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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings! It’s been forever since I last put up a post but I’ve finally gotten round to making some more ‘mechs! Rather than make a new topic for each one I’m going to keep adding more and more to this, and I’ve even remembered to take some work in progress pics as well which I will try and add as I go along as there’s always room for tips! And now, first up is the SPN-Ae “Egyptian” A slight challenge but a very pleasing build over the course of several months (I get about 15-20 mins free build time most week days) and I’m very satisfied with the end result. I think the shaping is good, streamlined, and putting in the orange was a big step for me in deviating away from the more plain colours. A lot of all the new parts I have to build with have come from the recent City Space range and that’s largely where the colour scheme comes from, and I’ll often not use stickers if I’m buying sets purely to build with but I think they work well here and add something to the builds. I still need to fill a gap on the inside of each leg, just in front of the joint. I need either a single square stud or to change a piece on the inside to fill it. The other change I may make is to fit a ball joint on the two shoulder stud launchers to allow them to move a lot more. As always; thoughts, comments, constructive criticism. Like all my mech builds this one is also loosely based off of a dinosaur, any guesses as to which one? Bonus WIP pictures for it that I forgot to upload at the time:
  2. What's up Eurobricks! Today I am gonna show you some of micro goodness I made. Let's start with the pics of random Battlemechs, generally inspired by Mad Cat/Timber Wolf. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Here I tried a number of color schemes and got really satisfied with the results. Weapons are general cannons and missile pods. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 2 Loadout 2 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Now here's something different. I have changed the cockpit part and replaced cannons with lasers and missile pod with an artillery. Also cockpit features another laser. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 2 Loadout 3 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr This one has more classic weapon consoles with two miniguns. Shoulders feature a missile pod and something that should resemble a PPC in one of it's iterations. Cockpit has two machine guns. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 4 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr This one is something completely random with paired autocannons and a "hunch"-mounted machine gun. Next in line are two 'Mechs that are vaguely based on the UZL-3S "Uziel". Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 5 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr It's up to you to tell me which one does represent the Uziel better. Now there's two MOCs that are very closely based on 'Mechs. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 1 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Here's HBK-4G, aka Hunchback. Man, I remember playing this sturdy guy in MWO. Good times. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 6 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr And then there's a Vulture, that is known to Battletech fans as Mad Dog. Now onto models that were specifically made with certain 'Mechs in mind. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech 3 - Atlas-style by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Ah. The iconic AS7-D, more widely known as Atlas. Based on this color scheme. Bipedal Mechwarrior-style Mech - Kinda Daishi by The Mugbearer, on Flickr And then there's Daishi/Dire Wolf. Based on this image. Maybe there will be more, I might also consider suggestions from you guys. Enjoy. :)
  3. Jackal76

    New Mecha: Harbinger

    Greetings all, I present to you my newest Beasty. I call it the Harbinger. Weighing in at a whopping 150 tons, it's all kinds of stompy! enjoy!
  4. Hello all, I've had this beasty together for a while, but kept it under wraps until Brickworld Chicago, where it was nominated for best mecha! I finally got around to taking pictures of it. The shots were taken with the newly finished heavy mech bay portion of my Mech Facility. Hope you like it! -Jon P.S. NGH = Neon Green Horror