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Found 2 results

  1. A quick recap of the story behind this case: It isn't everyday that Eslandola's courts are in session for such a heinous charge as was brought before them on the last date of this quarter's session, June 30th. After issuing a warrant for the arrest of the accused, the court had adjourned for the day. Of course, what you're all dying to find out... who was accused? And of what? To make it clear, we should probably go back to the beginning. When Alejandro de la Calle left Terreli for the New World, someone wasn't too happy. No, it wasn't his sweetheart. It wasn't even his mother. It was his father. Don Gonzalo. Before you're run off with by sentimental colorings of a father distraught at his son's flight, we may as well as remark that the main reason for Don Gonzalo's anger was the disappearance of several valuable jewels. Don Gonzalo's anger isn't something to trifle with. In this case, it was fatal to a young guard, Jamie. There was only one witness to the crime, besides Don Gonzalo himself. Even that witness had not actually been present, but the circumstantial evidence she could provide would have been enough to hang a saint. But Don Gonzalo wasn't worried. Mia was his tool... and he had a job for her. Mia executed the job quite successfully. And then our detective friend, Rhys Thomson, set up shop in Salida Este. As it happened, Jamie's older brother, a captain in the Eslandola Navy, had just heard of the murder a day before his ship was to sail for Salida Este. While there, he naturally looked up Rhys Thomson and put him on the case. Coincidental? Maybe. But there were bigger coincidences to follow! Because, though you'll find it hard to believe, Nacho, Alejandro's friend, also decided to look up Rhys Thomson, who after all was the only detective for miles around! Nacho brought a case related to Mia's little job. The fact was, Mia had faked dead so that Alejandro de la Calle could be brought forward on murder charges. Nacho wanted Rhys to find Mia alive and save Alejandro. Right off the bat, Rhys smelled a rat. He had a hunch that these cases were related! But the coincidences weren't over yet! Because, as Rhys meditated one day by a stagnant pond, he pulled out Mia's accomplice Castillo! And the plot thickens! From Castillo Rhys discovered Mia's whereabouts. He also discovered the identity of Jamie's murderer. After that, for an experienced detective like Rhys, replete with his wife's advice moreover, it was smooth sailing all the way! Just a matter of laying hands on Mia. Slippery little eel, she all but escaped, but Rhys managed to keep sight of her. He also got an order to postpone Alejandro's trial. Then, armed with the brute facts, he had shipped for Terreli and just managed to arrive before the end of the court session. So now a warrant had been issued for Don Gonzalo's arrest. Since he was taken by surprise, he had no time to rouse the mob in his defense. And in the hopes that he wouldn't get a chance to do so later on, he (and everyone else concerned with the case) had been shipped to Nova Terreli, where they awaited a hearing. Now, with that behind us: Rhys Thomson versus Don Gonzalo Rhys Thomson has brought a charge of murder against Don Gonzalo. This charge will now be settled in the time honored way with an Eslandian jury. Four active Eslandian members will be randomly drafted for jury duty (excluding those directly involved in this storyline). They will pronounce a verdict of guilty or not guilty (in other words, did Don Gonzalo kill Jamie, or not). An available and unbiased Eslandian leader (Garmadon) will pronounce the sentence upon Don Gonzalo should he be found guilty. If anyone would like to be counsel for Don Gonzalo, you're welcome to apply. Other wise I guess I'll have to do that part as well as Rhys Thomson's part... which probably won't end up too favorable to Don Gonzalo. How does this work? After this post I'll draft all Rhys Thomson's evidence as to why Don Gonzalo did it. Then the counsel for Don Gonzalo will draft up all the evidence as to why Don Gonzalo did not do it (that post might be blank ). Then the jury can adjourn to their own little PM thread and come back in a few days with a verdict. The judge will pronounce a sentence. Then the plantiff (me) will have to MOC the results of that sentence. This is obviously a case that is entirely "IC". Whatever happens will affect only the characters, not the players who have been using them in their storylines. Questions? Anyone want to be Don Gonzalo's counsel?
  2. After having his honorable suite ignominiously rejected, the King of Carno decided it was high time to be getting back home to his capital. Leaping onto his charger, he tore out of Bellson in a whirling hurry, without any intention whatsoever of slackening his pace until he was seated in his throne, and had time to sit back and contemplate recent events - also known as, his complete failure. The king was charging through a pine tree forest on his return to Carno when he happened to hear some rustling in the underbrush. Suddenly a troop of Corrington's finest poured out of the forest at his flanks, leveling their rifles and running towards him. Figuring (and correctly so), that the escort was not meant as a piece of courtesy on the part of Queen Annette, the king relieved the closest soldier of his shako with a hearty swing of his cane - the soldier, of course, stooping down to lift it from the ground (everyone knowing that a Corry is no good unless his uniform is all correct and tidy) - and, setting spurs to his horse, burst through the ambush. Turning his head back for a moment he exclaimed (without slowing his charger a bit), "Corrington, prepare for a visit from my Captain Whoknowswho! And you can't say we didn't warn you!" The king: My build for the Carno vs. Corrington case, including the required palm trees. This is actually the second part of our collab, and the first and third should be coming soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!