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  1. Location: Jameston, Celestia Type: Medium Commercial Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr Agnes awoke with a start at a table full of papers. Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr "What the? How the $#@$# did I get here?" She asked angrily "Good morning!" Said Pete Zanzibar "I'm glad to see you've come too." "You didn't answer the question, you pinstriped idiot." Agnes muttered. "Well.... after you left the gunpowder factory, you walked into a pineapple tree. You then challenged it to a duel, and blew it up with TNT." Said Pete "And?" "Well, then you tried to rob a general store with a stick." "And?" "And we realized it would just be easier to buy out the store, and set up headquarters there, and let you think you robbed the place." "Oh." Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr "So, anyways, the elites are all here, and we're going to go find that fabled orchard." Said Pete "Wait, who's running things in Mesabi Landing?" Asked Agnes Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr Pete stopped smiling. "Him." He said quietly. "Oh." Said Agnes. "Well then, let's get this show on the road." Jameston Basecamp by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my entry into Challenge 6! As usual, I'm the first to post . I really tried to imitate @Ayrlego's style with this build. I probably failed, but I'm happy with the amount of texture I put into the build. C&C appreciated! More pictures
  2. Legonardo

    Challenge VI: The End

    Darkness. Darkness has crumbled the veneer that holds peace and goodness and let the fires of chaos and destruction burn the once great kingdom known as Historica. The dark mage Victor Revolword has overthrown the high king, not know is his condition. Cedrica has been taken, the infamous 'hand of corruption' have taken it from the inside out, there evil ways turned the hearts of good innocent people black as the void and taken them under their cause. From the safety of the palace, Victor has been using the ancient druids helm to conjure monsters that have been wrecking havoc throughout. the abusinve power he has taken from it has further sickened his mind. Darkness reigns. However in all darkness, no matter how black there is always a sliver of light. Sometimes that's all that's needed. In the mystic locations that shield them from the wrath of Victor; Historica, the true historica, has been regaining its strength. so much so now that it has the power to deliver one more blow. The four guilds are to unite in strength and fight back, each guild taking one quarter of Cedrica, to wipe out Victor. now is the time... Gladia: "Well there it is" Fredric: "Yes, Cedrica" Gladia: "I hate this place, didn't think it could get worse, I stand mistaken" Fredric: "You've hated this place since you were a child, I still don't know why?" Gladia: "Yeah I have my reasons, it was bad enough without the filth on the walls, sludge on the ground, died out fields and that stench as is! I guess Victor hasn't done such a bad job, I mean its been full of orks for ages" Fredric: "You confuse me sometimes, especially as to why we are going in broad daylight?!?" Gladia: "Ah you forget my friend, these are orks, they don't see quite as clearly as they do at night and they don't have the brains to suspect anything, puts a bit less stress on our part, less fun, but I guess the Avalonian armies are depending on us two to succeed" (scored build #1) As the misty morning sunlight set upon the mighty walls, the two assassins paced quietly towards the immense gate, the suns warming rays defeating the piercing chill of night. Fredric: "Damn, this could be hard to open" Gladia: "Ah live with it, some lifting cant do you any harm" Fredric: "I guess..." Gladia: "Alright then, here goes" The two life long friends stealthily run towards the gate, narrowing avoiding attention Gladia: "You ready?" Fredric: "As I'll ever be" Gladia: "Then up we go, good luck my friend" Fredric: "And to yourself, may this not be our last encounter" Fredric: "Huh, this is easy enough, the wall is practically made for climbing!" Gladia: "Keep it down these plonkers might hear you!" Gladia: "one, two three... now!" Up the wall and over the battlements they went, swiftly and silently the few orks on duty were slaughtered. Fredric: "Pff, that was pathetic, Victor is trying to keep his position right?" Gladia: "Probably too full of himself to think its possible to even get this far, mind you we have alot further to go." Fredric: "Stupid mage. lets get rid of this scum already, the smell is getting to me" Gladia: "First good idea you've had for a while..." Fredric: "Sure" Gladia: "Allrighty then, lets get this damned portcullis up, open the gate and then have breakfast, Im famished!" Fredric: "I wonder if Victor likes cheese?" Gladia: "Cheese? now? I'm after a slab of meat, accompanied by a decent beer, I'm sure the city has some, even in its pathetic state, people gotta eat" Fredric: "Just a thought, I'm keen on meat now too, although right now I'd go for some Mitgardian ale" Gladia: "Whatever tickles your fancy" Fredric: "Damn this is heavy!" Gladia: "Hardest parts done and over with, lets get that gate open" Fredric: "Then Breakfast!" The doors are surprisingly much easier then anticipated to open, the two still grunt and moan under its weight, not as load as the moan the doors make though. As the gates are opened hundreds of Avalonian soldiers advance to the gap in the wall. Gladia: "Let the battle begin" Fredric: "Amen to that. Now to find a decent tavern..." The fight had begun. Thousands of Historicans swarmed the almighty city of Cedrica, with civilians coming out of hiding faster than men were falling. the battle is so far leaning against Victor, with the hand spread out across the city, the unexpected attack is better than anticipated. Not everything has gone perfectly though... (scored build #2 (interior)) During the uprising Gladia and Fredric did find a tavern, abandoned yes but full of mead, the two life-long friends drank, not knowing that it would be