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Found 19 results

  1. Greetings. This MOC was supposed to be an entry for Lego and Volvo contest, but I smashingly didn't make it in time. So I took my time and here it is: All Terrain Multifunctional Bulldozer As it is not for contest anymore - no need for yellow parts and autonomous trend. And now it is more of a military support vehicle. Electrics: - 2 PF XL that power all the functions - 2 PF m that control 2 gearboxes - BuWizz 2.0 Other features: - front loader with swappable equipment - towing platform + winch in the back Dimensions: 60 cm length (without front addons) x 31 cm width x 22 cm height. Weight: 2,5 kg. Also features cabin interior, had to move it up both because the pilots needs vision of the front/rear parts and since the gearboxes literally take all the inner space between tracks. Bulldozer is really big so it takes 2 pilots working in the cabin and 2 engineers to keep mechanics working. How it works: There are 2 separate XLs, one driving each side (160 tank tracks, 320 total) of the bulldozer and all the functions through 2 connected gearboxes. Each gearbox switch controls 2 driving rings and once (they are switched by 1 m motor each). I hope that scheme makes sense to anyone: 1st gearbox positions: movement (red) / secondary functions 2nd gearbox 2nd gearbox (green) positions: front loader - lifting 2 LAs (yellow) + bucket tilting 1 LA (blue) / rear - towing platform control (purple) + winch (brown) More schemes from different angles in a spoiler (sorry they are not exact size): From the start I aimed to make every function through XLs, even though it took 84 gears and 3 u-joints total to do that - I am satisfied with result. 1st gearbox switch is visible (red axles), 2nd gearbox is hidden. It is limited in utmost positions and thanks to white gears and clicking sounds can be easily operated without breaking anything. The machine can be equipped with different things. Excavator bucket: And my favorite - minesweeper: Towing platform has return to center steering fulfilled via rubber bands. Platform cannot really lift heavy or even mid-weight things but it has wheels so together with winch even the heaviest machines can be towed. I have to say that tracks design and the length of bulldozer creates considerable shaking when it moves on flat and rough surfaces especially, but that is a minor inconvenience. More photos: Will be happy to hear your critics and thoughts. Hope you like it!
  2. As my entry for Lego Ideas contest is approved, so I can now post something also here. Description Volvo Hare 20XX FR - is bulldozer. 20XX stands for production year, FR - fusion reactor. Fusion reactor is most promising energy producing technology. This maachine has compact version. Main operation is autonomous (programmed for particular construction area). I still think, that in some situations direct guidence still will is needed, so there is openable cabin for those cases. Model is really playable: it "rolls" when pushed, it has tilting (adjustable angle) showel (lower knob at the back), it has risable showel (upper knob at the back), tracks are tensioned using small shock absorbers, openable cabin (by hand), to see inside, only two pins 32045 should be pulled out, and then it is possible to open body. All the functions are done by small actuators, which represents electrical actuators on real machine. Normal (automated) operation Manual operation (cabin open) Some internals And, of course
  3. travisridenour

    Custom Bulldozer MOC

    A little moc bulldozer i built awhile ago. I wanted one that was more minifig scale as i dont care for the city set which is huge.
  4. When I was thinking about what to build out of set 42065 (RC Tracked Racer) I've got idea to increase its playability by adding blade. So I started building bulldozer. Finished model features blade that allows you to push something. I had to deal with lack of liftarms and pins that led to sacrificing easy access to battery box - if you want to replace batteries you literally have to dismantle almost whole model. In short, it is compact, sturdy, too fast and fun to play with.
  5. legosamigos


    Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my new MOC - a bulldozer. This is not a specific bulldozer model, although I watched little a Caterpillar D9T. A blade and a ripper are full remote controlled, does it mean, can be raised, lowered and tilting. Dimensions: -length: 43 cm, -width: 26 cm, -height: 20 cm, -weight: 1738 grams. Power Functions: drive and steering – 2 PF L motors, blade can be raised, lowered and tilting by 2 PF M motors, ripper can be raised, lowered and tilting by 2 PF M motors, 1 x PF extension wire 20 cm, 1 x PF small battery box, 3 x PF IR receiver, 3 x PF IR remote control. Some pictures, rest are available at the public galleries Brickshelf gallery Bricksafe gallery Youtube video
  6. I was always inspired by the multi-functionality of backhoe's, and I always imagined ways to improve upon it and now I finally did. In this MOC I challenged myself to make the most multi-functional vehicle I could, using all the motors and sbricks I had, naturally I ended up buying more motors XD The final build includes 17 LEGO power functions motors (5XL motors, 6L motors and 6M motors), 4 LEGO power functions lights and 1 DIY LEGO laser! It's powered by 4 LEGO PF battery boxes, controlled by 5 SBricks and operated by a 20 channel SBrick profile. The drill/laser arm is operated by 5 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for spinning the drill head (PF M motor) 1 channel for activating the DIY LEGO laser (TOPIC HERE) The excavator arm is operated by 4 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for moving the bucket (PF M motor) the bulldozer scoop is operated by 2 chanels 1 channel for raising and lowering the scoop (PF M motor) 1 channel for tilting the scoop (PF M motor) The crane is operated by 3 channels 1 channel for rotating (PF M motor) 1 channel for extending the crane (PF L motor) 1 channel for operating the winch (PF L motor) The plow/ trailer hook is operated by 1 channel 1 channel for lowering and raising the plow (PF M motor) The drivetrain is operated by 3 channels 2 channel for driving forwards and backwards (2x PF XL motor) 1 channel for steering (PF XL motor) The lighting is operated by 2 channels 1 channel for headlights 1 channel for rearlights Weight: 4.6KG Length: 62cm With: 32cm Height: 31cm building time: 4 weeks A special thanks goes out to my friend Bas for helping me edit and my amazing girlfriend for her everlasting support.
  7. Systemtech

    [MOC] MegaDozer V1

    Hey all, So this is offically my first MOC since coming out of the "Dark Ages" :p ALOT of refining can be done, and its not my best MOC ever but i think its pretty cool. First time every using Power Functions in a MOC. So here she is, A mega dozer. Features include a single sBrick with 2 XL motors and 2 M motors as well as 2 lights and 4 LA's and 8 soft suspensions. I will post a video in the next few days with the movements etc. 90% of the non-PF parts are from 42055 as thats the majority of my parts on hand. suspension is all independant based on a pair of verticle wheels. It can be refined and strengthened but works well. The front and rear both raise and lower and a XL motor drives each track, so with the sBrick turning and driving is awesome. Here are some pics : Access Ladder down Suspension : Easy battery access and removal : Flat 12 cylinder engine: Fronty lowered : Rear down :
  8. Hi, I would like to present my C_model for 42042. I love 42042 set. I think it is the most underrated set. I do not like very much that often B models are not very different from A models. That is the case for 42042. B crane is still a crane. So I decided to build something different. Bulldozer My goals was to build good looking, sturdy, very playable, easy to operate (my kids tested that well :-) ) model. Features (motor operated): drive steering lifting of the blade lifting of rear rippers Manual: openable hood I also wanted: accessible battery pack. (it is simple to get it out and replace batteries) decent colour coordination (hence GT white fast strip :-) ) logical position of parts with stickers from 42042 A model Body is easy to remove and put back on. Please tolerate quality of my pictures. Thank you for feedback. Pictures: Leftover parts: Video: (click to view on flickr) Edit (reaction to instruction question from comments): I designed this completely computer free way, just building, "un-building", rebuilding, and again building. Therefore I do not have instructions - I might do it later (I need to learn how) - I do LEGOing only "computer free" way. I design stuff for living, so I do not want to use computers in my free time. EDIT 2: REBRICKABLE - Instructions There are instructions (hi-res PDF computer generated step-by-step, with bill of material and everything) available Edit 3: Now I made some computer renders, hope you like them:
  9. It's time for me to submit an entry for the TC10 contest. After toying with a lot of ideas, the idea of a concept bulldozer was the one I gravitated to. I had a lot of fun coming up with the esthetics. Hope you enjoy as well. Features: Power Functions Pneumatic Pump Blade Lift (2 Pneumatic Rams) Blade Tilt/Angle (2 Pneumatic Rams) Hood Opening (1 Pneumatic Ram) Ripper (1 Pneumatic Ram) Opening Driver Door 16 Cylinder Engine I'll post the video soon.
  10. Had some inspiration to build another little pneumatic model after thinking of my little wheel loader that I build a couple of years ago. They aren't the same scale, because I was going for a look where the small pumps look "big" on the bulldozer. So this is smaller. Functions: - Blade up/down with pneumatics - Plow up/down with pneumatics - Mini V4 engine with differential A little video: Some more pics: I wanted to use that panel for the front blade, because I think it suits it. Decided to add a little grey line to fit with the sides and break up an otherwise very yellow blade In this photo of the side you can also see the blue "chair" (2L pin joiner) that I use to contol the pump below the "chair". The blue hose above the engine is from the pump. I tried to hide the switches at the rear as much as I could, while still being easy to access. Next photo a little more up close: Used Lego's colour coding for the pneumatic hoses. Plow ready for some lifting action. Or to actually plow... You probably wonder why on earth did I want a diff in there? Well I wondered that myself as well actually a couple of time during the build, but the real life versions got it, so why not this It sure provided a fun challenge to route all those hoses around it. It's very snug, but nothing touches the gears or the engine. Thanks for watching.
  11. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    [MOC] Minifig-scale Cat D7 Dozer

