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Found 20 results

  1. kurigan


    Hello all. I just wanted to share this guy. I think the armor, which I only made to complete the set, worked out pretty well. I got this Warrior Pack at random through a facebook promotion Brickwariors was running a couple of weeks ago. Even though the set is more in the style of 300, I figured some historical anthropomorphic armor would round out the set neatly since I didn't have any bare chested torsos to put to the task. I made the print by using layers of the same image to first designate where the torso would print on the page, then colored that spot over with Silver Sharpie. Then I swapped the layers and ran the same sheet through in the same orientation, so my inkjet would print right over the shiny spot. I've used this technique with black light reactive colors too. The chest pattern is a modified version on the one i used on my Horned King, which is a tracing of the bare-chested guy from Indiana Jones.
  2. Picture a bard, troubadour or medieval/renaissance minstrel and you probably have in mind an entertainer with a lute. It's practically the defining musical instrument of the trope. And yet neither LEGO nor any third party parts makers produce one... until now. BrickWarriors (BW) has started selling them. For the time being, you can only get them in two colours, black and reddish brown (BW's "brown"), as part of the Barbarian Army Builder Pack. But in 2017, they will be available individually in at least three colours: black, reddish brown and tan. I have obtained reddish brown and tan lutes and have reviewed them below on 8 criteria. 1. Compatibility. The lute fits perfectly in a minifigure's hand and is scaled appropriately too. If you rotate the neck in the hand to pose the instrument at a different angle, it remains satisfyingly in place which isn't true of all accessories. As with most BW parts, the sculpt is a bit more detailed than LEGO but less than recent LEGO minifigure printing, so still fits fine with LEGO's aesthetic. In keeping with the stylised look - and adding to its charm - the lute has four pegs but only three strings! The lute is well proportioned and instantly recognisable for what it is. The care that went into the design of this accessory is evident when you see it from behind. The back of the body isn't usually very visible when it's being played, but the sculptor has nonetheless added detail by giving it ribs - a nice touch. A strap button at the tip of the body would have allowed you to attach string from the lute's base to its pegbox which would have made it easier to sling across a minifigure's back, but it might also have detracted from the look of the instrument. 2. Material. The lute is made of the same plastic, ABS, that LEGO uses. The lustre is the same as LEGO and the reddish brown and tan colours are perfect matches. (I don't have a black one but do have other BW parts in black and they are indistinguishable from LEGO in their hue and shine). 3. Manufacture. The lute is made to a very high standard. There are no mould lines and only a tiny partition burr on the side of the neck which is no worse than that found on LEGO parts and easily removed with a fingernail. 4. Variety. The lute is only available in one style but that should be more than adequate whether you need it as a lute or an oud. It doesn't have any printing but wouldn't benefit from any. It will be available in three colours: black, reddish brown and tan. Additional colours such as dark tan and dark brown would add to the selection but those aren't in BW's palette, so not likely to materialise. 5. Usefulness. Could you depict a bard or troubadour with one of the other minifig-compatible period instruments such as a drum, flute, syrinx, horn, violin or lyre? Of course you could, but it just wouldn't capture the archetype so well and in that sense the BW lute is long overdue. That said, the usefulness of the lute is bounded by the (lack of) popularity of historical/fantasy minifigure musicians. There will never be as much demand for lutes as there are for swords and spears: lots of people build armies of warriors, but very few collect hordes of musicians. 6. Originality. The BW lute is unique. LEGO don't make one. To the best of my knowledge, apart from BW, no third party company makes one. It will be interesting to see if LEGO ever produce a bard as part of their CMF line and with it an official LEGO lute. 7. Service. BW's service is top class. They ship very promptly with reasonable P&P charges and parts well protected in padded envelopes. Communicating with BW has always been a pleasure: they're fast, super friendly and helpful. 8. Value. I don't know what the lute will retail for, but if other BW parts are any guide, probably in the region of $1 to $1.50. If they come in at the lower end of that estimate, that would be good value for money. Even if they come in at the upper end, that's still not bad. Overall, I'm very pleased with the BW lute. They have done a great job of capturing this classic medieval/renaissance instrument. Disclosure: The lutes were provided by BrickWarriors. The views above are entirely my own. Group photograph by AmperZand. Black and brown lutes photograph by BrickWarriors; edited by BrickWarriors and AmperZand.