their last together. upon exit Fredric was speared in the gut and died within minutes. Filled with rage Gladia went berserk. Gladia is naturally an excellent killing machine, as all the AAG are, however when hes angry he becomes a monster. ...After much fighting, at around noon, Gladia and two druids arrived at the palace gates. Gladia, still filled with the bitter pain of loosing a friend slaughtered all of the palace " guards" with ease, after all they were just orks, wern't they? soon they came to two grand looking doors, with shredded colored cloth that appeared to have once been the flags of the 5 great guilds, The two druids grabbed Gladia to attempt to knock a bit of sense into him. he was calmed a little, they opened the doors and proceeded down the long corridor. A burnt black carpet lay down the center, the walls stripped bare of the colorful tapestries that once hung. Victor: Ahh visitors, such I have not had for a long time, welcome! Gladia: You're gonna die you old twirp. Victor: Oh, is that so? I have put your Historica in ruin, and 'the great' (he said with sarcasm) Historica dares challenge me with two conjourers and a jumped up jerk with a few kitchen knives? are you really that desperate? I'm going to take this action as a compliment. Gladia: Well actually there was about 5 that didn't seam to make it, one of them an Avalonian. Although they're probably just being typical Mitgards, Kaliphlins and Nocturns, to lazy to turn up on time. Victor: My appologies on your loss he said with an evil smile. Slowly his face drooped from the grin into its frown that the Black Mage had been wearing whence the three entered. Gladia couldn't help notice the ancient helmet propped by the frail old man. His voice was deep and croaky, yet at the same time soft and somewhat pleasant. First Druid: Perhaps the corruption in thy mind hast caused you to forget whom it is that I am. I am Earon, leader of the order of Eden. I taught you as a young one, my how you've changed, for the worse. You were once joyful and bright, a great student no doubt. Victor: Pah! So maybe your not just a conjurer, still a fool though. Don't try lecture me about whom I once was you old fool! I am far greater than you! Second Druid: Son, you're not the great man I once knew. shame on you! Victor: Father! It can't be! you should be long dead by now! Second Druid: Oh but I am still fine, son the years have not been going as fast as you would think, your life in solitary, clinging to evil, it has aged your body and weakened you mind... Victor: Shutup! There was rage glowing in his face And who is this reject? whats my conection with him eh? Gladia: oh we have very little connection, in fact the only real connection between us is that because of you, Avalonia, the place I love, lies mostly in ruins, you've destroyed my hops fields, caused me to have to come over here to kill you and you've killed one of the greatest friends a man could have! Victor: that would make you? Gladia: Gladia, if you wish to know who it is who killed you. With that, Gladia leaped forward and made a sprint towards Revolword. Victor thrusted forward his staff, throwing back Gladia with an epic force. Just as Gladia was getting up the two druids did the same in reply, victors staff burst free from his grasp, and the old victim to corruption was driven backward Victor smashed unto the throne, hitting his head on one of its oaken corners and falling unconscious. Gladia made move to the bleeding mage to finish him off. As he beheaded him Gladia kicked it across the room, yelling with hatred towards him. Victor is finished. Now all thats left is to restore the king and bring back peace to HIstorica... Gladia headed down the palace in an attempt to locate the king and the heir, he wanted this job done and over with! Eventually the assassin came to a filthy cell, in it, the king! and the prince. Gladia: someones lucky day isn't it? Prince: I would assume so... Gladia turned around and saw the filthy crown filled with a decaying scull Gladia: ehh, what happened to 'im? Prince: When Victor took the palace, he tortured and cut my fathers throat, then stuck him in here with me. just one of his ways to entertain im sure... Gladia: sorry about it, Victors gone, I took the pleasure of cutting his throat, if that makes you feel better... Prince: Oddly it does,and whom may you be oh great knight? Gladia: not a knight, and assassins keep themselves too themselves. Prince: very well then. any way I can show my gratitude? Gladia cut through his chains. Gladia: a fast horse'll do. I hate this place, I want to get out now, been too long a day, maybe a new blade? the chain appears to have blunted this one? Prince: haha, If thats what you want, you shall have it! Gladia: thank'ee sire And with that, Gladia took his horse and left. Scored build #3 (this is located under the tower) The next few days were very eventful in Cedrica. The soldiers from the 4 guilds helped out clearing the mess, and spoilt by Cedrican tavern owners and women. The new king was crowned and many feasts and banquets took place. hundreds of guests, lords and ladies, counts etc. Gladia however did not stay present for any of the festivities. he rode his horse, for 3 entire days till he came to the land he loves. ​Gladia stopped at the old tower his father would take him to when he was a boy. Briana would be there, he knew that. at the sight of her he let his horse free The two lovers fell into each other's arms. Gladia was in the greatest place he could imagine. In love in paradise. Historica was back. ~The End~ C&C welcome, this is my first time attempting dialogue, please excuse (and make me aware of!) any errors or things that could be considerably better, its not my strong point. please note that the throne room and the battle scene are part of the same MOC, and that the dungeon and tower are also the same MOC ~Legonaro
