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Found 10 results

  1. badchriss

    Tribute to Syd Mead: The Metrokab

    Small tribute to a great industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist who left this world just two days ago. He was a great influence on many works of science fiction (Blade Runner for example). This cubicle on wheels is based on the Metrocabs that roam the streets in the ever so rainy Los Angeles in Blade Runner. IMG_20191231_205609 IMG_20191231_205516 IMG_20191231_205701 IMG_20191231_205645 IMG_20191231_205632 The MOC itself might be a bit older, but i decided to make a few new pictures of it (still getting familiar with my pop up photo cube) Has Syd Mead, his works or his style ever inspired you? Well, how about a big roundup and show all your cyberpunk and/or near future-eque MOCs
  2. Last year, I've built a Blade Runner-inspired MOC on Mecabricks : The original model can still be seen here. As you can see, some parts used in my build don't exist in dark blue. So this model remained a virtual MOC, until March 2018. The Speed Champions Ford Fiesta had some new parts in dark blue, so I redesigned my MOC to be able to build it with physical bricks. Here's the result : I've put a lot of thought in this model, trying to make it sturdy, fun and interesting to build (as you can see below, the MOC is made of several distinct modules), but without compromising the looks. The build is so smooth, there are only four visible studs on the whole model (or five, if you count the half-studs of the 3x2 wedge plates) : two on the windscreen, and two on a wedge plate on the bottom of the MOC : I've created PDF instructions with's instructions maker, which are available on bricksafe, as well as the parts list to get the required parts on Bricklink.
  3. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    [MOC] Blade Runner 2049 Blaster

    My first 1:1 scale replica weapon. Everyone else has been doing spinner MOCs, so I wanted to try something different. A lot of work went into securing the connection of the pistol grip, and it is now quite strong and robust. The trigger is semi-functional, using a click-hinge that returns to center. Based on the best reference pictures I could find online. Instructions available from BrickMonkey MOCs.
  4. Kevin Yoo

    Blade Runner 2049 Spinner

    The Spinner from the soon-to-be-released movie Blade Runner 2049. I’m a fan of the 1982 Blade Runner, and have wanted to build the new Spinner for a while. What I had in mind while building this was scale. I wanted a Spinner that was accurate and roughly proportionate to the height of a minifig. I looked for various images and videos of the Spinner with people standing next to it and I think this is about the right scale. The bottom. As with the real 2049 Spinner there is a wheel in the back. With what I assume are two LAPD officers. I need to get to work on making an Officer K minifig.
  5. tfcrafter

    [MOC] Blade Runner Police Spinner

    After recently watching Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi thriller Blade Runner, I decided to build the flying police car, also known as the "Spinner." My MOC features opening scissor doors, interior for two minifigures, floor windows and lights, and custom decals. An aspect that I wanted to do before planning the moc was to try to make the rear bumper entirely SNOT, forming the caution stripe.
  6. The year 2017 will host some of the best SciFi movies. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, teaser. Ghost In The Shell, official trailer. Finally a teaser is up for the upcoming 'Blade Runner 2049' movie. Alien: Covenant, official trailer. Any thoughts so far? I can only think of one thing; neo-noir cyberpunk dystopian easthetics.
  7. And if they do,how do those Plastic Sheep arrive,maybe with a Taxi? Well,i can`t answer these Questions for sure,but i guess most People got the Reference to the Movie "Blade Runner" that was based on the Book "Do Androids dream of electric Sheep?" Sure,we all admire the cool dark blue hovering Police Spinner or maybe even Deckards infamous Sedan. But what about all the other Cars that showed up randomly in the Movie? One of these Cars is the Metrokab.This Taxi might not be pretty but it gets the Job done and if you insist on arriving at Home dry without getting soaked in the Rain then this should be your Mode of Transportation by Choice. 20161108_210048 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210108 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210120 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_184330 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_184321 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210339 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210320 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210305 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210230 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210211 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210201 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210150 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210145 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr I used various Pictures and Concept Drawings as a Guideline on how to build my own Version. This Car perfectly represents how they imagined futuristic Cars in the early 80s.Covered Wheels,Vents and ribbed Surfaces everywhere and don`t forget those massive Bumpers. I really hope you Guys like my newest MOC and it would be nice to see some Comments.
  8. badchriss

    [MOC] Blade Runner Metrokab

    Many People know the Science Fiction Movie "Blade Runner" and they all know and love the Police Spinner,that driving or hovering tricked out Police Cruiser. Yeah,so much Love for the Spinner,but what about all other "iconic" Cars from the Movie? For example the Metrokab. Sure,it`s boxy,ugly and not exactly the wet Dream of every Car Enthusiast.But we need Taxis then and now.And when we need one,a comfy reliable Metrokab is all yours....sort of. My LDD Version is still not completely finished,still need better Pictures of the Interior. So,what do you think of my newest Creation?
  9. Do minifigures dream of plastic sheep? This is the story of a man without a past because he has no memory. It's the story of a man with a unknowingly daring future because he is on the run. It's the story of a born again hero, the Bounty Hunter. Directed, Written, Animated, FX, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Neon Icy Wings as the Bounty Hunter Sean Polite as the Monarch Cody Wait as F-16 Pilot and Eye patched Soldier Bret Newton as Mutton Chopped Civilian This project is my film submission for the Cal-Arts 2015 application. I've been working on it since April. It required every skill I've learned from the films I've made this year. My favorite thing about this was creating the look of the environment for the city. I spent several weeks researching different art styles, drawing inspiration from such films as Blade Runner and Tron. My least favorite thing was the weeks spent rotoscoping, especially for the Helicopter. I had to keep the film under five minutes, which meant trimming the Helicopter and fight sequences. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
  10. -zenn

    Aerodyne Hovercar

    So it's been a while since I last build something; started 3 projects, all aborted due to lack of inspiration. But like magic I sighted a chest piece laying around and had a little eureka moment; 'looks like the back of a car'. While building a prototype, 'Blade Runner' got a grip on me, and behold... Aerodyne; a hovercar inspired by 'Blade Runner'. More shots and opening canopy can be found at my Flickr Gallery Comments and critisiscm welcome.