  3. One of the quintessentially Indian subcontinental weapons is the katar dagger, or simply, katar. Unlike most other daggers, the long axis of the blade is perpendicular to the hilt and attached to it by two backward-facing extensions of the guard. As such, the katar falls within the family of push/punch-daggers. Though historically a South Asian weapon of war or ceremony, in fantasy, it is often portrayed as an assassin's instrument of murder. LEGO doesn't produce one perhaps because of its sinister reputation. To my knowledge, no third party maker of minifigure accessories does either... until now. BrickWarriors (BW) have started selling them. For the time being, you can only get them in steel with the Human Assassin custom minifigure. But for the forthcoming 2017 holiday season, they should be available individually in three colours: steel, black and pearl gold. I have obtained samples of each and have reviewed them below on 8 criteria. 1. Compatibility. The katar fits perfectly in a minifigure's hand and is scaled appropriately too. It could easily have been too long or short, but it's exactly the right size compared to other minifigure weapons. The blade has a historically accurate fuller that adds detail without drawing undue attention to the weapon. The katar is well proportioned and instantly recognisable for what it is. Its grip is cleverly angled so that the length of the blade continues the straight line of the minifigure's forearm - just as it should. 2. Material. The katar is made of the same plastic, ABS, that LEGO uses. The lustre is the same as LEGO and the pearl gold one is a perfect match with some of LEGO's pieces in this colour (LEGO's 'pearl gold' being several different shades under one label). The black is not exactly the same as LEGO's, but rather a subtly very dark grey/metallic colour that offers just enough contrast from a black minifigure's hand to tell the hand and weapon apart. The steel does not match any LEGO colour as far as I know but is identical to other BW parts in this colour. 3. Manufacture. The katar is made to a very high standard. There are no mould lines and only a tiny partition burr on the tip of the guard which is no worse than that found on LEGO parts and easily removed with a fingernail. 4. Variety. The katar is only available in one style but that should be more than adequate. After all, how many different designs of katar does one need? It doesn't have any printing. BW don't do dual-moulded weapons, but if they did, katars with different blade and hilt colours would look great and be historically accurate. Hopefully, this is something BW will do in future. 5. Usefulness. If you are seeking to arm a South Asian army or just some assassins, this weapon gives your minifigures added authenticity. Could you substitute ordinary daggers instead? Sure you could, but your minifigures would not be the same. The katar can also be used as a right-angle blade to represent a mech's or brick-built monster's teeth or claws (pictured above), or as an architectural feature such as spikes across the top of a wall. 6. Originality. The BW katar is unique. LEGO doesn't make one and neither do any third parties that I know of. I would be surprised if LEGO ever did. 7. Service. BW's service is top class. They ship very promptly with reasonable P&P charges and parts well protected in padded envelopes. Communicating with BW has always been a pleasure: they're fast, super friendly and helpful. 8. Value. The katars will retail for $1 each which is reasonable value and unlikely to be an issue unless you are arming a vast Indian force. Overall, I'm very pleased with the BW katar. They have done a great job of capturing this classic Indian subcontinental/assassin's weapon. Disclosure: The katars were provided by BrickWarriors. The views above are entirely my own. Photographs by AmperZand.
  4. A fabulous diamond! A discarded copy of The Financial News! A mysterious red stain! Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, expounds the details of the case to his faithful companion Dr. Watson. I actually built this MOC some time ago, but I simply couldn't resist sweetening it with a brand new calabash "Gentleman's Pipe" from BrickWarriors. EDIT: Alternate angle...
  5. I am doing all I can to save up for a graphics tablet for future career-related requirements as well as one of my greater aspirations, and I've found that selling a good chunk of my collection that I am no longer using will definitely help me be propelled closer to that goal. I have quite a lot of BrickWarriors pieces that I once bought for a planned project that was later scrapped and there's quite a bit of value attached to that and I'm hoping to be able to make someone else happy with it. If anyone would be interested in lots of different BrickWarriors pieces, mainly medieval & fantasy themed items, or if anybody knows of a place where such third party itemese for LEGO can be sold, please let me know, since I'm trying to find as many ways to get the money I'm in need of by doing this. I'll add some pictures to the first post tomorrow, but in the meantime, all interested may drop me a message or post a comment here. ~ GM
  6. ACPin

    [MOC] Who Let The Dogs Out?

