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Found 7 results

  1. Maybe the arrival of the Rover cutter was not as recent as suspected, at least not judging from what has been achieved at Cutlass Cay, the hideout of the Gentleman Privateer, which was now nearing completion. The last of the guns are currently being swayed onto the battlements in final preparation of the hideout The very gentleman himself, fencing with one of his mates Birds-eye view of the hideout The gentleman privateer is always interested in a mutually profitable deal, so if any like-minded would be interested in setting up a small network of hideouts, or brokering access to Cutlass Cay, feel free to pm me. C&C welcome - I find I enjoyed building something entirely piratical for a change. :)
  2. Garmadon

    Boardwalk Talk

    The infamous Captain Nordau and a representative of the Sea Rat port authorities take a walk on a Garveyan boardwalk in Freeport, and in the process a large bag of DBs and some papers change hands respectively... only time will tell where it all will go from here! But, little do they know, they are not alone - other ears are hearing every word that is said... And a shot of the infamous pirate Captain on the beach: Hello y'all! A little scene to officially inaugurate my Black Flag Captain's agreement with the Sea Rat authorities - the details of which, for the curious, are that which Captain Nordau has bribed bought the future silence of all Sea Rat port authorities (i.e., the location of the Captain's ship(s) won't be published in the KPA when he's in a SR settlement) in exchange for 5000 DBs and a Class 4 ship which he has given to the Sea Rat faction. And yep, we did get the court's approval and all, so all's fair and above board - figuratively speaking, you know Oh, and no, this is not the start of another ETWC monkey story, I just couldn't resist the urge to get at least one monkey in the scene! Was really happy with how the sea background worked out; and it was awesome getting to crack out that light yellow for the beach! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  3. At an inn in Nova Terelli... The crew of the Cardinal's Shadow, enjoying their delicious-tasting drinks as they discuss the strange affairs of the last month on the Brick Seas - particularly the strange stuff with a certain ubiquitous pirate Captain... Suddenly, inexplicably, they all began to nod off to sleep, and despite their best efforts, they were all in the land of Nod within five minutes, dreaming, doubtless, of - well, we won't bother to get into that. But in case you happen to be wondering what was actually going on, shortly previously Captain Unrigged Nordau, having eluded the Nova Terelli officials (with the help of his loyal first mate, of course) - the affair in Rasillion, you see, was entirely a mistake, which, of course, the newspapers totally bobbled; as soon as he and his Sea Rat interceptors had had a good talk they had become capital friends, and he had only left them his little sloop as a gift in exchange for their help in getting him closer to Montario, which it was his goal to raid - anyhow... where were we? Right - shortly before, the good Captain, having given the officers the slip, had administered a bit of his favorite monkey-brewed potion to the crew's cups, which was, of course, the cause of the strange slumber. Then, rowing out to the ship, which was but lightly guarded in such a secure port as Nova Terelli, he had tossed the sentry overboard, and - again with his loyal first mate's most able help - commandeered the ship as his lawful prize. Well, perhaps the legality of it all might just be a little doubtful, but that obviously isn't the point... Well, there you have it! Thanks to Legostone for letting me run off with the Cardinal's Shadow in exchange for getting captured in my little Class 0 - this is definitely one fortunate pirate captain! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  4. Otherwise known as, the Night's Shadow. Which sounds much more sinister... which, of course, was exactly the good Captain's intent. And if you happen be one of those people wondering why there are five oars sticking off a rowboat (as if his last boat wasn't small enough...) with only the Captain and a monkey on it, let me remind you that monkeys do have four hands. Or, if you are Captain Braunsfeld, you might argue that Captain Nordau can row with both his hands and his feet. We're getting a little off topic here, however... Just a little Class 0 rowboat from me! Designed, obviously, to be able to execute cunning raids in the dead of night... (I did not just say that out loud, ) (@Capt Wolf, hmhmm, raiding forms? ) Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  5. Previously: The Buccaneer's Dread Sinking of the Shuriken Burglars! Captain Nordau Our mysterious Garveyan smuggler whistled along as his little sloop sliced through the calm sea. It was a fine, cloudless day somewhere near Terraversa, and it so happened that just one day before, the notorious pirate Unrigged Nordau had had the good fortune to sink an Eslandolan ship somewhere in the vicinity... a ship with a chest on board... "Aha! Shiver me timbers, now what's this?" exclaimed our smuggler with a wink to no one in particular (he was the only one there), as he caught sight of a little sand bar sticking up out of the ocean, with a half-sunken object up against it, doubtless driven there by the waves and tide. "I thought so." And shifting course, he made way for the island, leaping out and drawing a pistol from his coat the instant the sloop's keel grated on the sand. He looked around in curiosity and caution. This chap was enough of a pirate, anyways, to know that you should always look twice if there happens to be a skeleton leaning up against the tree beside you. (In this case, however, it was only the remains of a poor marooned Mardierian who had been there long