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Found 15 results

  1. Excerpts from the journal of Thaddeus Calvo, Eslandian explorer: Day 1 Location: town of Interlagos, on the island of Maldria, New Haven Sea Captain Janszen has ordered me and my men to proceed upriver as far as the Esmerelda can carry us. The Esmerelda has a small draft and is excellent in shallow waters. Once forced to leave the river, we are to proceed overland southwest to one of the rivers on the south side of the island; Captain Marino will then take the Esmerelda back down river and around the coast to meet us at the mouth of those rivers. Day 2 We have begun the slow trek up river. Captain Marino has a deft hand and has controlled the ship confidently. The river is lined with white-barked birch trees, and the surrounding terrain is light woods or open fields. Small wildlife is abundant. Hunting and fishing should be easy. Day 3 We are not alone! As we sailed around a bend, a canoe with two natives rowed toward us. This is our first contact with native Maldrians. When the canoe reached our ship, they held up some small animal pelts in a manner that suggested they wanted to trade. We invited them onto our ship, and they were very curious about our attire. They were dressed lightly in deer skins, and their hair was matted together in a fashion so that it would stand straight up like the ridge of one of our helmets. My attempts at verbal communication had limited effect, but I was able to learn some simple vocabulary, for things like boat, river, otter, and hat. We traded a few items of clothing for some animal pelts, and then they departed. The natives seemed happy with the trade, but I noticed that they continued to watch us from the woods for some time as we sailed upriver. Day 7 Travel by river has become too difficult, so we disembarked to continue southwest over the hills on foot. Captain Marino has set sail back down river. We are now on our own. Day 14 It has been a hard trek over the hills, but we crossed at what appears to be the lowest spot in the ridge that runs the length of Maldria. There are signs of the spring thaw, and we have found the headwaters of a stream that should take us to one of the rivers we seek. I have tasked the men with building two rafts for our journey downstream. Day 16 We have again encountered natives! They seem surprised to discover us coming from upriver, as their expressions and hand motions suggest we should have come from downriver. Nonetheless, after their initial surprise wore off, they seemed interested in trading, as did their brethren two weeks ago. I write “brethren” because these natives do not appear to be of the same tribe; their attire is styled differently, as is their hair, long and decorated with feathers. Most significantly, the language is different! It is similar, but I am certain the difference is more than my limited exposure to it. One word I did recognize from before was “Tyree’De”; I think it might mean visitor. We traded similar items as before. We are making camp here to spend more time with these natives. Day 17 The natives have treated us well, as if welcomed albeit unexpected guests. I have learned a handful of useful vocabulary words, and confirmed that the words I learned from the first tribe are, for the most part, similar to but different from the ones this tribe uses. I must conclude that these are two related but separate tribes! Day 20 Travel down river has been quick. We have reached the southwestern coast of the island. We have made camp and set a signal fire so that Captain Marino might see that we have arrived. Day 21 Captain Marino has found us, and we have resupplied from the stocks aboard the Esmerelda. We will stay here for another day to rest, and then we will proceed east. My men and I will travel on foot, but Captain Marino has agreed to shadow us off coast, and we are to signal him if he is needed. Day 24 We have encountered natives for a third time! These fellows were not initially as friendly as the previous ones, and again had differences in their attire and appearance, but my new vocabulary helped us break the ice, even though they too (or should I say “they three”!) spoke a language different from but similar to the other natives. So we have discovered a third tribe on Maldria! When I used the word “Tyree’De”, they all nodded in recognition and brought forth small crafted items, skillfully made. They were clearly familiar with the concept of trading with strangers, and I am thinking now that the word “Tyree’De” may mean “traders” rather than “visitors.” We offered them some clothing items as well as some wine fresh from the Esmerelda’s hold, and this led to a friendly evening as we each were interested in the others’ appearance, equipment, and language. I spent as much time in conversation as I could. I learned a lot of new vocabulary, and I am getting a better handle on the similarities and differences with the other native Maldrian languages. Day 25 Many of my men and several of the natives are hung over this morning, but things are still friendly. I do not want us to wear out our welcome, so we are breaking camp and moving on before it can become an issue. Day 28 We have encountered more natives, and for the first time they appear to be from the same tribe as the last group we met! We appear to have stumbled onto one of their villages, which began our encounter with alarm, but my limited language skills calmed things quickly. Their homes are rounded on top, made with a frame of sturdy bent branches and then thatched or covered with hides. There was a