    Post-apocalyptic fuel depot guarded by robotic dogs. The dogroids are built using 17 pieces and started when going through storage boxes finding the plastic bag of android heads by BrickWarriors. Ten minutes later the first dogroids was done and built three more for the scene. AC
  7. Achilles leads his men on the beaches to battle the Trojan armies. Will have the full scene/diorama assembled for BrickFair NJ. AC
  8. My recent order of Brickwarriors gear arrived yesterday, and I decided to add some of my own touch ups with some modeling paint. I used a bit of red and gold on the hats and a silver on the muskets and pistol.
  9. nine09nueve

    Goblin Spider Riders

    Where do Goblin Battle Platforms come from you may ask? Well, all big things come from small beginnings and Giant Spiders are no different. In the Badlands of Middle Zealand there are a species of spider that don't stop growing... as long as they can get enough to eat. Goblin raiders nurture these little spiders and keep feeding them until they are large enough to ride into battle. Successful spider riders survive long enough to keep their spiders well fed... and the spiders who keep surviving and being fed enough will continue to grow to enormous proportions. Once they have reached a size that is big enough to transport 5-6 goblins into battle, a wooden framework and defensive structures are built on top of the spider in order to convert it into the mighty Goblin Battle Platform! Unfortunately for both Goblin and Spider, the chances of this happening is quite unlikely. Goblins are clever and sneaky but generally weak and cowardly by nature... and spiders are particularly squishy! But you never know... The dream for every young Goblin Spider Rider is to raise a mount that will eventually grow to a size big enough to support a battle platform. Until they grow to this size, Goblin Spider Riders offer a formidable cavalry option for a Greenskin army. Whereas Wolf Riders are quicker and Orc War Boars are stronger, Goblin Spider Riders can traverse any terrain and their mount's webbing can hold any troop in place with a mass of sticky strands. Underestimate them on the battlefield at your peril. ---------------------------------------- If there's anything about this that you like then I would love it if you would take the time to click and support! Please help inspire TLG and the Lego community to release more castle / medieval / fantasy themed sets! Thank you :D
  10. Just a small unit of bald battle monks for a human faction to be completed sometime in the future (after the greenskins obviously) posted here because I don't believe 3 minis makes an army (sorry!) - who said I'm only about the LegoIDEAS? :D Weapons as ever by BrickWarriors - apart from the hammer I modded to make it look "better" :P *duck* Gotta love them bald battled-scarred berserk boys in billowing bloomers bludgeoning baddies with big blunt-force bashers! :D
  11. nine09nueve

