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Found 18 results

  1. The growing town of Interlagos on the island of Maldria has begun receiving regular shipments of supplies for the new settlers, and trade with the local natives has increased the interest of the trade companies in the settlement. As such, the town has built a wood retaining wall and a proper dock to make loading and offloading cargo much easier, and a collection of warehouses has cropped up along the newly built quay. A closer look at the micro warehouses: I finally got around to taking advantage of my micro prize from the El Oleonda challenge. To be licensed as a medium commerce property. All C&C welcome.
  2. Thaddeus Calvo, the Eslandian adventurer somewhat well known in certain social circles, had extensively explored the island of Maldria for the previous six months. He encountered several similar but independent native tribes inhabiting different regions of the island, and discovered that they were familiar with trading with outsiders, as they traded with the Tyree'De, a non-Halosian people from an unknown land to the south. These discoveries led Eslandolan officials to believe that another settlement on the island of Maldria was needed. The tribes that would trade at the town of Interlagos on the north coast did not appear to travel extensively to the southern coast. A fertile river valley on the southwest portion of the island was a perfect location for another settlement: accessible overland from Interlagos via a pass in the hills that formed the spine of the island, land suitable for farming, rivers that would provide access to the island's interior, and a natural sheltered harbor for sea-going vessels. So Calvo set out from Interlagos again, this time with a crew of men to build a trading post on one of the southwestern rivers. Calvo and his men found a suitable spot at the mouth of one of the rivers. Sandy beach, but with rocky outcroppings suitable as a foundation for permanent structures. First they built a dock to receive ships large and small. Next they built a small structure that would serve as both a warehouse and office. Finally they built a watch tower to serve not only as a lookout, but as a landmark for traders on both land and sea to see from a distance. It didn't take long before scouts from one of the local native tribes came to check out what the Eslandians were doing. And so the trading post of Punto Sur was established. Maps: --------------------------- The main elements of this build were inspired by the classic Imperial Trading Post set: small rectangular building, tower, dock, and crane. I hope you like my take on that classic. The last two pics were taken at a different time than the first three, and so the light was different and for some reason they have a pink cast I couldn't edit out. All C&C welcome.
  3. "What are you waiting for?! Get up, you lazy fool. The cart is here." "Oh come on, give a man a minute to rest." "Those guards aren't resting either, are they?" "Alright then... let's get those bottles." "No, we need to open the cart first." "Ah right. The log-look-alikes. Great idea, that was..." "Indeed... no guard will ever check a cart with firewood for rum." "Careful. Those bottles shall not break." "They are big bottles. With good rum." "Indeed." "So... how exactly does the boss make money with this?" "Dunno, man, dunno." "Guess that's why she is the boss, and we are carrying the bottles." "She's paying us well, isn't she?" Oh wow, this MOC has been ready for a looooong time, but I never actually posted it. So here you go. I took the style from my Salida Este City Gate. @Capt Wolf: Feel free to license this in the name of MCTC (medium or large commerce, I assume?).
  4. Location: Stormhaven Type: Small Commercial Stormhaven was a small settlement, and for a long time goods had been brought directly in by Corrington. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr That had changed when the WTC set up a Waymart in the settlement, forcing the settlement's locals to buy from them. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr Today, a Nameren Businessman had arrived to do business with the WTC. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr "No, I don't want a #&$#ing loyalty card!" muttered a disgruntled Marine. "But it gets you discounts!" Said a WTC lackey who was loitering in the store. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr The Marine stormed out, as the Businessman entered. Certainly, there was something to discuss.... FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I stole a technique from @Ayrlego for the siding, which I think turned out very nicely. I wish I could of done the design for the mangroves that the other builders in Stormhaven did, but alas I did not have the pieces. I hope they look alright. C&C appreciated!
  5. The flourishing "New Town" of Salida Este on Ferro Azure has become a frequented place. Merchants from far away meet local tradesmen and the island's natives. A central place for the exchange of goods is the City Gate. The dome towers can be seen from far away, shining bright in sunlight. And while the City Wall would surely not be able to fend off siegeweapons, it is more than sufficient to keep those lousy pirates or wild animals out of town. At the small well locals meet to exchange the latest news. Mostly about trading opportunities, but also just random rumours about the chieftains daughter or the harbourmaster's gout. The "Gate Guards", recognisable by their yellow capes and the fancydecorative feathers, collect the entrance tolls. The capeless "Trade Sherrifs" with their simplistic red plumelets, paid by MCTC, ensure safe and lawful trade in Salida Este. The natives often bring their harvest to exchange it for other goods in town - and while their ox-drawn carts do not live up to modern standards, they do what they are supposed to do. And being Eslandolans, it is no surprise to see the first merchants sell their acquired goods right there at the gate. Welcome to Salida Este, one of the most flourishing Eslandolan Towns in the New World.