  3. *Outside Marecroft Manor* *From a rocky ledge, Legonardo Davidy calls down to his old friend, Trian Burress who has been summed to Marcroft for a secret meeting.* Legonardo: General Burress, I am pleased the Green Riders were able to reach you. I heard the road to Asca Duin was overrun with Hand soldiers. Trian Burress: The road is certainly not safe, but the Green Riders are the best messengers in the land. I was surprised to be summoned here, to Marecroft Manor. I thought only Albion was safe for the elemental terror. *Burress climbs the steps to greet his friend* Legonardo: Yes, old friend, only Albion has withstood the Elemental attack, but spies from the Hand of Corruption have penetrated even the Pearl City’s cloak. Despair has set in everywhere. I have heard rumors of civil war in Kalphlin, Drow activity in Nocturnus and a Hand presence in the mountains of Mitgardia. Everyone is on edge. Trian Burress: I have heard whispers. There have been rumors of a plot from within Mitgardia to claim the throne of Historica as their own if the Usurper is defeated. Legonardo: Yes General Burress, the overthrow of the Usurper could leave a void in power that may plunge our lands into chaos, but the rule of Revolword, his elemental monsters and the Hand of Corruption must be undone. Though I do not know what lies on the other side of the Usurpur’s defeat, only a united Historica can hope to defeat the Usurper. Trian Burress: You’ve grown quite wise since last we spoke my friend. Tell me now, why have I been summoned here? Legonardo: I’ll let Lord Rex tell you himself, the others are already inside. *Inside Marecroft’s meeting room* Artorious Rex: I see Lord Flagg, Lord Sslither and Jarl Nibelung have brought their own protection- do we really trust each other so little? Dextrus Flagg: And Legonardo and General Burress are here for our own comfort? Dear friend, I find your hypocrisy amusing. Jarl Nibelung: Enough! Both of you are letting Revolword get the better. If we cannot trust each other or our finest generals, then who can we trust? Elemental monsters continue to ravage the country side and the Hand of Corruption turns even our most loyal servants upon their own guilds. Lord Sslither: What news issss thissss that comesss from the North? My spiessss sssssay the North hasn’t been hit as hard as the Easssst. I have heard your forcessss are twi-hissss those of Nocturnusss. Jarl Nibelung: Be careful Snake. I have been told the Drow run freely over your lands and the Hand of Corruption has already pierced your inner circle. Taking Nocturnus wouldn’t even be a challenge for Mitgardia! Lord Sslither: So you admit you still possesssss strength Bear? Confessss! Elon Chorian: If we do have strength, you should pray we use it as a shield and not a sword. We will need it all to take the Usurpur. *Room erupts into shouting and accusations* Dextrus Flagg: Enough! If we are done beating our chests, and lying about our strength, let us admit that none of us have the men to conquer Revolword alone! Erudhalion Sansael: Our spies would not disagree m’Lord. Mitgardia’s strength is as depleted as our own. Only Abyssian, Patrea, Albion and Valholl remain standing. We lose hundreds of soldiers defending those walls every day, and the forces in exile are not nearly strong enough to defeat the elemental monsters, even with the strength of the elemental mages. Dextrus Flagg: Yes, we can not hold out hope for a miracle savior, it falls upon us to unite and destroy the Usurper. Artorious Rex: But how can we hope to strike out from a place of strength? The noose tightens every minute, and we are spending our time here instead of defending our people. A full assault on the Usurpur’s castle would be nearly impossible! Lord Sslither Not but two daysss ago I fell into dissspair. I thought, “We have held this uneassssy peace long enough. Perhaps defending Abyssssian is all that is left for Nocturnussss. What can we hope to do againsssst such a powerful enemy?” But- then General Grimm came to me and reported Nocturnian spiesss have located an entrancesss to the High King’s palacessss. The Usssssurper cariesss the Elemental Helm with him at all timessss, but if we could destroy the Helm, perhapsss we could turn the tidesss and not all would be lossst. General Grimm: If we can distract the Usurper long enough, perhaps a small raiding party could slip in and destroy the Helm and end the elemental threat. *It occurs that the plan could work, and each guild leader quickly realizes the advantage to capturing the throne room. Before anyone else can speak, Artorius speaks up* Artorious Rex: And I suppose Nocturnus volunteers to enter the city and storm the High King’s throne room while the rest of us die at the hands of Revolword’s elemental monsters! Lord Sslither: We are, shall we say, well equipped to sssslide through the shadowsss and destroy the Helm. Artorious Rex: And I suppose we can trust a viper like you to vacate the throne as soon as you have sunk your fangs into Revolword? General Grimm: Silence pup, you are no worthy of addressing Lord Ssilyrrlith with such disrespect. Artorious Rex: Pup? You insult Avalonia’s Lord? Do you consider yourself more than you’re Snake Lord’s mongrel pet wolf boy? Avalonia will not act as Nocturnus’s shield in this fight! Elon Chorian: And so we are to believe Artorious would not place the crown on his head if he entered the thrown room as conquering victor? We could expect such restraint from the Dragon? From the one who already calls himself “Rex”? The one who already thinks he is the divine King? The mountain men refuse to allow the Avalonians anywhere near the crown. Rex and his mutt Sir Buress have long worn on my nerves. I would die before allowing the Dragon anywhere near the throne. Mitgardia should have this honor. Erudhalion Sansael: And why should Kalphlin be so easily dismissed? Do we not have the greatest watchtowers and longest spears? Are we not the Lions of Historica? Kalphlin would rather see the Snake on the throne than the Bear! Dextrus Flagg: SILENCE ALL OF YOU! It is clear our tender peace is reaching its end. *A stranger strolls through the entrance with a companion* Rego Amancio: Perhaps if you don’t trust each other, you would consider putting your faith in a perfect stranger! Artorious Rex: Who are you? Dextrus Flagg: This is Rego