field of some plant that I surmise to be a crop field, as they have tools that look like they could be farmers’ tools. This is significant, as the previous tribes we have encountered appeared to be hunter/gatherers. I believe this tribe calls themselves “Mo-eeks”. I again used the word “Tyree’De” and it immediately put them into a trading posture. It is clearly a word known to all the tribes we have met. We again traded items of interest, and I was able to practice my language skills. I was able to communicate better — I am getting a better idea of their syntax — but my skills are still at a very rudimentary level. They seemed interested in where we came from, When, after several failed attempts at conveying our journey, I finally pointed out to sea toward where I presumed the Esmerelda should be, this seemed to satisfy their curiosity on that matter. Day 63 It has been slow going, although broken up by occasional meetings with the Mo-eeks, which have enabled me to work on my language skills. But we have finally crossed out of their territory and into the land of a fourth Maldrian tribe. We are now in the southeastern part of the island, having covered a few hundred miles cross-country! Perhaps I should have signaled the Esmerelda to take a load off our feet, but we have learned much by staying inland. Our encounter with this fourth tribe has begun in similar fashion as our other meetings. But my mention of “Tyree’De” has had a somewhat different effect this time. Rather than immediately offering to trade with us, this tribe has offered to take us somewhere. I am intrigued by the new reaction, and we have cautiously taken them up on their offer. Day 67 We have arrived at our guides’ destination: a point on the southeast coast of the island. It is marked by a stone structure unlike anything else we have seen on the island. It looks to be part pyramid, part watch tower. All other structures we have seen before now have typically been made of wood, hides, clay, or sod. The natives seem excited that we have arrived at this time; I get the impression we are in time for some significant event, but what that might be I have no idea. We have been invited to make camp, and I have accepted. I have had the men make camp a short distance from the stone structure, but out of immediate sight. Day 68 The men and the “Quoy” (as this tribe seems to call itself) have been interacting without incident. I have continued to work on my language skills, and although I sometimes use a hodgepodge of vocabulary from the different tribes we have encountered, the similarities in syntax have allowed me to build on my knowledge, and I can be understood when attempting to discuss more abstract thoughts. I have pieced together that there are at least five major tribes on Maldria, some more cohesive than others. Some are farmers, some hunter/gatherers, some very territorial and some not, some more aggressive than others. How the various tribes get along varies, and alliances are fluid. I get the impression that the tribes are kind of like brothers who may fight from time to time, but generally get along. We seem to have chosen a good time to explore the island, at least the southern half, as we have not encountered any disputes or war parties. Day 71 Today is apparently the day we have been waiting for. The Quoy began the day alert and appear more formal in their behavior. When the scout atop the stone tower shouted an alert, all attention turned to the sea. Looking south I could see three large catamarans approaching. From one of the catamarans came a canoe with three people. One man took care of the canoe while the others approached. The visitors were surprised at our presence, but once they were ashore the Quoy seemed to assure them that we were friendly. When the Quoy introduced us to them, it was then that I learned that “Tyree’De” was not a word, but a name! A name for these visitors. The Tyree’De leader spoke the language of the Quoy, but it was not his own language, as he spoke in another completely different tongue when addressing his own men. And then I learned the third purpose of the stone structure: it is a trading post, apparently built by the Tyree’De! As best I can understand, the Tyree’De visit here once a year to see what the Quoy have to trade. It is not clear to me how often they visit other points on Maldria, as I have seen no other stone structures, but the other tribes were all familiar with them, and clearly expect them to approach by sea rather than land. The Tyree’De gave the Quoy a selection of silver nuggets and semi-precious stones that I have not seen on Maldria. Whereas the eastern Maldrian tribes had traded raw furs and simple trinkets with us, the Mo-eeks had presented us with crafted items, and the same was true of the Quoy for the Tyree’De: the Quoy offered intricate leatherwork, small tools made from animal bones, and other examples of their craftmanship. But the Quoy also acted as if the introduction of us to the Tyree’De was a trade item! I communicated wth the Tyree’De trade leader as best I could, and we displayed items we each had on our person. The Tyree’De trader was clearly interested in crafted items, not raw materials, and I was glad I had instructed the man that had accompanied me to the meet to leave his weapons in camp. The reason had been to not appear threatening, but I now believe that the Tyree’De trader would have coveted such items, and I do not wish to trade weapons. He was amused by my hat, and the morion helmet of my unarmed guard, but the Tyree’De trader was particularly interested in my compass. So, in