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Found 3 results

  1. It is summer, eleven years after Eidrin first brought the eggs to Muninn Ranch, Bergir and Meiken are long gone to the Gods. With the recent rumors of war and mounting tensions throughout Historica, the authorities have stationed a garrison at the ranch to protect the chobos as a military resource. The idyllic sanctuary that Muninn once was has all but disappeared. Even the homely house once kept by Maiken is now a bunkhouse for soldiers. Eidrin has grown into middle age and assumed the position of stablemaster of Muninn Ranch. He has regular meetings with Captain Rangvald, the officer in charge of the garrison at Muninn. His family still lives in their home a few miles away but are at Muninn frequently to help the soldiers care for the chobo. They don't always agree about how to go about it, hence the meetings. Eindal, a gentle boy who's grown up close to chobos and more at home with them than other people much of the time, protests as one of the warriors eagerly attempts to lasso a young chobo called Solvi. Eindal has much of the instincts and manner that Bergir believed make for a fine chobo rancher. Eidrin thinks his son will one day be twice the rancher he is. Meanwhile, Helva and Hurin approach Captain Rangvald's second in command in hopes of joining the army. Thyra, her mother and Eidrin's wife, attempts to dissuade her, not wanting to see her family torn apart. Helva is a woman grown now and has lost none of her mischief or thirst for adventure. She grips her axe and sling tightly, as if just bearing arms makes her an armswoman. The soldiers are mostly happy to ignore Eidrin's family and get on with the business of eating, training, and protecting their garrison. Too big now for any of the pens at Muninn Ranch, Kensley has a visit with Unnolt, the first to hatch from the eggs Eidrin brought here all those years ago. Chobos bond closely with their own, even if they're not born family. Unbeknownst to either chobo, Eidrin and Captain Rangvald are even now discussing Kensley's fate. Eidrin and Kensley are old friends, but he knows that the chobo is getting too big for the ranch and must be moved on to a proper home where he can be trained alongside other chobo as mounts in war. Rangvald shows Eidrin the order to draft Kensley and asks him to sign. Both men know that this day will come for all the chobo at Muninn. Neither suspects that the day has also come for Eidrin's firstborn daughter... Thanks for having a look. My notion here was to show passage of time both by changing the landscape and by showing a different season and the characters from previous MOCs after time has passed on. I hope that building directly onto a previous Phase doesn't disqualify this build or anything. I'm not sure I did a great job with the photos here as this is the biggest MOC I've done. I decided to post nearly all the photos here, but there are a few more at my flickr. This was my first time building masonry stonework in a MOC really and I'm not sure the technique I chose works as well as I'd like. Other than that, I'm happiest with the story of these builds and probably the landscaping of this one in particular. I won't be making trees like these ones again... too boring! This will close out my chobo builds for the time being. I know it's on a sad note and all, but we'll see what happens when the Civil War threatens proud Mitgardia. C&C is welcome as always!
  2. Knowing there's no time to waste, Eindrin races the eggs north to the stable where he is apprenticed. His faithful steed, Kensley, is barely an adolescent chobo but still strong enough to carry Eindrin and the eggs at a dizzying speed across the snowy landscape. "Hie forward!" Eindrin shouts into the wind.
  3. Elna and her son Bjar lead Eindrin, a Chobo rancher, to an abandoned nest. "What happened to the mother?" Eindrin asked. "No trace of her," Bjar said. "But mother has kept an eye on the nest in case she returned." "No chobo have come," Elna confirmed. "But I've kept away scavengers and predators until you could arrive." "I see," Eindrin said. "You were right to send for me." Elna and Bjar live a secluded but full life, hunting game and gathering what edible plant life grows wild in the deep forests of southern Mitgardia. They are happy to show Eindrin the eggs, knowing that he will see them to a safer place.