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Found 3 results

  1. About stones, ores and berries Berreli, February 616 Joaquin Seramon Fontonajo had joind Ivo Fortesque on his way to Berreli to find adventure and unknown lands, to find glory and power, to find property and riches. But he had never planned to find her. Since they had met in the jungle, the indigenous girl Poca accompanied Joaquim. Even now, when he was collecting rock samples to take home, she stayed with him. While she they spoke different languages, communication was not much of a problem. He admired her spontaneity, even the volatility of her thoughts at some points. She might have been focused on that flower just seconds ago but wouldn't even waste a single thought about it after she had discovered something different. They were qual in that regard, always looking for new discoveries. But what he had fallen in love with her for was her lightheartedness and her love towards all the little things of life. Just like now, when she had found some of these berries that Joaquin did not know. As always she just started talking in her joyful voice, gesticulating at him and at the berries in her hands, laughing and smiling all along, and even though he did not understand a word of what she said he was under her charm and looked at the best thing that had happened to him his entire life. Two more shots of the scene: Joaquin, collecting rock samples. Poca, collecting some berries. The scene at sunset (I was going for this as my main pic at first, but I guess I would have needed a proper background to make this one look really good) ------------------------------------------------------ I tried some (for me) new approaches/techniques here and am quite confident with how it turned out. Background has been inspired by Kai's Smuggler's Cove. Challenge 1 was fun for me, I improved my building skills and I am quite happy with both my entries. Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  2. This is a scene from Lenny's adventure from the island; a meeting with the chieftain of the local tribe. I haven't gotten to this part in the main thread yet, as I thought of building some in-between story scenes from the peeping tom incident up to this scene. Protocols dictate that due respect is to be shown to the sovereign of another nation.
  3. It was early morning by the time the trio found their way to the rocky outcropping. Hobbs set down the bags, looking rather confused and ever so slightly disappointed. Quite honestly, while it now seemed naive in his 20-20 hindsight, he was expecting to arrive here in the dead of night. The pink light of dawn seemed to be a painful contrast to the dark blood that was going to be spilt before the day was done. He shut his eyes, a sigh escaping from between his lips as he rubbed his shoulder. The packs had not been overly heavy, but had still left him stiff from carrying it for so long. Beside him, his comrade did the same. Jango ran a hand through his short hair, the shade of leaves in the first few moons of autumn. Apparently the man had struggled more than his counterpart had. He seemed rather tired from the excursion. The signs could not be helped, and Jango certainly did not complain. Hobbs had never seen Jango utter one complaint...except, of course, when it referred to him. A man of little patience, that one was. “My lord, is this the place?” Hobbs asked, turning to face their captain, perched atop a silver wolf. The man looked down to his soldier, black eyes void of emotion or light. Those eyes were impossible to meet. Even now, some time after the young follower had joined Fether Rodun, the gaze dropped and shattered on the jagged rocks that jutted out of the earth. Like teeth, the brawny man thought, trying to swallow you. The musings startled Hobbs more than it really should have. By the emblem, where had that come from? He must have been spending too much time around Jango. Fether cocked an eyebrow at the ripple through Hobb’s calm, but decided to ignore the shift altogether. Instead, he turned to the older and wiser of the pair. “What say you, Jango?” Fether asked, having his steed kneel so that he may survey the area. The creature he had ridden was not a sleek, beautiful beast that was on the brink of domestication. No, the beast was just that: a beast. All three men had seen it disembowel many an enemy and destroy many, many more. No one but Fether himself know how he seemed to control these creatures, and yet, he did. As his lord walked up beside him, Jango glanced towards the small path that led through the ravine, the same path that they had neglected to take. “Are you certain that this is as narrow as the path goes?” Fether asked. The man before him didn’t look up. Instead, his thin eyebrows narrowed above a hooked nose. He was the sort you would expect in a library instead of at war, and yet, here he was. “Yes, my lord.” He said. “If we can trap them here, there is nothing they can do about it. Fish in the barrel, my Lord.” “Right then…” Fether murmured, turning to Hobbs. “Take your position by the outcropping and wait for them. When the party comes, attack without mercy. I shall come in from behind and Jango will cut them off ahead. Do you understand.” “Yes, my lord.” “Excellent. The Shraliek have been wandering carelessly through our lands. It is time we’ve stopped that.” He growled, his stone cold eyes narrowing at the pass, as if he could already see where their bodies would lay. It was midday when the trio came blundering down the pathway. From the cave he crouched in, Hobbs made a sour face. He loathed the mixed Shraliek breeds. Then again, it was simple to loathe anything in this position. He was cramped and uncomfortable. His fingers curled and uncurled around the shaft of his prized spear. By the Gods, he wanted to plunge the obsidian blade into someone’s flesh and be done with it! He almost wished that Fether and Jango would allow him to take on the party alone. One of the orclike creatures paused. Hobbs stiffened. Was this it? Was this the moment to lunge? One of the wretched beasts looked up and sniffed the air. His red, piggy eyes squinted in the direction of the cave. Something wasn’t right. The soldier felt the muscles in his leg tense. The moment that the vile beast looked away, a cry ripped out of him as he propelled him into the air, wielding the spear with both hands. The travellers only had time to look up and screech before they were upon them! Jango jumped out from behind the cover of the rock, and Fether charged forwards from the shadows. The sharp tip of Hobb’s spear pierced a seam in the Shraliek’s leather armor, easily cleaving through that and the ribcage. The bloke fell, dead. Behind him, silent as a fox and trice as crafty, Jango parrayed a blade away. The Shraliek screeched at him, faltered, and lost his balance. That was a fatal mistake. The blade pierced the armor and cleaved its arm from its torso. The neck was slashed out moments later The last target seemed to be putting up more of a struggle. Once the adrenaline had died down enough for Hobbs, he turned to see his lord battling with the final traveller. The beast swing its jagged sword towards Rodun who missed it only slightly. Back and forth, they sparred, the battled filled with narrow misses. Hobbs gasped and ran forwards, only to be grabbed by Jango. “Let them fight.” He said quietly. “Fether can take care of himself well enough.” Hobbs opened his mouth to protest, but earned a stinging glare. When he turned though, his lord lifted his polished sword into the sky, and with a cry, brought it down, removing its leg from the rest of its body. A hellish screech tore through the air, only to be silenced a moment later. Hobb’s eyes widened. He had the upmost respect for the man, for his lord, but this was something he had not seen before. Beside him, Jango smiled smugly. Lord Rodun knelt down, wiping dark blood from his blade. He turned to his two followers and nodded. “Search the bodies and gather your possessions, we must return to the outpost before dark.” He said coldly before placing it back in its sheath. He whistled once and the wolf came barreling out of the shadows, stopping inches away from his face. A thin, rare smile crossed his lips as the man reached out, patting it once on its muzzle. Another victory for Black Spire, taken by Lord Fether Rodun. Hobbs was shoved into moving by Jango. He looked back once to see three bodies, swiftly growing cold. He smirked. What a marvelous ruler to live by. Here shown fig-less. This build was my first use of the sideways rock technique, which I have learned can be quite fragile. Thanks for viewing!