  6. Quinnsville Pier and Storehouse QV6.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After his trip to the timber plantation, Richard Brickford's next stop was the local pier. He arrived just in time to greet his most trusted employee, Ralph Clutchington, who had just came into port. For it's size the pier was quite busy. Goods were being moved and deals were being struck. Only one boat was docked at this particular section of the jetty, but it was also a slow time in trade. QV6.2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The lone boat that was docked was piloted by an old salty sailor who demanded to be referred to as Captain, even though his ship was no bigger than a dingy. QV6.4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr There was a large storehouse as well a clock tower on this portion of the wharf and everything was kept in order by the lone guard on duty. Dear Governor Cooke, I have looked over the trade situation in Quinnsville. While the wharfs and docks are not filled to capacity, they are still operating at about one-third of their potential. The storehouses seems relatively full for the amount of trade going on at this time. The structures themselves are in quite good condition, which can of course be attributed to Sir Smaugton's guidance. The clock tower on the wharf is in full working order and the wooden dock is free of rot. There are some peculiar people in Quinnsville though... There is one old sailor who pilots a boat barely larger than a dingy, but demands to be called Captain. No one even knows his real name... From here I will continue on to the shipyards and see what kind of ships Quinnsville is producing. In service to her Majesty, Richard Brickford, Royal Surveyor of Quinnsville Here is yet another build for Quinnsville! This one is a section of a pier, which I may expand upon in the future. Also, this is my first time adding water effects, so I hope it turned out alright. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking and of course, more builds to come!
  7. Outdoor Sausage Smoker ML Food Stand by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Next to a small stretch of road that is frequented by WTC Marines, a wise old cook has set up a sausage smoker! Fueled by coal that is from the local Mesabi Landing coal mine, the fire never stops and as fast as the sausages are being made, people keep coming to buy them! ML Food Stand 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr A simple process is used, someone shovels in coal as the cook does his thing on the grill and rakes in the money! This is 1 of 2 builds for @Drunknok's April WTCM rewards. I thought it would be a fitting build for Mesabi Landing. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! It will be licensed as a small commerce.
  8. Legostone

    Rotating Meat

    With the cheap meat available around Mesabi Landing, it was fairly obvious that something had to be done with that. Realising that setting up just a grill wouldn't be too interesting - it had been done many times before - James Hred decided it would be best to do something nobody had done before in this city - why not cook the meat while it was rotating? This would cause an issue - all the grease would drop into the fire. To prevent that, he decided to set up the rotating part vertically. But wait, there is no vertical fire that would evenly heat the meat - the meat now has to be heated by metal rods that were heated to glowing red in an oven nearby. A pretty involved procedure, just to make some fancy cooked meat that can be cut off the roll... Here you can see a bit more of the procedure - a young boy is turning a winch, which is in turn turing a belt which rotates the meat. Another assistant picks up the glowing red metal rods and replaces the ones that have cooled down. James Hred cuts off the good meat and sells it to locals. Now, James has run into an issue - he isn't very creative at naming things. He needs help naming this new technology and hopes it can be simplified in the future - having 3 people work for this seems quite ineffective. If someone were to develop a better solution he is willing to offer a 150 DB reward if it were set up in an Eslandolan Settlement. Licensed as a small Artisan in Mesabi Landing
  9. East of turtle Island, not far from Tortuga. Callaghan : Here we are doctor Doctor Thaum : I'm bubbling over with curiosity, Callaghan, where are we ? Iauln : Someone is hidding, doctor !! And there is someone near that tree ! Oggy : that's a hidden embankment Callaghan : Come with me, so that I can explain you. Callaghan : The main problem with trading are the fees, the entrangling and eternal fees. The 2 thing in life we cannot avoid : death and taxes ! Oggy : Sure Callaghan ! Callaghan : I have though about it, and finally came to the answer... So let me introduce yourselves... Callaghan : .. the smugglers of Tortuga and their hidden warehouse !! Callaghan : and with this hidden path, we can resupply whole Turtle island avoidind the taxes !!! And the warehouse is full ! : but... : I know... you're without words, I'm pretty proud, this time... : Smugglers in Tortuga... : But doctor... : Yes, my dear Iauln... : Smugglers in Tortuga !!??? : This is... : Yes, my dear Iauln... : SMUGGLERS IN TORTUGA !!??? : Should I... ? : Yes, my dear Iauln !! : Hu Oh ?!! : SMUGGLERS IN TOTUGAAAAAAAAARGH !!!!!! : Ouch ! Ouch ! BLAM BLAM !!!! Oggy : Talli Ho !!! Doctor Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan !!!! BLAOUM BLAOUM !!!! Doctor Thaum : In your opinion, Callaghan, who is likely to collect taxes in Tortuga !!! Oggy : Bring' em on !!! Doctor Thaum : Callaghan come back her right now for I have to bite you !!! C&C welcome The warehouse will be licenced as a medium commerce for Tortuga !