    Cow Patrol

    Meanwhile in another part of Middle Zealand... "Company ASSEMBLE!" "Look sharp, Lads... We got trouble coming our way. Looks like some fancy pants lawyer from Middleton's just been eaten!" "No it's NOT funny Ernald Gamwise... wipe that grin off your face! Apparently, word on the grapevine is that a Paladin, a Clown and some Wardancer are next!" "Warm your slings up boys, we're going hunting. Still smiling Ernie? Well I expect you'll be feeling less happy with yourself once you realise it's Ugglug we're hunting!" *murmur murmur* "Yes that's right... THE Ugglug... No... I don't suppose it will be easy. And No... I don't suppose we will all make it back. And definitely no, don't tell Perry..." "...He struggles with driving the cart as it is!"
  12. Some of my favourites CMFs from series 15 slightly modded using LEGO and/or BrickWarriors parts. Apologies for the rubbish photography Questions, comments, urge to get some CMFs?
  13. It is the Age of Steam! In the New World of America, The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur are pioneering Aviation. First contact with the Aliens left them both "touched" Wilbur gained a couple of permanent physical reminders but was also gifted with increased mental acumen and a deep knowledge of avionics. Orville a talented mechanic and test driver already was imbued with super keen senses and reflexes which served to hone his new craft as test pilot and crash test dummy extraordinaire! These are the fleshie versions. I will be doing slightly different colours with yellow skin for those who like their lego peeps old skool. Not sure what the rules are here regarding selling. if you like em pm me. Design details Initial torso design work sketched by me, improved by Roag. Developed to next level by Vic at eclipsegrafx with feedback from Guy Himber. Torsos have been pad printed by Citizen Brick. Goggle head digitally printed by eclipsegrafx, designed by Adam at Phoenix Custom Bricks, in conjunction with Hiro Rydell and LegoUli from Flickr. Monocle head Pad printed by Custom bricks through Eclipsgrafx from an initial design by me super improved by Eclipsegrafx Accessories include (but not limited to) Crazybricks Stovepipe hat Brickwarriors Chainsaw hand Sidan Crossbow Some versions will also have the mother of all accessories the "Brickarms raygun" :D
  14. Three MOC minifigs of visitors from Hades. The one on the left I've had for years but gave him the voodoo doll not long ago. The one on the right, I've had for a while but not photographed before. The one in the middle is brand new using the latest BrickWarriors wings in orange. Apologies for the rubbish photography. My only camera is my phone which dates back to the Stone Age.
  15. Hi guys, not so much a custom but I received my first order from Brickwarriors today and am very impressed with the quality, sure makes the Laketown Guards look a bit more intimidating Was also pleasantly surprised to receive a couple of freebies, I'm now officially converted to the "dark side". laketown guards by slobey79, on Flickr
  16. I have a few extra Fabuland Figs. In trade, I'll accept s10 and s11 figs with accessories, but that's really all I need right now. Some of these are quite beat up, trust the photos! Click each image large size, what you see is what you are getting and they are all priced according to quality. Lamb $1, Panda: $1; Bunny: $1.50, Gator: $1; Mouse: $1 Dog $2; Raccoon $2.50; Bunny $2; Pig $3; Elephant $4 [Monkey $3;] Bear $2.50; Mickey Mouse $4 Brickwarriors I accidentally bought some extra parts so I'm looking to sell or trade these. All items are NEW but I did remove them from the sprues. Wings: $1/pair Masks: $1.25/each (1 available) Traps: $1/each (1 available) Tail: $0.25 WANTS Rose Grapes Anything Jester Anything from Post-Apoc and Modern Shipping in the USA will start at $2, outside the USA will be more but depends on the country. I don't charge any fees on shipping.
  17. "Extraordinary" ex·traor·di·nar·y /ikˈstrôrdnˌerē/ Adjective Very unusual or remarkable. Unusually great. Formed by Commander Albert Jordan - by order of The Queen of The Brickish Empire. The League fights off all invaders and enemies of the Empire. Left to Right Nautical Man Luster Lady Albert Jordan Super Chap The Martian Gentleman Hunter Bat-Fellow The Flash esq. Directly inspired by "Gotham by Gaslight"
  18. Hammerstein NWC


    Displaced by a Magical Monsoon the Hillarwi Tribe were uprooted from their homes in the plains of AfriKania and transported thousands of miles to the other side of the continent. a Band of around 100 warriors, women and their kin were thrust into an alien environment. Navigating by the stars they are desperate to reach home. Forced to live as Nomads everywhere they go they chant their infamous battle cry "We're the Hillarwi! We're The Hillarwi! Trying to get home! We're the Hillarwi!" Left to Right Mkhungo -Zulu Brave Intontela - Musician Isangoma - The Witch Doctor Shaka Diiygane - Chieftain Ubulawayo - Standard Bearer Mbube - Champion -- The Brickarms uclips and brickwarriors scrolls make great tattered flags and sails too! I moced a small raft which then got cannibalised for parts but I hope to rebuild it. It's particularly effective with a mix of black and white scrolls and uclips. :) Plenty of themes used in this one PotC Chima Agents Harry Potter Super Heroes Indiana Jones LOTR CMF Series 10 Priates Custom Houses Brick Warriors Brickarms Christo V&A Steamworks
  19. Here are some custom figures I made for this years Classic Castle CCCX contest: The Royal Knight (fantasy) and The Minstrel (realistic) For the figs I have mostly used Lego parts that I have customised. On the royal knight I have also used Brickwarriors and Brickforge accessories. Occelot, the Royal Knight Gilbert the Wandering Minstrel Thanks for watching Some C & C would be welcome, what do you guys think, what could be done better, ASO
  20. Simon_S

    [MOC] Log Cabin

    Hey This is the first part of my entry to the BW Contest. Critism is very apperciated, since I have to build the same MOC, just one year later... For more pics (also interior): LINK