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Found 25 results

  1. DC sure has had some bizarre comics in it's history. One of them is Action Comics #481: "It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Supermobile!" Yes, that's the actual title of the comic. The Supermobile is a vehicle made out Supermanium (that's right, Supermanium) that can simulate most of his powers. Superman builds it in order to defeat Amazo after a wave of red sun radiation cancels out his powers. I've always loved the Supermobile for its sheer absurdity as well as its retro look and have been wanting to build it, and this contest was the perfect opportunity to do so! So here it is: And here is the original cover: As you can see, Amazo is played by Jeremy Renner (aka. Hawkeye) in my recreation. The Superman logo decals were made by me and the engine detail stickers are from the Exo-Force set 7713. Here are some more views of the Supermobile: I hope you like it and wish you a super Superhero Month!
  2. Ninja Nin

    SH-CCC: Deadpool Vol 2 47

    Great contest, a real challenge in photography skills ! My interpretation of Deadpool Vol 2 47 POOL VS CAP and the cover
  3. Kristel

    SH-CCC: Catwoman No. 54

    Here's my interpretation of Catwoman Issue No.54: And the original cover: This was really hard to photograph, but I think it captures the essence of the original cover. Hope you like it.
  4. Runamuck

    SH-CCC: The Transformers #3

    I know, Transformers are not superheroes, but this one has a guest star: The Transformers guest starring the amazing Spider-Man! Peter Parker has been sent by the Daily Bugle to investigate a mysterious alien invasion in Oregon. Ever since I found an official figure of Spider-Man I have been toying a bit with this idea in my head, if nothing else than for the photo thread. The contest gave me some actual motivation to translate the idea into proper brick form, even if it doesn’t actually use the Spider-Man figure I found. A little more info on the comic: A better look at the actual comic cover:
  5. Jackattack7

    SH- CCC Batman vol 1 #629

    Here is my simple entry for the comic cover contest. (View 1) SH-CCC (Eurobricks) by (herp)_Jackattack7_(herp), on Flickr (view 2) SH-CCC (Eurobricks) by (herp)_Jackattack7_(herp), on Flickr (Better quality in my photostream) This is the actual cover: Batman Comic cover by (herp)_Jackattack7_(herp), on Flickr
  6. My last-minute entry: The Death of Captain Marvel by Ultron32, on Flickr Never heard of Captain Marvel? There's a reason for that: he's dead. Original: (Marvel Graphic Novel #1) The Death Of Captain Marvel by Ultron32, on Flickr So, a few days ago, I was looking skimming through the rules. I saw, "No custom decals allowed" and thought, 'argh! I just went to all the trouble of hand-making decals for captain marvel specifically for this contest!' ( I figured I would just make it so you couldn't see his torso and head, as seen in the pic here. Now about 10 minutes ago I look through all of the rules in detail, and I see "custom decals are allowed." I apparently read it wrong. Just goes to show, you should always read all of the rules before you take your picture. Anyways, though there are obviously flaws in mine (such as all the wrong heroes) I think it came out pretty good. Plus I was forced to make a new hairpiece for thor, seeing as cap is using the original, and I ended up with this awesome one.
  7. MstrOfPppts

    SH-CCC: Wonder Woman #41

    This was really a great idea for the contest! So many great entries. Some are minimalistic, some are great builds, some closeups and others images of big areas. Really distinct and creative entries. So I had quite some trouble thinking of something a bit different. I only have Wonder Woman and when I found the cover of #41 I decided I'll play with lights a little. So here's my entry: The original cover: How it's made: My other idea: Good luck to everyone in the contest!
  8. Heres my entry to the Superhero comic cover contest! Im not a huge spiderman fan but i thought that this cover was such an important part of comic book history, that i wanted to preserve it in lego-y glory :). And my entry picture: reference image : You will have to excuse that "Electro" and "Vulture" are in there gauntlet costumes. :) Hope you guys like it.
  9. Here is my entry for the Cover contest. First the original cover. http://talkingcomicb...l-665x1024.jpeg And her is my interpretation of it. Enjoy.
  10. I've been looking for an excuse to make my own superhero versions of Legohaulic's awesome cartoonish star wars figures (, so I decided to come up with a cartoonish interpretation of Justice League of America No. 8: justice league 8 cartooned by light2525, on Flickr Here is the original cover for reference: jl8original by light2525, on Flickr This was definitely a fun build. Thanks for the contest.
  11. Hammerstein NWC

    SH-CCC - Captain America #241 (CGC)

    Didn't have the dark blue bricks I wanted to do the Caps legs akimbo as I wanted but the Important thing is taking part. :) Since i first saw the Punisher as a small child he overtook Spiderman as my favorite ever Superhero. Malcolm X has nothing on the Punisher. Punisher would kill, ransom or plain just brutalize anything that got in his way for vengance or "justice". GO FRANK! Custom Parts used Christo Custom Punisher torso V&A Steamworks Crazy Arms Autopistol by Brick Arms. Punisher Trivia fact: Originally the Punisher was called the Assassin. EDIT OOPS original cover here with the "graphics" cut out in mspaint. :)
  12. toutouille

    SH-CCC : Amazing Spider-Man #37

    Here my participation. Hope you love this picture ! Original one ... just for pleasure: Toutouillle
  13. Captain Nemo

    SH-CCC: "Mad Love"