Amencio, leader of Varlyrio, the fifth guild of Historica. Lord Sslither: *turns to Artorious* You would bring thisss stranger in to our circle and trusssst him to be true to hissss word? Artorious Rex: I would trust a stranger as much as I would trust the Lion, Snake or Bear! But I did not call for his counsel. If he knew about this meeting- then perhaps we have a traitor in out midst! Rego Amancio: Varlyrio has just as many spies as the guilds of Historica. Our island has yet to feel the wrath of the elemental terror, but we know the Usurper’s lust will never be fully fed. It is only time that separates our fate from all of Historica’s! Dextrus Flagg: Varlyrio has long been allied with the Dragon and the Bear, which one of you toads brought this slime to our secret meeting place? Lord Sslither: We should cut them down now before they have the chancesss to do the same to ussss! Rego Amancio: I should cut out your serpent tongue Snake! Trian Burress: Enough! We can not fight each other and survive the elemental storm, and it is equally clear we do not trust each other to enter the throne room alone. The only solution is to form a party made from all five guilds to storm the keep and destroy the Helm. Erudhalion Sansael: And I suppose you volunteer yourself dog? Trian Buress: I will do as my Lord commands. Artorious Rex: And so I command. I will send Sir Burress to do this task. Who will represent the other guilds in this quest? Dextrus Flagg: I send Erudhalion Sansael. Lord Sslither: I sssend General Grimm. Jarl Nibelung: I send Lord Elron Chorian. Rego Amancio: I send Duke Vennicio. Artorious Rex: Then it is decided, these five men will take the passage to Revolword’s throne room to destroy the Helm while the rest of us rally all our troops to storm the walls against the elemental monsters and the Hand of Corruption! In three days time, the assault shall begin. *Outside Marecraft Manor* Artorious Rex: Though I fear the other guilds intentions are less than honorable, the elemental threat must end. I have sent the Green Riders to assemble all of Avalonia’s greatest heroes, for the assault. Legonardo here with me at Marecraft Manor- Lord Arlindus at the Forest Watchtower of Circardia- de Gothia watching the forges near the Kalphlin border And, Zakon Goldblade… I am sure you could guess where he can be found! (my sincere apologies to rogueang who's "hero habitat" was not completed in time). Trian Burress: Yes m’Lord, we must rally everyone to ensure Victor does not suspect the assault on the throne room. *Three days later, the assault of Cedrica begins. Though Mitgardia, Avalonia, Nocturnus and Kalphlin appear in full force, the Valyrians are missing. The Hand is backed in full force by Elemental Monsters, including a fierce fire Elemental and stinging wind Elemental. *As the Hand and Victor’s Elemental monsters defend the walls, the Guild’s raiding party reaches Victor’s throne room* Elon Chorian: It’s a miracle your Snake Lord even keeps you around mongrel. I didn’t see you slay a single enemy on our way to the throne. I thought the Nocturnians were great warriors! Maybe we should have allied with the Drow against your weak lands when we had the chance. It’s bad enough that the Dragon’s old dog is slowing us down, but to have dead weight like you is intolerable. General Grimm: Bite your tongue ice grandpa, we’re here to destroy the Helm, not recount our kills. Elon Chorian: Spoken like the sniveling weevil you are! Erudhalion Sansael: Quiet, both of you. We are nearing the throne room. General Grimm: I’ve caught a scent. It is Rellik and his elite guards. They are close at hand. Elon Chorian: Finally, a use for the Snake’s pet! The nose always knows! Trian Burress: No doubt it will take all of us to dispose of Rellik and his guards and battle Revolword. No rogues here, we must work together to finish this fight. Duke Vennicio: Varlyrio will not share this glory with you lowly peasant, to victory! *Vennicio charges the Hand guards* Elon Chorian: There goes our opportunity to surprise them. Trian Burress: Quickly before Duke Vennicio gets his head returned to Varlyrio in a box! *The heroes charge Rellik and his troops* *Battle ensues. Rellik is captured* Rellik Nam: And so the guilds have finally realized only their allied strength have any chance to take down Lord Revolword. I doubt it will do you much good. The Hand of Corruption lurks deeper than you can imagine. We have loyal members within your own ranks at every level and in every city! I have looked in your eyes, and I can see the lust for power has already corrupted a soul in your very group! This alliance doesn’t stand a chance, one will betray you all. Duke Vennicio: Silence slime! We can not listen to this beast or he will corrupt us. We must cut out his foul tongue before he poisons us against each other! *Grimm cleaves Rellik’s head from his body* Elon Chorian: So quick to finish the job Grimm? Perhaps you are the soul in need of cleansing? General Grimm: Nonsense, Duke Vennicio was right, we could not allow Rellik to speak our names and corrupt us. It had to be done. Erudhalion Sansael: And the wolf has finally registered a kill. On a defenseless man no less. Elon is right, you were too quick to silence the corruptor! Trian Burress: Perhaps we should take the Usurper before we blame Grimm for the collapse of Historica! Elon Chorian: And now the Dragon’s pet asks us to ignore Rellik’s warning? Perhaps you too have your eye on the Throne Sir Burress. Duke Vennicio: Again we argue when action is needed- for the glory! To the Usurper! *Vennicio charges through the doors to the throne* Victor Revolword: And so the Guilds of Historica have come to meet their doom! Guards, dispatch these slime! *The heros pounce into action and destroy the slimey Hand soldiers* Victor Revolword: Oh- the conquering heroes unite- *Duke Vennicio stabs Revolword and Valyrian guards enter the throne room* Duke Vennicio: My first act of benevolence as your new king shall be to spare you all from the ramblings of a crazy old man! Elon Chorian: King? I don’t see a crown on your head! King Venniccio: Who needs a