    I generally build military models and cars, among other things, and haven't really made a construction vehicle before. Yet I have a family member who worked on Caterpillar vehicles for many years, so when I saw the 60074 Bulldozer set I thought it might provide a good base for modifying into a Cat D7 model as a gift. What a thought would be a minor mod eventually turned into a complete rebuild, retaining only the lower-level frame with technic pulley-wheel rollers, and the rear ripper design. I can update with photos when BrickLink parts are in. Until then, here is a render of the completed design. Photo update:
  12. Good day! Today I present you my alternate for 42032 - A bulldozer with snowplow! It has: removeable front and rear snowplows lifting front attachment rotating a gear detailed brickbuilt engine added grey seat Complete gallery on Bricksafe : Rear Without attachments The little but powerfull engine The grey seat Thanks for reading!
  13. Teo LEGO Technic

    CAT D9 Bulldozer MOC

    Hello everybody, My first MOC to be posted on Eurobricks is the CAT D9 bulldozer. My goal with this MOC was to make it look as good as I could while still working as well as I should like. It has these functions, all controlled by power functions: -blade powered by 1 x M-motor -ripper powered by 1 x M-motor -treads powered by 2 x L-motor, 1 on each side for skid-stearing -two pairs of LED lights with hidden switch Pictures of the model: Here is the link for a video that demonstrates all functions. If someone could tell me how to embed it, I would be very grateful, as I could not figure it out
  14. Hello everyone, Thought I would share my creation with you, tho I'm not sure if it will be my official entry into the competition, really depends if I get anymore time. Well its a micro bulldozer, and the idea was to build the smallest moc I could with movements (wouldn't call the functions really ) The front can rise lower, tilt from to/fro and tilt from side to side. The track move if you push it along on a rough surface like a low carpet. That's about it really not sure on the part count but well under 200. :) Comments are more than welcome. Cheers
  15. This is not one of my most recent builds but I never published a video of it. Now I took some more indoor shots as well. I started to build this dozer back in 2006 to be laden onto a Renault Magnum. First the model was driven by a RC unit, from set 8366. It ran OK but I didn't like the receiver and it took to much space in the model. Later I made my own control unit but that one was wired to make it possible to get the dozer blade operated by pneumatics. Later I decided to build in some PF stuff. My mate Barman helped me out with designing a compressor which is combined with the switch. I needed two of those and they just fit in the frame. I built in some PF receivers and gave the 9V RC motors another position in the frame. They're now put vertically. The looks are still the same as I was satisfied with it's appearance. Please check the videos: And the other pics I put in my Flickr stream:
  16. From the various videos that have popped up lately, I was able to recreate the coming model 42028 Bulldozer in LDD, and today in real bricks. This is the model from the video: And this is my recreation of that model: I used maybe 4 hours on the LDD model, and today used roughly 1,5 hours to build it in real bricks. Blade and ripper in uppermost position: ...and lowermost position: Underside: Front: Back: As you might see from the pictures, I forgot to attach the 1x6 yellow half beams that support the plade onb either side, and I had to substitute minor some parts as I didn't have them in the correct colour and/or quantity. Some impressions: Firstly, I enjoyed the build, and overall, I like the model for what it is. The functions of lifting and lowering the blade and ripper work smoothly and quickly (both geared 1:8), by turning the smokestack in the front, and the 12 tooth double bevel gear in the back. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of resistance in the driveline, so you can forget about having the treads move if pushing it along a panelled floor. Works OK on a carpet though, and I like that they used a differential, and not just hook the fake engine to one of the sides. It is also worth to note that the build is surprisingly solid, given that the entire upper assembly isn't attached to the tracks assembly at any points in front of the rear of the engine (if that makes sense: Picture to show what I mean (red circles show the points where they are attached): Lastly some pictures to give a size impression (had to use the only thing I had assembled.. The wheels are Unimog type): If you want to build it yourself, here is the updated LDD file
  17. The 8275 motorized bulldozer seems to have acquired near-legendary status, so naturally I'd like to acquire one. New in box sets are way to expensive, and even used builds are costly and can come with "issues". So I thought, why not just buy all the pieces on BrinkLink and build my own? All of the parts are available except one, and almost all save one are very inexpensive. The one part that is not available can be substituted with a cheap black colored identical part, leaving just the rare pneumatic cylinder housing, which is available but costly. Even after buying the PF items from S&H, the total cost is less than buying a used copy and of course much less than a new copy. Being that I am relatively new to Technic, MOC and mod activities, what gives with the price difference? How can such high prices for these sets be justified? I can see a collector wanting a new in sealed box set, but why buy used when the parts are less expensive. I guess on e-bay, its buyer beware or e-bay buyers don't know about BrinkLink or other options? Question to the community - is there any reason not to buy all of the parts piece-wise and roll my own 8275 bulldozer? Advantages over buying used include getting up-to-date and new M-motors and V2 IR receiver, as well as making mods along the way, change color, etc... thanks!
  18. jorgeopesi

    Komatsu D575

    Wellcome to my new machine, it is a Komatsu D575. Functional features - 8 bogies - 2 flexible track idlers - Suspended undercarriage - Tracks - 8 cylinders: 2 independent blade lift cylinders 2 blade angle cylinders 2 ripper lift cylinders 2 ripper angle cylinders - Blade - Adjustable ripper - Operable door - Extinguisher, you never knows... (not functional yet ). What's in it? It has 5 motors, 3 normal ones and 2 L-motors, 3 receptors, 1 rechargeable battery, 5 pneumatics valves, 2 pumps, a 2 speed gearbox, a small linear actuator and a lot of pieces more. How it works? First gear - Channel 1 - Left and right tracks. Channel 2 - 2 ripper lift cylinders and 2 ripper angle cylinders. Second gear - Channel 1 - 2 pumps and 2 blade angle cylinders. Channel 2 - Left blade lift cylinder and right blade lift cylinder (tilt function). Channel 4 gearbox shift. I hope you like, I'm still doing more pics and the video...
  19. Nazgarot

    LDD Micro MOC - Bulldozer

    Hi, This i my first ever micro scale MOC. I don't know if this is the right forum, and if it isn't, I would appreciate if it was moved to the right forum. I got inspired by this great little MOC on cuusoo. As it is my first time building this kind a model, I tried a few different techniques. You can see the terrain is very different from one side to the other, and the level of detail is varying around the whole model. I plan to build it in real life as soon as I can order some more parts of bricklink (which may take some time as Technic models are prioritized, and January generally is an expensive month with insurance, taxes, and so on...). And, it's time for a couple of pics: I would very much like to learn more about techniques fore building on micro scale, and would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. -ED- The .lxf file can be found in my Brickshelf folder as soon as it's approved.