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Found 1 result

  1. montgocloud

    REVIEW: 7144 Slave I

    As soon as I received this set as a gift back in 2000 when it was first released, I fell in love. Now, 13 years later, does it still hold up? Let's take a look: 7144 Slave I Pieces: 166 Minifigs: 1 Price: $20 Year of Release: 2000 Description: PART ONE: Parts and Introduction Here are the contents of the set. A lot of green, black, gray, and brown, with an assortment of blue, trans-orange, red, yellow, tan, trans-black, and white. The unusual pieces are pictured here. Only one of each type is pictured, so note that multiple may actually be included in the set. The windscreens and slopes are particuraly useful for MOCS. PART TWO: The Instruction Book Onto the instruction book. A few nice little details that weren't replicated in sets post 2001. First, names under minifig pictures. Second, the movie scenes in the top of each page in the manual. I love this detail-it gets you in the appropriate mood to build the set. Finally, a very miniscule thing here, but there is a bounty hunter insignia behind the step numbers. PART THREE: Minifigures To the minifigs! One of the main selling points of the set was the inclusion of Boba Fett and Carbonite Han. They are both spectacular: detailed yet still keeping the feel of classic LEGO. Here's an Episode V reference for Boba. The basic feel has been masterfully captured (even though the recent variations have been much more screen-accurate). PART FOUR: The Build The build is simple, nonrepetitive, and takes about 15-20 minutes. I'll be showing the progress of the build in five step intervals. Step 5: Step 10: Step 15: Step 20: Step 25: Step 28 brings us near the conclusion, with the sub-assembly of the front wedge complete: And we're done! Obviously this version isn't as detailed or screen accurate as later LEGO incarnations, but it still captures the essence of the ship. PART FIVE: Features The features of the set are fairly simple. I'll be starting with the storage compartment. As you can see, Han does not immediately slide out once the compartment opens. You have to sort of fish him out with your finger, a grueling process that will cause you to harbor depressive feelings for years to come. The next stop on this wonderous journey of wonders is the cockpit, beautifully decorated with printed tiles: The last feature is the most iconic of the ship, the rotating wings. Here we'll start in landing position: And now, by merely picking the ship up, they rotate! It's controlled solely by gravity, and unlike later incarnations, Boba's seat isn't connected to the mechanism. Looks like he'll just have to deal with the extra blood in his head. Maybe that's why he tried to fly over the Sarlacc with his jetpack. Overall, it works pretty well with the only downside to this feature being that if it is tilted even a little past the verticle position, the wings will look a bit wonky. PART SIX: Final Verdict MINIFIGS-10/10 The figures are classic. These figures were used relatively unchanged for 11 years, a testament to how iconic they are. PARTS-9/10 The parts selection here is great-a lot of uncommon/exclusive pieces. The only gripe I have is the top section of the back of the ship. Why was it necessary for it to be black while the rest of the rear is grey? DESIGN-8/10 The design here is great for the $20 price. The wings bother me and it feels like that it could have been fixed with a piece connected to the Technic axle. FEATURES-10/10 All of the features that were present in the movie have been represented here. Not much more I could ask for. SWOOSHABILITY-8/10 It's fun to swoosh around, but it looks odd when the ship takes a nose dive because of the wings. FINAL VERDICT-45/50 or... 9/10! A classic that is a great add to any LEGO Star Wars collection! But that could just be my nostalgia goggles talking... goggles can't talk though. PART SEVEN: Conclusion? This review is over, and the Slave I soars off into the whiteness of pillow sheet and/or wall. But what's that in the foreground...? Is that an upcoming review...?