crown when I have the Elemental Helm! And now the Bear, Snake, Lion and Dragon will bow before the new king! King of the seas, and now king of your lands. With the Helm- Varlyrio shall pilot our vessels to take what should be ours! In fact, our storm troopers should be arriving at Historica’s doorstep now! Too long have we toiled on our island alone, too long have we been forgotten and ignored. We strike first at Nocturnus! I command all elementals to cover our withdrawal from Cerdica as we forge onto Nocturnus where today we shall claim the darklands as our own, and tomorrow, all of Historica! General Grimm: Nocturnus will resist! King Vennicio: I welcome your attempts, but we shall swat you down like flies on the rear of an megablocks! Guards, dispatch of these swine while I move our new army into position! *The Valyrian guards back the heroes into a corner* Trian Burress: Vennicio, you slimy sea serpent! Hand over the Helm and justice shall be swift! King Vennicio: It appears I have the upper hand dog. Kill them all! *The four guild leaders back up the four heroes* Artorious Rex: It seems the odds have been evened Eel. Prepare to feel the might of a united Historica! *Fighting ensues and Vennicio is captured.* King Vennicio: Even if you defeat me here, the Hand of Corruption rips your guilds from within. This peace won’t last a week! Jealousy, greed, resentment… Your guilds will be plunged into chaos! My troops have already reached Nocturnus. You know the garrisons there will fall! There is no victory for the guilds today! *Vennicio reaches for a dagger and Dextrus Flagg cuts him down while Burress retrieves the Helm and shatters it with the Golden Axe* General Grimm: No! Nocturnus needed that Helm to repel the Varlyrian invaders! You’ve doomed Nocturnus, if not from the sea people, than from the Drow. Curses Avalonian swine! Elon Chorian: Sir Burress has only done what we sought to do. Destroy the Helm and end the elemental threat. Lord Sslither: Yesss Elon, Burresss has completed the quest, but at what cossst? I assssume Avalonia will send its revered Flight of Dragonssss to repel the Valyrian invadersss! Artorious Rex: Avalonia has its own rebuilding to do Snake. I would not send a single soul to your lands until ours are secure. Trian Burress: M’lord, Nocturnus will need our assistance. We can not allow Varlyrio, the Hand of Corruption or the Drow conquer their lands. We must send them aid. Artorious Rex: My command is to withdraw to the Pearl City. Any bannermen that follows you on this quest are on their own. Trian Burress: I would rather be an outcast than a coward. Mesodraconem will help the Nocturnians! Artorious Rex: If you ever return to Avalonia, be sure to knock first as it is no longer your home. Jarl Nibelung: Enough, the Hand of Corruption retreats. The city is ours! Let us not bicker but rejoice in this great victory! Dextrus Flagg: Rejoice? There is too much to be done to rejoice. We must find the King and purge the Hand of Corruption from our lands! Jarl Nibelung: And if the King can not be found? What then? Who will protect the crown until the King can be found? Artorious Rex: The question seems easy enough! Whoever holds the most Gold Deracis should hold the crown until the King returns. Let us have a final accounting of the riches we have assembled, and the leading guild shall hold control of the crown until the King can be found! *The End… or is it?* Historica- Chapter 2- Civil War! Avalonians- you have a choice! Do you assist General Burress in Nocturnus and risk exile? Or do you rebuild your homes in Avalonia under the rule of the Artorious’ newly named protector? Artorious has ventured into the Dark Isles to seek out a new power to help lead Avalonia into its Golden Age. Choose your side, Avalonia, or as Artorious calls Sir Burress and those who seek to help the Nocturnians, “Evilonia”. Noctunians- you also have a choice. Your lands and homes are in shambles. Do you seek refuge in another guild? Do you accept the rule of the Varlyrians? Or do you stay and fight along side your Avalonian allies? The Drow, Valyrians and Hand of Corruption have already formed an alliance calling themselves the “Black Spire”. The alliance welcomes any who will renounce Sslither and Historica. Choose your side, Black Spire or Nocturnus! Mitgardians- It was rumored your guild was spared from most of the Elemental assault, but shortly after Revolword’s defeat, an earthquake rattled the mountains, causing avalanches and rock slides to swallow entire settlements. What’s worse, it has become known that the Hand of Corruption is amassing an army behind the rockslides deep inside the Mitgardian mountains. The Jarl has served you well as leader, but perhaps the chaos gives you an opportunity to seek new power. Will you join the Jarl as he seeks out the Hand in the mountains, or put in a bid to replace him? Choose your side, Mitgardia or your own splinter band, seeking to replace the Jarl. Kalphlings- Dextrus Flagg has said even if the final accounting reveals Kalphlin to hold the most gold, he will lay no claim to the throne. Some believe he is no longer fit to rule. What’s more, a new power has sprung up in the desert, taking corporal form. While still weak from his awaking, the new King of the Desert (who many believe is a reincarnation of the High King) calls all Kalphlings feed up with Flagg’s leadership to drink the blood of the Desert Kings and claim their rightful place as Lords of Badlands. Will you remain loyal to Kalphlin’s government, or will you find new religion in the desert? Choose your side, Kalphlin, or the Desert Kings! Valyrians- What happened? The forces that invaded Nocturnus do not include Rego Amancio. There are whispers Rego was betrayed by Vennicio and did not know of his plot to invade Nocturnus. The rest of Historica has heard nothing from the spies it sent to Valyrio. What is going on at the island? Is it embroiled in its own civil war? Or does the engine of war create new Valyrian storm troopers every day? Tell the story or what is happening in Valyrio, or join the Black Spire in the fight against Nocturnus.
