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  1. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece (This takes place sometime in 621) It was another pleasant day in Arlinsport. The well manucrued lawns of the University of Tiberia fluttered gently in the breeze, as Agnes Mesabi walked to a surprise meeting at the Mesabi Hall of Geology. A squat, and tough building, the Geology Hall was a recent addition to the University. It's construction, of course, was made possible with the new influx of funds the Mesabi family had charitably dumped into the University. While the Mesabi family was quite dreaded across the Brick Seas, their vast wealth and willingness to keep up appearances had lead them to dump large amounts of capital into Corrington's colonial educational institutions. This allowed for several educational institutions to add new facilities.... provided they put up with "Mesabi Shenanigans" on the premises. Agnes Count Mesabi's harridan of a wife, walked into the halls of the Geology building. Her stiletto heels clacked with each step, ominously announcing her arrival. In the research labratory, WTC Leader Karl Mordo chatted with a Professor of Minerology. "So you see, with these samples, we're hoping that we can identify a common pattern." Said Mordo gruffly. Agnes burst into the labratory. "Karl Mordo! My old friend and confidant. Can you guess why I'm here?" Said Agnes in a nail bitingly aggressive tone. " you've come to kill me then...." Said Mordo cooly. He reached into his holster, and drew a pistol. "At LEAST you had the decency to come do it YOURSELF!" "Hey, easy there Mordo..." said Agnes, a little slower, but no less agressively. "Let's talk this out..." With a quick motion, Agnes was behind the Professor, pistol in hand. "TRY SHOOTING ME THROUGH MY NERD SHIELD YOU ****!" She yelled, Aiming her pistol squarely at Mordo's forehead. [/url] The two aimed their pistols at each other for a solid 30 seconds, neither blinking. The Geology professor stood nervously, too afraid to say a word. A grad student cowered in the corner. "...So you're not here to kill me?" Asked Mordo mildly sheepishly. "What? No, I just thought I'd surprise you while I was here to giva a speech for the 'Women in Business' event." Said Agnes, mildly annoyed. The two lowered their pistols. The Geology Professor Scattered. "So, I had a proposal for the WTC to expand our business opportunities." said Agnes. "Involves some things with Oleon, involves the sale of some less than legal merchandise....." Mordo sighed. "You ran out of money in Namere again, didn't you?" "Look, overthrowing governments is hard and expensive! We're certainly not winning the hearts and minds at the moment. But I'm thinking throwing even more money at the situation will fix things." Said Agnes, rolling her eyes. Mordo grunted, and walked over to a chair. "I'm trying to use science to improve our prospecting, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to need to find a different professor to work with, thanks to your antics." Agnes ignored him, and handed him a piece of paper. "Lemme just get your signature, and I'll keep the fact you just tried to kill me on the down low." Mordo glanced over the document. "You really like this Namere thing." He muttered. He signed the piece of paper, and handed a copy back to Agnes. Agnes turned and left. "Oh, and if I wanted you dead Mordo?" She paused, smiling to herself. "I'd just hire someone to do it." FIN Thanks for viewing the build! This continues my work on the Royal "University of Tiberia" project that I've had going since.... 2018. With the current rate of progress I'm making on it, (about 1000 studs per year) I should be done in 2027! Honestly, looking back on my project writeup, I'm not satisfied with what I have their, so I'll probably get it fixed. If anyone is interested in helping, do pm me in the meantime. Regardless, enjoyed building this one. I originally planned to have it be set in Mesabi Landing, leading to a more squat look, but I didn't feel like the style was really working for that settlement. So, I changed up some parts of the build, and set as a part of this project. Storywise, this ties in with my long neglected TMCRA, with Agnes trying to overthrow parts of Namere. Karl Mordo is @Darnok's player character, and he told me that the story was fine, as long as " Set it some time in the past." Thus, the disclaimer at the beginning. I'm also referencing his many prospecting builds on behalf of the WTC. I'm sure this also would lower the IC opinions of everyone of Agnes Mesabi.... if they weren't already rock bottom. Anyway, thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated, and lets hope this royal build gets done!