  10. Need a loan or some place to store your doubloons? Then stop by the small bank owned by Philip. Philip makes sure your doubloons are protected as he has hired a guard. You don' even need to walk into the building, just come up to the windows. The space saved by not having an interior allows you to store more gold! And don't worry, while Philip and his guard like to play guards, they never use customers' money. The RNTC is more than welcome to buy this property.
  11. Matthijs Honig had been carrying around this idea for a long time, but had been in need of financing. He had seen businessmen bankrupted by bad luck, while others had been blessed by unbelievable luck, and he believed there had to be a fairer way of distributing risk and reward. Recently, he had met a man called Ibn al'Sayeed, who had offered to finance his idea. And so, with 1.000 dbs backing from the Montoya estate, he had purchased an office in Weelond and set up shop. The first few captains were already approaching, and he was sure business would be brisk. The Weelond Insurance company will insure all trading vessels at 100 % of their license value in return for 1/3 of any trading proceeds. Warships are insured for 1/3 of licensing costs. Shipowners can sign up their ships until the publication of the MRCA results. The company will have its own accounts, but the Montoya Estate offers 1.000 dbs as security, should the business not be able to sustain itself. Please contact the insurance company for special deals on multiple vessels! So go ahead and sign up your ships in this thread. (Also, the build will be licensed as a small commerce.)
  12. Eltina Docks by Brandon Stark, on Flickr As the settlement of Eltina is growing, it needs a docks to make it easier for goods and people, to arrive. Thus, the House of Fourniere, which holds great influence in the city, along with the House of Lantell, put funds for the construction of a port. With the help of royal architects, the port was quickly finished, and has become the most bustling part of the settlement. Though not as bustling as the Breshaun Docks, Eltina is quickly growing.
  13. Eltina Market by Brandon Stark, on Flickr While waiting for his older brother to show up with reinforcements from Ladros so he can make expeditions further into New Terra, Brandon visits the Eltina market. One year ago, this market had few vendors and visitors, yet due to the interests of some Oleander aristocrats back in the mainland, who have invested in many properties around the city, the market is now bustling with both commoners and the city's elite alike.
  14. Cooke being away in Quinnsville didn't stop developments in King's Harbour. Everything was progressing along with his, so far still secret, plan, and new settlers arrived regularly. While not growing as fast as Cooke had hoped, the arrival of organisations like the ETTC and the Royal Society spurred growth and attracted both investments and people. One of the most recent additions to the settlement was a physician, and it was with the growth of services like this that Cooke hoped the naval base would pick up growth. And so it was! Cooke's latest order as Governor had been to start building up a network of stone docks and canals, and already days after finishing these, the first plots had been sold. In the first stretch of stone docks erected, warehouses and residences had already been constructed for some of the most entrepreneurial residents and businesses, and the docks were coming alive. The first buildings were a warehouse of the Montoya Estate and residences for two wealthy merchants. Loading and unloading the vessels and barges calling in the port required the proper tools, and several cranes and lifts had already been constructed, both for the dockside and as integral to the warehouses. To ensure traffic running smoothly in and across the canals, several drawbridges were being constructed all around the new port. The canals were already coming alive with several barges and small-craft like this ox-driven vessel currently unloading barrelled cocoa beans from the Allcock cocoa plantation inland. These were being stored in the cellar under the merchant's residence. Nearby, a captain is negotiating with a merchant for a new suit of sails for his lugger, which is currently without any cloth on its masts, due to it being improperly stored while in port and thus ruined by a storm. In the meantime, one of the new residents has purchased a piano from the Montoya Warehouse, surprising his wife with such a, for the colonies, rare implement. Cooke's city plan allows ample space for traffic and trade, with roads all around most buildings. This has the added benefit of limiting the squalor of closely populated areas, something that had been a cornerstone in Cooke's plan, having himself far too often struggled his way through dirt and despair in the cities of the old world. It will be interesting to see how King's Harbour develops from here, but if Cooke's plans are followed closely, this section will be a good representation of its future. _______________________________________________- Thanks for looking, all. I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, as I have a plan for King's Harbour, which I will hopefully find an occasion to show off in the near(ish) future. I am taking most of my inspiration from northern european cities such as copenhagen and amsterdam, especially Nyhavn in CPH. As always, C&C is welcome. A few more pictures can be found in my flickr. It will be licensed as a large commerce.
