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Found 3 results

  1. OoC: This is my 6th freebuild. If you are not a Sea Rat, please say you approve or give me a , thank you! Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon This is a Class 2 A "Armored Sloop" Captain Fang studied his maps carefully as The Viper and its crew set sail from Rassilon. He knew this voyage would be very important as it was their first voyage without the status of Olean Privateer in many years. He didn't know how well the crew was adjusting to the change and feared a mutiny. It didn't help that his son, Li, was vying with him for authority on the ship. He knew that unless their prize was as large or larger than the sum they normally received from Lord Foxx, his days as a captain would be very short indeed. Knowing this, he had ordered extra kegs of powder and more cannon balls to be purchased and loaded on board. They would be ready for a fight if their prize didn't surrender easily. Armed with 4 cannons, The Viper had a nasty bite.
  2. OoC: This is my 3rd freebuild, if you are not a Sea Rat please mark whether you vote for this build or not! Cho Fang was the captain of The Viper. A small, but well armed ship for its size, The Viper was good for hauling various kinds of cargo without getting caught at sea by anyone looking to relieve her of said cargo. Sinbad started as a member of its crew by mopping the deck, cleaning out the buckets from the crew quarters, helping the cook, and any other simple duties the captain and quartermaster could find for him to do. From the beginning of the voyage Sinbad could tell that quartermaster Li Fang (son to the captain) did not like him. It was obvious by the less-than-savory duties and looks Li gave him. But after a few days at sea, after Sinbad had proved his claim to be a hard worker Li began to let off. However, there was still some obvious resentment harbored by Li against Sinbad. Sinbad assumed it was because Cho, Li’s father, had forced the issue of hiring him on as deck hand. Sinbad didn’t understand why, if there was so much tension between the father and the son, how one was captain and the other quartermaster until after he learned that on pirate vessels, the crew votes to decide who fulfills those rolls. This crew had served under Cho Fang for many years, but enough of them saw his age as a potentially fatal flaw and so voted his son into the position of quartermaster. After leaving Rassilon, The Viper took its cargo back to Olean where a Lord Foxx was waiting to purchase it. Upon arriving at the docks Sinbad helped with the unloading and everything seemed to be going according to plan until some Bluecoat guards came up to them and demanded that they come with them. Sinbad found himself marched with Captain Cho and a few other members of the crew unlucky enough to be at the docks at that moment towards a large stone building situated equal distance between the heart of the city where La Noblesse lived and the docks where the working man lived. They were taken into a room where Lord Foxx and an advisor were arguing. “Ah,” began Lord Foxx, “Good, you’ve arrived. Men, you may go now.” “Lord Foxx,” stated Captain Cho, “I demand to know the meaning of this! Why have you interrupted our work and brought us in like common criminals!?” “It’s quite unfortunate, really” began Foxx. “You see the Order has found out about our little venture of reselling the goods you obtain from the pirates at quite a profit here in Olean. Since you are not one of their approved, taxed and monitored methods of trade, they have threatened me with the Clerics of Hades unless I cease my partnership with any ‘unapproved’ privateers and quietly donate a substantial sum to the Church.” “So you would turn on me, a man who has brought you good business,” replied Cho, “just like that!?” “Well, it’s not like I had a choice really” stammered Foxx. “But please don’t think I’m going to leave you with nothing. I’ve already arranged to purchase your cargo through a friend of a friend who has ties with Eslandola. You won’t receive as much money for it, but it’ll be a fair price. I brought you here in chains for show, to make it seem like I had really changed, but after dark I will sneak you back to your ship. It’s unfortunate our partnership must end, but please don’t look on me too unkindly. I do not share the freedom you pirates know on the Nest, I am bound by the rules of the Order.” Lord Foxx looked concerned and nervous as he waited for Cho to respond, “Well?” “You have honor,” began Cho, “I cannot fault you for that. Many men would not have done as you have for us. But you lack a spine.” And with that Captain Cho turned to leave. In the morning The Viper set sail, back to the port of Rassilon at The Nest of Thieves.
  3. The port of Rassilon had the privilege of having forts. Three of these formed a triangle which allowed them to best protect the bay and other interests. Behind the base of this triangle sprang up housing that was sturdy and higher quality than average. Because of this and the fact that it was the best protected portion of the city residences here were naturally more expensive to buy or rent. Captain Cho Fang walked through a neighborhood that was not in the wealthy section. He had sailed as a pirate captain for many years, gaining the respect of his fellow pirates. When the Nest of Thieves was founded, Captain Fang was an obvious choice as leader of the port of Rassilon. He still had command of his own ship and took her on regular voyages of a nefarious nature. But when he was back at the port he would oversee the town meetings and give council to what the best course of action was. Most of the governing, if you can call it that in a pirate port, was left to a council of men loyal to Fang who stayed behind when he went sailing. And although Fang was the “mayor” of this town in name mostly and function but a little, he still felt a responsibility to its residents. These feelings did not stop him from punishing those who swindled him or failed to bring in a good profit, but it did mean he spent some time walking the streets of Rassilon each time he was back, to get a feel for the town and what the mood of the people was. He was in a section of housing that could afford to have stone buildings, covered in plaster to reflect the heat; but couldn’t afford trifles like doors or proper windows. Most of the year it was unbearably hot in Rassilon so this caused little discomfort. But it did allow for other problems like teaching the chickens not to each the straw from out of the mattress.