  2. Location: Seawatch Type: Freebuild It was a humid day near Seawatch, as Count Mesabi and his loyal accountant, Darby Tyler walked towards the city gates. Count Mesabi had anchored the WTC Libertine off the coast of Seawatch, avoiding the heavily patrolled harbour. The two had rowed ashore, and walked down the path towards the city proper. "Anyways Darby, the best way to visit a heavily fortified wartorn city is via surprise. You simply appear at an unexpected interval, and come bearing gifts. It worked for Fatu Hiva" Said the Count cheerily. "Count, they burned you in effigy after the Corrish force pulled out. There's literally been talk of making a holiday when you die." Said Darby, incredulous as ever. "It was such a touching tribute! I always like statues of me! And fiery infernos always have a special place in my heart! Anyway's we're here. It's been a while since I lent my hands to Corrington's Leadership. I always get the feeling like they're anxious around me though. They're probably afraid of my title." Continued the Count, pondering back on his many, many misadventures. "AVAST CARNIVORES!" Yelled the Count at the Carnish gate guard. "I, his excellence Count Mesabi demand an audience with your mayor, the leaders of the joint military task force, your quartermaster, whoever's in charge of your theater guild, and your cheapest cheesemonger!" "Who the Megablocks are you?" Yelled back the Carnish guard, gripping his musket tightly. The Count smiled. He had new friends to make! "Look, uh, just please tell a Corrish guard to find a sergeant or something? Tell them that Count Mesabi is here." Yelled Darby, hoping to slightly The Carnish guard stepped away. A loud "WHAT?!?" came up from over the wall in a heavy Corrish accent. An alarm bang clanged loudly, the gates were yanked open, and Corrish and Oleander marines sprinted forwards, muskets in hand. "See Darby! Look at the warm reception we're getting" said the Count happily. Soldiers emerged from both sides of the path, climbing through bushes and thicket. Each pointed their musket at the duo. "Augh! don't shoot me! I don't want to die!" Cowered Darby. "Drop your weapons you nutcase!" Yelled a Corrish Guardsman. "You will hang for what you did to Fatu Hiva!" Cried an Oleander marine angrily. "You're a danger to the free markets!" muttered an Eslandolian guard. "No sudden movements!" Shouted the Corrish ranger. "Who wants canned meat!" Said the Count. "I brought enough to share!" FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I thought it'd be fun to have the Count here for this, so he has found his way over. For newer builders, my character, Count Mesabi caused a bunch of IC and OOC strife when I first joined BoBS. Long story short, I nowadays I do my best to not cause OOC / irl issues, but I very much enjoy playing a character who is reviled, hated, and despised across the Brick Seas. Anyway, I enjoyed building this. The wall segments started as an experiment, and the rest of the build followed. I did my best to make sure all the factions present in Sea watch were represented. Hope I didn't miss anyone. I'm not sure if I can license this. If I can, I'd like to do so as a small commercial. Thanks for viewing my build!
  3. Location: Spudkirk Type: Small Commerce (18x32 studs) To the edge of Spudkirk, tall cliffs rose up from the sea, revealing small sea caves. The view was especially scenic, and several prominent citizens had built houses here, at no small cost. Darby Tyler strode down the footpath towards his employer's Spudkirk residence. Count Mesabi awaited. Darby knocked on the door, slightly hesitant. He was not bringing good news. "It's good to see you Darby!" Said the Count with his usual amount of disturbed cheer. "You're my favorite Accountant. You never fail to keep the WTC's numbers properly cooked." Darby gulped. "Count, I've finally gotten our numbers somewhat straightened out. After 2 years of auditing... I've come to the conclusion we're hemorrhaging money." The Count stood wordlessly, and walked to Darby. Darby handed him the finalized writeup. The Count skimmed the numbers. "Well then Darby, it's time we got back to work!" Said the Count excitedly. "Tell me, I heard a rumor about a nearby warzone" "The issues on Oleandia with the Lotii? Yes, the conflict-" Darby was cut off. "Say no more, Darby! The WTC's biggest market is the battlefield. Well, that and people who can't or don't read the ingredients on canned food." The Count stood, and yanked a rug off of the floor, revealing a trap door. I've got just the plan in mind, we should head there now! I've got a rowboat in the basement. [ Darby looked at the rickety ladder into the sea cave below. He sighed, as the Count immediately climbed down. The ladder exited into a damp sea cave. Boxes of goods were piled around, while a rowboat sat tethered to a small dock. "I had this built for quick exits. You know, in case my wife came back." Said the Count. "Count, any chance we could stop back in Spudkirk first? I'd love to grab-" "There's no time for us to go back up the ladder and into Taterspock! We need to make sure we get there before the violence is over!" The Count whistled, and a spare WTC marine hurried over, knocking Darby into the rowboat. Darby managed to sit upright as the boat was rowed out of the cave, and towards Count Mesabi's ship. "The real issue is, you don't resolve everything before telling me things!" said the Count, as they rowed into open water. FIN Thanks for viewing my build. It's good to get back on after another hiatus. I built this in late 2021, but I was a bit stumped on the story, so I took a break from it. Now, after 11 months and a move, it's finally up. I really liked the snippet about the sea caves on the Avestia island information, and it was a fun challenge to do a build with them as the primary influence. I ran out of bricks towards the end, so I wasn't able to put in stalagmites and stalactites, but I think it looks fine. I'm looking forward to getting back into BoBS, and I hope to get more up soon!
  4. While the WTC has taken a back seat to Brick Seas affairs since 619, they still managed to cobble a coherent team together for the 622 Soccer Football cup. 622 Soccer Tournament by North White, on Flickr A team of WTC marines arrived in Nola Mar with soccer football grade munitions, and a horse named "Second-Breakfast" as a mascot. (The Pile of TNT counts as a player, as does the horse) FIN I wanted to get a team in for this, but I was unable to get my bricks out of storage before the sun went down, so apologies for the poor photo quality. Glad to see BoBS is still going strong, and I can drop in and out as my life demands. Edit: I'm going Offensive of course!
  5. Location: Stormhaven Type: MCRA Outcome / GOC Task (12-A) The Sea Rat Fleet was swift, firing into the wooden frame of Fort Coyle. In moments, it was ablaze, and the raiders upon the town. But that did not stop Stormhaven's brave defenders. Quickly, they readied arms, and rushed to the Town's defense. And by there brave actions, they managed to save* the town of Stormhaven FIN *some of Just a small build to count for reactivating the Fort in Stormhaven. I always like building for the settlement, and I'm mostly happy with how this one turned out. I don't plan to license it, as it as a MCRA build (unless the crown thinks it can / should be) The OOC is that it is a small barracks that the off duty soldiers were hanging out in before Stormhaven was attacked, and that they are rushing out to defend the settlement. If it were EGS it would be small residence, at 16x22. The Storefront is a simple 8x8. The biggest Issue I had was the roof, due to some parts limitations I have for my collection currently. I tried several different techniques, before just deciding to use slopes for the front of the build, and just not having any shots of the entire build. I would have liked to have had a full roof, but it would have sacrificed build quality, and I figured I'd rather have a simple solution that doesn't detract from the build, than a complicated one that does. I did use what my original plan for the roof was in the store front build, and it does look way better, but I just didn't have the pieces to make it for the entire build. I did consider doing an 'action build' of the Sea Rats fighting Corrington, but I ended up deciding to do a build of the fort being repaired... until I realized I couldn't match the style of Fort Coyle well enough, and a different build would be a better option. This went through a few iterations, first i had a scene of workers digging out the mangroves to build a foundation for a new fort, but it ended up basically just being 2 minifigs next to a dock. Then was a very mediocre watchtower build ( @Darnok can attest to) that looked like a pile of brown with a second pile of brown on it. I finally decided to do a cabin design as a barracks, and I think it's a solid build. The Storefront was to mostly round out the build, and hit the 20x20 (400) stud count. I realized very late building it that I was short. (22x16 is only 352) so I made a small build to round out the story, and meet the stud count. I think the only real change I would have made, is perhaps having it have a bigger interior. I used a technique that went well with some other builds (having a layer of white tiles inside of the build, so it has a more clean interior), but it did take away most of the space of the interior, to the point I couldn't fit more in than the box and the minifigs. I also was on the fence about mixing fleshy and yellows, but I didn't think it detracted from the build having both. Anyways, C&C appreciated. @Bregir @Ayrlego @Captain Dee and @SilentWolf please make sure you add your or as to this build. EDIT: So rereading the description of Stormhaven and reviewing more pictures, I can see how these builds don't fit the task as well, as they're not 'properly' suspended over mangroves. This was kinda clear more from the side angles, but having looked at it more, I'd say that it doesn't show it to a point as well was the other builds, and if that is the point of the task to a point of enough to disqualify these, I understand. (I do stand by it repairing the fort though! )
  6. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Troop Raising "Halt! This is a restricted area!" Said the WTC marine to the Commander The Agent of the crown looked taken aback. Only the WTC would have the gall to openly disrespect a high ranking commodore of Corrington! "Listen here, sonny!" Spouted the Commander. "I happen to be a veteran of the Juniper Wars, a Commander of a Class 5 ship, and an authorized agent of the Crown on a mission to make sure that the WTC has properly complied with all forms, regulations, and documentation of troops raised in the settlement. "Access is Denied, Mr. Commander." Said the WTC Marine. "Grrrr, you will let me through into this office!" Yelled the Commander. "Uh, Sir? I'm just making sure no one goes into the flooded toilet. The Office is down the other hall..." "Oh." FIN And back. Only took 2 years. . I built this in 2018 to test some floor tile ideas, and it's sat around since as it didn't really fit with anything. It's too small to be a small build, but I needed something for a troop raising and it doesn't look half bad.
  7. The WETEC has been expanding into the new islands. Part of the plan was to place offices and stables in strategic locations in order to expedite the delivery of horses to the new settlements. Elizabethville has begun to be the supplier of the horses in the new islands, but some are still being shipped from Belson and Arlinsport. The newest "office" the WETEC has been founded in Mooreton Bay. Though presently the "office" is simply a room in the residence of the manager, Mr. James Palmer. He and his wife are settling into their new home and responsibilities. They already have orders for 5 farm horses that they will soon be sending to Arlinsport for. They hope to receive more so they can get ahead of the needs on the island. This is intended to be a small residence in Mooreton Bay.
  8. Location: Stormhaven Type: Small Artisan? Task: Mangrove Madness, No. 12 Corrington's mail system allows for speedy communication through the colonies. A post marshall ensures that letters are kept confidential, and that the proper amount of postage is added to each letter. Even the mighty, WTC obeyed the rules of the post office, it was far too risky to risk losing canned Horse Meat orders. Fin Thanks for viewing my first build in like forever. I thought I'd do something stormhaven related to warm up, and I hope that this works too get my skills back. C&C appreciated. Prepare for shenanigans.
  9. INDEX Summary Prelude Chapter I - An unexpected diversion Chapter II - This is no moon island Chapter III - Further North (?) Chapter IV - The Great Unknown Chapter V - A change of plans Chapter VI - Parting ways... for now Chapter VII - Intermissions =============== SUMMARY Status: Chapter VII - Intermissions Participating members Drunknok Participating vessels Cranky Parrot, Nipper Point of start: Elizabethville Characters WTC Operator Aryana "Pip" Irving Gunnery Sergeant Gerard "Old One Eye" Wilton and his "Black Squad" of the WTC Marines Captain Cassidy Riley and the crew of the "Cranky Parrot" Wesbert Thaum Troops "Black Squad", 1 Platoon (10 WTC Marines) ========================================== Dramatis personae:
  10. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Small factory Workers in ML often enjoy hootch, or moonshine, and make it just about anywhere. Rail side moonshine by North White, on Flickr
  11. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Large Artisan It was evening in Mesabi Landing. Shadows stretched across the sand as Princess Isabella, Countess Agnes Mesabi, and Mordo walked to a pub. Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr "The Count has returned to known territory, and he has an... interesting... proposal." Said Mordo, not revealing his thoughts on the matter. "Yes, but this won't change anything with our plans for Gondova, will it?" asked Isabella with concern. Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr "No, and we're agreeing to his proposal. We just need the Queen to agree. If that's even possible..." Said Agnes. "We leave for Gonda tomorrow. We take the Red Queen, The Icarus Returning, the Destroying Angel, and as many troops as we can raise." Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr The three entered the pub. The pool players took one look at who had walked in, and offered their sticks to Agnes and the Princess. Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr "Tomorrow, Namere will begin a new chapter. but tonight? We get wasted!" Said Agnes. "Didn't you say that yesterday?" asked Mordo Continuing the story is @Drunknok... Later on the same day, Princess Isabella had already left, Agnes Mesabi was still playing billard, with a WTC crowd gathered around the table. And while Agnes enjoyed herself, Mordo had some other business to do right behind the pub. Agnes playing... ... Mordo leaving through the back door. . "Listen you two, this must not fall back on me. You get paid well, and you keep your mouths shut - if you know what is good for you. Take care of that thing with the guy in the place... make it look like an accident. You know... the usual." "Aye, Mr. M.!" Later on, the crowd left one by one, Agnes Mesabi was still playing, getting more drunk by the minute, slowly losing patience with the balls: . In the end, the game was still not finished, but the evening ended well for Lady Mesabi, snoring loudly: FIN Thanks for viewing my build. C&C appreciated. Also Mesabi Landing has elevated Rails now.
  12. "Johnny, why are you still working here in the office? You should be outside with everyone else watching the parade!" scolded James Hendricks. "If you don't leave these books for later, and go out right now I am going to have to fire you." James smiled as Johnny Martin, his young clerk, immediately vacated the office to grab his pennant in the storage room, before scrambling out the front door to see the parade that was already passing by. James is the business manager of the WETEC office in Elizabethville. The Elizabethville office is second only to the Arlinsport office in volume of work and sales. Though he is a shrewd business man who requires detailed and perfect work out of all his employees, James is not one to deprive a young man from the joy of the holidays. The New Year is just beginning and Elizabethville has decided to put on a parade that will travel down the length of its main street, all the way down to Fort di Legno near the docks. Many different people have joined the parade, and most of the rest of the town is crowding the walkways watching. First, came the marines, marching in their perfect order. They were stationed on the boat Octavia that is anchored in the bay. Following behind them are the bagpipes of the Corrish highlands playing their sweet but haunting tunes. Following them on horseback are several of the WETEC Light Cavalry. Following the cavalry, is a most peculiar site. A very tall man is walking by juggling balls. All the kids are in awe of his height, though whispers among the adults about a gadget called stilts has intrigued several who heard the whispers. Following the juggler is an equally peculiar site. A small cart being pulled by a yoke of... pigs! The driver must be skilled indeed to handle pigs so well. Oh, it is a monkey not a man driving the pigs. What a bizarre site to behold. So bizarre in fact that most people missed the man walking behind the pig-monkey cart as if he was in charge of it. The parade goes on with all sorts of fun and peculiar sites. People have moved from all over the old world to settle in this new colony. Many who have settled here, like the bagpipers of the highlands, have brought their own customs and traditions that they continue to follow. Together, all these customs and traditions are mixing into one town and colony that creates exciting holidays indeed.
  13. Micah and Elizabeth are dining this evening at Tom Mercer's house in Elizabethville. As Mayor of the settlement, by popular vote, he has overseen everything non-military in the colony for the last year and a half. Now that Micah has been residing on the island, Mayor Mercer and Micah are able to coordinate better for the future of the settlement. The WETEC is still actively working to encourage more settlers to come settle on the island, as is evidenced by the various new faces that have been showing up. This evening while the supper is being set out Sir Micah and Mayor Mercer are talking over the stories that have been coming out of Mooreton Bay and the charges of piracy laid upon a Corrington captain. Though the WTC has not acquired the best reputation, this news seems quite surreal. Micah informed Tom Mercer that he would be sailing to Mooreton Bay upon the Soupfish within the next couple days to find out the situation there, as well as stop in to visit Mr. James Palmer at the WETEC office in Mooreton Bay.
  14. Mr. Bartholomew Antonius has set up a table down by the ETTC Arlinsport warehouse and store. He had put out word that today he would be hiring quite a few sailors to fill the quotas needed for the ETTC ships. After a short on site interview, the sailor would make his mark and he would be paid up front for half a months pay. Immediately after being paid the new employee would be sent to the company store to acquire any goods he needed. If he needed to leave to gather some supplies, the money was placed in a lock box until he got back... for obvious reasons. Next! Notes: This is a simple build to increase the ETTC's ship capacity. I found it very fun to build, especially assembling the different sailors.
  15. Elizabethville has grown considerably in the year and a half since it was officially founded. Though its position on an island made up primarily of plains has created a diverse growth of the island. Some people have build clapboard buildings, others have used stone or brick, while some are building log cabins for themselves and their families. Malcolm and Serena Otis are one such couple. They lived in the slums of Belson before they heard about the opportunity to settle in a new colony. They scrimped and saved every last penny, and eventually set sail for Elizabethville aboard the Soupfish. Now that they are here, they have claimed a farm and have built a log cabin from the trees they have cleared from the land. As the crops haven't come up yet, they are living off of the land. It isn't an easy life, but it is a better life than they had in Belson. Malcolm is off to try and get enough meat for the week, as Serena takes care of their one month old baby and collects herbs from the countryside. Note: I was in need of more residences in Elizabethville, and wanted to try my hand again at a log cabin. This one is much more stable than the last one, though it really wouldn't take a lot of handling well. Mesabi, I had planned an interior but in the end beams were attached inside that prevented a look at anything inside. Here is another angle:
  16. SilentWolf

    [COR - FB] The Ant

    Gustave Dubois is a small time merchant who recently has settled in Mooreton Bay with his wife and 7 children. He only has one son, Julien. He and Julien had sailed his small trading vessel out first, then once he had found a house, he sent word for his wife and daughters to join them. The new colony is a great place for a new and cheaper existence, and hopefully some lucrative trade opportunities between the new booming settlements. Today, Gustave and Julien are setting out on one such trade voyage aboard their vessel, The Ant. Of course, it sounds better in Gustave's original language, but an industrious vessel she is. Note: I am licensing this as my free class 1.
  17. In Arlinsport, behind a low decorative wall, there is a massive building built in much the same style as the rest of the city. In front of the wall is part of the exquisite landscaping that is known of Corrington's crown jewel in the Sea of Storms. Perfect shrubbery and trees layed out in perfect lines for all those passing by to enjoy. Behind the beautiful wall, the landscaping is equally perfect, including a fountain revealing the business of the owners of the building. In addition, the colors flown on the building reveal this to be the orderly and perfect headquarters of the East Terran Trade Company. Today the manager of the headquarters, Mr. Bartholomew Antonius, is returning from a meeting in town to find out that he has a visitor waiting for him. Mr. Arthur Kellogg of the Wolf's Equine, Trade, and Expedition Company, has arrived at Sir Micah's urging to request a favor for aid with keeping the shipwrights in Arlinsport honest in the order they perform their work. It appears, they have placed various projects ahead of others because of bribes and personal relationships while not informing the others involved that they would have to wait longer. It is a troubling affair that could use the influence of a nationwide group such as the ETTC to help solve. Here are a couple more pictures of the headquarters including the spacious interior with a large meeting room on the second floor.
  18. Micah is in his office in Elizabethville, where he has been residing since his expedition to Cascadia. Recently, he received a letter from Rear Admiral Fletcher regarding some news personally affecting Micah. Micah felt it necessitated a reply. To her Royal Majesty, Queen Annetta, Sovereign of Corrington, Balondia, and Her Majesty's Colonies, and to Rear-admiral S. Fletcher in her majesty's service. My father, Lord Alexander, was granted his rank and lands from the crown due to his heroic actions and valiant service to the crown during the 49 Years War. I have longed desired and strived to serve my country with as much vigilance and honor as he had. I am profoundly humbled that her Majesty and her officials think so highly of the services I have thus far rendered to the crown by bestowing the title of Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose. I intend to not falter in my efforts to serve her Majesty, and look forward to many years of faithful service should I be granted them. Long live the Queen, Sir Micah of Wolfhaven Owner of Wolf's Equine, Trade, and Expedition Company He also was writing a letter to his business partner Arthur Kellogg in Arlinsport. Dear Mr. Kellogg, I hope this letter finds you well and business continuing to improve. Based on the extensive amount of work to be done here in Elizabethville, and the massive amounts of new land to be explored to the East, including Cascadia, Celestia, and the surrounding isles, I will not be returning to Arlinsport for quite a few months. As I know you have extensive oversight of all our shipping, I feel my presence will not be detrimental to the company. You do have Charles there to aid you in any matter regarding the raising and pricing of the steeds sold from Arlinsport. I do want to remind you to put pressure on the shipwrights to finish refitting our three ships we have in dock plus the ship we committed to fund for the crown. Though I know that they have many ships to make and repair, I feel they are taking entirely too long to put our ships under sail. I hear that there will be a massive push in the upcoming months to trade between the various ports now that war has subsided in the eastern seas. We must press to have all our resources available to profit from this opportunity. I encourage you to make a visit to the headquarters of the East Terran Trade Company, which my estate is a member of, and ask for their help in pressuring any shipwrights who are uncooperative at refitting the ships we have in repair. Speak to the manager at the ETTC headquarters, Mr. Bartholomew Antonius. Greet your wife and children for myself and Elizabeth. Hansa and his lovely bride, Kahente, also wish to say hello and often ask about you, as is their manner. Yours truly, Sir Micah of Wolfhaven OOC: This build is serving the two fold purpose of in-character acknowledging my promotion in Corrington, and to increase my ship level maximum. It also leads into my next build posted here. An additional picture of just the furniture:
  19. The Corrington Combat Pioneers had been busy since the Corrington party found the Myzek people. The pathway behind the falls was conducive to secluding a civilization from wild animals and the outside world, but it was not conducive to multiple trips back and forth. The Combat Pioneers built a larger pathway along the dangerous parts of the path at the base of the falls. They were then able to bring goods up the river in boats, and transport it by hand through the falls before transferring it to carts and mules to lead it down to Myzectlan. The only problem is they also had to divert the river to allow room for the pathway near the falls. One man's problem is Corrington's fun. The Combat Pioneers started a quarry on the nearby mountainside, and brought the cut rocks over to the top of the falls on sledges. They then used a massive crane and some mules to raise the rocks and place them in the river. Setting the massive rocks one at a time, they were able to divert the river over several minifigure feet. The river was also diverted into its overflow channel, thus enabling the pathway below to be outside the torrential downpour of the falls. Today we spot several WETEC soldiers carrying trade goods along the pathway, as two of the Combat Pioneers discuss whether the crane needs to be kept in place for any future repair work. They are also discussing the current plans to make an alternate path to Myzectlan in order to bypass the falls entirely. Notes: I felt my build for Challenge 5E needed some editing before I could license it and to make the future stories more believable. This build was the result. It won't count as a freebuild as it was just an edit, but it will be licensed as a large commerce. It's total surface area is 4842 studs with 6402 bricks used. Here is a reminder of what it looked like before and a link to the previous build is included below. The previous story C&C welcome.
  20. Previously... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego Mysteries on Cascadia Part 1 and 2 - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 2 - Ayrlego (Part 3 follows after my build) Micah, Montoya, and Colonel Allcock continued up the river in search of the large lake, using as their guide Montoya's curious letter from the bottle. and the Eslandolian Marderian map that Colonel Allcock had acquired at no small sum. Though they were chilled by the evidence that the Eslandolian's had been slaughtered here, they had no intention of turning around. Micah did not trust the Mardierian officer's account at first, but the evidence has been leading him to realize that there are unscrupulous men (and women) in all nations. Times of war seem to bring out the worst in them. It was not that long ago that Mardier had tried to take Micah's life. If it had not been for the secretive Hannah, he would surely not be on this boat today. What does that lady do? How does she do it? Micah pushed all these other concerns out of his mind and returned to vigilantly scanning the foliage for any hostile party. The party was quite large due to the three groups converging on this single quest. However, it is never good to let your guard down due to sheer numbers. The journey continued for several days without incident. They did see signs of large cats, but never caught a glimpse of them. Occasionally, one would be heard at night. The women did not seem too thrilled about the cats being that close, but they attempted not to show it. Upon finding the lake, a small camp was set up. It was decided a few of the soldiers would stay behind to guard the boats, but the rest of the party would continue on into the highlands. Following the map and the letter, the Corrington party arrived at the base of one of Cascadia's many gorgeous waterfalls. Per the sources, there is a cave and passage behind the waterfall. After a small amount of searching, it was determined that a small path on the right side of the falls was the most likely route for access. It was not easy going as some places were suitable only for mountain goats. Following the path, they spied a small opening behind the fall, but definitely not outside its mist. Alas, the information was true! Behind the opening was a small cavern safe from the treacherous footing and the powerful mists of the falls. The party decided to leave a guard along the path and bring all the supplies with them through the falls. Of course, this was also not an easy feat. Once in the cavern, Montoya and Colonel Allcock began following the written and drawn directions for navigating the pathways inside the mountain. Micah made sure that the entire party made it through the falls and down the right passageway. It appeared that some advanced race of people had widened and secured these corridors and caverns. One could only imagine what kind of people these were. After following the corridors for about an hour, they saw light up ahead. Hurrying along, they exited the mountain to brilliant sunshine, and a glorious site. The mountain descended quickly on this side to a valley nestled in the mountains. The view was unobstructed for an extremely long ways. In the distance, they saw a large city sprawling out. It was too far to tell what kind of city it was, but it must indeed be the place they are looking for. The letter and the map were also in agreement to this conclusion. ___________ We all ran out of time on this collaboration so unfortunately it isn't as fleshed out as we would have liked. (I somehow thought I had until Wednesday to finish.) Though this is the beginning of Corrington's exploration of Cascadia with its mountains and big cats, which Lego has been so gracious to release this summer. As the challenge simply stated that we could have up to three builds, I am going to have to settle with just one build this time around. My computer is working on a better render of the front view so I will add that once I have it complete. For more pictures, see below.
  21. Micah and Elizabeth have arrived safely on Lacryma thanks to Hannah and her work. There is much to be seen by them since Elizabethville (named of course after Micah's one love) has grown a lot while Micah was away. 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Bolton and Mayor Tom Mercer have worked hard at keeping the settlement orderly and growing. The new settlers arriving from other parts of the Brick Seas have quickly settled in to make their own way in this land. The relationships with the natives have proven to be very amicable and trade with Chief Otetiani and the Onondaga people has continued. There are rumors that some of the other tribes are upset over the Onondaga's success but as of today those rumors do not seem founded. On this mid-morning, Ensign David and Hanska were leading Micah and Elizabeth to an Onondaga village for a meal and trade discussions. They are accompanied by one of the light cavalry and Hanska's bride of less than two months (moons). Micah always suspected the two of them would get together. As they rode along, the party passed a windmill which Ensign David told them had been constructed by the Ruysch brothers. They had settled on the island from Varcoast. Hubert had brought along his wife and daughter and the four of them ran the only grist mill on the island. It was a very busy business but lucrative. Here are some close ups and different angles of the build. Builder's Note: I have found that a baby crawling around has hindered my time available to build with my bricks. Thus the several projects I was working on in bricks have stalled out. I decided to instead do some LDD builds as I had the time for that and I didn't have to worry about the baby eating a brick or two. This is the result of my attempt at the first factory in Elizabethville. The outer dimensions of the build are 91x94. The windmill sits on 16x16 with some overhang of the blades and guide. The warehouse is about 20x40. I am licensing it as a medium factory since the footprint of the buildings take up 1056 studs. C&C welcome. P.S. The windmill is modeled after this one, even though it is not a grist mill. I am sure in BoBS it doesn't matter.
  22. Sailing east out of Arlinsport on the Soupfish, Micah, Elizabeth, crew, and guests have arrived at King's Port where they intend on topping off their supplies before their journey to Elizabethville. Hannah and her two students had not been a burden on the ship, mostly staying to themselves. At least that is what Micah heard. He and Elizabeth had also been mostly staying to themselves in the Captain's Cabin. At King's Port, most of those on board disembarked to walk around and shop while in the city. Micah had one business contact he was supposed to meet the following morning for breakfast, so Elizabeth and he strolled through one of the open air markets. The vendors sold everything from painted dolls, to inkwells, to freshly cooked meat. Micah was certain that he just saw the lady in black he had been seeing around Arlinsport. He had been seeing glimpses of her for the last several weeks. He had for the most part ignored it as they had been visiting many shops in Arlinsport prior to the wedding. Though now here in this market in King's Port? What Micah didn't know was that Mardier was worried that the WETEC would choose the Eslandolan side and provide them with war horses for cavalry and transports. In fact, he had not even considered choosing one side over the other. Rather, it seemed like business would be exceptional over the next several months. However, for Mardier, the Soupfish stopping in King's Port was a golden opportunity to cut the head off the WETEC and guarantee that they would not get involved. Micah didn't even see the blade coming. The lady in black, or as Elizabeth knows her, Hannah, was not so distracted. Her fan blade may appear beautiful, but it is also deadly, as the Marderian assassin found out. Fortunately, the guard on the roof above had also seen the knife at the last moment, vindicating Hannah of the charge of murder. Not that a prison would hold her long anyway... This is an entry for Eslandola as part of Challenge 5A. This was a fun build trying to pack the street with vendors and people, but I still had to see enough to get some decent pictures. It was inspired by my recent travel out of the country and visiting a market much like this. I also wanted to catch up on some story line and weave the lady in black into the party before we got to Elizabethville. There will be more of her in the future. Edit: I realized I missed the 600 post mile marker. Considering that when I joined BOBS last January, I had roughly 12 posts after a year on Eurobricks, I think I can safely blame BOBS for getting me more involved around here. I also did a grand total of 47 MOCs for BOBS last year which is more than I have done in any prior 5 year period of my life. I look forward to another year with you guys and gal(s)!
  23. 25 January 617 A.E. Wedding of the Owner of WETEC! What will the blissfully married couple do next with the WETEC expanding throughout the known world? Exclusive photo here at this paper! The marriage of Micah of Wolfhaven and Elizabeth Griffin was a success. It turned out flawlessly as one would expect when the marriage is between two large trading companies in Corrington. It was attended by the bride and groom's families, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, their youngest daughter, Charlotte, Mrs. Sarah of Wolfhaven, her son, Alexander II, and daughter and son-in-law, Rebekah and Simon. Also in attendance were representatives of trading partners from Eslandola, Oleon, and of course key figures from Corrington. There was music of both the harp and the flute to be enjoyed while tasting apples, bananas, and chocolate danishes. It was a lovely day for the couple who it is rumored will be taking a boat ride to the eastern islands for their honeymoon. I haven't linked to it lately but HERE can be found a complete list of builds that were completed for BOBS and progress this storyline.
  24. Alliances are made with the affections and marriages of the young to suit the will of the older generation. It is such a case today, as the young Eslandolean, Mateo Santos, is having a picnic out on the hillside with the beautiful daughter of Martel Schultz, Rebecca. Martel is in the sheriff of King's Port, and though he does not wield as much power as the military, he does oversee that the city retains peace and order. It is a difficult thing these days. He has strong Eslandola leanings, and his encouragement of the the affections between Rebecca and Mateo infers that he wishes to use his influence to aid Eslandola in securing King's Port and Terraversa. The young people are too naive and in love to realize that there affections are serving a much larger purpose. Others in the city are not so naive though. They have sent for a person with a very special set of skills. Dante, as we know him for we have seen him before, enjoys this moment of the chase. His target is dead, but is simply unaware of it at the present. All he needs is for the guard accompanying Rebecca to be distracted for a single moment. What luck! Apparently, a beautiful butterfly is worthy of distraction (for obviously there is no danger here on this hillside). The guard will regret that mistake, but not as much as Mateo. Well, I guess he can not regret anything now. Dante immediately flees the scene and by the time Rebecca and the guard recover from the shock, there is no catching him. Mateo's blood squirted out onto the ground and his face turned ashen. He had had his final meal. It appears there will be no agreements between Eslandola and the sheriff of King's Port, at least not through marriage. Dante loves his job though few others would say the same. This build is for Mardier in Challenge 5A. The tree was my first attempt at a tree that looked real. The hill was a fun part of the build making sure it worked without having too big of a gap in the transition to the flat portion. C&C welcome especially on how to improve my trees.
  25. Time: 18th of January, 617 A.E., one week prior to Micah and Elizabeth's wedding Location: The Griffin's residence in Arlinsport Elizabeth and Micah had been busy decorating the house for the upcoming wedding and preparing decorations that couldn't be placed out yet. Elizabeth had been acting worried most of the day, and finally she worked up the nerve to tell Micah why. "Micah, while you were away on your adventures I did something in secret that I feel you should know about prior to us being married." "What is it, dear? What did you do?" Micah asked trying to contain his concern. Sighing Elizabeth said, "It is probably best if I show you." She left the room and returned a few minutes later carrying several weapons which she placed on the dining table. "I went out and bought all these weapons, then I went to a local school and learned how to fence and shoot. The instructor said I progressed very well, and he recommended I go to another instructor, a lady named Hannah. She has been instructing me for the last 4 months. I wanted you to know before we got married that I had gone out and done such a very unladylike thing." Micah was relieved that this was the worst thing that she had on her mind one week before the marriage. "Elizabeth, dear, I do not find what you did offensive in the slightest. In the polite societies of Belson it may be said that ladies never learn the art of weaponry. However, in the unsettled lands to the East it is good for a woman to know how to defend herself. In fact, I know several women who have taken to exploring the lands to the East. I have even heard rumors that Queen Annetta practices with pistol in her living chambers. I am proud that you had taken the initiative in this, and only regret that my travels have prevented you from telling me prior to now." "There is one more thing. My instructor, Hannah, wishes to travel with us to the East after our marriage. She and several of her students wish to put their skills to work in the new settlements and islands. I told her that I would speak to you about that. I know the space is limited upon the Soupfish, but if it is possible I ask that we would accommodate them." "As friends of yours, I will consider your request most seriously. Now, in regard to our sailing east, we..."