before the chest ever arrived). But, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Having concluded that the skeleton was merely a coincidence (not to mention its obvious aesthetic necessity - our smuggler was a adept at all the classic pirate stuff and probably knew exactly what was going on; a treasure chest is nothing if there's not a skeleton nearby) and that the confused frog posed no real threat, he carefully hauled the chest up onto the sand, and popped it open. "Capital, capital," he ejaculated, "the very ticket! Now, if that ain't just the thing." He slipped his hand through the treasure, quickly, before snapping the lid shut again and heaving it into the sloop. "1,000 Doubloons," he muttered under his breath... And a couple of fig-less shots: One last overview: A continuation of this story (I've got way too many going at the moment ), explaining how Captain Nordau got a hold of 1000 of my doubloons besides the 6000 from Kai. I'll be licencing this little sloop too and sending it out as a Black Flag (under Unrigged Nordau, of course), and will certainly be continuing this story when I get the time! ... whenever that might be I've also got that duel story with Titus, and the other mysterious Captain guy, and one or two other things up my sleeve that have got to get done, but...! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  6. The sign-up deadline for the next Adventure MRCA and Trade MRCA is February 25, midnight, anywhere in the world. ---------------- Players can sign up for both the Adventure MRCA and the Trade MRCA, but individual ships can only participate in one or the other, not both simultaneously. To sign-up for the Adventure MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. To sign-up for the Trade MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. For a ship to take part in either MRCA, it must be licensed. You can license your ship under the new ship rules via this form. ---------------- NEW RULES: Raise the BLACK FLAG! When a player submits his/her MRCA orders and wishes to go "all pirate," but not have it reflect on the faction, he/she can choose a new "black flag" option on the ship's MRCA order. All ships listed on that order will then, rather than be considered Sea Rats (or whatever faction the player is from), be considered “black flag” pirates. Once a ship has been registered as a “black flag” pirate AND committed an act of piracy, it retains its “black flag” status until some external event (capture, trial, pardon, etc.) wipes its slate clean. A player won't be committed to being a pirate going forward, but each black flag ship will be. Note that this requires players to follow the honor system and continue to check the “black flag” option for the ship in subsequent MRCAs (until we have a way to track it automatically). The MRCA forms will also have a “black flag” targeting option for players wishing to hunt pirates. Note that black flag pirates will be distinct from independent pirates. Also note that the MRCA forms have not been updated yet, so if you plan on raising the black flag on a ship this month, wait for us to update the forms before you submit your orders use the ship license form. Repairing your ship You have probably noticed the "damaged" results in the MRCA results the last few months. To this point, it has had no effect on the game. Starting this month, damaged ships will incur higher upkeep costs the month they are damaged. There is no need for players to do anything, just know that your maintenance costs will reflect the cost of repairing the damage. FYI. ---------------- Help Wanted: Players who have some time the two weeks after the MRCA are asked to help out with the AMRCA. The Adventure MRCA requires some GMing, and the more help we have, the quicker we can turn things around and keep the MRCAs on a monthly schedule. Contact @Bregir or @Legostone if you're interested in helping out. ---------------- Consult this map for trade zone numbers before submitting any forms: And here are the trade values as of February 6, 618. When filling out your MRCA form, please make sure you spell the ports exactly as they appear below. Settlement Faction Zone Trade Value Acropolis OL 24 18 Aden CAR 2 49 Alexport PRI 29 32 Arlinsport COR 6 251 Astrapi OL 23 141 Balmin NAM 2 175 Bardo ESL 8 168 Baskers Island MAR 6 27 Bastion SR 18 190 Belson COR 4 249 Breshaun OL 7 623 Calisto MAR 25 205 Camp Isaac COR 35 17 Cecropia OL 22 41 Charlatan Bay SR 24 217 Dortanis MAR 1 215 Dragonstone OL 20 18 Elizabethville COR 22 151 Eltina OL 7 208 Elysabethtown ESL 20 136 Fatu Hiva OL 35 122 Fortaleza Victoria ESL 32 5 Freeport GAR 27 150 Fuerte Unido ESL 32 154 Granoleon OL 5 244 Haven SR 21 32 Hojaroja ESL 32 33 Hussar’s Isle COR 24 9 Jameston COR 35 232 Kieg GAR 3 163 King’s Harbour COR 24 252 Kings Port TER 13 158 La Puebloto ESL 32 5 Lavalette OL 28 130 Leopaldis GAR 24 20 Londa MAR 2 275 Mehit ESL 32 5 Mesabi Landing COR 35 160 Montario ESL 17 92 Mooreton Bay COR 24 226 Moray’s Den SR 21 18 Myzectlan COR 35 54 New Haven COR 24 52 Nova Malto ESL 32 88 Nova Terreli ESL 17 508 Pontelli ESL 17 169 Poorvintia CAR 26 30 Port Raleigh COR 20 70 Port Wilks ESL 22 14 Port Woodhouse COR 35 44 Prinport GAR 9 179 Puerto Alijo ESL 20 5 Puerto Desafio ESL 32 116 Quinnsville COR 24 113 Rassilon SR 18 127 Salida Este ESL 23 103 Stedor ESL 3 81 Stormhaven COR 22 56 Takashii SR 18 18 Terreli ESL 3 244 Tortuga SR 32 89 Trador ESL 32 247 Ulric ALT 1 200 Weelond ESL 8 421 Westface TER 13 98 Windfall Island OL 28 9 Yeldo COR 1 155
  7. Hello Everybody, I'm back with a new MOC. This time I'll do the AC4 ships from Black Flag Jackdaw very popular PC game series. I will share with you as you make pictures. Currently, 600-odd part. LDD design was not over yet. But it was already part of 3000. Scorpion's Soul is not up to part, I think. But Jackdaw's really a beautiful ship. And I try hard to emulate. Have a nice day lads ...