  4. After hunting down the Hand in the swamps near Nocturnus, Kha was exhausted. His sister had died defending Starbowl from Victor’s elemental, and the pain was still fresh. Watch Sal, his passion is strong. The last words Aran said to him as she died. They burned in his mind still. What is it that she meant, he had thought. In the following weeks, it was clear. Saladus was consumed with vengeance, the only thing that he lived for it seemed. Growing up human, with the elves of Aridesti, Saladus had always seemed to be barbaric to the others. Kha knew that it was his humanity that made him seem so to the elves. The longevity of the elves, the lifespan of hundreds of years had bred in a patience, to some it seemed indifference. The Aridesti were a little different, the customs of their people held vengeance as a sacred rite after the death of a loved one. Still, their countenance was not that of the humans. And Saladus was a human in the land of elves. He was a brother to Kha, long before he married Kha’s sister, but still he did not know him like Aran did. Watch Sal, his passion is strong. Now, after traveling from one end of Kaliphlin to the other with Saladus, he had seen a darker side to Sal. The vengeance had driven him to cruelty. Truth be told, it was deserved by those bastards of the Hand. Still, that side of Sal scared him. Kha looked around at the harsh land they found themselves in. Behind them stood the Tower of the Hand, its jagged spires looked like claws reaching for the heavens to tear them down. Here on the borderlands near the Rakath Mountains, the desert met the twisted nightmare landscape of Nocturnus and Kha thought it appeared as if some disease affected the land tainted by Nocturnus and he could see where the infection stopped. The carnage around them was a result of the vengeance Sal so desperately sought. “Where to now?”, Kha asked. He knew the answer before he even asked the question, and said it in his head as Sal responded. “We continue to on to find Victor. I cannot rest until he is dead” Watch Sal, his passion is strong. As Kha looked around, he could see a shelter of pines near the base of the mountain. The large needle covered branches seemed to want to hide the ground beneath from something watching from above, so thick were the branches. “Over there, we can find shelter for the night under those pines.” As they walked across the barren land towards the mountains, Kha could see that there was an abundance of life near the base of the mountain where the pines stood. It was certainly not like Kaliphlin to see that much green life, and it seemed to mark the change in Guilds as well as anything could. As they entered the shelter of the pines, they were met by a woman dressed in brown spun wool. She was carrying a staff, and Kha noticed that she had pouches and poultices strung along her rope belt. “Our apologies for disturbing you ma’am….” Kha began politely. “No need to apologize Kha, it is you whom I seek.” The woman began mysteriously. Kha loosened his sword from its scabbard, a nervous habit from his many years on the road. Kha saw Sal look up sharply at this. “And you as well Saladus.” She finished. “I am Ravenna, a Druid of the ancient order. It has been many years since Historica has been this threatened as it is now from Revolword. In this time of need, we came together again.” “I thought the Druids died out years ago?” Kha felt a strange affinity with this Druid, but needed some answers before he could trust her. With a gentle smile, Ravenna began. “That is what we needed everyone to believe. It is best for us and the realm that no one remembers us. People like Revolword and the Hand do not seek us out and try to usurp our power, because they don’t know we are here. Yet, we have always been around and have had our hands in play for years. We have learned over the centuries that we are better set to help shape and guide from without, than to take direct actions in the directions of the Realm. However, now we have been forced to act. Many of my brothers and sisters have already met with others from the 4 different Guilds and the pieces have been put into action. Elon Chorian, deGothia, General Grimm Vexus, Darecold, Legonardo and Erudhalion Sansael are leading an attack on Victor’s stronghold at Dawn. Others are leading raids across the countryside on Hand strongholds. And then there’s you two.” Kha looked at Sal and could see a glimmer of hope there. Kha knew what Sal was thinking, this was his chance to get into Victor’s stronghold unnoticed and seek his revenge. “What is it that is left for the two of us? And more importantly, why all of this coordination? Is Victor really that strong?” “Not yet, but the powers that he could unlock with the Helm are limitless. His elementals are childrens toys compared to what power is available. Control of the elements has many manifestations, the elast of which is automating them as elementals. Giving life, taking life these are the real powers, but we do not believe that Victor knows this. As for you two, I am bringing you through the carnage directly to Victor. That is what you want is it not Sal?” “It is, and I will gladly accept any help you can give us. However, in preparation for Victor I would like to learn from you what it is he might be able to do with his new power. Might I learn from you as we travel?” Kha had not seen Sal so receptive in nearly month, not since Aran-Salath had been killed by the Hand. This was the Sal he remembered, cunning, smart ready for action. Something nagged at him though, why the sudden change. Watch Sal, his passion is strong. They traveled all night, and Sal was attentive to everything Ravenna had to teach. As the day dawned bright and clear, Kha felt that today really would be the day that Historica changed. The heroes from across Historica gathered outside of Victor’s stronghold and prepared for the assault. The castle on the borders of all 4 guilds seemed to have sprung from nowhere. No one remembered having seen it before. But how could they all have missed something so large! The assault on the main gates was intense and led by Rellik Nam of the Hand. Inside, Kha, Sal and Ravenna had made it into Victor’s throne room. “So, this is the rabble that has come to stop me? You send a distraction to the front gates and distract my forces so that you can take me out…..hahaha. This may be the best entertainment I’ve had in a while!” “Victor, the Druids have gathered and orchestrated this coordinated effort against you. You may find that you powers