  15. We sailed into Weelond Bay and anchored in the harbor. Even though Weelond was founded as a company town of the MCTC, the settlement was open to all, and the docks were no exception. This was a public wharf. As we rowed to shore to speak with the dockmaster, the Weelond waterfront came into focus. The dockmaster was currently busy with Captain Janszen and his first mate. Perhaps a problem with his manifest? Behind them the street was bustling with activity. Both warehouses were busy moving crates and barrels to their designated spots, some coming in, some going out. And was that Captain Silver coming down the stairs? Who had he been visiting? Over to our left, a father and his son were fishing. They better make sure that cat doesn’t get their catch. As soon as the dockmaster is done with Janszen, we’ll discuss our business with him. * * * * * This MOC is made up of several builds you’ve seen here before (the small warehouse with room above, the MCTC warehouse, the brewery). The dock has even appeared before (introducing a ship, and practicing for a duel), but never as the focus of the build. Probably only 10% of this is new. But I wanted to see how it would all fit together in a larger display, and I wanted to put the focus on the dock, which I will now license as a medium commerce property. Here are a couple more views: As always, all C&C welcome.
  16. It’s market day in Weelond! Residents have come to the market house on the village green to sell their wares. The ground floor of the market house is used to store goods, and the archways also serve as vendor stalls on market days. The 2nd floor of the market house is used as a meeting place for town elders and for community events. Some days there might be people selling animal skins and furs, leather goods, iron cooking pots, and other artisan goods, but today it looks like it’s farm produce day. As we walk along the street, Mrs. Pifano is selling bananas and apples. In addition to the man she’s talking to, the militiaman on horseback appears interested. Set up on the cobblestones in front of the market house we find “Old Man” Claesen, a local fisherman, and his young assistant with two barrels of fresh fish. Aaron van der Meede is talking to Mrs. Lockerman, who is selling carrots from her garden. At the far end of the building, Samuel Amwell is unloading kegs from his brewery. Moving to the other side of the market house, we see Sam’s assistant tending to the ox that pulls the cart. Up the street on the far side of the green, we are greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries. Let’s stop and buy some treats! The next smell is not as pleasant! A pig farmer has set up a temporary pen and brought his pigs to market. They are fat and ready for slaughter. Who wants bacon? But bacon would take time. The poultry farmer has cooked turkey legs ready now! He also has chickens for sale. That’s a visit to the Weelond market!
  17. Weelond, like Bardo, is a company town, and the company keeps it busy! At the MCTC warehouse, cargo handlers are busy sorting crates and barrels of the latest trade goods. Trade is the lifeblood of this settlement on An Holli. Corn, cotton, and textiles are the primary exports currently (although there are rumors that rum and ale may soon be produced locally), and various exotic foodstuffs and equipment are imported. Local MCTC officials are anxious to see more properties go up in Weelond. * * * * * A couple of new pictures have surfaced of this warehouse. Apparently there's more to it than initially illustrated. The warehouse extends well back from the street front. A side alley allows the workers to move goods out of the main street while they work. But they better watch what they're doing. Two pigs have escaped!
  18. Eslandola galleon in sight! Breshaun life stopped for a second, some heads turning to the port. Indeed a proud galleon entered the harbour. White painted, green flags on top. The ship didn't steal its name, it was surely a prince. 3 rowboats left the "Prince of Stedor" and headed for the quays. Meanwhile, some Oleon officers and royals arrived at the MAESTRO commerce house, as it was here where the rowboats would go to. Lord Damaximus was looking around him. Breshaun is such a nice port, so vibrant ... . But also so full of soldiers. Everywhere he looks, he sees marching guards. Luckily MAESTRO is always welcome in Breshaun since they opened a cider shop on the quays. The best cider in the world, made in Elysabethtown from the apples of Felipe de la Manzana. Giving a gift to an official for the new king Philip of Oleon. Long may he reign! ------------------------- C&C welcome!! I am going to licence this as medium commerce house. Am I right that Oleon pays me back half of the licence cost as it is located in Breshaun?