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Found 5 results

  1. JeffBuilds

    The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty

    EDIT: Apologies to Captain Braunsfeld, After doing a search on "Brick Bounty" for more ideas and insight after posting this thread, I had found he had done something similar with his MoC Brick Bounty. A glaring oversight on my part as I posted this thread, and apologies to Braunsfeld. To your credit, I feel that yours is the superior build upon reading the thread. ;) EDIT THE SECOND: Another three mast configuration, and the THIRD appearance of Billy the Pirate. Also, I love the extra details BrickOn put into his Bigger Bounty as well, including a bed for the Captain, and Bunks below decks for his crewmen, and a vastly superior Galley build. So looking online, I found a video I fell in love with, Where the Author took 3 of the stock Lego Pirates 2015 set, 74013, The Brick Bounty, and made this formidable looking freighter. Citing the author, specs include room for 14 Cannon fixtures, 8 below deck, and 6 topside, and it's fully rigged... with... rigging... I myself had dabbled with two copies of the Brick Bounty myself, after seeing a thread where some builders said that they had difficulty putting a whole ship together with two sets, because of it's piece count. I have procured a third copy of the set, and conspire to merge it into my own MOC. This thread is mostly for the sake of posterity before I tear it down and build it up again, but more than anything, I want to share what changes I have made to my Bigger, Brickier Bounty. The first thing I want to point out is that I extended the hull by one extra segment, and I gave it a third mast. While it does look impressive, ultimately it's difficult to maneuver the figures during play. Also, the plates on the port and starboard sides flanking the bow was a bit of "Cheating" on my part, those red angle plates serve to conceal the awkward connection between the two bow segments. I made it work, but ideally, I'd have used brown plates instead of the dark tan ones. I would have loved if you could stack multiple bow extenders on top of each other flawlessly, but I was able to use plates and studs to make a sturdy, legal assembly. Also note the added sail at the bow of the ship as well. And the working compass inside the Nest in the bow! I've also modified the Anchor mechanism so that Minifigures can manually raise and lower the anchor as well. "Blast it Billy, quit hitting that bottle and give us a hand!" A group shot of the entire crew, featuring several transplants from the CMF series, a couple special figures, and some customs. My personal favorites are the Captain, of course, and a modified "Cookie" ( He has a hook hand now, and is armed with a Meat Cleaver from the CMF series 6 Butcher, and he also has his hat as well) And the exclusive Minifigure from the 2015 exclusive "Pirate Adventure" set, who I have come to affectionately call "Billy" on account of him/his particular face, while common, bears a striking resemblance to a certain famous Celebrity Pitch-Man. The other pictures enclosed are just miscellaneous shots around the ship. Cookie, hard at work in the Galley located near the bow of the ship, as happy as a clam, while another satisfied customer walks off with his Hamburger "Oh my! But Rodrigo, you know I am betrothed to Captain Roger!" "So you are... But what the good captain does not know, will not hurt him, Chere!" Swordsman Samir, the newest addition to the crew, takes his job as the Captain's bodyguard very seriously. Inside the cabin, as Captain Roger II, esquire is enjoying some surf and turf, Bonnie Lass tells him of Rodrigo's treachery. "Arr, I'm not worried, Lass! Men like him be all spark, and no steel! The only reason I keep him around is for Fodder for the Imperial Guardsmen! Plus, it's funny when Samir stares him down!" Other things of note: I've also, through official stock parts, as well as pieces from my own collection, extended the Captain's Cabin by one whole brick, making Figures with hats and embellishments (Roger II's Captain's Hat with Feather, as an example) able to stand comfortably without hitting the ceiling. I will keep you all updated as I make enhancements and improvements on the ship's design.
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOD] One More Brick Bounty MOD

    Ahoy, many people have already updated their Brick Bounty. Now, here is my modification (My Own MOD = MOMOD) of the Brick Bounty: Fully rigged, Three masts, 21A I have lengthened the hull to allow space for a third mast. The other modifications are minor. Carronades were added: And the cook is a friendly guy: Overall, I tried to keep style and design of the original. A compass was also added: More pictures and the larger versions can be found here. Have a nice weekend - C&C welcome!
  3. (176D) Brig 10C In keeping with todays theme of the modified brick bounty, I will post my imperial-ifying version of said craft. I posted some prelim pictures of this up one day over on brickpicker, but I've since completed it with the full blue conversion. This mod uses no new piece types except the figurehead and new custom sails. everything else was a 1-1 color conversion red for blue, earth blue, tan or dark tan. Oh and I switched the cannons for the non firing / logo bearing versions and obviously the flag. Figurehead was created using spooky girl head, attached to pretty generic wedding dress type torso and slope. white hands, white bandana and small clam from an Ariel princess set. this is one of the older shots before I swapped the two "disabled" cannons with two non-firing logo cannons if only TLG made the tall slope in regular blue it would look seamless. A shot of her escorting her "mommy" outflanking the Black seas barracuda Looks like the crew of the clipper were not as prepared to mount an offensive Back on the shelf, it looks better than the old clipper lined up with the 10210 That's all.
  4. BrickOn

    Another Brick Bounty MOD

    So having finally picked up a second Brick Bounty on sale last month, I have just got around to finishing my modifications combing the two ships. Essentially I was trying to keep something that was recognisable as the Brick Bounty so I forego some realism in the modifications. And I didn't want to create something double the size, just big enough to take on the Imperial Flag Ship. IMG_0845 3, on Flickr There can only be one Captain.. (what to do with the second?) IMG_0846 3, on Flickr Captain's Cabin IMG_0853 3[/url], on Flickr And somewhere for the crew to kip... IMG_0849 3], on Flickr The Ship's galley IMG_0847 3, on Flickr And the final battle... (for comparison) IMG_0856 3, on Flickr Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome (there are still a couple of minor things missing, i.e. wheels for cannons).
  5. So I decided The Brick Bounty didn't satisfy me enough as a ship. So I took it apart and built a new one. At first I was going to see if I could keep some of The Brick Bounty and just improve it. But in the end I used quite few of the parts from the ship and instead picked parts from the rest of my collection. I also added one of the "end hull pieces" because the ship was too short and too low. The ship is almost finished, only some details left. But there are things already that I would like to improve but don't know how. My brother is giving me too much criticism about the cabin sticking out too far over the hull piece (I would like to hear your opinion about this!). I am also not very satisfied with how the sails are attached. Those masts don't really seem to be made for the Brickbeard's Bounty sails (which I bought second hand). You can probably see where I got the inspiration from! See if you can spot all the good updated Black Seas Barracuda details : D One detail I kept from TBB was the crow's nest. I think Redbeard will be in command of the ship. I will see if I can get some vessels for captain Brickbeard and captain Neckbeard (the CMF captain xD).