are subdued and your elementals gone,” Ravenna smiled as she informed him of his predicament. “And now you will die bastard! My wife fell to your thugs, and while I have systematically removed them, you are the focus of my vengeance!” Kha heard the anguish in Sal’s voice, but there was something else too. It seemed as if Sal spoke with hope as well. Watch Sal, his passion is strong. Sal, launched himself at Victor and in a spray of gore, his twin blades ripped Victor’s body into several pieces that fell into the glowing portal in the center of the room. Sal, slowly stood up from the ground and looked at Kha without any emotion in his eyes. “Now Kha, it’s time to bring Aran back to us.” “What are you are talking about Sal? She’s gone there’s nothing you can do!” As he was speaking, he saw Sal crossing the room to the throne. In a frozen horror, Kha saw Sal lift the Helm of the Druids and place it on his head. “You see Kha, Ravenna taught me all about the powers of Druids last night. Victor was a fool, he sought conquest and supreme power through his elemental bullies. But, the power in here that cannot be stopped is that of life and death. With this I can bring Aran back to life!” “Sal, you didn’t listen to me, you only heard the words I spoke! The power of life and death is not to be toyed with!” Ravenna looked desperate and started to approach Sal but stopped abruptly as if frozen. “The power of life and death. You see I did listen, and I know that I can remove your life if necessary, or just suspend it as I am doing now. I don’t want what Victor wanted, and I don’t want to hurt you. I just want my wife back, and I will not allow you to stop me.” “Sal, you still aren’t listening. When you play with these powers, things change. She won’t be what you remember, and it will begin and unraveling of the line between life and death that will blur those lines across Historica!” Ravenna was desperate, but Kha could see that she was powerless to move. “Sal, please….for Aran don’t do this!” Kha pleaded. “For Aran, I am doing this.” Kha watched in horrified fascination as Sal slowly put on the Helm and sat in Victor’s throne. Watch Sal, his passion is strong…. Just some shots of the interior build to show the size and how it is held together, along with the LED's and underlighting. So, here is the end of GoH challenges....I wish I had more time to do more. But, at least we have another round coming!
  5. Preludes: 1. It is time 2. The Nibelung Towers 3. Encounter 4. In the Dune Sea 5. Raven's Nest 6. Meeting on Water Part one Now Ondylion has fallen, Revolword's forces have reached Valholl. It took much longer than they expected. The resistance prevented them from moving fast towards the capital. Because of their late arrival the city is better prepared and the men are eager to fight the intruders! Valholl Officer:"For Valholl, for Mitgardia, for Historica!" With fire in their eyes, the soldiers went into battle to protect the main gate. It did take some time to fight through Revolword's forces coming from the side gate. One of the Siege towers was almost in position and the evil forces were ready to enter Valholl. Also a ram was already in position so they were just in time. Surprised that Valholl still had such a large army, Rellik and his soldiers tried everything in their power to protect the siege tower and ram... Meanwhile inside of Valholl Jitran arrived with the remaning army of Ondylion using an old tunnel. Jitran:"Hopefully we are still on time. Look at all the debris" Wounded soldier:"Jitran, glad you're here. As you can see, Valholl has been hit heavily a few times. Good thing the walls are strong and the enemy's aim isn't that good." Jitran:"No that's what you get when orcs are using trebuchets... Are you okay, because you look pretty bad?" Wounded Soldier:"I'm fine, can't say that about my friend. When they hit the tower he got a blow to the head, instant kill." Jitran:"May he rest in peace... Do you know were we can find my father? Wounded:"Yes he's in the other tower, with Kaïn!" Jitran:"So they finally got him, let's pay him a visit shall we..." Inside the other tower. Acirhon:"Let's kill him now, he deserves it!" Elon:"No! If Valholl falls we need him as a hostage. Also, he isn't the one who killed my son. Didn't you Kaïn?" Kaïn:"What makes you think I didn't. I hung him like I do with crows. I saw the life leaving his eyes." Elon:"Unfortunately for you Disan saw you hanging him while he was already dead. Just to spread fear among the men and citizens of Ondylion. And you also wouldn't be a match for my son." Kaïn:"What difference does it make, it proves that also a Chorian can be defeated, just as a Nibelung can be defeated!" Elon:"Again, not the truth. Getting his the Jarl's hat you assumed he was dead when you ambushed us. He is now on his way to kill your brother." Kaïn:"What! That can't be. That can't be! Elon:"I already thought you would like all this good news. Acirhon, put him in the dungeon, we need to defend the city now!" At other places people were also busy defending the city. Men were barricading the gatedoors and the women helped by providing food and weapons and also using a bow and arrow when they got the chance. Disan and Gyrin were also in Valholl discussing the current situation. Disan:"Jitran and his men have arrived!" Gyrin:"That is good news, even better is that the evil forces are getting weaker. The archers are holding off the siege towers, while the cavalry is prevented the tower from getting closer to the wall. And the Acirohn were able to disable the trebuchets. Disan:"Those guys with the battery ram are also stopped for now." Gyrin:"Great, this all means we should be able to hold them off untill Steen and Glorfindel will come to our aid to crush this army for good!" Disan:"Indeed. Lets inform Elon, he can use some good news!" Part two Acirhon:"Jarl, most welcome at the Acirhon's Den. The other Guild leaders are already waiting for you." Jarl:"Thanks for the warm welcome, it's good to see another Mitgardian again." The Jarl entered the Den to meet with the others who were already discussing the letters they got. Artorius Rex:"The time has come..." Dextruss:"You've said that several times now." Artorius Rex:"It's because I hoped with all my heart this day would never come." Lord Ssilyrrlith:"I hoped for that too. But one of the three 'Pillars' of Historica has fallen. The king is no more, Revolword is ruling Cedrica now. And if that continues he'll be also ruling Nocturnus or your lands. So we have a duty to our people to