitely worth your money.
  4. Leewan

    [MOD] Chi Cragger

    Hi guys ! I made some modifications to the excellent Cragger, and I'm gonna show them to you. First, I filled some gaps : I added another neck armor, a "throat armor", and a pelvis armor. I also lengthened the shins, and the tail. And I added a tongue (which was not easy to attach). The grey/olive limbs and the black body look weird, but I can't put black limbs because of the friction bones. :/ Also, I don't really like the Metru leg armor for the pelvis, since this is the only Bionicle-stylized part on this MOD, but I don't know which part put instead. Do you have any ideas ? Main picture : Brickshelf gallery I hope you'll like my MODs. C&C are welcome, and if you want to reproduce those modifications, don't try this at home, this may be dangerous, please post pictures, I would be very glad to see it. :D