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Found 7 results

  1. higgins91

    MOC modular bookstore

    Hello, I present to you my latest Modular, a bookstore: IMG_20200419_144255 by alex peraux, sur Flickr Basically I wanted to make a corner building with a rounded facade. I made several designs to arrive at this one. On the ground floor, there is therefore a bookshop with a large sales area and lots of books. IMG_20200419_145107 by alex peraux, sur Flickr There is a reading corner and the cash desk. IMG_20200419_145119 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_145124 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the first floor is the reserve. IMG_20200419_145033 by alex peraux, sur Flickr A large shelf where there are 4 boxes filled with books. IMG_20200419_145048 by alex peraux, sur Flickr The desk for accounting and other storage. IMG_20200419_145056 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the second floor is the bookseller's apartment. A large living room with a sofa and an open kitchen. IMG_20200419_144933 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the side is the bedroom, the bed is raised and there is the bathroom. IMG_20200419_144943 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_144958 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the terrace there is a small telescope, a weather station with anemometer and rain gauge. IMG_20200419_144409 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_145346 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_145338 by alex peraux, sur Flickr There are electric wires because the building is lit, I tried to hide the wires as well as possible and I made sure that there were no wires between the floors. I used nails to make the contacts, when the stages are clipped, there is contact and that makes it possible to supply the stages. IMG_20200419_144720 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_144852 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_144808 by alex peraux, sur Flickr you will find other photos in my album
  2. Itsasecret581

    Brown Bookstore

    Hey all, Here is a Brown Bookstore MOC I've been working on for a few months. This is the first building I've designed in Studio. With the rumor on the Modular Buildings thread that a bookstore is coming next, I will be a little disappointed if that turns out to be true. The first floor features a candy shop tucked into the entry as well as the registers to check out. Here's a look at the candy dispensers (couldn't figure out how to fill them in Studio) and a little wall art. Checkout registers and a small bookcase. The second floor is the actual bookshelves and a sofa with a few chairs for people to sample the books before they buy.
  3. Hello all, Here's my latest addition to the Wasabi District... Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store! EDIT - I UPLOADED IT ON LEGO CUUSOO - LINK HERE - PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!! Its size alone makes it a longshot, but what the heck, right? Here's some sample pics... NOTES: -My 3rd largest MOC -Easiest of my big 3 to build, because there aren't much rooms compared to the apartments I've made -Experimented with waterslide decals, IMO I had mixed success. I would like to try it again, though. Only used decals on important pieces; decaling every single "book" is lunacy! -I hope to create a city block with nothing but brand names, with this being its signature store. Here's the rest of the images! Plenty more inside so please take a look. Comments and Suggestions is appreciated. Thanks for looking all!
  4. eliza

    MOC: Modular Bookstore

    My latest modular is a 24-wide Victorian building with a Bookstore on the first floor and apartment on the upper floors. Detail of the storefront: Detail of the upper floors: Bookstore interior: Upstairs interiors: Thanks for looking!
  5. LegoPondswald

    MOC: Bookstore for my town

    I love to read, so I decided my town should get a bookstore. So I made my own design, with a full interior. The outside is made with a SNOT technique for the facade. I've also used some modified 1 x 2 tiles with balls for the details on the top. I love this piece and always wanted to use it. So I did. On the ground floor there are some bookcases with books you can buy, and of course a cash register. The second floor (see video link below, don't have a picture yet, sorry!) features more of a relaxing room. There's another book case, but also a couch where you can sit and check out the novels you've found. There are also some computers, to look up some stuff (like the book you had in mind, but can't remember the title of). I think it turned out to be a nice addition to my city. Very pleased with the end result, if I say so myself. For more details, I made a YouTube video.
  6. Hello! I'd like to present my newest modular, which I completed late last year. This is my biggest Modular MOC to date and features three different business all under one roof: A book store, an ice cream parlor, and a music shop! Here's the overview of the building. At the street level, there is a music store facing south and an ice creamery facing east. Next to the ice cream shop is the entrance to the upstairs bookstore. A street level view of the south side of the building. A close-up of the music store facade, with an interior view. A street level view of the east side. Ice cream shop facade close-up. Top-down view of the ground floor. Inside the music store. "Weird Al" Yankovic is looking for a new accordion. Inside the ice cream shop. The hippie was disappointed that there were no vegan options available. Inside the bookstore, where the mechanic is looking for a nice book on Eastern philosophy while the old man gets sucked in to his favorite spy novel. ] The employees are always helpful for those searching for that perfect book or to froth some milk for a nice hot latte to go with it. Some of the customers prefer their books to be read to them by a celebrity. The upstairs reading loft comes out to give access to the area below. After completing his purchase, the mechanic asked the bookstore girl out for ice cream, and they seem to have hit it off. "Weird Al" Yankovic was a little disappointed that the shop didn't carry accordions, but he did find a good deal on a new guitar. Meanwhile, the old man just can't put down that spy novel. I do have one minor confession! I used a non-Lego part (The BrickWarriors Spartan Shield) as a building decoration. I didn't realize it was a custom piece at the time of the build, having acquired it in a large bulk purchase a few weeks before. Being a purist when it comes to my MOCing, I've since removed and replaced it, but I just had to get that off my chest. Whew! There are plenty more pics in my Flickr folder! Thanks for looking!
  7. Superfunk

    [MOC]: Modular Bookstore

    Hi everyone I am happy to present my next MOC: A Modular Bookstore. For this building, I had three goals: I wanted to use "Bright Light Yellow"/"Cool Yellow" as one of the main colors, work on my SNOT techniques and bring a bookstore to my town! Trying out a panorama window technique, the glass is held by "Tile, Modified 1 x 2 Grille" at the bottom and top (studs down). I also wanted to use small offsets in the facade. The best seat in the shop is the red comfy chair at the window. The bookstore has a balcony overlooking the ground floor, which also houses the small coffee bar. Only the back half of the first floor detaches, to allow for the double height facade. Fits nicely in the neighborhood! A couple of more pictures on Flickr. Comments & suggestions welcome, thanks for looking!