succeed in this mission. So are you all in?" Artorius Rex:"Ofcourse, it would be an honour to do this together with all of you." Dextruss just knodded. Rego Amancio:"Let's go to Cedrica than!" Lord Ssilyrrlith:"Ok, good to know we're all in now. We'll just have to wait for Nibelung to arrive. Artorius Rex:"He is in, I assume Elon went to the Order to start this all. So than Nibelung is in for sure! Rego Amancio: "Look he's in the courtyard!" Lord Ssilyrrlith: "That means, we can now go to that monster Revolword!" Part three So the Leaders headed to Cedrica. A dangerous journey facing the Hand of corruption and Elemental Monsters. Despite all the dangers they managed to arrive safely at their destination, a tomb. Not just a tomb. This one was located just beneath the throneroom of Cedrica. In order to keep peace in Historica the ancient kings -together with the guild leaders- build a pillar inside the tomb that's supporting the throne. Peace in Historica would be in danger when one of the guilds would fall or rise against the other guilds, when the people would rise against it's leaders or when the king would fall. So peace in Historica rests on three pillars, the guilds, the people and the king. If the king would fall, the guild leaders would have to remove that pillar with the risk of giving their lives. Inside the throne room Revolword and Rellik, who just came back from Valholl, were arguing about the defeat at Mitgardia's capital. Not knowing they weren't as safe as they thought they were. Also the soldiers who were relaxing in the King's room would soon face death. The high king heard what Rellik said and knew it couldn't be long before the time would come. So he asked one of the guards to lead him to an other room, away from the throneroom... Meanwhile in the Tomb. Dextress:"I wish there was an other way." Lord Ssilyrrlith:"We all do but it has to be done." Rego Amancio:"Do it, push the rock over the edge!" Artorius Rex and the Jarl:"The time has come!" The rock pulled the pillar over so the throneroom collapsed. Sending Rellik and Revolword with his reign into death. The elementals felt that the power that controlled them had been stopped, they instantly fell. Seeing that, Revolword's forces surrendered or fled. The war was over, there was peace again! But did the leaders have enough time to get out of the tomb? And is there prove of Revolword's death? Time will tell!
  6. Brickington

    Challenge VI: Revenge

    The Battle of Cedrica was already well under way. A man in black clothes came on the main road to the great city. He was well armed and went off his horse for it could it some of the grass. He looked at the city from the hill. He noticed that the city was up in flames due to the heavy battle that was occurring He spoke out loud to himself, "So the fun has already started has it? My my, Cedrica you have changed since last time we meant." He noticed the new gate and Victor's tower. The man stayed on the road until he found a little house. There he found a little pond where he could bathe. The man yelled to the home, "Do you mind if a weary traveler bathes in your pond?" A very old and weak voice responded, "No, I don't mind, as long as you leave me alone." So the man bathed and then put on his battle armor and load and behold it was Lord Brickington. Just when Brickington was about to get ready to head out, a Mitgardian soldier came up the road. Brickington greeted him, "Hello my good man! What business do you have in this area? I would imagine you would be greatly needed in Cedrica." The Mitgardian soldier responded, "I have orders to clear out every house near Cedrica. Revolword is almost in defeat and we don't want him coming around one of these houses and and hiding." "Well of course" replied Brickington. And with that the Mitgardian soldier headed to the door. The Mitagrdian soldier knocked on the door, but with no response. He knocked again and this time the old man responded, "Go away." The Mitgardian soldier said, "I have orders and I'll come in whether ye' like or not." And with that, the Mitgardian soldier opened the door and Brickington heard was the Mitgardian Soldier say, "What the?" Sir Brickington noticed the Mitgardian soldier being pulled in, but the door stayed open. The person inside must have thought Brickington already left. But he didn't. Sir Brickington walked in the building with his sword ready and he could hardly believe his eyes. Sir Brickington saw victor, three soldiers, and what looked like a general. The general spoke in a horrifying voice, "So men, we have company. Let's start the show, shall we." While all of this was happening, Sir Brickington couldn't help but notice Victor. He was very pale and wrinkly. He looked horrible. Then right before Brickington could do anything the guard who had captured the Mitgardian soldier did a horrible thing. The hand soldier threw the poor man's face in a magical plate of fire and burned his face. The Mitgardian soldier died right in front of Brickington. Filled with rage, Brickington attacked and easily overcame the three soldiers. Then the general came at Brickington and it was a hard challenge to overcome. Lord Brickington overcame the general. The general was dying in pain right in front of his leader, Victor. He looked up at Victor and Victor said to him, "You useless piece of junk, you disgrace me." Enraged at Victor's comment, the general threw his sword right into Victor. Both the shocked Victor and the general died almost instantly. When Victor died, a great flash came from him. Victor had died. Later on that day, a group of Avalonian soldiers came to the house. Brickington met them and the captain spoke up, "Hello, what might you be doing down these parts, My Lord?" "Look inside the house" Brickington responded. "Also what happened in Cedrica?" Brickington said as a couple of soldiers looked inside the house. The captain responded, "Cedrica was won after a long fought battle. The Hand of Corruption is done with, but Victor is still alive." With that Brickington got on his horse and left. The soldiers that went inside the house came running to the captain and they said, "Victor is dead, Victor is dead! Victor Revolword is dead! It is all over!" The End... This is my topic for Challenge Six. I will decide which builds I want to be scored as I move along. But as for know I don't know if I want it scored. The first build itself is heavily based on Sirens-of-Titans' awesome build of Cedrica. Comments are appreciated! I will update this post after I finish each build.