the interest of good relations, I agreed to trade my compass to the Tyree’De trader. In exchange, however, I did not want his silver nuggets or common gemstones; I was more interested in his gold ring. It was of exquisite craftmanship and was engraved. Significantly, he agreed to this trade. His interest in the compass was far more than in anything the Quoy had to offer. As for the ring, I think my men thought I was just interested in the gold, but I was really interested in what I could learn about their culture or language from the engraving. The Quoy and the Tyree’De talked a little longer, and soon the Tyree’De handed over some more silver and gemstones, apparently as a reward for our introduction. Then the Tyree’De got some fresh water, got back in their canoe, and returned to their flotilla of catamarans. The Quoy seemed quite pleased and treated us to dinner in celebration. Day 72 The party is over, so to speak. It is time for us to head back to Interlagos. We built a signal fire and Captain Marino brought the Esmerelda in close to shore. He sent out the launch and we bid the Quoy thanks and farewell. After we return to Interlagos, I look forward to venturing out to visit the western tribes again and using my newfound language skills to learn more about them and the other tribes of Maldria. But the Tyree’De are a revelation, and we will need a different expedition entirely to learn more about these traders and where they come from. ------------------ The full build: More views: All C&C welcome!
  2. In the far north of Mitgardia, countles tombs are scatered, Legend says, one of the catacombs holds the Necromancers Helm. The wearer of the helm can summon and command legions of undeads. In one of the underground tomb, Raavage is overwatching his minions, as they sacrifices the prisoners. The inscriptions, on the doors says: "Blood must be spilled, to unlock these halls secrets". Raavage believed, that the helm is in this catacomb, - Soon... All of Historica will bow down befor me... - Raavage smiled- Victory shall be mine! One of his cultist arrived from the surface. He quicly went to Raavage. - My lord! Apologys to interrupt you, but I have ill news. A massive Alliance force arrived, and they are searching the catacombs for us. - Fear not my minion - Raavage turned to his cultist, the smile didn't faded from his face. - Moments from now, no one can stop me. - But my lord... "She" leads them... The smile finally disappeared from Raavages face. - "She"is dead... - answered, while tried to be calm. - "She is just a pretender, not more. - But my lord. - he gulped. - She managed to rally all of historica behind her back. Are you sure, she isn't the Fate Driven? Raavage lost his temper. he replied with and angry tone: - You dare question my word? -Raavage shouted at the cultist. the hands of the cultist shaked, he almost droped the torch. - But if you interested so badly, let my tell you, the story of this... Fate Driven. It started twenty years ago, when Draconius was still the High King of Historica. Unfortunately, he discovered my arrival, and to prevent it, he seeked out everyone in Historica, who can tell him more about me. Only those damn druids in Avalonia were able to "help" him. They showed him, the Pool of Wisdom... - I heard from the lake. It can fulfim wishes, but onlyfrom those, who not wishes only to them self, but for the greater good. - replied the cultilst. - If you interrupt my again, i will separate your head from your body! - Raavage was really angry. - As i said, he arrived at the pool. He wished for something, that will save his kingdom, from the comming darkness. As he finished his wish, a child started crying, next to them, in the reeds. It was an infant, a girl. Everyone believed, that she will be the promised savior of Historica. She was granted with the name: Aleesia, an ancient elvish name, which means Fate Driven. - Draconius tasked his most loyal knight, to hide her. Not even the king has know, where she will be hided. The knight was granted with the royal ring. Only giving to her, when the times come. Almost two decade had passed, but I found them in the Kaliphlin town of Kusbara. My men raided the town, enslaved every one, including the knight and the girl. They were brought to me, where I killed them, with my own hands... - Raavage genty kicked the sack next to him. - I always bring this with me, asa reminder, to no one oppose me. - My Lord. - another cultist joined the conversation. - We run out of prisoners, yet, the ritual to open the halls secrets not yet done. Raavage let out a pained sigh. Then he grabs the dagger from the telt of the cultist, and stabbed in him the face. Then he dragged the dead cultist, next to the sacrificial pit. Blood poured out from the empty eye socket, in to the pit. Raavage sightet once more, then he turned to his minions: - Looks like w still need more blood... - he looked in to the faces of his companions.They were terrefied. - Who will willingly sacrifices himself, for the greater good? Raavage temper was once more tested, when another of his soldier came to him, with news: - Sire... -he started, but he was harshly interrupted by Raavage. - If there will be anotherbad news, I swear,allof you will regret the day when you were born. - he stoped for a moment. - Whaat? - Alliance troops are approaching from the corridor... Raavage's anger quicky gone, and a grim smile take it's place: - Good... let the lambs come to the slaughter house... - he stoped, for a brief moment to think about the opportunity. Then he quckly turned to his troops: -Ready your selfs!
