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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my Victorian-inspired train station and signal tower. If I made a topic about the station before, I am sorry. I'm reposting it as I couldn't find it. First up is the station: Background info: This station was built between the East & West Barrett's Tunnels in 1893 by the Missouri Pacific Railroad. It was used until 1944, when the war-time traffic became too much, and the two single track tunnels were bypassed by a double track cut-through built right next door. The Station and the West tunnel were preserved, while the East tunnel was covered up and buried under a road, which was eventually named Barrett's Station Road. The site of the station was turned into a museum known as the Museum of Transportation. Builder's notes: This station was originally the Toy Shop from the Winter Village series of LEGO sets. In real life, the story I just told you is 100% true. However, the Barret's station was not made in 1893, and looks nothing like the one seen here. The inspiration for the station came from the real-life Kirkwood Railroad Station which was built in 1893, is still used by Amtrak and is located a short distance up the track from the Museum of Transportation. Their are supposed to be printed 1x1 tiles spelling out BARRETTS on the sign on the front on the station. The other version I uploaded yesterday of this station will not work with my budget, so I went back to the drawing board and looked at my original station made from set 10199. I then combined the best of both stations into this model. This station is the fourth station I have made from 10199, and uses mostly parts from the second version from 2013. Here we see the station separated into it's modular components: - left platform - right platform - station building with access ramp (lower level) - station building and roof (upper floor) - station building tower roof The inside of the station features the following on the first floor: inside seating, stone fireplace, and a old-fashioned cash register for ticket sales. (This piece: http://www.bricklink....asp?P=3039pb26 ) The second floor (tower) is a employees-only area and houses some machinery. Here is the brand new street side of the station. This side includes an overhang that protects passengers from the rain.\ Next is the tower: Fictional History: This tower was built in 1893 at the same time as Barrett's Station, to control the single track mainline. The tower was updated in 1928 with modern controls and bypassed in 1944 by a double-track cutoff to avoid the bottleneck of the two single-track Barrett's Tunnels. The tower was preserved by the Museum of Transportation and has been recently turned into a public lookout point for the busy Brick Railway Systems mainline. Builder's Notes: This is a Signal tower that matches the color scheme and design features of my Barrett's Station model. This Victorian-era tower features a signal bridge, a spiral staircase to connect the two floors and a signal / switch computer from more modern times. The story on Barrett's Station is inspired by real life, but the real station was a one story affair and had no tower accompanying it. The Museum of Transportation does exist, however, and there is an elevated platform (at the way back of the property) to watch Union Pacific trains go by every fifteen minutes or so. The first floor features the spiral staircase. The signal arm disconnects from the first floor, and is attached to the second floor. The signal arm is a modified version of the one at the L Gauge website. (Link: ) The second floor features the control panel for the lights, and a desk for dispatching orders to the train crews, or in this case, holding a newspaper. The (updated) LDD file for the station is here: http://www.mocpages....1428338100m.lxf The LDD file for the tower is here: http://www.mocpages....1419790555m.lxf This model was inspired by set 10199, Winter Village toy Shop. The model is up for a remodel into a double sided version with a bigger interior, so I though I'd take some pictures while it's still together in this form. The platform splits off into three parts: left side (which is about three tracks in length) right side, (which is about one track long) and the building itself. (which is two tracks in length) The building is open backed, and features a desk on the top floor and ticket counter with cash register on the first floor. Comments welcome!
  2. This station was built in 1912 in Glencoe, Missouri for use by Brick Railway Systems. It stands just a stones throw from the Meramec River on the old Pacific Railway of Missouri right-of-way, which first ran through the area in the mid-1850's. The station is a stone structure with a fireplace plus indoor and outdoor waiting areas. The upper floor is for the telegraph operator. As of 1997, the telegraph has been replaced with a computer for the dispatcher to locate any train in his sector at any time using Global Positioning Satellites. (also known as GPS) Here is the track side of the station, featuring a five track long platform. Here is the street side. Their will be printed 1 x 1 tiles spell out the town name of GLENCOE on both of the signs when built in real life. Here is the modular side of things: One left and one right platform, the station proper, the control room and it's roof are all connected by either pins or a very few studs. In reality, the town of Glencoe really exists, but this station does not. There really was a Pacific Railway of Missouri, which bored the first two railway tunnels west of the Mississippi River in the mid 1850's at Barrets, Missouri. Barrets is where the Museum of Transport is located and Glenoce has the Wabash Frisco & Pacific Railway (a 12 inch gauge steam railway) which runs for two mile round trip on the old right of way. The original model seen here is based upon the Brick City Depot "Winter Village Train Station" instructions. I think I have modified it enough to upload the LDD file, which is available here: http://www.mocpages....1421346826m.lxf I have calculated the cost of this model at around a $110 USD (give or take), and am currently raising funds to create it in real life. Comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  3. Here are my American -style trains, in real bricks (NOTE: lots of pictures!:) ENGINES 2-6-0 Mogul #4613: Built 2014 2-10-4 Texas #6297: Built (as 2-8-4 Berkshire #6221) 2012, finished 2014 FA (diesel A-unit) #7996: built 2013 FB (diesel B-unit) #7996: built 2013 GG1 electric: Built 2012 TRAIN CARS (PASSENGER) Legoredo Limited - streamline combine: built 2011 (yes, it's missing a magnet, but I fixed it after this shot!) Legoredo Limited - streamline coaches: built 2011 Legoredo Limited - streamline observation: built 2011 999 Limited - heavyweight combine: Built 2012, finished 2014 999 Limited - heavyweight coaches: Built 2012, finished 2014 999 Limited - heavyweight observation: Built 2012, finished 2014 TRAIN CARS (FREIGHT) Generic Boxcars: Built 2011 Depressed Center flatcar: Built 2014 Drop-side Gondola: Built 2013 Water Tanker: Built 2013 Rock hopper: Built 2013 Branch-line Caboose: Built 2014 I have more, but they are a mix of UK & US trains, plus I have my streetcars. I am getting 4 more passenger cars (they are dark green vintage ones for engine #4613), plus a 2-6-2 steamer engine for Christmas. Railroad Buildings will be posted here, but the non-train buildings will be posted in the Town forum sometime.