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Found 5 results

  1. I'm programming my EV3 vehicle to be operated by an IR beacon remote. I've successfully got the car to be able to move, but I'm stuck on something else. My vehicle has a 4-speed transmission, and a medium motor shifts the gears. I used the remote's topmost button (the one that turns on the green light on the remote) for shifting the gearbox. But when I press it, something goes off. It's really hard to say, but what I know is that the topmost button isn't acting like a normal button. So the motor keeps on moving until the IR sensor realizes the green light is off. I really need help with the program because I just want the topmost button to act like a normal button so I can press it to make the medium motor shift one gear with a one second wait before shifting to the next one. I would love a very helpful response from someone that knows how to program the IR remote and if there is no way to get the topmost button to get the result I want, an alternative would be nice so I can be able to shift gears with the push of a button on the remote.
  2. In the city of Bruns Fall - on the west coast of Mitgardia - Captain Samuel Marron was worried: Beacons had been lit. Something was going to happen, most likely something bad. He rushed to the roof of the New Watch to lit Bruns Falls' beacon. The weather had been mild so far with just a bit of snow. But Samuel had the feeling that a coldness would come in from the North. Maybe a coldness worse than ice and snow. He watched the fire burn and the smoke going up in the sky. Little did he know what would lie ahead. Developer's note: I have added Bruns Fall where I would like to see it on the map. That may not be the standard process for getting a new city but I have no idea what that process would be. And I realize that I don't know which font you are using. Feedback to process and font is welcome! In the "Captain Braunsfeld's part of the Algus Saga" you are here: Part 1 1) The Beacon of Bruns Fall 2) Defending the North 3) Southern Comfort 4) Help from a Nobleman 5) Two Minor Victories 6) Water does not stop them! 7) What's that coming over the hill? 8) Where the Rainbow Spell came from 9) AppleCalypse Now!
  3. Creatures? yes... from the Frozen Beyond tales had been told about these creatures, cold hearted, freezing everyone on their path. the mountain city of Arcium lead by Infernum had seen the beacons of the other guilds had been lit... Warning signs they where... the day had come. Shay knew it, every sole knew it. Ay, Shay spoke to himself, "We saw this coming didn't we, we couldn't live this jolly life forever... no" the scream of danger was taken over the whole city as Shay ran outside. "Let's go then, finally i can finish my business. I will find him and will kill him and everyone who dares to stop me" Shay had built a tower a few rope swings from his house, he was part of a group specialized in cutting wood and slinging ropes, the Arcians they called themselves... but that is something for later. Shay jumped out of his cliff house and swung a rope to the top. reaching his own beacon, a beacon he had built for own purposes most of the city folk knew it was his, they knew when it was lit it meaned business for Shay that it was something private and emotional. When suddenly Infernum stood behind him. "What is the meaning of this?" Infernum asked. Shay pointed to the north worried, Oh god... Infernum said "Sound the alarms! this is war!"... He ran his way to the main city Beacon, leaving Shay behind... he was just standing there saying nothing, he was just looking... and looking... And here to show that it is in fact a very tiny fire bowl. I hope you enjoyed! Seeya lads, This was also intended to be my: Defenses, Tower Phase 1
  4. Dalig Ulv Alerted by the beacon of Dalig Ulv, Uridius orders the Keep's beacon to be lit to warn the others of the approaching danger. Ah, it was quite refreshing to build something in Mitgardia again after all the Kaliphlin Civil War stuff going on! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  5. Erak had been replenishing the firewood supply of the little cabin near Daydelon's beacon, when he was surprised to see a bright flare in the distance. He quickly realized it was the Beacon of the Bay of Storms, and dropping the firewood, he hastily grabbed his torch and ran for the beacon. Once it was lit, he realized the significance of what must be happening, for even during the threat of civil war in Mitgardia, the beacons had not been lit... I used my new rockwork technique again here, with much more noticeable results. If you're interested in seeing how it's built, check out this album on Flickr: link I hope you guys like this one, it was a super fun build