  3. Umbra-Manis

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] The Blastcore

    Aryna here, I've been given this ship to race in the Andromeda Olympics. The engineering department proved they aren't great with names during the boat race, so this thing was delivered without a name. Eh, no matter! I've taken to calling it the Blastcore. Supposedly the technology in that big ol' engine casing is classified, so all I know about it's propulsion. Maybe I'll plug myself into the OS later. Anyway, time to fire this thing up! (My photo skills need some work) Size Proof 12x8 I won't be able to take this apart now. I'd feel I was wasting stickers! C&C welcome!
  4. The OC.21 range of Octan Corp spaceships is known for its exclusive looks and aggressive feel. Only affordable to the wealthy its rarely seen and when it shows up, it turns heads. The R-type in particular has the strongest OC production engines available, which gives it not only a lot of "potential" to the wealthy executives, but its power and speed is so top notch even G.A.R.C. racers fight for it. OC saw the potential early and founded their own team. Max Verbricks is their primary driver. Max Verbricks in his OC.21 R-type Max Verbricks in his OC.21 R-type again Aaaaand another flyby
  5. Col. Brik

    [Challenge 5] [Cat C] Klunker

    Col. Brik, you're GARC is ready to go, Sir. We used the usual 'old school' style building you so enjoy. We hope it can compete with the newer style builds produced by the other competitors.
  6. SO this would be my first GARC, I have gone over the guide lines and even though the picture looks out, it is on a 10x20 frame and will fit inside a 12x12 frame. Cheers. Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr and a 4 second turn around.. Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Cheers, comments always welcome.
  7. Send in the Pies! The Algus are spreading into Nocturnus. At the first snowfall one Orc baker begins mixing a strange cauldron. By the time the Algus got close enough, it was time to Send in the PIE! My final Frozen Beyond Entry! C&C Welcome! For a Closer look check out both models on mecabricks.
  8. [Challenge 2][Cat C] The Axle - Hallway Outside Z's Personal Quarters Having arived at Andromeda's Gates the first thing Fey is assigned to do is report in to the acting CEO aboard the Axle. Making her way through the vast vessel and the numerous hallways she happens to pass one person's personal quarters. At that exact moment in time, Z just so happens to be summoned by first branch executive Pombe and a minute later by first branch executive Long. Being really confused he makes his way to the officer's deck when... *queue Angels voices singing the most beautiful song ever heard* "Woah, who is that?!?" Z thinks. After picking up his jaw from the floor he makes his way to HRM determined to find out who this beautiful girl is. Edit: Somehow the title got cut off. Probably because it's too long?
  9. Aboard M.A.N.T.I.S. deep space pioneers, we engineers spend our day hanging out in the maintenance bay. Sure there's plenty of work to be done but we do have some down time. -D
  10. Open Log #852.93 I was finally picked up from Sorn. That was a few of the longest weeks i've had in a while. Now i'm making some repairs to my ship in the hangar of a Small Cruiser. End Log. Empty hangar. My Cat C entry. Thanks for looking!