    This is my wonderful entry into the Comic Cover Contest. After two days of building (And digging for bricks!) I've finished my entry designed after the amazing one shot comic “Mad Love” by Paul Dini and Bruce Tim. The story follows the origins of Harley Quinn (Whom Dini and Tim created in the hit animated Batman show; and Quinn went on to become one of the most popular batman characters), shown to be Joker’s psychiatrist who fell for the clown prince of crime. By far the hardest part was keeping Harley looking good, and in scale. Anyways, I hope you like it! Here is the cover that inspired this:
  14. Hi everyone. I have been searching for a long time now, trying to find a truely insparational comic cover. Eventually i found this. I spent about 20 mins sorting the peices for the photo, And then after I put all the peices back I realised I frogot to include the trees so I had to do it all over again. wwq 001 by Joker 789, on Flickr Original cover- # Any feedback would be greatly appeciated.
  15. For the contest, I really wanted to go with an X-Men cover, specifically, my all time favorite issue, Uncanny X-Men 137, but I just don't have the mini-figs to pull it off I will probably tweak this over the next few weeks, or try a issue of Spider-Man, probably my second-favorite series. While I was able to set this up, it was really hard posing the minis, and even harder to get the background to show up... Any advice would be taken seriously And this isn't my submission, but hoping to get the vibe across
  16. vriverajr3

    SH-CCC: The New 52! #0 Superman

    Here's my Entry as well as my son's haha. Simple enough build where my 5yr old actually did most of it . Hope you guys like it
  17. Ceroknight

    SH-CCC Superman Burn! #218

    Hello! This is my entry for the contest and I decided to go with a Superman comic. This is the original cover: I might change the background with fire pieces if I have enough. Please tell me more ways on how I can improve! Thank you Ceroknight
  18. Here is my entery to the Comic Cover Contest. I really enjoyed creating this and I hope you all like it! Superman vs. Spider-man by CBMM1, on Flickr Here is a little backstory on the comic via Wikipedia:
  19. Here's my entry c: Wave of Mutilation,” Part 1 & 2 Deadpool has ceased to exist, he’s given his good-byes, he’s driven his car into the ocean. They’ll think he’s dead, but he’ll sail away. Then, he becomes a pirate! source: http://www.comicvine...ooty/37-168300/ hope you will like it!
  20. SH-CCC Shadow Of The Bat #4 Here's my interpetation of this classic cover by Steve Engelhart. Hope you guys like it. Shame it's hard to get details, I made a painted background with lightning and there are micro lego buildings in the back. Joker is holding a fish and the rain pipe is there.
  21. As part of Superheroes month, I'm introducing this temporary topic. Normally, this would go in the Culture & Multimedia section, and maybe it'll be shuffled there after the fact, but for now, let's all consider the best in comic covers, and maybe inspire some of the less comic literate members of the forum with the best in the industry. For me, what is an iconic cover? The most obvious example is those covers that are burned into our memory, either through their power, or the reverberations they send through the comics world. Many of the great covers get homaged over and over again, cementing their status. It's very hard for new comics to be iconic, partly because it takes a generation to recognize that something's become "iconic", moving it beyond a classification of "very good." The two biggest categories of iconic covers are "introductory" ones, which made such a splash because of characters introduced, and "event" covers, which portrayed milestone stories. I tend to like the latter more, but everyone has their own tastes Introductory covers The grand-daddy of them all, Action Comics 1, first appearance of Superman (Here's an example of an homage to it) One of my favorite covers, Giant Size X-Men 1, which introduced the all new, all different X-Men, which are still top sellers to this day, over 35 years later. Fantastic Four 1 is among the most homaged covers ever, probably because it's still so fresh and fun. The introduction of Spider-Man has become quite iconic too: While DC didn't do so great at introducing iconic books in the 60's and 70's, they did a lot better in the 80's, like with the beautiful Justice League 1. As well as re-introducing Batman with The Dark Knight Returns 1, Event Covers These are the covers which shook the comic-reading world. These are somewhat rarer, since it takes a great combination of story and art to pull it off. A great cover on so many levels, and one of the weirdest superhero stories ever: Green Lantern 85: Another heavily homaged comic, the introduction of the multiverse in Flash 123: I'd actually say that Amazing Spider-man has had more iconic covers than most comics, partly because of how fresh it was, and how great the runs of John Romita Sr and Gil Kane was on that book (I love the original artist, Steve Ditko, but his covers were a little old fashioned). Here is the first time Spider-man quit: One of the later additions to the cover pantheon, was this Hulk cover which pretty much cemented the career of a young up and coming artist named Todd McFarlane, who shortly after was moved to the very high-profile position drawing Amazing Spider-man (Hulk is a marketable character, but his comics tend to be not so high-profile, until the last 10 years or so). Well, that's a start. What do you think are the iconic comic covers? Which do you think would look great in LEGO? From this list, a clever MOC'er could do the Dark Knight Returns justice, and a heavy-hitting MOC'er could blow the rest of us out of the park with a Fantastic Four 1 cover. Feel free to add your opinions and the covers which are iconic for you!
  22. Brig. Brick

    SH-CCC: Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia

    Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia is a modern Greek tragedy of duty and vengeance. When Wonder Woman partakes in an ancient ritual called the Hiketeia, she is honor-bound to eternally protect and care for a young woman named Danielle Wellys. But when the Wonder Woman learns that Danielle has killed the sex-slavers/drug dealers who murdered her sister, she suddenly finds herself in battle with Batman, who is searching for the female fugitive. Caught in a no-win situation, Wonder Woman must choose between breaking a sacred oath and turning her back on justice. In the climax, as Wonder Woman and Batman duel by the top of a cliff, Danielle finally decides to sacrifice herself and leaps. She dies in Wonder Woman's arms and tells her that she has released her of the Hiketeian ritual now, my lego cover: now, the original cover:
  23. The Penguin

    SH-CCC: Night of the Penguin

    Well, I find the very idea of recreating the comic cover in LEGO ingenious, so I couldn't resist participating! I hope you'll like it! And the pic itself. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )