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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings, Here it is, another CCCXI entry. This time i picked a location from the novel "A Game of Thrones": The Flea Bottom. A Wiki of Ice and Fire describes it as follows: "Flea Bottom is what the slum area of King's Landing is called. A down-trodden area of town. It has pot-shops along the alleys where one can get a 'bowl o' brown.' It has a stench of pigsties and stables, tanner's sheds mixed in with the smell of winesinks and whorehouses.It is a maze of twisty, unpaved alleys and cross-streets below the Street of Flour on the way down the west side of Rhaenys's Hill. The buildings lean over the narrow alleys, almost touching." In contrast to the tv-series, the novel "A Game of Thrones" dedicates an entire Chapte to Arya Stark surviving in the Flea Bottom by cathing pidgeons and exchanging them for bowl o' brown. fleabottom1hr von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr fleabottom2 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr Fleabottom3 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr
  2. zed0

    [MOC] Defiance

    Here's my entry to the Alternate Model category of CCCXI, using 10223: Kingdoms Joust. Defiant to the last, the queen takes up her husband's sword to protect his corpse:
  3. Kumpelkante

    Ebbegard Castle

    Good Morning Eurobricks (01:36 in Germany right now), here's my final entry for this year's CCC. I think the castle is self-explanatory, so i move on with the pics. castle1 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr castle2 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr castle3 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr caslte7 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr castle6 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr caslte4 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr kante von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr ...looking forward to C&C, good night and merry christmas.
  4. Captain Flint

    A day at the old windmill

    Built for this year's CCCXI for A Child's Life category and my second freebuild for Nocturnus. This old windmill is owned by the father Erald. The landscape is pretty grim and not much fertile. Growing wheat and making flour is not easy. Erald, together with his two sons trying to survive in this anything but friendly land which frightens sons.
  5. Hope you like it. All feedback is very welcome. CCCXI: The royal jester and son by bentoft, on Flickr CCCXI: The royal jester and son by bentoft, on Flickr CCCXI: The royal jester and son by bentoft, on Flickr CCCXI: The royal jester and son by bentoft, on Flickr CCCXI: The royal jester and son by bentoft, on Flickr
  6. Hello All, Here is my entry into the CCCXI, Court Entertainment. I had tons of fun building this scene, experimenting with different techniques. This creation was inspired by a story/virtue from a book we have, of a sad prince who could never smile, and was always sad. The king wanted his son to be happy and smile, so he issued a proclamation throughout the kingdom. Anyone who could make the prince smile/laugh/be happy would get a small chest of gold. People all over the kingdom came over to try out their luck. Time and time again they tried, but to no avail. The prince would not smile. In desperation, the king sent messengers to the farthest reaches of the kingdom, to try and find anyone. One messenger came to a small peaceful farm, where a little happy girl lived. When she heard the proclamation, she knew what the prince needed. When she arrived at the palace, she simply said, "God loves you." Hearing this, the prince gladdened, and smiled, then laughed! Rejoicing, the king gave a feast, and gave the little girl the chest of gold. She used it to help the poor people throughout the kingdom, and those who needed it. I don't remember the full story (I can't find the book), so this story is from what I remember, it is the general idea of what happened, the story is much more detailed. If I ever find that story again, I will make sure to edit it here (I am 100% sure I made mistakes, maybe even some parts are changed). Also, here are some fig combos I made for the CCCXI: Enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  7. Kumpelkante

    The Death of King Arthur

    In his last battle an aged King Arthur defeats his bastard son Mordred, but dies the very same moment from the wounds he suffered in the finght. With his last breath he asks Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur into the enchanted lake. Suddenly a hand emerges from the water and take the sword back into the deep. arthur1 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr arthur2 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr arthur3 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr
  8. Hey Guy, this is my third entry for the CCCXI. It is based on the Sängerkrieg (minstrel contest). Short summary: On the Wartburg a contest between six minstrels took place in the early 13th century. This contest then lead to the "Rätselspiel" (mystery game), in wich the sorceror Klingsor(really his name) summoned a demon, which was bannished by Wolfram von Eschenbach's songs. I used the SÄngersaal (Hall of Minstrels) as a source, but decided take a bit of an artistic freedom, because a faithful adaption might have looked a bit toooo colorful. now to the pictures: bards1 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr bards3 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr bards2 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr
  9. Hey guys, heres my second entry for this year's Colossal Castle Contest. (beeing the medieval bathing house the first one) I plan to enter it into the secret hideout category, but lets move on to the backstory: A long time ago the old fortress, that was built to guard the river crossing, was abandoned by the rightful ruler of the kingdom. Nowadays the last two towers, that remain, are inhabitated by the king of outlaws and his band of highwaymen. So after all every merchant, pilgrim or knight errant, who wants to cross the river still has to pay a toll. What it is, you ask? Not much, just everything you have, your money and your lives. brücke1 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr bridge4 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr bridge2 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr bridge3 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr bridge5 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr By the way, im not sure wich three pictures im going to enter, so im open to suggestions.