  11. Commander Beltar

    [Challenge 2] [Cat C] Prelude to Paradise

    ============================================================================================================================ Kawashita Medical Ship: Rebirth (Deck 4) Begin Experiment, Attempt 42, Project Paradise Prelude: Doctor Mar V. In: Are you sure you want to proceed with the operation General? Kawashita General Taage: Yes. Mr. J: Ah just in time. aPauLo-13, this will be your brand new partner. PauL: Yes sir. But in his current state, I may not like it. Mr. J: Yes yes, Paradise might give him the chance he needs though. Dr. Mar V. In: It won’t hurt a bit Mr. Beltar…I can assur- Beltar: But…YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND…I GOT AN ALIEN FREAKIN PARASITE CHEWING AT MY INTERNAL ORGANS! Dr. M: Yes I’m aware of that…And it’s making your condition unstable. I’m attempting to set you up for Project Paradise attempt 42. Beltar: Project Paradise…ITS FAILED OVER 40 TIM— Dr. M: Better. General Taage: Are you going to start the procedure yet Doctor? Dr. M: It’s not ready sir! General Taage: I DON’T CARE! We can always drop you back onto that street we found you in… Dr. M: Perhaps Beltar is not the one we should be operating on… General Taage: Just do it. Push the button. Dr. M: Fine. Dr. M: As you wish… Dr: M: Ready Mr. Beltar? Beltar: NOOOOooo Dr. M: I THINK ITS WORKING! AMAZ- Dr. M: Yeaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh General Taage: Doctor. Did it work? … General Taage: Respond. … General Taage: More Doctors where that came from. Cleanup in Lab 42. PauL: Wait sir. General Taage: Why? Mr. J: Excuse Pau- PauL: I believe the process worked sir. Beltar now only has a steady heartbeat, and his brain activity has calmed down from fighting an infection. We must move him to the rest of Paradise immediately. General Taage: Okay. Mr. J: But- General Taage: NO Buts. Trooper 1: There goes another Doctor. Trooper 2: I know right? T1: Shut Up man. T2: Argh, at least this one worked…. General Taage: That is all I needed to see. Get him moved ASAP. And re-outfit PauL with some…monitoring tech. Dr. J: Monitoring?...Sir Yes sir. End Experiment 42 ===================== More Pictures in the spoiler! As always... Thanks for reading this…flashback! Beltar’s story! This build is supposed to happen shortly before Project Paradise took place…Also...I may have to change how this part of the story 'happened' later to fit in the convoluted continuity of Beltar's life, and I plan to one day revisit this build and make a better one. Hope you enjoyed, and as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  12. Location: Drone control room, MSS Titan outbound from Sorn Tags: Challenge 2 Cat C Entry Accompanying story follows: Tannoy: "...all hands to combat stations, we are outbound to gravitational anomaly B06. Drone pilots set up a standard 1000km BARCAP until we reach the jump point." ..fffssshhht... (other sci-fi door sounds are available) Moose: "Great another day patrolling the big black from the inside of my own head..." Alvin: "Moose, quit your bitching and plug in. Smiler's already got his flight of interceptors on point, my fighters will be on parralle stations shortly and since your last here you can take the rearguard." Moose: "Fine, fine, I'll cover your megablocks as usual." Moose: "You ready for another look inside my head?" Computer: "Uplink initialising" Moose: "You always say the most romantic things..." Computer: "Uplink ready, enter command seat and prepare for neural interface" Moose: "Would it maybe kill you to say please...?" Moose: "and now the painful bit" Computer: "Establishing neural interface in 3...2...1..." Moose: "unggghhh..." 6 hours of mind-bending direct neurological control over a wing of 4 viper class fighter drones later.... Tannoy: "...condition green, all flights back on board. All hands stand down from combat stations and prepare for GATE jump" Moose: "I don't know about you guys, but after that I need a beer and a half pound larvae burrito!" Alvin: "Count me in" Smiler: "Grggh!"
  13. A couple of days before, Alexander Vandangant had found a message, with the highest priority set, which flashed on the computer "At the attention of Engineer Alexander Vandangant." was the headline and the message recited "13 Augustali 3815. It's required his presence on the Akena on 15 Augustali 3815; a shuttle will be waiting at the spaceport on 14 Augustali 3815 for his transfer on board. This meeting has priority over any other commitment, they are all revoked until further notice. Lieutenant Elmer Admiral Grensen's staff" Alexander was surprised by that message, he was only an engineer and, apart from the last raid on Mynderis, he had never participated in any other military actions. Yet the message came from the staff of Admiral Grensen, the Admiral at whose command had been placed the Akena, the flagship of the new series of Akena-class dreadnoughts. For a moment he wondered if this could be a message specially created by a hacker, probably in the pay of their competitors, to bring him in an ambush. With a quick round of calls, however, he discovered that the rest of his team had received the same call to appear on board. If it was all an evil plan against them, it must have been really well thought out. Despite his initial concern, the flight was uneventful and on the evening of 14 Augustali, his team came on board of the Akena. No explanation was given, they were simply housed and left waiting for orders. The following morning, an ensign came to summon Alexander and led him up to Admiral Grensen's suite. The officer left him in front of the locked door that opened immediately "Come ahead, engineer." the voice invited him to come and Alexander walked in with a firm step. His gaze went through the room and only then he saw Admiral Grensen watching the space out of a large portholes "Reach Lieutenant Rekla, engineer." the Admiral said without turning. The engineer and the officer looked at each other but neither spoke, merely waiting for the Admiral. A few minutes passed slowly while the superior officer gazed at the stars out of the glass "I think we can begin." He said joining them in front of the hologram. "Welcome aboard, engineer. I hope it was all to his liking." "Yes, sir." "Great. So, I think we can get to the heart of the matter." he paused for a brief moment "Friction with our competitors has intensified in recent weeks, innovation is the key to keeping us one step ahead of the others in this space race. A new project is born to carry on the colonization of the galaxy. You, engineer Vandangant, was chosen to command this new project. " "It is an honor for me, sir. But what will become of my team?" "Oh, his team will follow you. But let me explain what this project is all about..." Here we are with my entry for Challenge 2 Category C! I really enjoyed building this Officer Quarters and they fit perfectly my sci-fi idea of quarters. I took the chance to start a bit of story for my character, this is the first installment and I hope to continue it with the next MOC. Hope you Enjoy!!!
  14. Floating on an astroid near the Second Sun of Zygarin, The Sea Trident Tavern was having a usual orbit. The same lonely customers drinking their troubles away, gambling happenings in the booth. Typical Orbit. But catastrophe was inevitable. Far away, in the midsts of Sector 7, the clockworks sector, an airship captain had passed out drinking. She had left the engines on. The steampunk ship, a ticking time bomb, zoomed through dark matter and stars. But then they zoomed no more, when the ship crashed into the Sea Trident Tavern! A customer stood up on the bar and yelled" You've been drinking TOO MUCH RUM! I present to you my entry fro the Space Pirate Contest, "Too Much Rum!" y Here's some other angles. Now let's break it down. Let's look at the tavern just by itself. And from the backside The door in the front slides open. Here is the door view, which allows for a view at the gambling mob boss and fisherman. There's is also a secret painting nook, housing an ancient jewel. Let's look at the bar. And one final image of the booth. Now let's look at the light up fire, lights courtesy of LifeLites! AND NOW THE SHIP!! The ship is designed like a modular, with detachable sections in the modular style. Under the deck: There is a bed for the sea monkey and there is an actual bed for the alien tinkerer. And an ancient scroll sits on the shelf. The alien tinker stands on deck, the harpoon to his right and the captains quarters behind him The Captains Quarters Third Level Aaaaaaaand that's my entry, but before you go, Let's look at some of my favorite accessories and the minifigs and their backstory! Right to Left: Harpoon Gun Jukebox Lamp Head in a Jar Captain's Desk Right to Left: Crow's Nest Booth Chair Bar Stool Barrels and Bottles And the Minifigures and their backstory. The Cyborg Captain The short chef with his hover boots, and the elixir of forgetfulness (the tavern's most popular drink) in his hand An alien mob boss An old fisherman with a long story to tell about his burns and how he defeated Blackbeard! A space siren who seduces the lonely pirates. The most notorious Space Admiral in all of space! The Chained Spirit, who is only one who ever got close to defeating Davy Jones, but tripped at the last second, got captured and got chained up outside the tavern, left to die. He still haunts the tavern to this day. The Crew of The Pirate Airship - the tinkerer and the captain and finally The Lonely Traveler, who was abducted as an adult and became a stowaway on all of the pirate ships in the sector, learned how to survive by himself, and now is a famous criminal all throughout the galaxy. "TOO MUCH RUM!" Flickr Photostream for more photos:
  15. Mr Greeble

    [SPC] Cat C - Infiltration

    That sound that you just heard was me squeezing in under the deadline. Sorry for not much of a story. S.H.A.D.E. has infiltrated the office of Snark S. Snork and is taking the place apart. The hired guard is valiantly holding back against the intruders, but they seem to be too strong. While part of the crew distracts the guards, Ironhelm Jack is secretely making a new entrance into the huge gem vault. Meanwhile, upstairs, KingFisher has his hands full with the security. lots more photos on my flickr Go check them out! Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.