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Found 3 results

  1. Legopard

    [Fantastic Beasts] Pickett

    Hello, today I present you a small build from the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts: Newt's small companion: Pickett the bowtruckle For his very fragile look, he is still pretty sturdy. I hope you like him, Jonas
  2. I loved the Beast designs from Hero Factory 2014. But I thought they could be better so I made some modifications. I'll only be showing 2 pics of each Beast mod. The rest can be found in the gallery when its public http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=554165 I also have an .Lxf file for the builds just without the beast heads since there not in LDD yet. http://www.brickshel...ast_revamps.lxf Jaw Beast Mods Different torso build inspired by Leewan More purple spikes and trans blue. Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/001.jpg Vs Stomer http://www.brickshel...omBelow/005.jpg Flyer Beast Mods New wing build and hands Improved radio antenna design Digigrade legs and toe claws Printed chest from Crystal Beast since the colors better suit Flyer and 2 printed leg pieces Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/007.jpg Vs Breez http://www.brickshel...omBelow/011.jpg Splitter Beast Mods. Small Beast Red cocoon piece for back armor since its like Tunneller Beast in terms of size Trans orange bones Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/015.jpg Vs Furno http://www.brickshel...omBelow/014.jpg Splitter Beast Mods. Large Beast Trans orange armor swapped for solid orange Digigrade legs and toe claws Improved light stand design featuring a stop light Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/016.jpg Vs Evo http://www.brickshel...omBelow/020.jpg Combined pics. The two combine via bar connections attached to the large beast http://www.brickshel...omBelow/021.jpg Vs Furno and Evo http://www.brickshel...omBelow/025.jpg Tunneller Beast Mods Six legs since I didn't like the arms Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/026.jpg Vs Surge http://www.brickshel...omBelow/030.jpg Crystal Beast Mods New body design with more back spikes inspired by Leewan New hands since I didn't like the staff Digigrade legs and toe claws Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/032.jpg Vs Bulk http://www.brickshel...omBelow/036.jpg Queen Beast Mods Six legs and six back spikes New torso and hand design More gold chima armor pieces Pics http://www.brickshel...omBelow/042.jpg Vs Alpha Team. Also includes cocoons and jumpers http://www.brickshel...omBelow/038.jpg
  3. The Premise Underneath Antropolis city, a new hive has been breached, this time with beasts bred specifically for combat. After crushing the Hero resistance, these new beasts are now spreading across the world like a plague. With new, improved machines, the Heroes charge into the heat of battle hoping to push back the wave of monsters. The Beasts Crystal Beast Pose Size Comparison VS Drill-Machine Flyer Beast Pose Front Back VS Brawler Mech Jaw Beast Pose Side Head Detail VS Freezer Machine Splitter Beast Combined Front Side Back Split Beta Gallery Gamma Gallery Tunneler Beast Roaring Front Side Back VS Rocka Crawler King Beast Roaring Side Confrontation Decked in the schnozz The Battle Machines Brawler Mech Pose Front Flying Repulsers Close Up Shield Detail Drill-Machine Pose Front Size Comparison Freezer Machine Pose Front Back Predator Mech Combined Front Combined Side Combined Top Surge's Walker Front Surge's Walker Side Rocka's Flyer Side Rocka's Flyer Back Comparison Rocka Crawler Front Back Side XL-Mech Pose Front Side Back Criticism is welcome, spam is not, have a good day. I will try to get all of my pictures up as soon as possible, and If you have a reasonable photo request, I will try my best to shoot one for you in a timely fashion. Gallery for your viewing pleasure (when public).